Copy Buffett Software Review; Fully Tested!!!

Update (February 2017): Copy Buffett Software is no longer available.

Read our comprehensive review on the official Copy Buffett Software by Jeremy Fin! We’re proud to finally post a positive update versus another new scam warning. It’s really hard to come by a legitimate service and even the few auto-traders that do generate a good trading performance, are not synced with reliable brokers in many cases and much too often you’re not given real live support!

 might end up becoming, Watchdog’s Top-Rated Automated System for binary options in 2016 if the performance continues to remain above 80% ITM on a Daily-Basis. In this particular case, it didn’t take time to reach a firm conclusion, as the Copy Buffett Software is capable of generating up to 500 Automated Trades in 24 hours! We’ve never seen anything like this and statistically within 5 days of testing we already concluded that it’s far from a scam and it’s worth the 5% profit share after the first 30 Days Free Trial. In reality nothing in life is free and since the realistically delivers good ITM trading performance, the Programmer and Developer Jeremy Fin decided to shave 5% from each member, starting on your 31st day with the software and there’s no strings attached or a commitment on your part when you create an account.

Watchdog’s Copy Buffett Review Summery

  • 30 Days 100% Free Charges or Hidden Fees. (Absolutely no strings attached)
  • Revenue Share of Only 5% of your Profits after the Trial Period.
  • Tested and Confirmed by our Team, Statistically based on 100’s of Trades!
  • Full-Scale Support by Phone, Technical Live Chat Support.
  • Members Live Chat + Forum for members.
  • 400-500 Automated Signals daily!
  • CySEC Regulated Brokers Confirmed and Synced.
  • No shady testimonials or scam actors.
  • 100% Risk Free Binary Options Trading Software.
  • Available World-Wide including USA! (not available in: India, Nigeria & Uganda.)

The Copy Buffett Software includes real support via Live Chat, Phone and Email Support 24/07 unlike many of the scam sites that will provide you with a fake email and never respond to your calls if you have any technical or service related questions. As long time traders, it’s absolutely important that we get the best customer service because you never know when you’ll run into any questions along the way. We verified all the brokers and the Copy Buffett Software works with Regulated Brokers so you can rest assure that your money is with a trusted & fully documented company with authority. This is one of the few signals providers we can truly trust and recommend, we already have an arsenal of live stats and plans to provide our blog readers with more insight into the interface in the next follow-up review, scheduled for this upcoming Monday.

Warren Buffett’s Best Advice to Investors!

Warren Buffett is a well known investor and let’s face it, it’s most likely that we will never get to become Multi-Billionaires or even get close to it and this software is not trying to sell you a dream. Copy Buffett software is essentially an Algorithmic Auto-Trader that aims to emulate the same trading tactics and passive trading mentality of Warren Buffett himself and even though the software will never ever make you a Billionaire, it  delivers an outstanding ITM win rate that may shock the most experienced binary options traders. The win rate is sufficient to generate profit with binary options short-term trading, which is ultimately what every day-trader is searching for and in this case we’re not dealing with a scam with a few licenses left or ridiculous promises so if you are searching for a legitimate way to trade, you just found it!

After the initial review and testing we realized that unlike many trading systems, first it’s not a re-make of an older software but most importantly, it gives binary options traders full flexibility with the trade amount and risk exposure. The automation is straight forward and simple to activate with one click. If you are currently trading with Copy Buffett, we encourage you to share your feedback below this review and keep us updated with your progress and we would love to take any questions for those who are interested to join.

Review Verdict: Copy Buffett is not a scam!

Visit the software –

We decided not to elaborate too much on the life story of the greatest investor and one of the few who managed to benefit from the last Financial Crisis in 2008, since we can go on forever; Instead we focused the review on the benefits associated with this innovation. We sincerely trust Jeremy Fin and the Copy Buffett after seeing it work in action and we’re proud to add this service to Watchdog’s Top Recommended Signals for binary options.

350 comments on “Copy Buffett Software Review; Fully Tested!!!
  1. Carla Vigário says:

    Thank you for the review Watchdog! I’ve been following your blog for a while and been waiting for a positive turning point. Copy Buffett seems like a reliable software so I am going to give it a green light!

  2. Jim Luong says:

    I am thinking to register with the Copy Buffett Software, is it available in Canada?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Jim, They are currently accepting members from Canada and practically everywhere, besides India and a few countries in Central Africa.

  3. steve says:

    Thanks for the great review!

  4. Mike Marinelli says:

    Copy Buffett is solid at 83% ITM today since activation, I see now why Jeremy wants to charge for it. Thanks for all the work Watchdog.

  5. kenth johansson says:

    What is the minimum deposit to the broker

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Kenth, It depends on the broker but the minimum is usually $200-$250 on average but you might also find brokers with a lower deposit requirement of $100, it also depends on your GEO location.

  6. Henry says:

    Hello watchdog,I have being trying to register to copy Buffett software but my country Nigeria is not supported. Pls what do I do now

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Henry, Unfortunately the Copy Buffett Software is not available in Nigeria but we encourage you to visit our list of recommended signals for alternatives in this case.

  7. Frank says:

    Watch Dog it’s great hearing from you an that you have given a positive review like you say there is a lot of negativity out there

  8. henry says:

    OK, watchdog,but is Nigeria not going to be included in the list.because am so much interested of this software.

  9. Tim Van Steen says:

    Hi Watchdog, I joined right after you posted the review and my account balance is up by $300, I traded on autopilot and with the minimum per trade. Honestly I wasn’t confident after a few negative experiences with scam sites that can deliver at best 45% ITM!! Just wanted to thank you and send you my regards from Denmark!

  10. dingz says:

    Hi watchdog, how would they subtract the 5% they charge from your winnings, is it deducted automatically or you need to deposit to them the monthly 5% wins you have..Thanks

    • WatchDog says:

      The deduction is done automatically but only after 30 days, it’s a good question but there’s no catch here. They have a deal with the broker and upon your approval, they can split the revenues via API access but this is done only with your permission and we believe it’s worth it. Reliable services can’t be free forever and those who offer such a system are usually lying and are either selling you a scam, or will ask you to pay at some point. The 5% is really not much and very competitive in comparison to other revenue share type deals.

  11. Mark Taylor says:

    The Copy Buffett is getting the best endorsements out of a few services I checked, I’ll be funding an account very soon to test it myself. I’ll post a video on YouTube with results.

  12. Siddiqur Rahman says:

    Hi watchdog, I’m from India and very much interested on this ea, is there any way to use this ea.

  13. Nick says:

    Fantastic results on Friday, I took some big trades and ended up tripling my account within 9 hours. I’ll be waiting for Monday to keep testing this one, everything is looking great so far and I love the option to chat with other software members.

  14. Christolien Olivier says:

    Must the internet keep on running 24 hours of the day

  15. Calden Lowery says:

    No access, I am travelling in Africa right now and really wanted to try this, the binary option systems including Copy Buffett seems to really have something against African countries, it’s really sad..

