Dream Catcher is a SCAM!! Review based on Facts!

If you are reading this review, that would mean you are probably looking for answers and assurance regarding the Dream Catcher software that has been released and claiming to make you at least $4k per day. Matthew Warner claims to be the owner and creator of the Dream Catcher scam, and states that he currently have only 15 spaces available for new traders to join his other already successful 7000 traders. If you are considering to join the auto trader, we would recommend that you read this review first, as we will be investigating each claim and statement made, and proving why you cannot trust anything you might see or read on the Dream-Catcher.co website.

Matthew Warner claims that he used be a very successful Wall Street trained by the best of the best, or in his case by a guy called Alexandro Mende who has now retired with his billions. William also claims that he is now worth a staggering $27m after all his trading profits made during his time of employment and now the Dream Catcher software as well. Here is the funny thing, for both of them having this exceptional wealth, neither of them can be found anywhere… We also did background check into Mr Warner and exhausted all of our avenues, and for someone claiming to have over seven thousand happy traders, no one surprisingly knows who he is, where he comes from, or has any details on him or the Dream Catcher scam at all.


Again we are stumped that we are yet again not provided with any information whatsoever regarding how the Dream Catcher software works. We are honestly starting to wonder if all the scam artist came together and collectively decided to provide as little information as possible to their possible traders. During the whole of the very boring presentation of the Dream Catcher scam, as honestly, who goes on a yacht to just sit on it whilst still in the harbour, we are given only one piece of information. This explanation only informs us on how many the auto trader supposedly places every day, which is 100+ trades per day. That is it, whilst collecting all the evidence for our review are sadly empty handed on how exactly the algorithm and design of this system works, as no information was provided at all.

Now let’s get down to the facts, and prove to you that our review is going to save you from making a big mistake and registering for the Dream Catcher scam. This so called “Free Cash Gift” Matthew so casually throws around, in the hopes that you will think you have nothing to lose. Well sadly that cannot be further from the truth, as the gift he is offering you is a broker bonus. For those of you who are not aware what that means, it means that you cannot place a withdrawal unless you have traded a certain volume of trades, which can take months / years, and that is if you haven’t lost your whole balance.

There are also some bold statements being made of a guarantee that you will be making at least four thousand dollars per day, every day. Now that truly is living the dream, however sadly you will not be living that dream with the Dream Catcher software. Binary options auto trader do not generate more than $800 per day on a good day. Plus if you do just a little bit of reading on the Dream-Catcher.co website, you will see that they have a very clear risk warning at the end of the page that clearly states that you risk losing your full investment when registering with the Dream Catcher Scam. So how can they then guarantee that you will be making masses amounts of cash without any risk whatsoever?

This is probably where we can also reveal that the Dream Catcher scam is actually not the first time we review this software, because guess what, they just changed a few bits around and launched an old scam. If you have a little look back to some of the other articles we have done, you will notice a review by the name of Dream Profits. Now if you listen to that presentation, notice how the story line is the same, even Alexandro Mende and his part in it is a complete copy. There is absolutely nothing original or unique about the Dream Catcher software and the same scammers are practically back to claim more victims before they are outed for the second time around.

Our last piece of evidence is probably one of the most important, and proves why it is so important to read reviews and to ensure you know the background of each software before registering, as ideally you want to avoid registering for a system that is just a scam that has been relaunched. When looking for a trusted auto trader or signal service, we recommend you follow the trusted blogs in the industry and the day traders available on youtube, because if there is a system worth trying, then chances are, they will know about it, and be able to show you live trading results. If ever you are unsure if a system can be trusted or not, you are most welcome to get in touch, as we will confirm if the software can be trusted, or if better left alone.

Review Verdict: Dream Catcher is a SCAM!

Blacklisted website – Dream-Catcher.co

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Scams such as Dream-Catcher.co target newbie day-traders who are seeking opportunities to make money with binary options. Research is the key and can save you a lot of money, since even though there’s a huge potential with day-trading, you will find many risks involves including fraud systems. For those who are looking for better opportunities, we created Watchdog’s Tested Signals page for binary options, We carefully examine every service we endorse, and only after seeing consistency over time. User feedback and references also help us in determining which services are the most reliable. Currently we are seeing a great success with the Code Fibo software and encourage you to check it out, if you are looking for a reliable automated solution.

4 comments on “Dream Catcher is a SCAM!! Review based on Facts!
  1. Kwaku wiafe says:

    I read a review from scam broker investigation on option robot and signed in and made a deposit 300usd,when I turned on to auto trading with a broker called stock pair,all my investment was taken from my account within a second,the demo practice is different from real account,beware, I was scammed,do not let what has happened to me to happen to you,option robot is a scam,it has taken all my hard earned money money away although stock pair is a regulated broker,its a scam

  2. Mohd Najib Mohd Amin says:

    Dream is always a good thing..but this Dream Catcher software will turn your good dream life into disaster!!..please extra careful on this!..thanks once watchdog for this important review

  3. Joshua says:

    Dream Catcher, another scam. Already learned from you to avoid broker bonuses because they do not allow you to withdraw. By the time the x amount of trades is up, they already stole all your money. These scammers seem to draw it out just enough so that the ‘average’ person does not realize they were even scammed. Keep up the good fight Watchdog!

  4. Freeman Ativor says:

    Look at even the name…. Hahaha. Dream catcher. Sounds a scam at the word go. Don’t fall into this trap guys bcos when you do you are just going to feed their pockets end they will catch their own dreams and laugh at you…. ????

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