Copy Buffett Review UPDATE (Live Results + Videos)

Update (February 2017): Copy Buffett Software is no longer available.

Just like “a needle in a haystack”, The Copy Buffett software is one of the few binary options services with such a large number of positive, documented reviews, including Live Results in Action! This is our 3rd Copy Buffett Review and software update, today we decided to share some of the live results we’ve seen posted by a real member who posted several updates documenting his progress. The reviews and videos are aimed to provide potential members with a better insight to what they can expect on the other side, as well as how fast an account balance can grow using the software.

Paul on YouTube aka ‘The Binary Options Governor’, registered a live account with Option Bit, a fully EU regulated broker synced with . Within a few days his account balance grew exponentially, he didn’t generate thousands of dollars over night, but at the same time you should keep in mind that only scam sites will try to sell you dreams in which you’ll make hundreds of dollars within minutes. According to Paul’s Copy Buffett Reviews, he started with the $250 minimum investment requirement, avoiding any bonus offers, managed accounts and all the unnecessary trading tools and commitments.

Paul’s Copy Buffett Review and Results #1

Within a matter of a few days he managed to turn his initial $250 deposit into $1,718, purely by taking trades from the Copy Buffett Software, synced to his OptionBit trading account. Keep in mind that depending on your GEO location, Copy Buffett will assign you to a broker that’s most suitable for you. We noticed that many day traders from Germany are signing-up and they are re-directed to EU regulated brokers with German speaking customer service representatives and we believe that this is the case with many countries including Russia.  Before we continue any further, if you didn’t read our 1st Watchdog’s Copy Buffett Review, we encourage you to do so as we covered many important facts you should consider. It will only take a few minutes and you should also checkout all the feedback the comment section.

Paul’s Copy Buffett Review and Results #2 ($1,500 net profit!!!)

We’ve seen several updates by other YouTubers and all are coming to a very positive conclusion. The truth is that anyone can write a positive or a negative review and share an opinion, but real evidence speak louder than anything, and it’s nice to see folks out there like Paul doing a great job for the community, we welcome you to subscribe to his channel. We also want to take a moment and thank Paul for allowing us to share his Copy Buffett Review updates. We figured that some of you may have some questions for Paul after watching his videos, he’s a great guy, very friendly and reachable at Contact the Governor if you’d like to get in touch.

Remember that the large majority of the binary options automated services are highly misleading and in many cases we are forced to label them a scam aka fraud when the performance is really low or if day-traders are being redirected to shady brokers. In this case, we managed to confirm with a large number of followers, friends, bloggers and YouTubers such as Paul and Keith, that everyone is seeing progress and most of all, not losing any money!!! It’s possible that you may lose if you invest your entire deposit on a single trade and it ends up being an OTM, so nothing is perfect and you should be diligent with how you operate Copy Buffett. There’s a fully automated feature and you can take advantage of it, but remember to keep your trade amounts low as you start and build your capital slowly like Paul.

You might not become the richest among your friends using this software, but a few hundred dollars in a period of a few days and passively from home, is definitely a great accomplishment! For many people around the world, this can translate to an entire month of income depending on where you reside. Our personal experience at this point is not relevant, we’re very happy obviously and glad to give the Copy Buffett a 3rd endorsement, because we can go on forever and post review after review on the software but we really do believe that LIVE ACTION as demonstrated in Paul’s videos is really what potential members are looking to see! It’s not a money-making scheme and eventually you will need to pay a 5% of everything you make but it’s certainly worth it. Keep in mind that until the 30 days trial ends you are not committed in anyway to any type of revenue share/partnership agreement with Jeremy Fin but we are pretty confident that most of you will continue if Copy Buffett maintains such an extraordinary ITM performance!

For alternatives to the Copy Buffett software, visit Watchdog’s Tested Signals, we screen every service and rely of credible evidence and testing. Good luck to all the new members and don’t forget to read our detailed review if you plan to join by Jeremy Fin. If you are a newbie to online-trading, should consider practicing with a Free Demo Account before investing real money with brokers and signals services. Thank you for taking a few moments to read our 3rd Copy Buffett review, don’t forget to share your experiences, questions & feedback with us.

