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This section is for unfortunate traders who registered with a scam broker or signals service! Please share your story with the and WatchDog will showcase your complaint and help you get your money back at no charge! WatchDog is %100 committed to fellow traders with a goal in mind to deter others from using scam brokers.

Due to the large number of new companies the WatchDog is unable to smell out all new scams, please help by sharing your experience in the form below and feel free to comment on existing posts!

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733 comments on “Contact WatchDog
  1. Andrea Burris says:

    Hi. Thank you SO much for your website! Very helpful to those of us trying to sift through reputable vs. irreputable binary brokers. In looking as some signal providers I found one who listed Binary 99 as a possible account option and another that had Titan Traders as an option to set up an account with them. When you verify you account, then they send you free or paid signals. I can’t find much on either of these brokers. Do you recommend them or “thumbs down” I trust your opinion. Thanks.

    • Sheri says:

      Hi, I just want to know if anyone got really ripped off by snap cash. I joined and paid $250 to broker. Program worked for a day and totally stopped. Money all used up. I get an offer of upgrade to another broker but looks nothing like your screen shot. So paid a further $250 to new broker, and then thought for the upgrade to be of any benefit I need to have both accounts running. So I funded the 1st broker again. Nothing won from that point on and I am out $750. I am just so disappointed as I did my research, as I like most have been burnt before. I read your review and thought I should try it. I don’t have any spare money so wasn’t expecting to fork out $750 in the 1st few days. Anyway just wanted to see how that can happen yet still recommended as top binary option. Did I get scammed. Thanks sheri

      • WatchDog says:

        I’m sorry to hear about your experience. Please send us an email and we’ll do our best to help you get your money back.

        • Dennis says:

          Hello Watchdog – I have a similar situation to Sheri regarding SnapCash. What email address can I use to write you. Could you be so kind, as to please email me, so I can reply and see if there is any recourse I can take.
          Thank you Dennis

        • Alan Kilduff says:

          You actually offered to help someone get their money back?You were not so helpful regarding Tauribot and their broker Swiss Royal Bank when I complained months ago.To this day.I have received no reply to my emails or any kind of help returning my deposit.Tauribot,which you highly endorsed.Very very Strange!!!!!

          • WatchDog says:

            We must have missed your emails. Sorry! Please email us again and we’ll be glad to help you.

          • Jaime Jimenez says:

            They missed my e-mails too. In any case the help you get is a link to This company ask you for a 750€ deposit to begin the charge back of your credit cards transactions to the scam broker. At end I’ve made it myself directly with my bank

          • WatchDog says:

            Can you send us a proof that they asked you for a 750 euro deposit to begin the charge back process? As far as I know, they only ask for $72. If you are right, we will stop recommending them. Please email us at

          • Gia says:

            I ve left a comment on SnapCash and WikiTrader but they never got published on this website or email replied,sorry guys,and btw thank you for the tauribot update cheers everyone

        • Frances Crees says:

          Hi watchdog
          I am in Australia what us my best option? Nearly signed with but after reading the comments i will not be going ahead with it can you suggest what my best option is fir australia?

      • Corne says:

        I was allso ripped off by snap cash. Have send two emails to watchdog i am still waiting for him to reply. I dont think he wants to help us get our money bac.

      • Ellie Macmillan says:

        Hi Sheri. Yes you did get scammed. My advise here is don’t use any binary option brokers. Study the binary watch dog list carefully. Every day I look in my junk file and can’t believe how many new companies keep trying to scam people out of their hard earned cash. The new kid on the block at the moment is The Money Academy. Even the binary watch dog site hasn’t researched this one yet. But as usual its a scam. All actors from previous scams.

        • hussin says:

          Stoxmarket is criminals and never never ever trade with them their place is
          a Gas Chambers they are criminals.

    • Dianne Remfert says:

      2020 Binary took my money and I’ve not heard from them since so did BEE

    • Blessings says:

      Is XTRADE app OK..??

  2. Richard says:


    Thanks for all your help.

    I am concerned about those 2 company and and I will appreciate if you can advise and recommend if they good to do business with or anyone has report or say anything about then negative or bad.

    Please advise prior to invest with them’.


    • WatchDog says:

      There is not enough reliable information out there on these brands. I can tell you that 99binary and StockPair both operate without a CIF license, which is already a problem and your funds are not insured up to 20,000EUR as with regulated brokers. Reviews online indicate that the support at StockPair is lame and the training they offer is useless. If you decide to register with these brokers, avoid taking any extra training or bonuses. I am guessing you found these companies as a recommended broker by a signal service? If you are trading from outside of the US, you should register with a company like Topoption, 24Option or Anyoption. Topoption offers the lowest minium, checkout the Topoption Review.

  3. Fred Widdup says:

    Banc 54 website is off line. Have they done a runner? Maybe, I reported them to Honk Kong police last week and they said they would look into it. Now website is off line. Any ideas?

    • WatchDog says:

      Another scam bites the dust. The local police cannot help you in this case with Banc54, they are not really located in Hong Kong, this is just a fake address. The true location is unknown because they hide behind a network of offshore companies.

  4. Carl says:

    Banc 54 !!!!
    They are full of promises requesting further information etc. etc. but nothing happens.
    They owe me USD 4100.00,
    Which they withdrew dirctly from my account ( my credit card ), purporting to assist me
    with transfer of funds.
    This is plain fraud and theft.Can anyone advise how to institute any criminal action against them?

    • WatchDog says:

      Banc 54 are the biggest thieves in the industry! The first step is to file a dispute with your credit card company by calling the number located on the back of your card. This is a very important and the easiest way to get your money back from a fraud company. From experience, Visa are pro-customers while MasterCard are Pro-seller, be prepared to explain yourself very well and convince them that the reason why you want your money back is because you honestly fell victim to a proven scam. Offer to email them all the horrible reviews and I can assist you with finding them, on many binary options forums you will find endless reviews from traders who were scammed for thousands of dollars by Banc 54.. Good luck and if it doesn’t work, you can contact me via the form and we can take it a step further.

  5. Cherry Yarrow says:

    I was taken in by the German Bnary Robot and do not want to make another mistake. Please advise whether or not BIGoption is a regulated broker as I am thinking of using AutoQuickIncome and this is the broker they send me to.
    Thank you for your wonderful site.

    • WatchDog says:

      Thank you very much! The German Binary Robot is a fake website owned by the same people who came out with the Binary Matrix Pro. AutoQuickIncome and Bigoption are a good combination since Bigoption is fully licensed and regulated and the AutoQuickIncome is a profitable service with over %70 ITM on a daily average. The top software right now are the Option Bot 2 and the AutoQuickIncome.

  6. Steven Garner says:

    thank you so much for this website do you need a fast computer to do autoquickincome and autoincomebot and I was taken by binary matrix pro I need to know which one will work for my computer I REALLY NEED TO KNOW THANKS WATCH DOG FOR YOUR COMMENT IN ADVACE

    • WatchDog says:

      The Best one is the Auto Quick Income software. Avoid Binary Matrix Pro, they either don’t know how to trade or it’s a completely fake service. I listed the Auto Quick Income soft on the signals page. Good luck and thank you for the feedback!

  7. flaffy says:

    Do you have any idea about “Billionaire method” and if it is really profitable or just another scam?
    Please if there is anyone has experience with it to send his comments.

    • WatchDog says:

      I would stay away from any Billionaire/Millionaire type schemes.. These services always look the same and from part experience they are all fake. Lot’s of promises, bells and whistles.. but after you signup and deposit with one of their brokers they disappear.. no support and terrible performance. If anyway would like to share their experience with the Billionaire Method we would love to get some comments.

  8. Barratt says:

    I am interested in the Safe Income App by Aaron Williams and Rick Vicari. They appear on the Binary Traders Association as the most profitable binary options system. Please can you advise if this is another scam. Thank you for your feedback.

  9. Chad says:

    I just want to thank Watchdog and all the members on this blog for honest feedback. This is a true Watch Site and this industry is in urgent need for websites like this one, dedicated to assist traders and not manipulate them and spread lies! Good job WatchDog, your number one fan!”

  10. Dave says:

    Great website and thanks for all the info. I’ve been researching Binary Options for the last few weeks.

    I’ve seen a lot of good feedback for Banc De Binary as a regulated Broker. What do you think?


    • WatchDog says:

      I can say that Banc De Binary did an amazing job with their website and broad range of expert support they offer. On the other hand, they received many concerning comments on multiple fraud alert sites such as Scam Book. It’s true that they are regulated and must maintain a higher standard of reliability however it’s not always the case and you have to be extra careful.

  11. milksheikh says:

    Thank you Binary Options Watch Dog for helping me find the reputable places to invest in! I have stayed away from the scams thanks to you guys. I really appreciate it, you guys have helped me know which ones are the scams and which ones are reputable and are good and not scams. Thank you Binary Options Watch Dog!

  12. Joe says:

    Thank You! Watch Dog for all the helpful information on binary trading websites. I have been doing some research about binary trading for a while now but I was getting ready to open an account when I said “something is not right” so I decided to do some research. I found out the website was a scam. Now I feel like a need some professional help, (learning how to trade with binary)I found a free workshop online do you think it might be legit? Let me know what you think about them.

    Thank You once again,

  13. Veronica says:

    Thank you WatchDog for warning traders from all the scams in the market! I followed your advice and registered with and so far so good! I will keep you posted with the results but so far I am winning. Now I am doing OB2 full time and with the I plan to make it big!!