  16. Gordon Hearn says:

    It looks good to me , i will sign up today and start trading , then i will get back to you all with me results

    • WatchDog says:

      We’re going to post a follow-up review today when markets settle a bit. This week started off very well but at the end of the day we will share some more insight. We also encourage those who already posted feedback to return and share your results with us as well as new investors who are just now testing it for the first time.

  17. Collins says:

    Watchdog. Can it be accepted in Ghana? I m interested.

  18. marc says:

    Could you do a review about Trade fusion?

    • WatchDog says:

      We’ve read some negative things regarding Trade Fusion Marc, it’s not recommended anywhere if you search on Google.

  19. Edmund says:

    I really love the software interface, very simple and easy for beginners.

  20. Barry McGee says:

    The community and signals are beyond my expectations, gave it my last chance and it was one of the best decisions I made in my life, besides meeting my amazing wife because love will always be above money for me. Binary options is a field I’ve been looking to get into for a while but it seems like most of the services are BS, so I was honestly about to give up on everything. Thank you Watchdog for the daily work and help in guiding the community!

  21. Joachim van Otterlo says:

    Hi Watchdog,does my computer has to run 24/7 a week?

  22. Charlie says:

    H Joachim, You must stay online to receive trades otherwise it will disconnect you, I am using an iPhone with my 3G so I can get trades all day. Charlie

  23. henry says:

    Hello watchdog, please u people should consider Nigeria, we are so much interested of the software. Pls

  24. joseph says:

    How about Social Tech, have you heard about them?

    • WatchDog says:

      We noticed some mixed reviews at this point so we’re not sure yet since it’s a new software. It’s just a matter of a few days or weeks until we will start getting some real feedback my members who actually tried it versus some of the sites that review services without really doing any actual testing.

  25. rostico says:

    thank you for update . I hope I can join this as soon as possible.

  26. Vusi Mtimkulu says:

    Hi Watchdog will this software work in South Africa

  27. Andrew says:

    Copy Buffett Software surprisingly delivers nice ITM rate so far. Just make sure you set strenght level between 80-85%. Very easy to use but make sure you don’t invest mre than $25 at beginning just to be on the safe side. Here please watch our follow up review:

  28. Aaron Scott says:

    IS Copy Buffett fully automated or do I need to click to confirm each trade? Also, Is it available in France? I am a US resident but I am spending a few months in Europe.

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Aaron, The Copy Buffett has a simple feature which activates ‘Auto-Pilot Mode’ so you are not required to click on anything and the trade is automatically triggered from the software to your broker’s account.

      As for availability and access, you shouldn’t have any problems accessing is France or in the US.

  29. Daniel says:

    I found the best software setting for Copy Buffett is when you adjust the risk to around 80% and leave it on full automation.

  30. Pete Withers says:

    Best software yet! I am comparing 4 services right now, one was a complete scam and I deactivated it. Copy Buffett is in the lead for me.

  31. kareem says:

    can I attach it to an existing account or must be new one?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Kareem, In most cases you will need to create a new account because there are so many brokers right now that it’s highly likely that your broker is not one they might be synced with and in this case you will be automatically redirected to a new broker.

  32. Christolien Olivier says:

    20 days with Copy Buffett and I received an email from Jeremy regarding the 5% cut that will be deducted from my profits in 10 days from now, honestly I agree with your review and think that it’s worth it after seeing so much consistency near 20 fully business days. Didn’t believe it at first because any other service is terrible but I understand their business model and it works great for both parties in this deal.

  33. Gladys says:

    Hi good day watchdog
    Is it appicable in singapore


    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Gladys, The Copy Buffett software is available in Singapore. You shouldn’t encounter any issues with the registration.

  34. henry says:

    Hello watch dog, which signal can u recommend for me now that accepts nigerians?

  35. George Aduanaba says:

    IF Copy Buffett is not available in Nigeria it’s probably not, I read an article by Michael Freeman about the software being mostly for Australia, US, Canada and Europe but in Africa it’s completely limited unless you live up North or in South Africa.

  36. Shahar Cohen says: is not accessible in Israel, if anyone has any suggestions for something local let me know. Shahar

  37. Alexander Becker says:

    Sorry if it’s a silly question but I am new to binary options and interested to sync an account with Copy Buffett, will I be getting trades over the weekend? If not, is it possible for me to register with them on Saturday?

  38. Maharaja says:

    I entered my details to join CopyBuffett software today, can’t wait for Monday to start receiving trades!!

  39. Emeka Oparaugo says:

    Thank you for your review on TradeFusion. They almost got me because i was contemplating on making deposit by next week.

  40. Roy says:

    Last week was simply amazing, but the only problem with binary options is that you can’t get any signals on Saturday and Sunday otherwise it would’ve been a lot more fun!!

  41. Zaza says:

    Hi watchdog, what would you say, Auto Binary Signals is better or Copy Buffett Software?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Zaza, ABS is semi-automated and even though they have great support, CopyBuffett is superior in terms of the win rate and number of signals.

  42. Martha Simmons says:

    ITM!!!!!!!!!!!! for the 5th time since I activated CB! Finally!

  43. deon says:

    Is it available in South Africa

  44. Gary clark says:

    What an amazing day!! I never made $500 in less than a night hour shift in my entire life! If this type of success is delivered continually I should quit my day job.

  45. RJ says:

    hi, is there an auto-trading option or just signals? thx

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi RJ, Copy Buffett has a 100% auto-pilot feature so it’s not like ABS or the average semi-automated signals, which require you to manually approve trades so in this case you can switch to full automation.

  46. Robin says:

    Watchdog, what do you suggest? start with virtnext or copy buffet?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Robin, Considering the signals since last week, we’re seeing a higher performance with Copy Buffett but it’s too early to decide which one is better in-terms of 3-6 months from now. We’re very happy with and recommend it to everyone who’s looking for a reliable software with a full automation feature.

  47. Amina says:

    Hi everyone I am trying to make a deposit and it is showing me this Massage can anyone help me? Thanks

    We’re sorry. Your browser isn’t currently supported.

  48. Tyra Sanchez says:

    Use Chrome it works best! I love the Copy Buffett Software it AMAZES ME every single DAY!

  49. Casper says:

    Hi WatchDog, please help to verify whether the broker ( OptionBit ) is a regulated broker and trustworthy to use? Because I did registered the CopyBuffett Software and they assigned me to this broker ( OptionBit ).. Thank you WatchDog..

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Casper, That’s great in this case! OptionBit is one of the oldest brands in the industry, regulated and very good with payouts so you are in great hands!

  50. steve says:

    What hours would you recommend letting Copy Buffett run? I am an American. Thanks….

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Steve, Copy Buffett offers a fully-automated feature, you can set the risk exposure to the minimum and let it run on full automation, but if you’re going to leave your computer for days, it’s better to have some type of control and to be around while the trades are being generated.

