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Hey everyone and welcome to this Epix Trader Review! It will not be too much to say that this is probably the most important coverage you will read anytime soon. The reason I’m telling you that is that I’m absolutely convinced that this signal service is different from what you have gotten used to. In fact, I know it because I’ve been using it for the last couple of months and more than doubled my balance. I’m going to be straightforward here, share with you every single trade the software has taken during this period of time and analyze the results. Seriously, there is no better way to demonstrate the performance of a system than to test its quality. If you know how the Meta Trader 4 platform works, you’ll know how to evaluate the statistics. You’ll also know that all reported details are genuine and can’t be manipulated. In case you are not familiar with this Forex platform, I’ll clarify different aspects of the detailed statement report.

Review of Epix Trader – New Forex Expert Advisor

The trading industry is full of scam software and all kinds of shady signals and services. If you follow our binary options scam reviews, you know that very well. On the other hand, you probably know that trading currencies can be the most rewarding niche and if you do it right, you can solve many of your life’s troubles.

I have been trading currency pairs for over a decade. I’ve seen it all. I lost some and gained even more. For me, Forex is the ultimate platform to invest in, if you really want to trade for a living in the long run. True, in Forex, as opposed to Binary Options, you have to deal with some other aspects such as money management, advanced technical analysis and various types of orders applied on a separate trading platform. However, it’s not as hard as it seems and once you get it, it pays. It pays for the long run because once you know how to trade Forex, you have the basic structure and knowledge to trade everything – Stocks, CFDs, Bonds and more. Having said that, the wide range of traded assets allows you to easily invest in the most relevant trends all over the marketplace. If you are looking for a fully regulated Forex broker, please visit our Forex page, where the best Forex brokers are listed according to location and the relevant regulatory authority.

If you ask me where you should start, then it will be with this review. The Epix Trader is a new Forex Expert Advisor which is a programmed trading mechanism that executes trades automatically on your behalf. Once you open an account and download the MT4 trading platform, you simply install it as a plug-in and let it run. The good part about the Epix Trader auto signals service is that it does ALL the work for you.

The Epix program was built based on a real trading algorithm. It doesn’t just open trades randomly, letting you hope for the best. It utilizes some of the most advanced and sophisticated tools.

In this Epix trader review, I’m not going to try to tell you why you should use it. What you are going to do with the following information is completely up to you, exactly as it is your business whether you decide to register with some scam or shady broker. However, just as it’s important to warn you about scams, it’s also our responsibility to share when every once in a while a legit product is released which has proven to actually make serious money for people over long periods of time.

My Experience with Epix – More than doubled in 2 months

As you can see in my detailed MT4 report below, I started trading with Epix Trader in the beginning of March with an initial deposit of 5,000 dollars. But it didn’t start there. I did use another, smaller account of 250 dollar before, with a different broker and earned $80 in the first week. Although this is not a massive gain, following the way Epix traded gave me the confidence to give it a shot with a larger investment. Once I saw how it managed risks properly and applied solid risk management strategy, I was eager to try it with some serious money.

Epix Forex

It took some time till the first trade arrived. The reason is that Epix picks FX signals very selectively. Once it opens the first trading positions, it starts managing them. You will see that the Epix EA automatically places price targets as stop losses and take profits. Then, it adjusts the order figures in reaction to the fluctuations. For instance, once a trade is “in the money” with certain profits, it will move the stop loss order to protect your gains. That way, it makes sure that even if the trade goes against you, you will still keep some profit. In the worst case you’ll get to the break-even level.

Epix Trader – Super Clever Money Management System

Money management is a key factor in Forex and the main feature that makes the Epix Trader as profitable as it is. Unlike Binary Options, where you know in advance the exact amounts you may win or lose in every prediction you make, Forex works differently. In binary, you can be one pip or 100 pips in the money and earn the same fixed amount. In Forex though, you will earn 100 times more in the latter scenario. The profits are limitless and will increase as long as the price moves in your favorable direction. Obviously your losses might be bigger as well if you are not careful. For that reason, it’s critical to apply a decent risk management method. The Epix Trader does that for you automatically. As you can see, it never risks more than a predetermined amount at any given moment.