  14. NOEL ROUSSET says:

    Dear Watch Dog… This page is wonderful to get help both ways as I am getting some feedback aboot the scams going on! Also, there is hope to recover the money lost as the reason for investing and opening an account with any broket was the assurance given by the scammers, that we all be making money with the systems they profess is the best, etc. I don’t see any other reason to open any account as a matter of fact unless we believe we would make money. Taking my last exemple:FTrade: Insured Profits signals…what a deceiption!A real typical exemple to be easyly understood as each trade made is insured say for $20, but when you lose, it only $2 lost, which leaves you with $18 in your account. When you win, this is no brainer.. So, why I lost 7 trades and won 1 trade on 8 trades made?
    No just that, but those trades are supposed to be insured, but figure out what it is going on? I tried to contact both parties: the broker and the Insured Profits, but I didn’t get any reply, exept when I received an email, they didn’t seem to have read my messages as I didn’t see anything about my request been aswered as I expected. The same for Options Area: 2014 Millionaire signals. I could go on and on about my dealing with 10 of them, they are all the same. I wish the government where they operate would start to do something about this situation, which isn’t controlled as it should be!
    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to inform the public reading those messages about watching your money more carefully!
    Noel Rousset

  15. Randy says:

    I was a victim of Million dollar dream scam I wish I would have read this before I joined. It was on autobot came with no instructions and sucked account dry with all losses before I learned to shut it down. You try to email them you get return from your email support saying email not found.
    Very Bogus.
    Trade Sniper is another one that is bogus he makes it look like that you can make good money with 60 sec trading but is all fake.
    It signs you up with fourmarkets and they are a huge scam and suck you in big time. Soon as I signed up I got 4 phone calls from different brokers all wanting me to put in more money. One person went by the name Marcus he helped with a couple of trades then said see you can trust me I make you money I can’t do this anymore unless you become a silver account. Said no he calls back next day look I got it approved for you to become a silver account which normally is 3000.00 but today only 1000.00 other wise I can’t help you any more. So I did. He gave me 2 trades both winners next day says I was told in order to give you anymore trades you have to be a Gold member you need to have 5000.00 in your account. Said sorry not putting anymore money in. He said alright give you one more trade got me going put 1900 hundred and put now I did big loser never heard from him again. Then a woman called me same story. They just want your money don’t care about you.

  16. James Deschuymer says:

    Thanks, Binary Options WatchDog, for helping so many people who are victims of fraudulent options trading online. The average person seems to be too trusting of the so called profitable claims offered by their company. I wish governments around the world would do more to ferret out these dishonest companies offering impossible profits through trading of binary options. The odds of making money are stacked against the average client involved in trading binary options.
    So just imagine how much money can be lost if the trading platform is rigged by using special algorithms to ensure the client will lose most trades. Large bets could be flagged and the trading charts adjusted to favor the company. Nobody is policing or inspecting the integrity of these companies and their trading platforms. I believe even the regulated companies can be tempted by some regulators and take bribes to look away concerning shady practices. Keep up the good work at Binary Options Watchdog. We all appreciate your excellent work.

  17. Max says:

    TRADER XP Its a scam!! They took my money i have made over 400. in my 500 initial investment, try to withdraw 400 and star asking for document wich i send and nothing they now wont answer my emails. Any ways i can get my money back? Should i complain with the credit card?

  18. Dr. Joerg Richter says:

    Negative experience regarding withdrawal from my accounts at two brokers, Optimarkets and Citybinary

    some weeks earlier I drafted my problem with withdrawals from two brokers, what here is a bit more detailed:

    In accordance with BOS II programme I had been recommended to invest inter alia to Optimarkets, initially a relatively small amount. Via a so-called „TA“ I later got the recommendation to increase my investments in order to participate in so-called Co-Trading and Wallstreet Programme. That time – May 2014 – I didn`t have any warnings about the financial difficulties the broker had to face.

    The lady TA of Optimarkets recommended also to invest to CityBinary in a similar programme, because the Wallstreet-programme at Optimarkets should stop in August 2014. Since that time I didn´t have any suspicion about the broker Citybinary, so I invested € 5k (= 2+3). Later I should have to invest 3k € more, which I never agreed upon. This fact is the background for the below cited e-mal of Citybinary of the past few days*. Since end of October (?) 2014 I never succeeded to open their platform. Why? The solution seems to be, that it is a fraudulent broker, not regulated at all (see FranceOptionsBinaires! Nos enquètes: CityBinary!)

    From Optimarkets I wanted to get back my whole investment sum – without any profit from the Wallstreet-Progamme – of about at least 20k since late August 2014, without any success up to now. They ignored all my trials to withdraw any sum. Clearly, for Citybinary I struggled about the 3k, which I never promised and clearly I couldn´t transfer to them as they asked me, expecting not getting returned the whole sum claimed. – Since some days both of the broker-platforms are not available for me.

    Who could help me? What should I do to get the money back from these non-regulated BO brokers? I have all the e-mail correspondence with me and all the transfer copies.

    *The wording of the last e-mails to and from the Finance dept. of Citybinary was as follows:

    On Fri, Oct 3, 2014 at 7:15 AM, Joerg Richter wrote:

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    recently I asked for the closure of my account. Since I can not enter my account anymore, I may ask you urgently to confirm this closure via a protocol or so. – Thank you so much!

    Kind regards!
    Sincerely yours! Joerg Richter

    Citybinary 19.11.2014:
    Hi you still owe us 3000 euros so no we can not close your account or do anything else but we will have to declare you as a fraud to the state so if you want everything to be solved properly send us the money you owe and trade with

    Joerg Richter wrote at 20. Nov. 2014:
    How do you think so? I never agreed with such a payment, and please ask the lady AT Veronique Michelet Fouquet, if I „promised“ her sucha payment in some written way. And even i fit would be so: How you could say „I owe“? Clearly I could have reflectedabout that curious request/deal…

    I give you only few days to return my investment sum of € 5000 to my bank accountyou know. Anyhow, I prepared alreadyy my written complaint….

    Sincerely J. Richter

    Finance Citybinary at 21.11.2014 wrote:
    Hi we have every proof and you even traded with this money, so please be our guest prepare ypour complain it will go perfectly with ours, regarding the fraud moneyyou did to us. Trust me you will not win this one your money was traded on the market, we advanced you this money, you owe it to usthis ist hat simple, until money is received no funds can be unlock from our side, so be smart send uswhatyou owe us and we will unlock everything.

    26.11.14 Citybinary
    Sehr geehrte(r) Mr Joerg,
    Ablehnung Ihres Auszahlungsauftrags
    hiermit teilen wir Ihnen mit, dass Ihr Auszahlungsauftrag sich bereits zu lange in der Schwebe befindet.
    Aus diesem Grund haben wir diese Überweisung automatisch storniert. Selbstverständlich stehen wir Ihnen bei jedweder Ungereimtheit gerne zur Verfügung,
    Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
    Ihr CityBinary-Team

  19. Cyril Price says:

    I am researching Quick Cash System. They claim to make binary traders millionaires in 90 days after an initial deposit of only $250. It sounds fishy to me and the model used to sell the program is a sexy come-on. Do you have any information on this one?

  20. steve lunde says:

    Thanks for the email on that dick head roy, he has got to be the biggest scam ass hole out there, what gets me is how he is continued to be allowed to do what his dumb ass dose!, and get away with it, he has to be stoped, Just wanted to voice out, checked him out, and it is fucking unreal what he endorses. Thanks again WATCHDOG, for looking out for all of us. Steve Lunde

  21. Alex says:

    Hi WatchDog,

    I found so many times of the weblink always prompt out to my email,


    Is there a real forex SCAM?

    Thanks for your promptly reply!!

    • WatchDog says:

      Our focus is mainly on exposing binary options scams and we’re not familiar with Rev Trader Pro, however we appreciate any feedback from anyone who tried this system.

  22. Charles Ruzic says:

    They have already been determined to be a SCAM

  23. WatchDog says:

    Option Bot 2 is one of the best software and far from the auto trading scams. Mike’s Signals are very good, especially his manual signals, we’re getting reports that his auto trader is generating a very good success rate for many traders but you can’t compare the two, OB2 has been around for years and they only improved with the years. You can check in the comment section in our WatchDog’s Binary Options Signals page. The OB2 is the most professional software in the market and they do offer free training, toll free support, they are far more advanced in terms of their operation and they keep up a very good performance. It’s a big company now and they gained a lot of reputation over the years. Visit out WatchDog’s Recommended Binary Options Signals page and check out which other services we endorse. Thank you for sharing this email with us and good luck with your trading! WatchDog Team

  24. Cheryl c says:

    Is Christmasprofits a scam? Is the software program unique from any other binary program?

    • WatchDog says:

      It’s a total joke, we considered reviewing it but it’s a season scam so it won’t last for a very long time. Hopefully you didn’t register with this offer.

  25. Andrei says:

    Loser. Scammer! Stay Away!!! They lost nearly half of my deposit in a few hours…

    Elite Trader App:
    Loser. Scammer! Stay Away!!! I decided to check the truth of what they are saying and turned on the auto trader with Elite Trader App. It was trading, but in a few hours nearly half of the deposit was lost. Surprise: some trades it opened on auto trader were OPPOSITE to the recommended signals that appear on the screen 5 seconds later. I felt that the “auto trader users” are victimized to the Signal clients. Or they “feed” the new accounts money to the older clients. Ponzi? In any case, on my account – ONLY 30% of winners, all the rest – losers. The signals jump like crazy and then disappear, no way to follow up. The broker is RegalOptions (Cyprus). They say it’s the closest to us??? Cyprus is closest to the USA??? Also, if they “paid” even $5,000,000 to 4,600 users, it means about $1100. Hey, it is a one-day pay, as advertised! But they say they work for 4 years. Where is the rest of the money?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Andrei, you are absolutely right! You can share your feedback on the Elite Trader App Warning we posted yesterday. Your comment is inline with all the other feedback we are getting. It’s very unfortunate that this scam is becoming viral on a massive scale.

  26. MK_London says:

    Please all avoid OptionsXo. They are a scam trader. I have lost £8000 (possibly £10,000 depending if they allow me to withdraw my remaining money).

    Myself and my father in law were duped by a trader named Nick Russell (thick eastern European accent), into investing £10k, with him advising/leading on trades to generate funds over a month period, to build a bigger pot to invest again into a so called ‘gold rally’ that he explained happened every year in December. I’ll explain the scam below.

    We are both complete novices in the trading/binary trading market and got sucked in by promises of very good returns, good training, and the promise of long term returns, with Nick Russell guiding us. We realise now that we were very naïve.