  51. Samnong says:

    Hi, Watchdog
    I have tried to register with Copy Buffett but it keeps saying that my country is not supported. So how can i do to get through with it? Is there any way that i can register with this software? I really interested in it as i am looking for a job and a chance to make income for supporting my poor family and to help other who are in needed.

  52. Sol Ray says:

    Hello, good day … someone used the software Dineroen

    Be reliable or a scam?

  53. Gary says:

    I signed up for the Copy Buffett program and the broker they assigned me is Vision Binary. I’m not familiar with them and could find very little about them. Has anyone heard anything about Vision Binary and are they safe to deal with? I live in USA

  54. Amina says:

    Thank you Tyra Sanchez, I used Chrome and was able to sign in and it worked!
    Thanks again

  55. ronnex says:

    I am in Namibia. I registered with Copy Buffet through VPN.

  56. Ben says: is a great broker I am glad they work with CopyBuffett

  57. Luciano says:

    Copy Buffett changed my life!! Much thanks to Paul from YouTube (Governor) who posted live results and got me to learn about this one, and I am glad to see that you gave it a positive review Watchdog!

  58. Ray McDonald says:

    I just read the review with Mareli and Paul’s videos, great work Watchdog! I am going to register right now, I am 100% convinced in this!

  59. Chuck Wright says:

    This is the best weekend of my life, I am just sitting here looking back at this amazing week. I never in my life seen anything like the Copy Buffett software and I’ve been in business for 15 years. Never made anything close to what I made on the peak days! One of my dreams was always to work from home and succeed at something. I started a blog a few years ago and nothing came out of it, I am honestly the most thankful person on earth right now!

  60. siddiqur rahman says:

    Hello sir
    I’m from India, as they are not supported India, can I use VPN? Or any other way to use this.

  61. Darius says:

    Why i couldnt register into the website? Can i join from indonesia? Thanks

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Darius, It’s possible that Copy Buffett is not available in Indonesia, if you are not able to register you should visit our list of recommended signals providers for an alternative.

  62. Robert Adams says:

    Where can I find Paul and Mareli’s videos?

  63. Ryan says:

    Morton Finance is a one of my favorite brokers and luckily they work with I know some of the representatives already on a personal level, great people and never ask questions when you withdraw your funds, payout is very high too especially on currency pairs.

  64. Joseph Carter says:

    and by the way, I owe you my life for saving me from The Amissio Formula! You’re doing the most amazing job ever!

  65. Raymond Cassar says:

    Brilliant structure and interface, the best binary software I’ve seen yet and I’ve been playing around a lot!

  66. Ivan says:

    3rd day using Copy Buffett , strength 85% and I am up by $350!

  67. Alan says:

    Thanks very much for this review! Excellent, as always.

  68. mvbetMarciano says:

    I loved the last update with the $5000 withdrawal, great progress. I am not doing as well as Marili but I did manage to net $1,200 with Copy Buffett in 10 business days, one day I lost because I played around too much but overall I am winning and it’s incredible.

  69. Amir Youssef says:

    All the testing and reviews helped me make up my mind and it’s been tough. Many systems that promise you the world and beyond. This was my best decision this year to register with Copy Buffett Software and I can’t stop thanking you and also Marili for this final video update with the withdrawal, explaining how everything works. Thank you!!

  70. Jayr Wilson says:

    Also if anyone has any feedback on Vision Binary option platform as a reliable broker i would greatly appreciate it very much.Thanks in advance for your help and quick response.

  71. Bradley Koppel says:

    Superb software! I give it absolutely 5 stars!!

  72. Jeremy Lim says:

    Without those last videos with the live trading I wouldn’t know how to use the software because I am completely new, I want to thank you Watchdog but also Paul and Marili, and suggest for others to visit those last reviews. This will help you a lot! If you’re making profits, you can actually make more with the right setting.

  73. BrianD says:

    This auto trade app looks like one of the better ones …

  74. Rosalie Myers says:

    I am getting many currency pairs signals, mainly EUR/USD at a very good accuracy with the 85% setting. Thank you so much for introducing me to the app.

  75. Josh Elliott says:

    My main software! I’ve been dancing around my living room yesterday with the 8 ITMs in a row!! Did anyone else get the same? Insanity, what can I say.. speechless!!

  76. Gary Warnock says:

    mm… GOP debate and wasting time in front of TV all day OR making money with Copy Buffett! I am switching off TV everyone because this is the real deal and I am sick of wasting time. I feel very passionate about online trading again due to the great performance! Incredible!!

  77. Gareth Wiseman says:

    Endless thank you for bringing this to light, in a sea of scams it’s nice to see something that really works. I am amazed every day at the results. I could never do this on my own and I tried every indicator in the book!

  78. Barry C says:

    Stay away from the Amissio Formula, what a joke performance!

  79. Christi Kelly says:

    I am using 85%-%90 strength level since Wednesday and made $200 but still it’s not bad, I am very careful and trading the least I am allowed by the broker to play it safe.

  80. Rey Hernandez says:

    Your work is really great, I just signed up today and will keep you updated this week with the results! I will follow Mareli’s suggestions in the last review, it seems to work best!

  81. Jasmine Moreno says:

    This is more than just an Autotrader, I’ve never seen anything like Copy Buffett before!

  82. Hina Aaliyah says:

    12 frickin winning trades one after another with Copy Buffett!!!!!!!!!!! I am having a party tonight and take a shot for Warren Buffett this is GREAT!! Buffett is the greatest!

    • Hi WatchDog

      Can I still sign up for Copy Buffet Now?

      Thanks, John

      • WatchDog says:

        Hi John, Copy Buffett is still available and many of us are already passed the first month. All members we know who finished with the 30 days free trial are continuing the use the software and today we’ll post another update. Stay tuned!

  83. Phil Grear says:

    The reviews for this software on here seem to be glowing and convincing even to skeptic like me haha. I signed up today so here’s hoping 🙂

  84. Steve says:

    Started with Buffett a few days ago. I’m up a couple hundred dollars which is great but it isn’t trading nearly as often as I’d expected.

  85. Bonginkosi Dlamini says:

    HI watchdog! Is Copy Buffett available in Swaziland?

  86. Sbu says:

    Hi. I opend a acount with Copy Buffett last night and they signed me with a broker called Tradorax. So I want to know weather they a good broker or not?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Sbu, Tradorax has been operating for 2 years now and they have a good reputation. The payout is very decent but you should avoid some of the bonuses they may offer you. Everything is great and you can withdraw your funds but if you take one of their bonuses, they will lock your account until you generate a massive number of trades. This is one of the things we don’t like about Tradorax but other than that, they are safe.

  87. Robert Draper says:

    I trade with OptionBit and they Copy Buffett software, activated my account for the first time yesterday. The results are outstanding and I am glad to find that OptionBit is reliable. I was a bit concerned after learning that many autotraders are synced with unregulated scams.

  88. Theophile says:

    hello watchdog copy buffet this available in France?
    what are you thinking the brokers option bit?
    I wating our answer.

    thank you

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Theophile, is available in France and as for they are regulated and a reliable broker so you’re certainly in good hands.