Epix Forex Results

In the worst scenarios, it knows how and when to get out of a losing position and go on to the next signal. In the good and more common positive scenarios, it knows how to protect your gain and maximize every winning position. This is exactly what happened with my account: Once I earned some profits, it “locked” them, meaning that Epix put aside a certain amount of earned capital and never risked more than that. It meant that even in the worst situation, it would never drop to less than my initial deposit of 5,000 dollars. In the worst case, it would go down to around $7,500, with an absolute gain of $2,500. There are no reasons to be pessimistic though. At the current pace, the account is expected to keep growing exponentially every month.

Epix Trader Statement – Analyzing Results

My results speak for themselves. However, in case you are not sure how to read them or why they reflect an outstanding performance, let me explain. What you see is a summary of all the activity in my Epix Trade account so far. I couldn’t add it all here, because the report itself encompasses 7 full pages of transactions, but if you wish I’m definitely willing to share it with anyone, through email or other media.

So here are the most important details of the report: first of all, there is the bottom line which is a total net profit of 5,116.30 dollars. It means more than 100% gain based on my first deposit. Not bad ha?! Then we have the Drawdown section with stands on 14.92%. It’s quite complicated to explain all you need to know about drawdown but what you should at least know, and any professional Forex trader will tell you that, is that this is impressive. The lower the percentage the lower the risk that was taken. For sure, some accounts can even triple the capital or even more, in such period of time. But, their drawdown rates will be huge. It reflects applying risky strategies and they should be happy if their account survives another month without being wiped out. The Epix Trader statistics however show stable and consistent profits. It works systematically and is expected to keep gaining profits in the long term.

When you look at the total number of trades, you can see both Long and Short positions in around 70% winning rates. In binary options it might not be that much. But in Forex it is, as with smart money management, you can leverage your profits. So you could say that 70% in Forex might be equal to around 85% winning rates in Binary, if traded wisely.

Registration to Epix Trader Forex version

As you probably know, the Epix Trader offers itself for free for a limited number of trades, and then it’s going to cost money. In my experience, trading programs such as Epix trader which actually work and generate results, are not offered free for long. I saw this happening with other robots, where people were skeptical at first, and then, when they got convinced and wanted to join in, it was too late.

So if you are interested in trying it, the sooner the better. Joining in to use the Epix Trader Expert Advisor is fast and easy. Here are the steps you should follow in order to use the Forex Epix Trader platform:

  1. Clear cookies and cache from your browser in order to get the best available broker for your location.
  2. Sign up with your full name and email through this link: Epix Trader Forex
  3. Fill in your phone number and choose your password.
  4. If you get a message that there are no available brokers in your country. Try using a different email address.
  5. Fund your account to activate it.
  6. Download the Meta Trader 4 trading platform to use the Epix Trader with your assigned broker.

Get Started with Epix Trader

18 comments on “Epix Trader Review – 100% Proven Forex Automated Software
  1. Ben Petersen says:

    I tried to sign up for Epix trader software filled out my details and received this message
    Registration failed for all the brokers. There are no more brokers available for your country to register.
    I was told to contact yo if this happened

  2. Cabuggy says:

    Tried to register from Canada and received message that program not avaialble for country. What next?

  3. Amadis de jesus Suarez banquez says:

    Saludos, disponible para colombia

  4. Ben Petersen says:

    Hi I am in south England UK

  5. Lexx says:

    If this Epix EA is so good and reliable then why must investors sign up and be directed to a broker? Why isn’t the EA available and easily obtained like other EAs and we can place them on our own chosen brokers??? This seems sketchy and scam-ish too me.

    • WatchDog says:

      The reason is that the EA was designed by a company that makes money partly by introducing people to forex brokers. There are other EAs you can purchase without opening a broker account.

  6. pcwong says:

    hi i am in malaysia, received message that no brokers avaialble for your country. Does the service available in malaysia

  7. Mutawu says:

    hi. i am in South Africa. tried to register but its giving me a message of no available brokers in my country. please assist.

  8. Ste says:

    What broker is used please for Epix Trader. Am based in UK.

    Many thanks

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