    The scam started by Nick Russell persuading us to invest a smaller amount so he could show us what was possible. He turned my father in laws £500 into £800 within a couple of hours, and my £5k into £8k over the course of an afternoon. This gave us confidence he was good. We both invested the £10k he told us was the minimum amount we could invest to be part of ‘his gold rally scheme’. He then suddenly matched our investment with a £10k bonus, without so much as explaining anything about a bonus or how it worked. For my father in law, he then made 4 x £4k one month trades to without any explanation on why the trade was a good trade. For me he phoned me up and told me to ‘quickly’ put the four trades he was about to tell me on so I got the trade in at the right point. To say that he put pressure on me to do so in a rush is an understatement. So the four trades went on for each of us, and we watched and waited for a month. As the month passed, and I began to learn how to trade with a bit that was left in my account (I’m at about 55-60% ITM now, so not a pro by a long way)I looked back at the signals and technical indicators at the time of the trades and can see that all four were just complete guesses, and never in a million years would I put these on. Only one of the four trades came ITM and I lost nearly all of my initial investment. The same happened to my father in law.

    I forget to mention that before we invested we were both advised that our money was safe and our initial investment would be returned if the four trades didn’t come ITM. We were also informed that OptionsXO were regulated in the USA and were working towards regulation with CySec. Both I now believe are complete lies.

    When the four £5k trades went wrong, we suddenly got called by a ‘Principle or executive’ trader by the name of Michael Lewis. He said that he had seen we had lost a lot of money and advised that OptionsXo were looking into Nick Russells behaviour and that he will no longer be working for them. He openly told me there was no gold rally. I explained the pitch that Nick Russell had used and he has since suggested 1) I invest a further $50k for 6 months and they will guarantee 4% return, or that I withdraw the final £2k and set up a new account with them that is not a bonus account. I have explained I am not happy with either and that I want my money back, because it was clearly unscrupulous behaviour by their trader. But the best he has offered is a £4k added cash pot on my new account. Since this all happened, Nick Russell has disappeared.

    I am now looking to take action and am contacting the Gambling Commission and ActionFraud to see if there is anything I can do. The best case I’d obviously like to recover my money, worst case I’d just like to make sure that every potential trader is aware of what a shady, scam outfit that OptionsXo are. (To put Optionsxo into context, each person I have spoken to at their company tells me a different address, they are registered to a building in Hitchin (UK) where 50+ other companies are registered, I have read reports they are located in Ireland, Romania, USA and all of their traders and trainers have thick European or South African accents with English names). I have read other complaints about them along similar lines In hindsight I was an idiot for trusting them in the first place and not doing my research properly first. I am usually incredibly thorough, so why I didn’t I don’t know.

    I apologise for the length of this post, but if at least one person avoids being scammed by OptionsXo it’ll be worth it.

  27. Andrew says:

    Have you heard of the ‘2015 millionaire club’ if so is it a scam, looks very much like ‘Guaranteed Millionaire’ which i believe is a scam again I maybe wrong please can you help

    • WatchDog says:

      Good Eye Andrew. It’s the same people.. same website structure and same psychology of deception. We will post a new warning and hopefully we can alert as many traders as possible against the 2015 Millionaire Club. This year we noticed many new “Millionaire clubs” forming.. yet they all turned out to be a pure scam. If at least they managed to get traders $20/day .. we would probably not even refer to these offers as scams but it’s important that people understand that not only that you’re not going to become a millionaire, you will also lose your investment after you’re done. The only Millionaire in this club is the person who created this fake service.

  28. Charlie says:

    Anybody ever tried Profit Maximizer? It’s an automated trading software. The broker is Empire Option…any reviews on both?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Charlie, we are getting many complaints on Profit Maximizer but Empireoption is not a scam broker. It’s not clear to us why they are one of the brokers who are working with Profit Maximizer, it’s very unfortunate and hopefully you didn’t sign up with this offer. We can forward you some complaints via email if you are interested and we will soon post a warning detailing how Profit Maximizer is scamming traders left and right.

  29. Tim H says:

    WATCH OUT for they are scam!! They will call you the after you open an account and try to get you to deposit more money. Don’t!!! Stay away!!, they will never answer the call or reply your email. Say goodbye to your money if you do. Hopefully people read this would stay away from them at all cost.

  30. James McGinnis says:

    Thanks for your insite on UKOPTIONS. So far I have made about 20 trades and lost approx 50 of the trades and noticed a pattern when trading with them. Everytime I was was waiting for the right timing to lock in on an option I started getting a message “session expired, please log back in” and would have to log back in. Next, the time would show expired on the clock but the end option would keep running and not be what it was when the time expired.
    I see that I have fallen victim to the scam company and will be trying to retrieve my balance left in the account. Thanks again for your comments, James M.

  31. Gene Nagle says:

    The promotion by 30 Day Change is quite attractive. I’d very much appreciate any report on actual experience with them.

  32. Alan Kilduff says:

    Definitely a scam,initial deposit disappears almost immediately,what you see is not real.You are made to believe you are trading.Your money is gone the moment you pay in.Their testimonials are fake and email support is non-existent. Withdrawal is impossible.Broker is OptionFM same story no support emails are returned (failure to deliver message).In this case Broker equals broke.Time they both went to jail for a long time……

  33. Rhonda says:

    Beware of Money Platform and UK Options!!! Big Scam!!
    I received an email that a webinar was going on live to explain options. So I tuned in. Immediately a guy named Corey Robinson is talking about how he developed this software and on auto with a deposit of only $250 you could make $6,000 with him that night. So I entered my info and was about to fund the account. It sent me to UK Options. There was a rush rush “hurry up because I won’t be here long” on the webinar however, I was trying to quickly do a google search but didn’t find anything so I decided to fund the account. Before I could do it a broker called me and said $250 was not really enough and he could match it. I am totally new at this however I have had an account with Lbinary and 30day change for two weeks so I know a tad bit. I asked him if I would be able to get the money back if I changed my mind. He said certainly. He did not explain the bonus restrictions. I did not learn about that until the next day! Not only that, I ended up back at the webinar page and discovered that it is a Recording!! Repeating over and over again!! When trying to talk to someone at UK options it says “staff not available” When trying to call the broker, no answer.
    The following day another broker from the same company called and asked If I was going to trade. He told me I needed more money $1000 to be exact. Now this is the same company! In spite of the restrictions I put in $250 and requested a withdrawal in my account. The next day I saw it had been put back in my account.
    Stay Away !! It is a Scam. Not sure how I got my money back but It could have gone the other way very easily!!

  34. Tim H says:

    Hi Rhonda, sorry to hear that you became a victim of this scam. Now they have enough money (from scam) to changed their website and look more “professional” to scam more money out of unaware traders. Hope you can get your money back in the near future. I did post about scam a few posts above, if only you read it, it would’d save you a lota headache. It will be nice that you post your result of getting back your money, so I will try that also, thanks in advance.

  35. mark says:

    hi has anybody got there money back from optimarkets,com
    they are back trading with new web site, but have all ips blocked from traders they scammed

  36. Jim says:

    New Year Millionaire is a scam. They claim to be an auto trader but once you sign up it doesn’t work. There is no support and the email they provide for support does not work. Further more, they have that offers you to turn auto trading on and of and in here you can manually pick options to trade manually. If you click on the get signal button for EUR/USD for example, it takes 30 seconds to come up with a signal, so you think wow, it’s really analyzing currency pair. Then your signal pops up with say a call trigger. So you place the trade. However, if you click on the get signal button again you may get a put signal for the same expiration at the same rate. I better off closing my eyes and clicking or better yet letting my toddler have some fun trading.

  37. John Bradbury says:

    Beware optionfm!!!!!!! Scammer

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi John, After many complaints we decided to blacklist Option.FM, you can find them on our blacklist. Based on research we found that they are not really located in Hong Kong… They have an offshore company in Hong Kong while they manage the scam operation out of Cyprus and Israel.

  38. Bond says:

    Dear sir,

    Thank you for a great job you are doing,i was about to loses money legalinsiderbot and insureprofit before i come across your site then you save me.God bless you and your team.

    Please which one out of your recommended software and signals work with

    Waiting for reply as soob as possible.

  39. ron says:

    Please check out “Verified Trader, I am being inundated with their offers.

  40. Sarah says:

    App 810 from insider john is a scam. I signed up for a two month trial and i lost all my trades after one day of trading. Among the traders that they recommend to sign up is even listed here as a scam. They even sent a message recommending to signup for verified trader. They dont have a phone number, customer support is non existant. Stay away.

  41. Graham says:

    ok Thanks appreciate your honesty

  42. bob lee says:

    Thank you for all the great help WatchDog. I went over every single one of your warnings and I think I am ready to trade now and trust me, no one is going to fool me. Your website is a great learning experience and I wish all traders will pass by here before they sign up with any broker or signals service. Keep exposing scams watchdog!!

  43. Jim says:

    Hello all. I have an idea that may help with the sting of being scammed. It’s a chargeback. I was scammed by Avenger Trader-Regal Options for $200. Since I used a credit card to fund the account, I contacted my bank and filed a chargeback. The bank credited my account the $200 that I was scammed. If you fund your accounts with a cc/debit card and you get scammed, I recommend you contact your bank and file a chargeback. It worked for me.

  44. Mike says:

    Please beware that is also another scam broker. When you wanted to withdraw your profit or close your account (to get your whole money back), they will find ways to deny your right. They will get angry with you. Emails, phone calls and live chats are all falling on their deaf ears. They will not expedite your request. Once you deposit your money with them, don’t ever dream to get back even if it is your profit, what more your own money that you deposited. Take note my friend. I experienced it.

  45. mark says:

    hi can you warn all traders, david hogan from hogan online trading and marketing, is big scam, i know ot 10 traders that never got there money back, never mind the so called great profit/ there in london. uk

    stay away

  46. Tacotime says:


    I have been dealing with One Two Trade. I have lost alot of money and would like to know if I can submit chargebacks at the Bank to retrieve my investment? One Two Trade had me sign by email the transactions withdrawn from my account. I desperately need help.