  89. Rowen says:

    Hi Watchdog,I’m from the Philippines and i want to know if this is avaialble in Asia because i wanna try using this software for i saw a good feedbacks from users,kindly do inform me about the availability and which broker is best to synced with this Copy Buffet trading software..

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Rowen, We are familiar with many day-traders from the Philippines and generally we’re not familiar with any problems. We know that Copy Buffett is restricted in many African countries but in Asia you shouldn’t encounter any issues registering with the software.

  90. Naicae says:

    I read it in one of your comment that there is a backdoor to register if one is computer savvy…. Please i’m really interested…i’m honestly tired of being broke its really intimidating…kindly help a brother out

  91. wapenPieter says:

    Hi, Any one that have used the system? Please share you experiences!

  92. Karl Jeffery says:

    I really can’t have any complaints. It’s been very stable and the trades are accurate, often very deep in the money, many pips in the safe zone. Copy Buffett is the only software I would ever recommend to a friend or a family member. Many of the apps and services are pure scams.

  93. Robin says:

    i’m happy! small results but ITM! had 3 trades in 10 hours, 2 ITM 1 OTM. today i’m going to lower the strength to 85% to see what my results will be. My current strength was 90% with 25 euro bets. Like i said, small results, but in the money! 😀

  94. Jamie Lewis says:

    Good days ahead! I am not dropping from 78% ITM on my daily with Copy Buffett and it doesn’t seem like a possible scenario.

  95. Terry Ngari says:

    Hi Watchdog. You saved me from joining a system that many consider spam- Amissio. Very nice reviews following from Kenya. Problem is I hardly find any bots that support African countries really sad. Any recommendations for binary systems that works in Africa?

  96. Pat says:

    Is Nadax on of the brokers used by Copy Buffet?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Pat, worked with Automated Systems in the past but they no longer offer the API access to developers. We know that Mike’s FB Signals Group operates with Nadex but the signals are provided manually.

  97. James says:

    Are u guys leaving this running all day/night?

  98. Jessie says:

    I personally leave the software running all day and all night on week days, with $25 trades and 85-90% strength level, it’s the safest way to trade with the app.

  99. Sonny says:

    Hi! I’m from the phillippines. Is copy buffett available in my country?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Sonny, We know that is available in the Philippines but if you run into any issues with the registration let us know.

      • Sonny says:

        Hi watchdog, good day. Please help me I’m having hard time to register to a have copy buffett software. Need assistance

  100. Gerry S says:

    First day with Copy Buffett and I already feel like an experienced trader. The signals make total sense and I got over 86% ITM some were really big ones. I am talking about winnings by 100 pips and more! In binary in doesn’t matter much but it gives me confidence in the software.

  101. Alexis Najarro says:

    I am going to give it a shot! Looks like one of the few legit and well reviewed auto traders.

  102. Gyula says:

    How is it possible to change the Broker?

    • WatchDog says:

      The broker with Copy Buffett is determined by your GEO location but if you’re interested to pick your own broker, check-out the new review we posted on BinaDroid, they allow you to pick any broker you prefer.

  103. Iris Rosalina Guerra Ramiréz. says:

    Watchdog I am not sure which one to pick Copy Buffett or Binadroid, both seem like reliable services based on all the positive reviews.

  104. Randy l jordan says:

    It just made an end of day trade. Hope this isn’t long term

  105. nina says:

    they charge 20% not 5%!

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Nina, It can’t be… we’ve been through the first month and it’s 5%. Check if this 20% isn’t some deal you made with the broker versus the software.

  106. Keithatile says:

    Are there traders used by Copy Buffett in South Africa

  107. Keithatile says:

    Oops! I meant to ask whether there are brokers used by Copy Buffett in South Africa

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Keithatile, is available and synced with brokers that accept traders from South Africa, generally the issue is with central African countries.

  108. Thomas Walters says:

    I looked into your review on BinaDroid but I still think that Copy Buffett is superior based on my feeling. Anyhow you should consider to post a review comparing between the two, it would be interesting.

  109. Neil Kinch says:

    I registered with BinaDroid, but honestly the ITM performance is higher with Copy Buffett so I am going to invest most trades with them. Thank you for the reviews, I am not saying that BinaDroid is a scam but I love CB better!

  110. David Ertzog says:

    The app doesn’t work in Israel, I tried to sign-up with different browsers but nothing seems to work!

  111. Bryan Peters says:

    First impression was ‘being scared about it’, but today after 12 ITM’s in a row I can tell you that Copy Buffett software is by miles away, better than everything I tried!! No one can get 12 ITM’s in a row unless they know what the hell they are doing!

  112. kaykay says:

    hai watchdog and my friends..i have one doubt.. this is kumar from india..i am indian citizen.u have mentioned that this software is not available in india.but now i am working in can i open the account in copy warren buffet software?..
    please guide me or tell me how to use this software another alternate way..please help me and guide me

  113. arun chhabra says:

    why copy buffet is not available in india.?

  114. karl Bohn says:

    Traded Forex for 6 years, high leverage you name it. Never seen anything that came close to the Copy Buffett ITM results. Some days I pull $200, other days I reach over $500, this is really stable and profitable!

  115. Mason says:

    Warren Buffett for president of the United States 2016!!! 😀

  116. Benjamin ALUFF says:

    As I live in Israel please answer: 1.does Copy Buffett is available for me in Israel?
    2.If the answer is “yes”: how I’ll be able tp withdraw money from my account (When I’ll have some…) ? By a check? Are they going to send the check by the post services? May I use my PayPal account for that?

  117. Matt says:

    I just signed up for the Copy Buffett Software and I was assigned Morton Finance. Are they a trust worthy Brokerage?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Matt, Morton Finance is a reliable broker. We have one of our accounts with them and never experienced issues with withdrawals which is the main factor we judge brokers based on. They are not CySEC regulated but they are legitimate and the payout is average in comparison to other brokers.

  118. Me Ann So says:

    hi watchdog thank you for your warning about the 1kdailyprofit. I just want to ask if Copy Buffet is available here in the Philippines?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Me Ann, Copy Buffett was available in the Philippines but it could be that they’re no longer working with one of the brokers that accept traders from your region. Recently we updated a new review on BinaDroid, it’s a great robot, very accurate and available world-wide. We recommend that you give it a try if you’re unable to register with CB at this time.

  119. Errol Cross says:

    22 trades, only 2 losses!!! can you believe this? Amazing stuff!

  120. Nick says:

    Hi! Which brokers would you recomend as very good-which to chose when registering in Copy Buffet?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Nick, The Copy Buffett Software selects the broker based on your GEO location, if you are trading from Bulgaria or any European country, they will sync you with an EU regulated broker.

  121. Hans Sjöblom says:

    Isn’t Copy Buffett the best software for binary options in the world? It’s embarrassing to admit but I tried over 10 systems, services and all kinds of stuff.. everything failed me but I didn’t give up.