62 comments on “Copy Buffett Review UPDATE (Live Results + Videos)
  1. Miral says:

    Great review… Copy Buffett is definitely a gem of a trading software. 2016 is looking bright already

  2. Jimmy Franko says:

    Brilliant! I registered to Copy Buffett and I have not been disappointed. It took me to watch a few videos from youtubers before I gave it a shot, but its impossible not too take a look when you see how well people are doing. Glad other are doing well as well, I wish everyone more success with Copy Buffet! 🙂

  3. Liu Jun Haw says:

    I have something to say about this Copy Buffett software. When I first came across with this trading application, in fact, I’m feeling a bit uncertain about its performance. After much hesitance, I told myself why not give it a go, since it’s highly recommended by Watch Dog, one of my trusted website. So, I decided to deposit the lowest amount, which is $250. I turned on auto trade option, which let the software to do the rest for me. As I’m not so confidence with Copy Buffett at first, I just set it to run for 30 mins, and when I came back to check, my account grow to $277. Unbelievable, and that moment, I’m really happy. And so, I decided to let it run for a night. After waking up in the morning, the first thing I do is to check the account balance. “$1118” When I saw the figure, I couldn’t believe at first. Now, up to this date, my account has grew to $5210, and I had withdrawn the fund for 2 times. I will keep Copy Buffett software to auto trade for me provided that it still generate me this amount of money. Peace out 🙂

  4. WatchDog says:

    It’s really amazing to see so many people doing well with Copy Buffett!

  5. Pia Roüast says:

    I am so glad this works in Spain, I managed to get in!! Thank you so much Watchdog and Paul!

  6. Richard Ashton says:

    They have some great brokers in the UK, two days and my ITM is near 82% very well for an automated software!

  7. Flanders says:

    Great review. I signed up 4 days ago, so far I increased my balance from $250 to $980.50. Not bad in my opinion. I will keep trading and post my update.

  8. Paul says:

    Great article Mike and thanks for sharing my videos. So far Copy Buffett has been awesome for me and I’m also getting great feedback from alot of my subscribers as well. Looking forward to a very bright 2016 with Copy Buffett leading the way

  9. Jonathan Beale says:

    Copy Buffett is without a doubt the best system for me. It’s performing remarkably well consistently and I couldn’t be happier. I love that it also tells you when to not trade, think it’s the first time I’ve seen that. I’m very impressed, thanks Watchdog!!!

  10. Juniady says:

    Hello watchdog.i am from indonesia..and i got morton finance broker for copybuffett software..what do you think about this broker?thanks

  11. Bronwyn says:

    I just had to give my two cents worth – i am LOVING Copy Buffett Software! I signed up last week Tuesday and have since made over $2500 in profit (excluding my deposit).Still trading small amounts but i’m more than happy. Excellent review on an excellent system!!

  12. Jay says:

    Copy Buffet is definitely the auto-trader of the year. Don’t see anything as good as it coming by for at least another year. Glad I decided to try it out after reading your previous review. 🙂

  13. Carl says:

    Excellent!! I’m just a beginner and was looking for a legitimate trading tool to start trading with, will keep you updated once I start using the Copy Buffet Software!!

  14. John says:

    So happy to see this review! Its getting more and more difficult to find the gems with all the Scams everywhere. Thank you! I can’t wait to try Copy Buffet, it looks amazing!

  15. Wesley Atkins says:

    I am with Vision Binary for 6 months, they are very fast with withdrawals. 2 days with CC and 4-5 days with bank wire.

  16. Justin Wong says:

    Took only a few trades, 7 winners 1 loss and 1 tie since activation and I am with OptionBit. I calculated that I should be making a few thousands a month extra if the performance maintains itself.