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi TacoTime, In the case with OneTwoTrade unfortunately your chances to succeed with a chargeback are slim. First because they are EU regulated and also due to the fact that you won’t find any negative reviews or other claims from people who’ve been scammed to back your demand for the money back such as if you were dealing with a real scam. If you really believe that OneTwoTrade treated you unfairly first you should contact them and inform them that you are thinking to file a credit card dispute, this will already get them to the negotiating table, inform them that you are unhappy with their service. If they fail to respond, contact the numbr of the back of your card and request to speak with the fraud department, then you can tell them about your experience, lack of response and so on and you might have a chance. We encourage traders to only file disputes if you are %100 confident that you’ve been scammed. Filing a false credit card dispute in the United States is illegal by the way, and it only takes a few false credit card disputes to get you in trouble with the law so never file a dispute unless you were indeed scammed. Good luck! WatchDog

  47. george kingston says:

    i also have reported banc54 to fraud police in uk as i have been scamed bye them in nov 13 but do not seem to be getting anywhere my bank refuse to take responsibility for the money taken out of my a/c that left me penniless at the time and of course i can not get it back from banc54.

  48. mark conroy says:

    scam warning,
    david hogan re hogan online trading and marketing london uk.
    he has scammed lots of trader, and is still doing it. is there any way we could track him tru his ip address

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Mark, Where can we find an email, article or a video by David Hogan? Can you forward it to us? We can track him down for you.

  49. Fausto says:

    Hello, You know what happened with signalfeeds I really like their signals. Regards

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Fausto, We temporarily removed them as they’re going through some changes and paused all activities. Next week they might start operating again and we will add them on the list of recommended binary options signals.

  50. Liam Warren says:

    Hi Guys

    I love this website, it is good to have a safe haven in a world of con.

    There is one thing that I would like to point out with these scammers, That is when you sign up with them you are never rid of them from your mailbox.

    Some of them offer a unsubscribe link that don;t link up that is at the bottom it says unsubscribe but it is just typed in and there is no way to unsubscribe and others that do offer that link they just come back via a different format.

    So it is best not to subscribe to these guys at all, I learnt that from a hard lesson and have to suffer the consequences.

    Good and safe trading to all


  51. Ikeh Unaegbunam says:

    Hello BO Watch Dog,

    I really can’t remember how I stumbled on watch dog! But believe me, ever since I did, I’ve been break-dancing that at last, i found someone like-minded as me!

    I had thought I was an endless victim of spammers; little did I know there are many others out there like me!You name it, Internet marketing, forex trading (running your stops etc) binary options and so on… I opened a trading account with a bo broker and somebody there traded my money to $0.00. Despite the numerous mails I sent requesting explanation, I did not get the courtesy of a single reply!! I’m still searching for the name as I had so many brokers. I’ll send you the name as soon as I find it! Maybe I created a bad filter for the rogue out of annoyance!!!

    I think it would be best to team up with other site owners like you including to bring these scoundrels to their knees! At a later stage, search enngines like google, yahoo and bing could be brought in to ensure that spam sites listed by your group are disallowed. I’m sure a lot of people will love to sign up with you to help realise this dream (… to come true ..)!!

    Keep up the good work

  52. Elizabeth Archer says:

    Has anyone had any experience with Algobit?
    Binary Options watchdog is a simply fantastic site….well done

  53. Dave says:

    Does anybody know anything about binary hijack by nick?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Dave, We already received many complaints on the new Binary Hijack, we plan to expose the software very soon.

  54. BUTCH DERKSEN says:

    Hi Watchdog – need your expertise on a new binary options software . . .
    ‘ROCK THE STOCK’. . .watch their video and it sounds like the rest but they did offer a 45 DAY FREE TRIAL. The basically are autotraders on STOCKS ONLY. NO CURRENCY PAIRS, ETC. ONLY TRADE ON STOCKS! Look forward to your research and let me know if the are SCAMMERS OR LEGIT.

  55. steve lunde says:

    Hey watchdog, we have a winner, the one and only ” THE AUSSI WAY ” by some guy by the name of Jake Pertu, guaranteeing thousands of dollars and much more in 30 days or he will pay you $10000.00, ya right, in your dreams. Smells like a big scam to me, could be wrong, but watching the vid made me laugh. Just thought you guys might want to check it out. Thanks again for everything you guys do,love your site,always outstanding info. Stev Lunde

  56. charles says:

    Is the Aussie legit or a scam?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Charles and Steve, the Aussie Method is a scam, we are getting some complaints but didn’t have time to expose it yet. We will write an article exposing the crooks by the end of the day.

  57. Chris Dosier says:

    I have received an email about a new broker called TradeThunder. Do you have any knowledge about this binary broker? Is it safe and legitimate?

    • WatchDog says:

      Unfortunately is not regulated and we are already starting to receive complaints. We don’t recommend doing business with new brokers, especially if they are not regulated.

  58. Gerry says:

    BINARY HEDGE FUND auto trader is a SCAM first 5 trades all lost not even close set at low risk.

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Gerry, Where did you hear about Binary Hedge Fund? We are wondering who is promoting this offer. This is the 2nd complaint now.

  59. Michael says:

    this one defently sounds like a scam 3m in 3 months on auto pilot home profits group …………
    toriiegroup trading signals location seychelles by citadele capitals trade them at graffiti options
    daily income
    they just keep coming and know one can keep up with reporting if there are scams better feed the dog he is going to be busy
    keep up the good work watch dog!!!!

  60. Brian Williams says:

    Stan from Binary Hijack from the above website emailed me the early hours of this morning.
    I have not responded as I believe this to be scam also.
    You guys do a great service in bringing these scammers to the attention of the growing number of people who want to become involved in Binary Option Trading.
    The scammers and need to be stopped from damaging this growing industry.
    Kindest regards

  61. thiru says:

    Hi just curious,is CASH CAMP by MICHAEL SOLOVSKY is a scam..


    • WatchDog says:

      We’re glad you asked Thiru, CashCamp is a scam and we’re about to upload a new warning within about an hour.

  62. Vick Tim says:

    Dear Sirs, in recent days I have been receiving the following
    trading options: 1)’Inner Trading Circle’ promoted by Prof.George S.
    2)21 Days To Riches 3)Home Profits Group 4) Automotive Profits. In the list the ‘Inner Trading Circle’ must be a scam as I am unable to trust
    Prof.George after my experience.The rest may also be scams. These,I would like to bring to your notice for evaluation. Please do it at your leisure.Thank you.

  63. Ruth says:

    I wondered is anyone has had any success with CASHCODE. The presenter Robert Allen tells a rally good story but his automated system that only bets on winning trades 100% of the time sounds a little far fetched to me.
    Plus Sarah Markel of Quickcash fame is recommending him. I am being bombarded with emails from them since I listened to his presentation. I couldn’t find any review on your site in Cashcode!

    Thanks for all the work you do. Ruthie

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Ruth, CashCode looks like most of the scams we expose but we didn’t receive any complaints yet. The email solicitation is commonly used to advertise scams and if it’s too good to be true, avoid investing your money with this website.

  64. Elizabeth Archer says:

    Just want to say what an amazingly fantastic service you offer. Keep up the good work and ENORMOUS thanks

  65. Gary says:

    Thanks for the good insight to what seems to be a lot of people trying to take advantage of a cool industry.

  66. steve says:

    Any one heard of Inner Trading Circle, they are filling my inbox.
    Thanks, keep up the good work. STEVE

  67. Ginny says:

    Hi Steve, can you please check this one out, just got this in my inbox…

    You are doing a massive job, Thank you…so grateful to you..


  68. Stig says:

    Hi, can i publish your scams on my facebookwebsite?

  69. Stig says:

    Thx,will do 🙂

  70. Sammy says:

    Is jmbprofitmachine scam or not?

  71. Jack says:

    I fell for the stick idiot with what s so called binary boom, 1st of all they filled my computer with cookies and seems to be a virus, can not contact them, u dont see signals so you dont get to choose up or down, and lost the majority of the bids… it is nothing but scam and rip off.

    I hope people read this before falling in the same trap.


  72. Bdog says:

    Im writing this to warn everyone to stay away from BinaryInternational. They are a scam and will take your money. They hide behind their “Superior Customer Service” while manipulating trade entries and expiries… I have documented trades through screen shots and video. The only advise i can give if you decide to trade with them.. Dont take the bonus and most importantly clear your cache before you trade everytime.

  73. Frank says:

    I want to thank you all and especially Watchdog for this site and his work. I too had placed $500 USD in Binary International., way before I found this site. But I was sketical as a lost other deposits with other scams in Binary options.

    My story, Recently I was able to have Binary International remove their $500 bonus from my account, Then I asked for my iitial $500 deposit. I needed to play around with them and I was finally able to convince them to return my money.

    But they stilled played with me and needed to go back and forth almost a month. They still got me a little bit. I am Canadian and placed my money in USD. So there is a cost of exchange. Binary International was original supposed to send the money back to my credit card (origen of my deposit), then they provided excuses that they couldn’t. Then the only way was a wire transfer, even that they found a way to no send wire, because they found a way to keep some of my money, since when does a legit company send moey through Western Union?

    SO the deal is when money is sent to any country with Western Union, you get your money in your currency, SO I finally got my money, but $500 canadian, which now is a 30% loss, as the currecy from USD to CAD is 30%. But I have to still thank that I got most of the cash back.

    Thanks for finding this site.
    Frank S.

    P.S> keep up the good work guys……..

  74. Brian Mitcham says:

    Quite simply I’ve lost £10,000 with them. After I was persuaded to increase my Investment, I realised my mistake and took measures to remove my money . I was told it would take 5 days to do this and after this period tried again. Yet again every effort was used to not take my money out. I’m not very quick with this keyboard and my daughter took the phone from me.The Account Manager tried to get her to put the money on gold. She reminded him that we wanted to withdraw my funds and she initially thought that the next instruction was to start this process.What in fact happened was that she was being told to put the money into oil and this would give us a good bonus when we withdrew the £10000 . We had to an hour to wait and see the result, and you’ve guessed it-having exposed the total amount on 1 trade,all gone. Not a good experience-it was very obvious they didn’t want the funds withdrawn.Burnt fingers and learning the hard way-OptionFM not straight!