  122. Bill Werner says:

    I wish I got signals for commodities also but this software is really good, Copy Buffett is mainly for currencies but the performance justifies continuing after the 30 days.

  123. wapenPieter says:

    Just signed up with CopyBuffett, they assigned me to UKOptions. Any feedback on UKOptions. (I’m in South Africa)

    • WatchDog says:

      UKoptions has a great reputation online, we are not familiar with any complaints however they are not fully EU regulated. We recommend that you invest the minimum requirement of $250 and test it out.

  124. Sanjay Desai says:

    I’ve been reaching around 75-78 percent ITM for a few days last week but in the last two days the performance is over 84 percent, the difference is in the thousands! I am taking big trades!! Luckily I kept going because this is really one of the best and hopefully it continues on this path of success.

  125. James Tyler says:

    Good results, I am a total newbie! 🙂

  126. Jason says:

    Hi Watchdog, I’m in the US and the broker that was picked is called Glenridge Capital. Does anyone know anything about this broker and are they safe?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Jason, Glenridge Capital is rare, not many brokers are available in the US. They are not regulated by the CFTC or SEC like Nadex, at the same time, we never receive complaints concerning their brand, withdrawals or any major customer service issues.

  127. tamarmanipbes1951 says:

    Can’t the push money app be banned?

    • WatchDog says:

      We managed to take down a few sites, such as but in many cases the scams keep switch domains, Push Money is also well protected against hacking, so it’s kind of a losing battle. The only thing we can do is continue to post warnings.

  128. Josh A says:

    Thank you for the review, I am signing up with Copy Buffett when markets are open but due to the holidays I noticed it’s kind of all dead.

  129. Les Brown says:

    Are markets closed right now? I can’t trade with and I see the platform is also not very active.

  130. Sammy says:

    No software is available over the weekend! Markets are closed people! Watchdog thank you so much for introducing me to something that works! I’ve been a follower of your blog for 6 months. Keep doing god’s work, especially with the scam reviews!

  131. Zharko Buragev says:

    Hi there watchdog, is Pwrtrade a good broker.. Thanks in advance

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Zharko, PWR Trade is one of the top reputable brokers right now. They have outstanding customer support and fortunately we’ve yet to receive a single complaint that involves processing withdrawals, which is common with some of the scams.

  132. I really have to thank you, without Copy Buffett I would quit binary options entirely!

  133. henry says:

    Are there binary options available to nigerians. They reli dislike us africans.

  134. Saaed Abedini says:

    Thank you for the information on the software. I might fund an account tomorrow morning, out of everything I’ve inspected this one seems to get the best reviews!

  135. sarah says:

    Nice itm 5 days and balance is up by $825 maybe soon ill go with Marilis strategy..she seems to make mpre money than the average member.

  136. Bill says:

    Has anyone worked with the broker Morton Finance?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Bill, Morton Finance is available in the US, they have a pretty good reputation. We never received any complaints as of yet.

  137. Edward Bailey says:

    I agree with all the comments, everything seemed so positive I thought it was fake for a moment. Watchdog thank you from the bottom of my heart for introducing me to Copybuffett. If you’re personally in touch with Jeremy Fin, please send my regards! Edward Bailey

  138. Shirley Kay says:

    I subscribed to your blog back when you posted a warning against Binary Matrix Pro, you might remember me I lost $1000 but didn’t sweat it. I got the money back with a chargeback. I just want to salute you because if it wasn’t for your recommendations I’d be in the gutter. I made over $50,000 partially with Copy Buffett but also with Mikes Auto Trader and his team on Facebook. Thank you for everything and keep doing what you know best!

  139. Stu Verch says:

    What brokers do we have to choose from for Copy Buffet?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Stu, It depends on your location. The system tracks down your IP and selects the best broker for you, after you initially enter your name and email.

  140. Hello everyone, It took about 20 minutes and several refreshes but it is activated now. Ty!

  141. Jeff Mcclain says:

    My account is up by $7,000 since activation around mid March, this is a week shy of a month. Honestly I never even made $3000 in a month, only when I was in sales for two weeks but didn’t make it. I feel like going back to that call center and laugh in their faces. If the performance by Copy Buffett remains at this win rate, I will be able to retire in a couple of years.

    • Gyula Vajda says:

      Hy All!
      The autotrader switch on-off ,which state on and off?

      • WatchDog says:

        During the first day we recommend going with Fully Auto, until you learn how to adjust the settings properly. This way you can avoid risk, and profit at the same time.

  142. I am very interested in the morning to see the status of the time, I am interested

  143. Joey Crance says:

    Best of all it works! Not every day is super profitable but Copy Buffett is the sure way to succeed with binary options! I had to find it the hard way, after losing a lot of money with services that didn’t perform as well as they stated they do!

  144. Terence Higgins says:

    I’ve signed up for Copy Buffett Software and registered with the recommended Broker..Can someone please tell me what happens next..Is there anything else I need to do

    • Mark Leone says:

      I am getting a similar performance with Buffett! I am user MarkL in the members chat, if you’re around during GMT 13-17. Would love to get to know you mate!

  145. Brain Ronoke says:

    Hello, I would like to know are you allowed to choose your own broker

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi there, The software picks the broker based on your GEO location but with Binadroid, which is also listed on our recommended signals page, you can select your own broker.

  146. Paul says:

    Is Copy Buffet available in South Africa I’ve tried to register but cannot get connected to download the software.

  147. Steven Trainito says:

    One more day for MONDAY!! I am going to invest $100 per signal I get from Copy Buffet after the top-notch, high grade performance!! I am stoked just looking at the screen, all the trades that closed ITM, I got so many I can become a master trader!

  148. Jason says:

    Is Copy Buffett available in singapore ?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi jason, We are not familiar with any restrictions from Singapore. You should manage to access the software.

  149. William says:

    Like Paul, I’m in South Africa, and cannot download the software even though the landing page states “Available in South Africa”. It says “this site can’t be reached”. Tried 3 different browsers but luckily BinaDroid is working for me, thank you so much Watchdog!

  150. Mary kinya says:

    My name is Mary from Kenya. I have lost alot of money with various brokers. Reading your review and comments from those that are using copy buffet software I want to trade with this software. Please advise me on a broker who can take $100 for a start. I dont have alot to invest after losing so much. I await your kind reply and direction


    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Mary, Unfortunately the minimum deposit requirement with the Copy Buffett brokers is $200-$250 and it’s also very unfortunate to know that you were scammed before. This really deters many traders from continuing with binary options and it’s a shame. If you are working with a low budget at the moment, you should get in touch with Michael Freeman at, they offer free access, no broker registration requirement and all you need to do is donate $25 to a charity organization.

  151. Edison Ray says:

    WOOT WOOT!! The week didn’t even start yet and I am already up by $340, today I got 2 losing trades out of 18 in total!! Jeremy Fin for President!!