  17. Nina says:

    I have to say that in the very confusing world of binary options assets, scam and legit, it is almost an oasis to find the likes of the Watchdog and get advice that is excellent. I have acted on your advice Watchdog many times, and you never fail me. Thank you for showing down all the scam stuff, and every now and then highlighting the great stuff. Copy buffett is certainly one of them. I am the happy trader who has made $750 in the past three days, trading very conservatively.

  18. Andres Navia says:

    I am very happy this is available in Italy, thank you friend!!

  19. Ada Lam says:

    I just received an email from Jeremy’s team since my 30 days free trial is about to expire, I am going to continue! It’s worth it guys!

  20. James Crawford says:

    Thank you Paul I really appreciate your videos, I love to see evidence and you delivered very well!

  21. Hans Sjöblom says:

    I was skeptical about binary options after a bad experience with an account manager who was very incompetent. I let him take over my $10,000 account and ended up losing $2,000 but luckily they let me withdraw everything. Earlier this week I invested with Copy Buffett and I am able to quickly regain my losses and very soon I will start generating profits if the winning rate is like this every week. Thank you for pointing me to the right place Watchdog!

  22. Syakir Yusoff says:

    This is the best software in the industry! I can’t find anything near the performance delivered by CB!

  23. Boris Dvoršak says:

    It would be nice to watch another update from Paul and maybe from other members. Thank you Watchdog!

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Boris, we’re actually planning to post an ‘end of week’ review on Copy Buffett today and will ask Paul if we can feature his 3rd video. We also have results from another member so stay tuned!

  24. Prateek says:

    I don’t want to deposit more than $250, besides the 5 percent after the 30 days is there any payment at all? I don’t like hidden fees and surprised.

  25. Joel says:

    Hi Watchdog it is available in the Philippines thank you ?

  26. Cafu says:

    Hi Liu Jun Haw, were you trading 24Hrs or certain GMT hours? Will wait for your reply. Thanks

  27. Liu Jun Haw says:

    Hi Cafu, as you can see, there’s auto trading option in the Copy Buffett software. You can set that on. But, I got to tell you one thing, the signals generated is very less for one day, around 5 I can say. The thing I’m glad about the auto trading is 80% of the trade went ITM despite low amount of trades. For me, I prefer high quality trades rather than a lot of trades which don’t turn well. I hope that answer your question Cafu. 🙂

  28. Md Yusof says:

    I am not able to register 🙁 Not sure what’s wrong.

  29. Md Yusof says:

    Nevermind I actually just got in, it was a catch issue with my browser. This software is a beauty!!

  30. Joseph Carter says:

    Monday is around the corner everyone I am so thrilled to get started with Copy Buffett! 🙂

  31. Haley says:

    I love Paul’s updates you should keep working with him and tell him to post more videos. I opened two accounts because of this guy and it’s my first day. I am in love with CopyBuffett! The only word I have to describe this is WOW !!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  32. Tevin Banks says:

    Thank you Watchdog and Paul! I just subscribed to your channel on YouTube, I’ll keep following your updates.

  33. Jackson says:

    I started with $500 and my account balance just reached the $3000 mark! 🙂

  34. Watchdog good job,kudos, can you help find out if there is any broker for Nigeria with copy buffet app? and other investment opportunities Thank you.

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Oyedeji, Unfortunately you won’t find any brokers that are available in Nigeria with Copy Buffett at this time. Check-out our list of recommended signals for alternatives: offers a $20 minimum deposit, a demo and they are available in Nigeria. They are a reliable broker but if you are looking for a signals provider check-out our list of approved services.

  35. Gary Warnock says:

    I can’t believe it’s almost weekend! I skipped the GOP debate because Copy Buffett is a lot more fun than all the fussing and fighting of these clowns! Even my wife is proud of me for finally not watching all this dump political stuff.

  36. Claudio alejandro says:

    I invested $5,000 on Monday and by Friday I managed to gain over $3,000, honestly I never made so much money in one week. This is some big league type of money!

  37. Charles Ikem says:

    I made $752 today with CB, was my best day so far since January 18th. The profit share of the 5% is really not bad, it’s a tiny portion of what you can make with the app.