    • WatchDog says:

      We’ve noticed many complaints lately concerning OptionFM, we encourage you to dispute any transactions made via your credit card fraud department.

  75. Brian Mitcham says:

    Thank you for your comments re;Option FM. I have already cancelled my credit cards used and made a formal complaint to them. We have notified the Fraud Squad and any other body that regulates Financial Institutions. Being offshore-Reg office is in Belize and operates out of Hong Kong.

  76. rhonda says:

    hi do you know anything about 10k in 7 days vision binary or a guy called chip green

  77. Lindsey says:


    Can anyone tell me is searching profits is a scam?



  78. WatchDog says:

    Searching Profits is a scam, we’ve seen other websites expose it in details. As for 10K In 7 Days we recommend that you read our review, it’s most definitely a scam:

  79. francis says:

    hey, you know about investkingdom is this a scam?

  80. Dwight Evans says:

    WatchDog you saved my life, no other words to describe! I was going to signup with Protected Profits but then I saw your warning and read a few articles on your site, luckily I found the one on the Gold software and noticed all the feedback so I decided to give it a try. This is a genius software! An hour ago I sent you my performance in the last days, and you tell me if this is not genius but I know you will agree! God Bless You Forever! Dwight Evans #1 fan.

  81. Robert Lynch says:

    You are not so accurate Watchdog, the app was temporarily not available in the United States last week, I tried to register several times and they wouldn’t let me. They fixed it over the weekend. I am ready to generate some profits, first trade on Gold in the money! The app is self is very user-friendly, let’s hope it continues to yield some money.

  82. Kristian says:

    Watchdog!! Thank you so much for the amazing site! You saved me from this Protected Profits scam. I wanted to signup with Topoption but they are EU regulated and not available in the USA. Is there any alternative for me? I am looking for a low minimum deposit and possibly, a low minimum trade.

  83. Alex Bates says:

    Thank you so much for all the help WatchDog, you saved me a few times in the last 2 years as a trader! I owe you so much you have no idea!

  84. wilfred says:

    Am asking about is it a scam,thx.

  85. WatchDog says:

    We actually just posted a review on FastCash, we are getting some good feedback even though it does kind of look like a scam:

  86. Chin Lee says:

    Very good information WatchDog! Credibility is very important and I appreciate how you saved me from email scammers, there are so many and they don’t leave me alone! Spider Profit and “Magic Money Machine” spreading like a wild fire and I unsubscribed from them but they keep sending me emails!! I wish I never gave my email to any person online! Now I might change my email completely and only give it to friends and relatives!

  87. Sandie says:

    I am having some mixed feelings about this. I am working with Gold Digger and Mikes Auto Trader, but right now the performance is better with Mike’s software. Maybe it’s too early and I am jumping to conclusions, it’s been 2 days. I’ll try to take only Gold trades from now, maybe the performance will get better. As for the currencies I will stay with Mike and his team on Facebook. Sandie

  88. Abul Asim says:

    5kdailyprofitclub is this website legit or scam please advice and is there any oher website which is legit that i can work because i dont know how to trade

  89. Joseph says:

    Have you had the chance to review Binary Defender? They claim to have over 80% proven signals. Thanks

  90. Justin says:

    Don’t try it, they are a complete scam! They are behind a different service that scammed me. I know they are connected because I got emails from the same people with invitations.

  91. Stephen says:

    Hello Watchdog, please note we have a different scammer running a website called MT5 Robot

    They have stopped responding to my emails after scamming me.

    Am sending you all my correspondences to verify this.

  92. Brian says:

    Any comments about the following two auto traders:
    Binary Option Robot and

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Brian, Both websites which are owned by the same individual are promoted on many blogs. We noticed that they have an advertisers program and they pay websites to promote them a lot of money. Just to be fair, we didn’t receive any feedback related to the services as of yet but we might post a review soon and get an idea if members are happy with If you decide to give it a try, please keep us updated with the performance results.

  93. grace says:

    Please write a review about this new software Occupy Wall Street. I think its a scam.

  94. Tung Chijun says:

    Do you have any information on the Dow Jones group? I noticed many websites and forums are praising the software.

  95. Avoid the China Millionaire SCAM!! says:

    P.S. According to the video, in Chinese, this system is called: “tiāncái gupiào.” We tried to find what this means, and found nothing. So if any of you guys speak Chinese, we’d love to know if there’s any meaning to this phrase. Write a comment if you have any insights.

    answer “tiāncái gupiào.” = ( tian cai gu piao )this word not english is a chinese pinyin ,mianing is 天才股票, english is (Genius stock)

  96. Jef says:

    Anybody know what’s up with the brokerage TitanTrade?

    • WatchDog says:

      We posted a warning on TitanTrade, however we get mixed feedback so we never reached a final conclusion. Many traders claim that they process withdrawals and the support is great while others claim that their accounts have been blocked and the support is very limited. It could be that they are very strict, and we definitely know that there is something wrong with their support team.

  97. Elizabeth Archer says:

    I gather they are owned/operated by NRG Binary who I believe are no longer trading
    Hope this helps

    • WatchDog says:

      Indeed they are owned by NRG. Instead of taking any chances we recommend going with a reputable EU regulated broker, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

  98. Theresa H says:

    Hello Watch Dog
    I opened an account with Cedar Finance to the tune of $300.00, and have not been able use their site or get my money out. Now I am seeing it was a scam and I got taken advantage of, I was only trying to make a little extra money for my family and now I out $300.00. Could you please help.

    • WatchDog says:

      Dear Theresa, Unfortunately Cedar Finance is a real scam with more than a handful of complaints on and many credible sites. We will be more than happy to help you without anything in return. Please contact us via email and we will get back to you with some recommended ways to fight them back and retrieve your money. In many cases, w’re seeing traders able to get their money back, but it requires some pressure.

  99. Lee cheng chow says: is really powerful WatchDog! I don’t make less than $300-$400 every day now. I recommend this to all binary options traders.

  100. Okwaho says:

    I suggest to steer clear of 7figure club…I’ve tried 2 of their miracle auto trading systems and it’s pure BS…I’ve done better on my own 🙂 But bottom line is you better know the markets and everything there is to know about binary options before trading or else I suggest you visit a casino, there at least you’ll get the entertainment of bells and whistles. I’ve lost tens of thousands of dollars trading Binary options and faced more lies and deceptions….DO NOT BOTHER JOINING A BROKERAGE FIRM TRADING BINARY OPTIONS UNLESS YOU CAN AFFORD TO INVEST MINIMUM 50,000$…Then they might offer you some support or else you’re just a number and keep in mind that they do draw a profit from your losses…..

  101. David says:

    Any opinion on XTP App?

  102. Steve says:

    Have you heard of the”Samaritan System”.? Scam or Not???

  103. Paulo Jordan Bien says:

    Watchdog, Can you write an article with your top 3-5 auto trading solutions based on the comments, feedback and everything you gathered until now? I am debating between a few and want to narrow it down to 2 services I will join. I don’t mind if the services are semi or fully-automated as long as they work!

  104. halil ozcurumez says:

    I will appreciate if you can advise and recommend the best binary option signal provider.
    Thank you

  105. Neil says:

    Please investigate 500option. I think this is a scam site. I’m having a hard time withdrawing my money. They claimed that I made trades that I lost, but the truth is, I’ve never even logged in to to my account there.

    • WatchDog says:

      Before we can determine if it is a scam or not, we need some more details Neil. Was your account synced with an Auto Tader? Please email us with all the information you have and in the case we reach a conclusion that they scammed you, they will join others on our list of scams!

  106. Laurance says:

    I appreciate your help Watchdog. You saved me from the Coffee Cash Cheat! I also emailed you some information about how these guys operate after doing my own research.

    • WatchDog says:

      We got your email Laurance, it’s a clear cut case at this point. Thank you for the email and we are glad that you managed to find our review in time.

  107. Jim Cashatt says:

    I was looking at a site the other day and was wondering if you guys have reviewed it yet. It looks a little scammy to me, but I am not sure. the url is :

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Jim, We are not familiar with Preferred Binary Options but would love to get some feedback. How did you hear about this offer? From email marketers?

      • Jim Cashatt says:

        I learned about this site from a friend who has invested some money into it. I just want to make sure it is safe.

        • WatchDog says:

          Hi Jim, We will investigate this website for you, please check back by tomorrow. If we find evidence to indicate that it’s a scam, we will post a warning and add the website on our Blacklist Page.

  108. johnson says:

    i need ten great automatic trading software to invest in

    • WatchDog says:

      Why are you looking for 10 automated solutions? We can’t even count 10 that we trust to performance consistent performance. This would be a terrible strategy for you, given that you will need to register with so many brokers.. Check out our list of recommended services and at the most, pick 3 services. Don’t get tempted to try all services, hoping to shoot for the best one, which may be your goal. This is a big risk Johnson but this is up to you and your budget.

  109. Jezanna says:

    I lost $300 in millionaires blueprint systems within 2 days…scam!

  110. Jim says:

    I noticed that you have endorsed Auto Binary Signals, Cash Camp, and VIRTNEXT.
    Out of the three which would you recommend? Auto binary Signals charges 97.00 but has a 60 day money back guarantee. The other two are free but I am guessing you need to sign up and deposit with their broker. I am looking for one with a reliable broker and a high win rate.


  111. Nessa says:

    Hey there watchdog!

    So I got an email for Mockingbird Method and was wondering if you guys have heard of it before? Was wondering if it is a scam or not. Couldn’t find legit reviews online about it.

  112. Elizabeth Archer says:

    Does anyone know anything at all about ISEE BINARY.COM. Please could someone investigate. I’ve been with them for 6 months now and have achieved virtually nothing.

  113. Terese Erikson says:

    For traders in Sweden, which broker do you recommend Watchdog?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Terese, Since you are in Europe you can join any of the EU regulated brokers! is our best choice based on user feedback. Please refer to our Topoption Review on the top menu for more information.

  114. Steve says:

    Ever heard of the “Mockingbird Method”? I believe it to be some automated binary program.