  152. David Howell says:

    The numbers keep getting better, I got closer to 90% today but it’s the first time!

  153. Gabriel Garcia says:

    The signals setting of 85% with currency pairs on fully auto got me over $250 every business day in the last 8 days. It’s like a new minimum deposit in profits every day. I anxiously wait weekend for markets to generate signals and I am just loving every moment of this. Thanks everyone, without all the experiences I read here and on other sites that endorse Copy Buffett I would’ve never signed up! Greetings from Mexico

  154. Tom C says:

    I signed up for Copy Buffet. I’m in USA. Vision Binary was my assigned broker. Has anyone worked with Vision Binary.

  155. Jubril Okpamen says:

    I started working with Vision Binary before and confirmed a few withdrawals, they are legit. Customer service is slow on weekends but I’ve gotten to know them and they don’t play around or give you the run-around when you request your money. Some brokers tell you that you can’t withdraw to your bank if you use a CC but it’s not the same with Vision Binary so you can deposit with a credit card and withdraw to your bank account which all brokers should allow in my opinion.

  156. Píus says:

    HÍ í lived in Iceland, í want tó know can í register ?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Píus, Copy Buffett is available in Iceland and most regions in Europe. If you encounter any issues with the registration, keep us informed.

  157. Jim Hall says:

    My account is now up by $750. awesome!

  158. abayafundi says:

    Do you still get access to the automated option with the minimum deposit of $250?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Abayafundi, The minimum is between $200-$250, there’s no limitation on access besides a few countries in Africa and India.

  159. siddiqur rahman says:

    Today I’ll be funding my 2nd account with Copy Buffett! The success I am witnessing is unprecedented!

  160. karl Bohn says:

    Never seen anything like this before, too bad there’s no trading on Saturday 🙁

  161. Andy UK says:

    On my way to becoming self-made with the CB soft!! PEACE!

  162. Kristen Hodges says:

    I plan to register on Monday after seeing Marili’s results in action. You are right about the evidence and how much it’s needed in this industry due to so many scam sites!

  163. Sheila Keiser says:

    Watchdog is the only blog I trust! I can’t thank you enough for saving my ass from Drexel Code. It looked soooo real but the way you broke it down just made total sense and saved me. I was so confident that I almost deposit $2000 just to test it. I feel so terrible for people who didn’t read your review.. :/

  164. Elizabeth waquiz says:

    i am going to try this soon…watchdog is copy buffett has access in philippines?thanx

  165. nakednick1 says:

    Hi Watchdog, It’s interesting to see that a binary trading “bot” in essence is really working. I am a true cynic when it comes to software like this. DO you have any video files of your testing?

  166. Chun Khoo says:

    Copy Buffett cannot be accessed in my country :/

  167. Aaron says:

    Weeks of searching for the right software have landed me in the ditch financially. It wasn’t long before I found Copy Buffett that my opinion started to change about binary options. I signed up not even believing it’s going to work but now 3 weeks into my trading, I am finally making some decent money.

  168. Amer Hassoun says:


    Where can I see Mareli and Paul’s videos? I see people mention them. Thank you!

  169. Romeo Chorro says:

    Glad I got synced with Vision Binary! I am already hooked up with a very good account manager and they never fool around with withdrawals. Thanks for the review Watchdog!

  170. Amer Hassoun says:


    Thank you for your reply.
    Is it possible to use Demo account with their signals to test before I spend money?

    Thank you!

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Amber, It might be possible but it depends on the broker you’re synced with. Not all brokers offer demo accounts, for a free one you can also checkout the technology company’s website Spotoption: you can get a very good idea of how binary options works and get a feel for trading, as well as the various features before you trade with a software or on your own.

  171. mena says:

    should i go with binary book or vision binary ?

  172. norman beck says:

    I just got onboard with copy buffet software .
    I will keep you posted on upcoming results .

  173. reid says:

    Hi watchdog i allready have a trading accont with pwr trading how can i initiate buffet sofware with them or do i need a separate account for this trading regards Reid

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Reid, It’s definitely an option. Make sure to contact support on Monday so they can sync you with the software with the existing account.

  174. Valerie Galvin says:

    Believe it or not but out of 82 trades I only lost 9!! 2 came even and my account is up by a lot more than I expected. This is a great path and one of the easiest ways I managed to make money in my life.

  175. Lars Dalgren says:

    Hi! Today I took a huge sprung and invested with Copybuffet and I truly hope this works after all scams I’ve encountered! I will comeback with more after the end of this week! Crossing fingers!! 🙂

  176. Johnny says:

    Hey guys, does anyone know what kind of server specs it takes to run this piece of software? I want to use a VPS. Thank you!

  177. Mohit Sehrawat says:

    Binary options is pretty cool! Now I see why all my Forex buddies moved to BO in 2013, it’s never too late though!

  178. Jason says:

    I dont think that the Copy Buffet Software synced right with my broker, what can I do to fix this?

  179. Sarah Lee says:

    Just wanted to comment again and thank you Watchdog! I already know how to trade on my own, buy I give all credit to Copy Buffett!

  180. Ben says:

    Couldn’t test Copy Buffett Software.. seems to not be operating in my region.

  181. Olawilliams Arike says:

    84% ITM today!!! The most I had in history or more like, the best software in history!

  182. Sean says:

    So incredible!!!! It never got any better that this with my technical analysis, try whatever you want but this is the best of the best!

  183. Ponnara Khan says:

    Is it an automatic trading robot or we need to wait for signals to come and place trades manually?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Ponnara, Copy Buffett has the fully automated feature, so you can trade on 100% auto without having to click on anything in order to execute trades.

  184. Rachel says:

    Hi watchdog is copy buffet performance still high? Thinking of signing up this week. Thanks

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Rachel, Copy Buffett is still listed among the 3 top services we endorse, the ITM performance is very consistent. We posted several performance updates and you can find some live trading videos on YouTube by other members. CB is probably one of the few legitimate auto traders in the market right now based on a very positive consensus.

  185. TONI WALKER says:

    I just saw the warning on TV by Buffett on Fox News lol the guy is serious. I am going to sign-up with this, if I should follow anyone, I am thinking it’s better to do it with the best!

  186. Ariel says:

    Lucky I found your review site Watchdog, so many liars out there it’s unbelievable!

  187. Harry Harry says:

    Made over $2000 with Optionbit and Copy Buffett, when i deposited money, it took 1 hour, when i went to withdraw my remaining balance it took nearly a week but it’s worth it and on my recommended list!

  188. Martin says:

    Hi this seems very interesting wanna try it is it available in the united Arab Emirates

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Martin and this goes to everyone who resides in the Middle East, the only countries where no restrictions apply are the following: Lebanon, Jordan, United Arab Emirates and Egypt. Most countries are restricted in the region unfortunately.

  189. sadia says:

    Is copy buffett available in Bangladesh?

  190. Lars Dalgren says:

    Well.. This is my second week with Copy Buffet and I most say that my first week was a total loss.. BUT… This week I had 9 wins in a row!!!!