  38. Predictor says:

    I’m really interested in copy buffet and I wanna use topoption as a broker, does copy buffet recommend it?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Predictor, It would be amazing if was synced with but unfortunately they operate on a different platform (Keystone) which makes it difficult for developers to sync them. The Spot Option platforms are much easier to sync with auto traders.

  39. Kenan Gustavo says:

    I love all the videos that you’re adding to the reviews lately, keep up the great work! You saved me $1000 with your warning on My First Online Payday, I really owe you a lot!!

  40. Marcelo Ruales says:

    Hi Watch Dog, I registered with Copy Buffett and they assigned me Safe Option. What do you think about this broker?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Marcelo, Safe Option is a great broker with a long track record of solid reputation, they also offer fast withdrawals so you’re in good hands.

  41. Daniel Pearson says:

    Today was low on signals, maybe because I went with a 95% risk exposure, but did well. It’s never like the advertisements but the $200-$500 I am pulling is enough for me. At least it’s not another scam.

  42. Allan Nielsen says:

    Hi What about joining from New Zealand……..any idea of what broker might get……

    past so called brokers are hopeless and clueless…….lost money every time


    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Allan, From New Zealand and Australia you will be synced with an EU regulated broker if you join Copy Buffett. They have a big list of brands they work with, but it’s determined based on your GEO location.

  43. Jim Bravington says:

    19/22 ITMS on the first session! Copy Buffett is really legit, you should post more reviews on this one.

  44. tahseen says:

    hi guys….is copy buffett software available in India and Bahrain?

    • WatchDog says:

      Unfortunately not Tahseen, but please read our updated review on the BinaDroid. It’s one of the popular systems right now and they offer access in India and globally.

  45. Cornel Gori says:

    Please people, let me know what you think about the broker: Morton Finance.
    Thanks in advance.

  46. Trina says:

    How many business days does it take for it to get into the bank account?

  47. Quang Nguyen says:

    Just joined over the weekend to start as soon the recommended time hits.
    After viewing many other videos online, im going to set it at $25 per trade and at 85% signal strength(standard is set at 75%). Hopefully i get similar results like everyone else here. Will keep you guys posted at end of this week.

  48. It seems all great but why are all the reviews so old. Any new ones? I am sceptical about this.

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Babu, We posted several follow-up reviews and we’re seeing new ones on YouTube all the time, but on Google you’re going to find the older reviews by the authority sites in the industry. We may post additional follow-ups but the message is very clear and we are not here to convince people or grab you by the hand. The purpose of our website is mostly to warn traders against scam offers and this is one of the few offers we trust, it’s totally up to you if you choose to trust it and invest your money. Just remember that all the “Free for life” systems are all fake, only a business model that rewards the product or service creator can make sense and the founder of Copy Buffett is getting a cut from long-term use of members.

  49. Miriam Sandra Transom says:

    Can anyone tell me who their brokers are, I keep getting calls from, when I go looking who and what they are I keep getting, only been in operation for less than a year. Before I invest I would like to know that the broker is reliable.

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Miriam, Brokers usually call day-traders when they register with a software or signals service, some of them can get annoying with repeated phone calls which is why we usually just put a wrong number. They usually call in order to see if you are interested to get a free bonus, which locks your money with them until you generate a high trade volume. The conversations are not important but it’s good to know that there’s someone on the other side and that you’re dealing with a strong and authority company. Prime has been around for a while and we’ve yet to receive complaints regarding withdrawals, the main parameter by which we judge brokers, so you are safe with them and you can also request to be contacted via live chat instead and they’ll refrain from calling you.

  50. nyaaba solomon says:

    Mind blowing reviews but please is this copy of buffet available in Ghana West Africa?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Nyaaba, Unfortunately Copy Buffett and most trading systems are not available in Ghana and a few Western and Central African countries. You can look into the BinaDroid review we posted, it’s highly rated and available world-wide. It could be one of the few options out there for you.

  51. Gwendolyn Roman says:

    Site won’t let me join !

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