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Steve, MockingBird Method is a scam and they are using actors for fake testimonials. We plan to expose them today. You can subscribe to our blog and get the latest articles directly sent to your email when posted.

  115. Steve says:

    Thanks for getting back to me on Mockingbird Method.

  116. thiru says:

    Hi is DOLLARS ALL DAY legit?

  117. Shane says:

    Just got an email from passive profits out of Boston. Do you know anything about this company?

    • WatchDog says:

      Passive Profits looks like a scam to us, we will investigate it and post a review by tomorrow as many traders are getting email promotions now.

  118. Martin (Marty) Truman says:

    Has anyone had any luck with Doubler App. Did they pay $10K if your invest didn’t get doubled in 7 day.


  119. nafisatu akinola says:

    i would like to know if passive profits is a scam or legitimate software for trading .

    • WatchDog says:

      We received several complaints in reference to Passive Profits, and a review is coming up but we also noticed that Passive Profits was already exposed on a few other sites, including on YouTube. All other reviews are promotional, they are using many actors and spamming YouTube.

  120. DENIS O REGAN says:

    I want to warn all Watchdog readers DO NOT trade with IMPERIAL OPTIONS this in my opinion is a total scam company.I have tried to get my money back from them and they dont answer my e mails or telephone calls There trading platform has been set up in such a way that there is no way to withdraw your money.

  121. nafisatu akinola says:

    i would lie to find out if the aussie method is legitimate and also if the professional binary robot is also legitimate,

  122. mickyb999 says:

    anyone with THE INSIDER’S CIRCLE if so let us all know how you are doing

  123. Colin says:

    I tried The Insider’s Circle , deposited 250 , auto trades kept going until my account dropped to 23 GBP/ Eur ( didn’t work for me )

  124. ben says:

    I am receiving emails from “fast cash biz” is it a scam plz help me watch dog

  125. Aamer Iqbal says:

    Is greginsidermethodsystem a scam?

  126. Sammy says:

    What do you think about profitsnow

  127. Brian Mcmahon says:

    Do a review of Goptions.
    I find that they are a scam, they have stolen the last two of my withdrawals, they are scum
    You can never get them on the phone and they never reply to emails either

    • WatchDog says:

      We blacklisted Goptions, they are not a broker we recommend trading with. They started off well, up until they started working with fraud signals services.

  128. Shane says:

    Is Profit Maximizer legitimate??

  129. Jim Cashatt says:

    Watch dog I am looking at a site called aussiemethod. It looks alittle scammy to me do you have any info on this site?

  130. Clyde Parker says:

    is it possible to get rid of a bot

  131. Richard says:

    Please comment on are they a scam or not and can you recommend a site that is legit and successfully operating.

    Thank you

  132. clyde parker says:

    saras confession obtain m email without my permission and set up acct

  133. Jeremy says:

    Hey Watchdog,
    What say you about Gods Treasure?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Jeremy, IS Gods Treasure a binary options offer? It looks completely different.. something about the bible, looks kind of strange.

  134. DocWhite says:

    Watch Dog Team,
    I really want to thank you for showing all the Good and Bad stuff floating around the internet. I really like Trade Thunder, they work very good and are fast. Also I was almost BS’ed into trying Profit Magnet but after checking your opinion of them I didn’t waste time with them. All I can say is Thanks very much and keep up the good work. Have a very Happy and Blessed day and week.

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Docwhite, We just answered your question on the other post. We really appreciate your feedback! God Bless You and have a great weekend!

  135. Jim Cashatt says:

    Hey guys! Can you check out MATS that is Marlive Automated Trading system I do not have enough monetary resources to do it myself for my website. It looks legit but I dont really know if it is or not thanks.

  136. Stu says:

    Watch Dog…..Love your site !!!
    Will Top Option and Any Option take an account from the USA. If no, who is the best bet to do so for Binary accounts?

  137. Jack Mokoena says:

    There is this guy called Leon from BinarySignals who calls me every night asking me to invest with one of their trusted brokers, one of them is GOptions. This Leon says I must also register with them to get binary signals. Are these guys genuine

    • WatchDog says:

      Goptions is a scam, they were exposed on many sites. Do you mean “Signals Binary”? What is the URL for the service that is working with GOptions?

  138. dj says:

    Hi, I was wondering if you seen of this one

  139. Butch Derksen says:

    Hey Watchdog. . .I have with TRADETHUNDER for the past two months and they are GREAT! They have allowed me to log in to their FREE DEMO and they are super helpful. I will definitely be funding a REAL LIVE ACCOUNT as soon as I feel confident that my binary option strategy is PROFITABLE

  140. grfx_xtreme (@IvanjeddRasco) says:

    hello watchdog,

    just want to ask if marlive dot com automated forex trading is not a scam.

    Thanks in advance.

  141. leboulch says:

    Hi ,
    What is your opinion of PROFIT MAGNET by Aron Martin?

  142. Richard Stettner says:

    I don’t know why I did’t wait for further reports on the before I invested $250 USD. The is a SCAM. it is another scam sight run by Robert Allan and his CASHCODE scam sight. they are the same scammer. I have now lost $500 USD with this bastard! One of the brokers he uses for this newer scam is OptionRally. Stay as far away from these bastard Scammers as you can. I have now been burnt 3 times and finally had enough on this binary scam shit.

  143. Jeremy says:

    Sorry to hear about your misfortune Richard. actually started of well, before going downhill. But take heart. Your losses are not in the 1000s plus, like some other less fortunate folks. May the New Year bring you and everyone on this forum a better investment experience, Happiness and Prosperity!

  144. Jerry Smith says:

    Have you ever heard of Guaranteed Payouts system?

  145. Clyde Parker says:

    hey roys scamwatchdog is now binary options watchdog my point who you say is a scam hes recomending them help me out here

    • WatchDog says:

      Roy has his own thing going on and we’re not after blogs. Take into consideration that some of his warnings are on point, we may not agree on everything he promotes and didn’t try most of it but we can’t help you against other blogs in this industry Clyde, we’re really sorry. If you have a complaint against a broker = the company that charged you money, we can help you against the actual source of the problem.

    • WatchDog says:

      The “Advertiser” aka supported of any broker or service bares no responsibility, do not waste your time going against any entity that may front the company you are alleging to be at fault or associated with bad business practices. Remember that the entity that’s responsible for taking your CC info is the one your credit card company and CYSEC authorities will be able to assist you with directly and resolve any injustices done to you.

  146. Nekdil says:

    Hey! Watchdog…..can you please give your valuable advise regarding the service named Auto Binary Signals……is it still good or I should avoid it? Actually I am looking for a signal service which is having only one time fees…..


  147. Larry Barriner says:

    Can’t get my money back from Cedar Finance. It is fraud. Don’t fund Cedar Finance. You will never see your money back. The money only goes in, and never goes out. I lost $300+. I tried over and over to contact support and telephone them. No replies and no answers. What do you suggest?


    • WatchDog says:

      Larry, We exposed the crooks a while back and they are still in operation. You should do two things 1) File a credit card dispute with the fraud department on your Credit Card. 2) File a formal complaint with CYSEC. Right now those are the only available options but we see many cases of traders winning back their funds.

  148. Gabriel Filoteo Delfin says:

    Do have a review on signalsbinary if they a good signal provider? Hope you can give me a review about this website services. Thank you very much

  149. Diane says:

    Hey Watch Dog, wish I would have found this site before I “gave” money to the Aussie Method recently!!what a bunch of sneaky snakes!! And… I feel like a fool.

  150. Jim Cashatt says:

    Hey Watchdog do You have a review on Fast Cash Bot?

  151. Jim Cashatt says:

  152. Terence Masencamp says:

    I believe being offered the (Via my inbox) following opportunities, I was misled to believe the success shown in the videos and swallowed the bate.

    1) Guaranteed Payouts I Funded the recommended Thank you Binary Options Watch Dog!
    Broker “Porter Finance” in order to activate the System,

    next – price per Trade,
    next – Save.
    Trade – Two trades were take – both out the money, I believed and let the
    trades continue.
    In no time my $250 USD investment was ZERO and I was forgotten.

    2) Wealth generator X I Funded the recommended
    Broker “” in order to activate the System,
    next – selected Trade range,
    next – price per Trade,
    next – Save.
    Trade – Two trades were taken, 1 loss & 1 win I thought not bad. I let the auto system continue trading, soon the losses out numbered the wins.
    Thus reducing my $200 to almost zero, my Broker account Manager spoke me into investing another $200. I invested and let the system work for me, more wining trade but at the end of the day my balance was at ZERO.

    The bottom line as I see it –
    The person sending me the email makes commission by me “clicking and from the merchant for leading me to there site and registering for the system”
    The Broker makes commission on my losses.

    Thank you Binary Options Watch Dog!
    If there is a possibility of my investment being refunded with you help please contact me Via email

    Kind regards,
    Terence Masencamp.
    Terence J. Masencamp

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Terence, It’s very unfortunate to see that you’ve been scammed more than once. We will be in touch with you but first please email us all the information you have. No need for any sensitive info but everything you have can help us evaluate how you should approach this situation best.

  153. gerry says:

    Thank you Watch Dog for the scams being taken out, your site is awesome. I joined up with AAOption before I found your site…however I cant get a positive response now I have been there for over a week and my account has made a staggering amount of $20. yep twenty dollars on automatic pilot won 10 and lost 9. is this normal..yeh right…WOW. I may just cancel out and move on to another platform. I like your article on Gerrald Reed Centium Ltd and have signed up.. I Trust your very high standards on investigation and in particular the notifications you give as a priod learned authority. I will keep you posted.

    Love and light to you all.

  154. Jim Cashatt says:

    Hello Watchdog colleagues, I have another site that needs looked into as a friend of mine may have gotten scammed out of 10k here it is: eliteoptionsco

  155. Stella says:

    Hello all, Beware of Global millionaires, claiming to accept anyone worldwide.They are using the broker ‘BinaryBook’.It’s been a week since i deposited $250, the only trade that happened same day, $25, was a loss.Then their contacts never go through.