    I started with $250 approx. two weeks ago and the account is at $369 now!!!! 😀 My confindence is restored and I think I will hit $500 next week 😀

  191. Chris Alonzo says:

    I agree with most of the comments, Copy Buffett is a serious piece of software! I just wish binary was active on weekends :/

  192. Sandy Abrigu says:

    Hey Watchdog….is it possible to have Copy Buffet synced with Nadex? Thank you!

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Sandy, Unfortunately Nadex doesn’t have the technology to get synced with any Auto Trading systems at this point.

  193. Josh Ashton says:

    Jeremy Fin is not playing at all! Every day is more epic than the previous one. I am trading Copy Buffett with 3 accounts now.

  194. Talal says:

    How much I can deposit in Jordan, Middle East?

    • WatchDog says:

      Luckily Copy Buffett is available in Jordan, they minimum deposit is between $200-$250 in accordance to the broker’s minimum. They also have support in various languages based on your GEO location, including Arabic.

  195. Said Alabri says:

    Copy Buffett is the only stable one, I can’t seem to get how to use some of the other stuff, I also fell victim to a few shitty scams but really this one is good.

  196. Carson says:

    Copy buffet produced the 83 % ratio that’s promised! I have used it for 3 days now and the highest percentage I seen was 89% this morning i had 1250$ in my account 🙂 signal strength 90% with 100$ trades, needless to say this is just amazing. Copy buffet is a true way to succeed on auto binary!

  197. Linesh Bhika says:

    I’am a newbie with binary options.I registered with Copy Buffett.
    I got Optionbit as a broker. Are they good? Any complaints ?
    Have not yet funded.
    Many Thanks

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Linesh, OptionBit is one of our recommended brokers. They are not known for delays with withdrawals, and the payout is fair for most assets, especially currencies. They’ve been around for many years and many brands come and go, so it’s always better to signup with a company that won’t disappear tomorrow.

  198. Frank says:

    WOW so many systems out there, like 100’s by now.. The industry grew tremendously and with so much fakery in the online world, I was very hesitant even to go with any of your recommendations. After some time working with Copy Buffett I have no doubt that you guys are a true industry Watchdog but also honest in every way. I just want to apologize for the comment I posted a few months ago. I was misled into believing that everything is a scam so I didn’t believe in you or anything, my entire outlook on life was cynical especially after years with Forex, mostly on the losing side. Have a great weekend everyone and thank you Watchdog!

  199. Anna Burton says:

    I just signed up today, it’s a bummer that on Saturday there’s no trading. The trades are really accurate and I am seeing many. Usually with trading systems they don’t send you many signals on Friday.

  200. Garz says:

    is this available in saudi arabia?

    • WatchDog says:

      Saudis are lucky, We know that many brokers and most Automated Systems are not restricted for you guys, so you should be able to register with Copy Buffett without any error message during the registration. If you don’t see an error after submitting your name and email, it means that you can proceed and your country is accepted.

  201. Melenie Peters says:

    I am anxiously waiting for a new week to start 🙂

    There’s nothing that can break my confidence about Copy Buffett Software after 5 successful withdrawals and a stead performance over time. Thank you Watchdog God Bless You and God Bless and keep exposing the fake stuff. It’s funny how each time I get an email about a new scam, you end up exposing it within a few hours! Amazing!

  202. Atul Sharma says:

    Hello watchdog,

    is this software works in middle east countries , like Kuwait ?? Regards,

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Atul, We just confirmed with support that Copy Buffett is available in Kuwait and a few other countries in your region.

  203. fit says:

    is this available in malaysia?

  204. Kassem says:

    Does it work in Lebanon?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Kassem, Generally we know that binary options trading systems are accessible in Lebanon. Try signing-up with Chrome browser, and if you’re able to get through the registration page, it means that you’re in and your country is not restricted. Keep us updated, but as far as we know you should be able to register without a problem.

  205. Jerry Kobylski says:

    Can I use this software with any broker account I want?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Jerry, The broker is assigned to you based on your GEO location. Based on your email it looks like you’re from Australia, so they will assign you with a regulated broker in this case. If for any reason you prefer to trade with a different broker, you can also contact support for further assistance.

  206. Haley Meyers says:

    No pop-up and actors! It’s a big relief considering the competition that’s using lies in the most childish and stupid ways.

  207. Shirley says:

    Here are my results for Copy Buffet. 34 trades, 27 ITM, 7 OTM. Settings were on autotrading and signal strength above 90%. It’s very good for the beginning. I am use to bots that just trade your money away.

  208. suraj says:

    i m from india,can i access copybuffet by vpn and deposit in a broker who r supporting india,well i find ukoptions(its supporting india) by using vpn so can i go with ukoptions? please reply WATCHDOG

    • WatchDog says:

      UKoptions is a great broker Suraj. If you managed to get through the registration with a VPN and this is the broker they assigned you with, you’re in great shape. Just make sure the Internet is fast enough with the VPN since it’s a web-based software.

  209. Thomas says:

    I signed up with CopyBuffett after debating between a few. Thanks for saving me from the Azure Method I thought it was the real deal but I can recognize the warning signs better after following your reviews. First two days are very promising, mostly winning trades and the performance is over 80% for me, as with anyone who’s just trying it out and a newbie as they say, I hope this is not temporary and if it’s not I am really grateful already!

  210. Stephanie says:

    I’m trying to register an account, but it’s telling me to use a different email address. Any suggestions?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Stephanie, Make sure you’re using the Chrome browser and if you have a Gmail account it’s ideal. If you’re still having trouble let us know or contact the Copy Buffett support team.

      • ric says:

        I tried to register it and kept say ask for other email.. i am getting frustrated and did create new email . It stills say other email repeats.

  211. Nii says:

    Hoping to register next week, looks promising and awesome.

  212. Marsel says:

    Is it available in Albania?

  213. Francis says:

    My country(Ghana) is not supported by the Copy Buffet system. Is there any legit automated system I can use?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Francis, Visit Watchdog’s Binary Options Signals page for more information. BinaDroid is a great alternative and it’s available world-wide, including Ghana.

  214. Bushy says:

    Am in Botswana and cant have access as well

  215. Mary Ann Silva says:

    I think you are giving too much credit to NEO2 while they still didn’t get their Kickstart campaign off the ground. Personally I am doing very well with Copy Buffett, first few days when I started back in May I didn’t know what I was doing or that trading was not available on weekends. First I thought I’ve been scammed as always, but a few weeks later with a steady performance of over 78% I can testify that it works!

  216. farida yusoff says:

    On my first day I only made $75 so I wasn’t so excited but after 17 days I noticed the average profits I make around $200-$300 a day less than expected but it’s better than all the shitty software I tried as of yet. Thank you for the review Watchdog!

  217. Savanah says:

    Loving it! 🙂

  218. Susan anne says:

    Has any one been trader with copy buffet this month June 2016

  219. Daniel says:

    I must add that Jeremy could’ve easily ask for more than %5 with the profit margin, Copy Buffett ROCKS!!!