  156. Diane E says:

    Hi Watchdog, thank you for your awesome site- makes choice a little easier!! Are you able to advise how I may attempt to get my money back from the Aussie Method? If I lodge a dispute with my credit card company do I give them the Aussie Method name it the broker associated with this? If I have provided my ID etc does that mean I don’t have a case?
    Thank you- keep up the fantastic work!!!!
    Oh, have you heard of Big Option as a broker?
    Cheers Diane

  157. Wayne C says:

    I was defrauded of almost $103,500.00 USD by OneTwoTrade out of Up & Down Marketing Limited, Registered office: Abacus, Suite 2, Psaila Streets, St Venera, SVR 9017, Malta, Registered Number C50369. Blaynertinalentyaw19765814aEl2p. This was done with an account Manager who you worked with online and over the phone simultaneously through very clever psychology. They let your account build and then wipe you out completely very quickly – I mean in minutes via their “Expert Brokers with up to 40 years’ experience” . They give you so much confidence initially and by duress keep you depositing to lift your “Account Rating” to maximise return “to the next level”. They make their money in the end through losses. After the last session where in 1 hour building it up to over $103,000.00 USD, suddenly their “leading trading expert” (3rd I had being scaled up due to account size and level) led me through a “strategy” they called a “FLIP”, being control of a market asset with a run of small losses which then turns the runs to bigger wins all through their so-called “Formulated Algorithms” they use to perform this. Well once he took me down he then said, “Oh dear, I have never had this happen in all my years of professional trading, I will have to talk to management about a “recovery strategy”. Well that was the last I heard from them even after a multitude of contact attempts and my rage when he did it. I was attempting to increase my assets as my wife is dying of terminal cancer and I wanted to use this for her benefit in her last months. They are merciless, unethical, no conscience sharks. How can they live with themselves with such dishonesty over 8 months I was with them building profits slowly but surely and using risk management methodology? They set me up unbelievably. Too wise too late. And I have been trading successfully for 15 years so I felt so foolish but now understand their tactics. There are many Blogs I have found now that are more recent and and damming than my original research on them giving them a great wrap which reflect similar stories, and others are asking to join in a group or class action against them. I have an audit trail of the transactions doing screen grabs as I traded so it shows the patterns they adopt to take you down slowly with the coup de gras at the last minute. Anyone else out there used this Trader? I am going for their jugular. Can anyone assist or join me? I spent a lot of time asking questions over the period and only trading when they performed well. If we had a bad session I demanded better or I would quit. I was in it for the long term I assured them to grow a relationship so what could they gain then by keeping me baited for so long and then drop me like a hot coal? This is their strategy.

    • WatchDog says:

      Wayne, This is a very serious matter. Please make sure to email us with all the details. It’s important for us to know everything possible regarding the conduct of a any fraud broker in the binary options industry.

  158. hojo15 says:

    Wondering about an email I received from Phoenix Trading Program. Have not seen a negative review but there are not many out there yet. Thanks

  159. Jim Cashatt says:

    Hey Watchdog!! Just a word of warning to all. MATS has turned into a scam. they have stopped paying members.

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Jim, We are going to blacklist them soon enough we should’ve done it earlier when you first told us about them but unfortunately we didn’t know much back then, right now we already have 5 confirmed complaints concerning withdrawals!! It’s enough to evaluate their credibility.

  160. naeema says:

    hi, please help me check about

    • WatchDog says:

      Naeema, Traffic Monsoon is not binary options related, we never received any feedback on this website but we recommend that just like with BO and Forex you do a lot of research before you invest or pay a single dollar or even a cent.

  161. Jim Cashatt says:

    Marlive website has shut down.

  162. Mark Imbesi says:

    Is Centument a real and legitimate platform?

  163. Adex says:

    Stock pair is full of shits and empty promises…I will suggest a better option instead of wasting hard earned money with stock pair platform

  164. Butch Derksen says:

    Just watched Robert Allen give his take on his THE CASH CODE. Sounds like the rest of the B.S. out there – is it another SCAM or LEGITIMATE?
    Thanks for your comment.

  165. Christolien Olivier says:

    Can you tell me anything about Legacy Club and partner with Millionaire O ‘Doherty.

  166. mickyb999 says:

    Hi Did anyone hear of the Push Money App it is doing the email rounds just now,
    So if you know anything please let us know, : )

  167. James Robinson says:

    I would like to know if you have any information on Their ad said I would lose no money because their system would put in an offsetting trade to a losing one so I would just break even.

  168. admino says:

    Thanks very much

  169. bob Hammett says:

    Signed up with social trader through Binaring Broker from the site and Trade Fusion both of which were top recommendations at Roy’s binary watchdog last week. It now appears both were a scam. Have Filed a complaint with the credit card company to get my money bcd from Binaring. After placing my money with Citrades never been able to contact them will be requesting my money back from them. Tried Trade Fusion for 20 some hours and got 21 wins and 20 losses

  170. Didier says:

    I would like to know if I can use Topoption broker with Copy Buffet software. Thank’s for your answer.

  171. irfanidrees says:

    thanx dog u help me alot i was just near the trap but u save me from bloody beasts hunters

  172. Ricky says:

    Is the tradefusion app a scam?

  173. Craig says:

    Stay away from TITAN TRADE guys, started with $250 as stated that was the min, they made the first trade which i won, next night the pressure was on to invest more, got another $2500 off me, than said to take the bonus and they would match what i put in, which i did, then i received one call a week telling me what trades to take and guiding me through the process, my account went to $13000, then more calls telling me to invest more, telling me to increase my credit card limit or get a personal loan, when i told them i couldn’t i was yelled at and told they had invested to much money in me as they had to pay the adviser and i needed to invest more, i told them i’d see what i could do, over the next few nights i received more calls asking how i went with the loans, I advised no good, he went off at me again saying he has increased my account from $2750 to $13000 and i needed to put more money in. I’d had enough of his pressure and abuse. I applied for a withdrawal after hanging up, the next night he called back saying he had to place more trades to allow me to withdrawal because of the bonus he gave me, stupid me said ok thinking this was the only way i’d get my money back. He Matthew Davis of titan trade took the lot. not a cent left in my account.

  174. Sammy says:

    Is anyone know anything about this company


  175. Nick says:

    STAY AWAY FROM TRADE FUSION!!! They’ll drain your account in a few hours!!

  176. Charles says:

    I just wanted to warn everyone about The Amissio Formula, they killed my trading balance. warn your subscribers Watchdog!

  177. obazee nosakhare says:

    Please can you tell me if this 1kdailyprofit is real or is a scam. I would like to hear from you soon. Thanks you what you stands for.

  178. xpresstore says:

    Hi.. What about binary option robot?? I google it and some say its good some say scam.. Im confused which is true?? Anyone can suggest??

  179. Bastian Seine says:

    You know ‘the golden praradigm’??

    Is it o.k. to earn money, or is it a fake?

    • WatchDog says:

      We plan to expose the scam today, we got several complaints and found some suspicious information on the pitch page that we would love to address. Stay tuned for the review, it’s coming up today as this service is going viral now.

  180. rbenkis says:

    Hi Watchdog ,
    You guys are doing a great job , but I do realize you have your work cut out to be aware of all the slicked tongue conning individuals out there in binary options land !
    I myself have had a few unfortunate dealings with these scum ,where I have parted with some of my hard earned dollars .
    Of course , the plan is to get you to part with anything up to 10k so they can weave their magic and line their pockets , but I held back from that mistake !
    The latest poor result is from bmbinary options , where the first contact promises you with fantastic results , gets your payment details , then promptly arranges you with a account manager to help you learn and play the markets with guesswork . Red or Black really !
    Well , like everyone gets told , the money deposited is YOURS and you can request a withdrawal anytime .
    Well I have made a withdrawal request , and so far been ignored !
    We used to hang horse thieves !!

  181. Dave Dean says:

    Has anyone heard of my first online payday?

  182. Willi Knein says:

    I am Willi from Germany.- YOU ARE GREAT, Dear Sirs!!! In the past Your comments are very helpfully for me!!! –

  183. steve says:

    I have been dubbed, as my first online payday system is now the second company that had come across my way and i found out that they are big scammers. The first company was a binary option subsidiary known as Plustock. they asked me to make a payment of about $250 and equivalent of about 50,000:00 Nigerian currency which i did the payment through my bank account of Ecobank aroung November 2015. Immediately the payment was received, i got an acknowledgement from Algor and a text message through my phone from the Broker wishing me a pleasant night, not knowing that was a good bye text. I never heard from them the company, from the said broker nor the company representative as Mr. Sam who convince me into paying for the registration till date. The second is now the payday system i had earlier mentioned. i registered and was given $50 as stated to play the game with the promise of free to withdraw what so ever i made immediately but after completion of registration, i played the game as directed, i was able to make $280 within 20 minutes but before i could say jack Robinson, the system started misbehaving and was later denied access to the system without sending to me any login details apart from the email address i initially used for the registration. i tried to log in but it was not possible. There fore, is there any help you can render base on my complaint and for others too not be become victims like me so easily.
    Thank you.
    Stephen dung

  184. chinyere says:

    how do i get my money back from a scammer broker

  185. Douglas Noe says:

    Hello am Doug Noe I was doing training with investingci and they scammed me because they said they refund my money of 1548,00 and it didn’t go through its been December 2015 them people are crooks and they locked my account. The company is investingci.

  186. Mary Laloli says:

    These people are terrible – I got locked out of Lbinary as well and they will not talk to me – they owe me many thousands!!!!!!

  187. Jerry Smith says:

    Is there even one automated system out there that is worth investing in? Thank you.