  220. David says:

    copy buffett available in Spain?

  221. Khairul says:

    Hi watchdog, is it available in asia? and is it an automated software because im new in binary trading.

    • WatchDog says:

      Depends where in Asia, in Singapore, Malaysia and a few countries we confirmed availability, also in South Korea and Japan but we’re not sure about other countries in the region.

  222. David Simanjuntak says:

    Is that 30 days free and how much Copy Buffett charge after free trial?..

  223. Dominic says:

    I worked with 10 different autotraders and is the only one that I never gave up on. Even during the Brexit it was performing very well!

  224. John Pescetto says:

    I started with Buffett in February and it’s now almost July. It’s enough to conclude that if I stayed so long, it works but I’ll let my bank conclude it every time I get a new withdrawal. I go out for drinks with my friends each time to celebrate it’s really nice since many of my friends are into Hitech but I knew nothing about the Internet and came from an Investment background so we all can laugh now about the same stuff, and most of all, laugh all the way to the bank with Copy Buffett!! For President!

    For all the other sites that promote scams, they should really look in the mirror and face reality!

  225. Rich Ramos says:

    Hi I’m interested in this software, but is this available in the Philippines? thank you watchdog

    • WatchDog says:

      Unfortunately not Rich, alternatively you can visit our list of recommended signals for other options.

  226. Rich Ramos says:

    I’m from the Philippines, trying to register but it keeps telling me use a different eamil address? how’s that watchdog? thank you

  227. fahim says:

    I set up and activated the warren buffett software and run it on the advised settings of $25 per trade, signal strength 80%+ and trading between 12-5pm great results with the system!

  228. matteo says:

    Hi WatchDog.
    I was trying to register to Copy Buffet. The problem is that I am registering from a country of which I have no phone number and that is requested for the registration.
    Any idea how to skip this problem? Thanks a lot.

    • WatchDog says:

      We’re not sure but in most cases it’s an indication that your country is not supported by the software.

  229. AK says:

    copy buffet is great works everytime

  230. Rafi says:

    hi this available in Dubai ?

  231. gui hock kee says:

    I’m so pleased that I found you Watchdog back in 2014. I am a registered member with Copy Buffett since April, already 3 major withdrawals for $4000 each and I am working with a $10,000 account balance in my account at all times. There’s no software better than Copy Buffett and the 5% payout given to Jeremy is worth it. It’s a very small price to pay when in reality even if he charged 15% (not that I want to give him ideas) it would still be worth it!

  232. Arthur Varney Wilson says:

    Hi I tried to copy buffett review but is not working in Liberia

  233. annita says:

    is it in kenya

  234. J says:

    Ok BWD I read your reviews and for a first time it seems like its legit! thank god for that!! so I’m signing up tomorrow morning which will be Thursday 7th of July. I plan to come back in 1 week so the 14th or 15th of July to report what happened and if its good bad or just ok. If BWD would like my view, someone who is 100% un-bias for either CBS or BWD, I will be glad to give it to help anyone out there who is looking into the industry.

    I will say so far I have asked every question under the sun to a lovely person named Emma W (I wont say her last name for privacy) who works for Optionbit. I can say my experience so far has been positive and every question I ask has been answered openly and honestly including information about withdrawal and bonus money, hint: if you want easy withdraws DO NOT take the bonus money as it gets super complicated one you money gets ‘mixed’ with free of bonus funds.

    All the best, J

  235. Rose Garcia says:

    Never seen such a high win rate with binaries until Buffett. It’s worth trying for those who are skeptical. I was.. trust me! I’ve been really burnt before both with FX and binary companies.

  236. jbigs says:

    pls watchdog i am in cameroon and i’m very much interested is there no other option for us to used the buffet software since our country is seemingly barred

  237. John says:

    Does it work in Tanzania

    • WatchDog says:

      Unfortunately Copy Buffett is blocked in most African countries, this goes for most auto traders. We know it’s available in Kenya but this is the first time we’ve been asked about Tanzania. Keep us updated if you manage to register so we know for future reference.

  238. GT says:

    Best software, been using it for a week.

  239. Shilz says:

    3 months with Copy Buffett and I am ready to quick my teaching day job!!!

  240. Kenneth Knull says:

    who pays taxes on 5%

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Kenneth, Good question. In general the income that sits in a trading account and not yet withdrawn to your bank account is not considered taxable. Only money that you withdraw to your credit card, bank account or E-wallet is considered taxable, so to answer your question, the %5 is not taxable. In the US for example, this income is filed under ‘Capital Gains’ but in every country it’s different so we recommend that you contact an accountant after you start withdrawing money.

  241. Good to see the review and the comments – I’ve noticed a fair bit of advertising for this, and dismissed it as another scam. I shall look at this more seriously now!

  242. William Williamson says:

    Hi Watchdog! This Is Will. I wanted to know if the Copybuffet software worked in Guam. As it is a U.S. territory.

    • WatchDog says:

      We are not sure but there’s a high probability that it will. Please update us if you’re unable to register.

  243. abram ernanto says:

    no access indonesia?

  244. CJ Willis says:

    I still think that Copy Buffett is better than all the other systems, I didn’t try yet but I am doing well enough with Buffett and don’t want to lose again after a few encounters with scams or misleading services as you put it.

  245. Triumphant says:

    We are in September 2016. no recent comments here.

  246. Is copy buffet software available in kenya?

  247. Darren says:

    Good morning watchdog, just a quick question it might of been ask before how does the withdrawal work with copy buffet is it complicated.

  248. Nekdo says:

    Best software in the world. Copy Buffett is my favorite!

  249. Joycelyn Lewis-Stephenson says:

    I am trying to register but the system not accepting my email address

  250. Tony Hammond says:

    IQ options minimum deposit is £10

  251. Sarah says:

    Is this compatiable with stockpair?

  252. Rachel24 says:

    One of my friends reported success using two accounts with Buffett, but unfortunately for me I can’t even register with one account. Any suggestion for an alternative software?

  253. Oneida Turcios says:

    Hello Watchdog, I just found your website last Thursday, I have been reading on your reviews, I live in PA, USA and I understand CB software accept USA..

    I am waiting to register with them during this week.

    Also I would like to ask if you know which broker will be assigned?

    I have a family member in Central America, to be specific in Honduras, would like to know if there is any software and honest broker who provides binary options trades in this country.

    I would like to thank you for all the time that you put on placing your honest reviews, and for your commitment to help newbies interested in this kind of investment.
    Is really very refreshing to find a website like watchdog who really cares about people.

    Thanks a lot and keep up this great site.

    Will be waiting for your answer.

    • WatchDog says:

      Copy Buffett is no longer an auto trader. Currently it’s a manual signals service which we recommend for experienced traders.

      • Ricky says:

        It’s a scam it doesn’t work no robot on this planet works. I am learning how to trade manually and will never use any robot

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