  188. Murray says:

    I want to alert you to the shady activity going on at Trend Xpert, formerly XE Trader.
    They are running a scam where you must pay a hefty membership ($1500 USD) to attend “seminars” hosted by their “expert” Ben Newman. He then makes trades, currency pairs only, based on “events” happening in the financial world, and explains why these trades should win. The problem is, the trades almost always lose!
    I followed their suggestions for 6 weeks in October-November 2015, and lost over 4K. Their terrible performance was blamed on volatile markets, and I was assured sticking to the program would reap benefits long term. I came back on board in February, and the results were even worse! At one point the W/L record was an appalling 7-33 over a 2 week period, and they have not had a profitable week in two months. I lost another 4K before I quit. Perhaps fading them is the way to go.
    They have the audacity to send out mass emails claiming they are making big profits.
    in order to drum up business for this scam. What a lie! BTW, I asked them for a refund, and of course they refused, they won’t even stand by their product, although this is not surprising.They have a YouTube channel where they broadcast their rare profitable seminars, but of course the overwhelming majority of seminars, which are losers, are not uploaded.
    I strongly advise everyone and anyone NOT TO GET INVOLVED with this scam, you will lose a lot of $$.
    If you hear anything about Trend Xpert, XE Trader, Ben Newman, or Keith Wareing…RUN RUN FAR AWAY FAST!!!!

  189. Manuel says:

    Very grateful from your posts to raise awareness. I have just sign up with after being re-directed from virtnext, but I have the feeling that something is not right with them.

    Is this OMEGAOPTIONS another scam?

  190. Anne Wanger says:

    Has anybody tried or heard of Drexel Code?? Are they legit?

  191. Larry says:

    Thank you so much for the warning against Final Algo, I was a few minutes from signing up after speaking with one of their agents on the phone. Crooks!

  192. Louis Soto says:

    Have you heard of the Drexel

  193. Christine Wareing says:

    I have looked at the website of safe income and read the reviews what is the minimum deposit?.

  194. william k. lowry says:

    dow jones focus group was a total loser for me. avoid.

  195. Linda says:

    Is Dow Jones Focus Group a scam? You have posted several different opinions on The Dow Jones Focus Group IS IT A SCAM OR NOT? Thanks

  196. Sverre Mortveit says:

    I totally agree with Watchdog and also thank you for exposing this Lie Detector, my wife says I am dumb, well she is right. I was going to register with this crap until I saw your review!

    Thank you for this Watchdog!!! You the best!!!!

  197. Graeme S says:

    Hey Watchdog, Lie detector millionaire app says never lost a trade. It has lost 9 out of 14 trades and not just missing by a fraction eg:Call $25 154.967 expire 154.523 (screen dump available) tried to get answers from support without any luck and goodbye $250.00 USD.

  198. H alsharveef says:

    Unfortunately I registered with Dream Profit and complete
    all required information and deposit $250 after sometimes I could not see my money in my account only $25 I don’t know why they keeping this and where other money went maybe to deludes me or to encourage me again to deposit more
    I tried to contact them by different way but was no respond at all
    I don’t know what to do, in same time I’ll advice any one want to trade be sure not to do as I did and avoid dealing with this scam firm
    I hope this help other to chose


    Watch Dog . . . what do you know about Oliver Breitner’s INSURED OUTCOME. It sounds TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! I am guessing its a SCAM?

    • WatchDog says:

      Insured Outcome is a really silly scam, it has all the elements of the typical fraud and we may skip it. It’s too obvious and not worth reviewing but we appreciate that you brought it to our attention. We already noticed some negative reviews associated with Insured Outcome so we have no doubt that it’s we’re not dealing with a real software.

  200. Richard Hopper says:

    I am in need of Help’ I have been investing in Cash Code CEO Robert Allan and also Fast Cash Biz David Graham and Madison Clark for about two years now’ I have been receiving email message for about the same time of informing me of my profit’s and commission deposit’s within my accounts at said platform’s for which I have copy’s of. Now that I have reached over $1.3 Million Dollars in my accounts I requested to withdraw enough to buy my family our retirement home. But now they are Blocking me from having access to my money and keep just sending me to other platform’s to join and pay more money to their broker fee’s. Its even gotten to that the CEO’S are not responding to my email’s not even my Broker for which I beleave is David Graham because they will not even give me their name. I have invested everything I have and now they are doing this to me’ WHAT CAN I DO TO GET MY MONEY FROM MY ACCOUNT’S ?

  201. fran says:

    Hi team. I got an email on
    Any idea? Thanks

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Fran, Please search for “Live In 5 Scam” on Google, we found several reviews leading us to believe that it’s a scam. Please stay away, we might post a warning if we see that it goes viral and traders start reporting losses.

  202. Norman Peter Hibbert says:

    Recently I posted a comment regarding Drexel code shutting down it;s primary(?) site
    and offering an additional “upgrade” of BINARY INTERCEPTOR .A special FREE deal from a friend of “Corey Drexel”. Now he is signing people up for free (and without their knowledge or consent) to ALIVE IN FIVE. See below but do not identify me.
    regards, Peter.

    New Account Activation Completed

    Dear Norman Peter Hibbert,
    Your account activation at Alive in Five is complete.
    However, you still need to verify your email for communication and also set your payment details so that they know where to send your payments.
    90% of you verified your email on the video page. However, some of you did not.
    Make sure you do it tonight before midnight. If not, they will have to give away your spot.
    Please Click Here to Do So Right Now
    Also, I’ve negotiated a special bonus just for Drexel Code Members. Robert will double your deposits up to $1,000. That means up to an extra $1,000 available to you. But this is an early bird bonus that’s available to the first 50 people who confirm and set their payment details. So don’t delay this.
    See you inside!
    Cory and the Drexel Code Team

  203. Kate says:

    Has “The Maple Method” been vetted?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Kate, Can you please provide us with the URL to the site? We want to look into it immediately.

  204. James says:

    Hi WatchDog,
    I was thinking to give this a try dailyincomesociety
    As is started to search about some reviews here, i was not able to find anything good or bad about these guys.
    Do you have any informations about the daily income society? or maybe any other member here?

    Thanks for the support and kind regards.

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi James, we actually found many inconsistencies in the narrative and website in general, we will post a review on this one later today. For now, we recommend that you avoid Daily Income Society.

  205. James says:

    Thanks for your reply, i will wait, till there are more informations about this daily income society.


  206. Norman Peter Hibbert says:

    DAILY INCOME SOCIETY .a classic scam. Use a “filter” eg. If it looks too good to be true–It is too good to be true!

  207. Anthony Hill says:

    thank you Watchdog for your continuous support in putting scammers away because of you i have been able to stay clear of scams.

  208. M Hultberg says:


    Is GPS Trader App by Richard Heffner a scam?

  209. suraj pandey says:

    how is john anthony signal service?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Suraj, we’re seeking some conflicting reviews associated with John Anthony’s Signals so you should look into the positive and the negative ones and reach a conclusion based on the general consensus.

  210. Keith says:

    Has anyone heard of Ice9Technology? its a new binary options from silicon valley.
    Could it be another scam?

    • WatchDog says:

      Ice 9 Technology is definitely a scam and we plan to expose it today in a review. Please stay away from it.

  211. robert sellers says:

    Have you tested the ice9 software yourself?

  212. Norman Peter Hibbert says:

    I have not tested the Ice 9 software . I reported it to you because ,1 It sounded to good to be true,and 2 It came from an address that has previously sent me scam offers. I am still wary as I have very little money and I’ve been bitten 3 times already.
    Unless you give it the ALL CLEAR I will keep my money in my wallet.
    regards, Peter.

  213. Keith says:

    Thank You, Watch Dog for this reply, Chalk another one up for scam site’s, it’s sad that there are so many bad guy’s out there when people are just trying to earn some money to better their lives.. Thank you again for your diligence in keeping us informed.

  214. WatchDog says:

    Hi Laoise, We understand your concern especially if you’ve been following our warnings. We posted over 300 warnings associated with day-trading scams and misleading offers. We also posted several reviews on NEO2, here is a link to the first one:

  215. Sarah Mohammed says:

    Unfortunately i have fallen prey to the perpetual formula scam. I made a deposit and never got access. I feel silly for falling for this scam. I contacted my bank and cancelled my credit card immediately when i realized what had happened. Is there any hope to recover my deposit? Your site has been very helpful on conforming scams.

  216. Frank Seibert says:

    millionair club is a scam, I have the evidence.

  217. Robin Robert says:

    Just got a spam mail. The azure method. Sounds new. Beware.

  218. Robin Robert says:

    Ok… Get this. David Parker who was promoting perpetual formula is now doing profit formula and Corey Drexel is associated with perpetual formula. WTF???

  219. Pam Stiles says:

    Thank you for your good information and I posted a complaint too with BBB-as no complaints why?

    • WatchDog says:

      Pam, We understand your anger in reference to Push Money App. We noticed your other comment under the Push Money App Warning we posted. The problem with the Better Business Bureau is that first they are crooks and charge money in exchange for a better reputation.. You need to pay to become an accredited business last time we checked, but another thing to consider it that PMA is in the category of online fraud. The BBB, as much as we don’t think that they reflect true objectivity, don’t even deal with these types of money-making schemes and don’t have the tools to help you against them.

  220. Norman Peter Hibbert says:

    Heard of the AZURE METHOD ? Another “NO LOSS” SCAM.Currently being pushed by none other than “COREY DREXEL” ! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!


  221. Gordon says:

    Please let me know if the Binary options robot is a scam or legit
    Thanks Gordon

  222. Cass says:

    I urge you to review “Playboy money machine”

  223. Jon says:

    how about markettradingglobal
    is this another harry omeros scam?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Jon, Looks like this Harry Omeros is a big crook. This one in particular doesn’t fit his pattern of work.

  224. Pauline Hilwerda says:

    I think I have just been scammed by CFD1000. My account says that I have over $20,000 in it after my investment of $8640USD in total and I received a call from my broker this morning saying that my account is negative $19,000 and that if I do not invest another $5,000 immediately all of the money I invested will be lost. Also this company tried to use my credit cards without my knowledge. I need some help fast to see if I can get my investment back and close this account.

  225. John McLellan says:

    I find it extremely difficult to understand why people (who obviously read your posts) continuously invest money with SCAM ARTISTS when you have repeatedly endorsed those few systems which actually are LEGITIMATE and WORK…..
    Then these dills when they get bitten come back wailing and complaining they’ve been scammed and have lost this or that amount….and ask for your help
    You have extreme patience gentlemen….extreme patience
    On a personal note…I would like to thank WATCHDOG for the untiring efforts and excellent advice you give to your followers
    You guys do all the hard work of investigating and sorting through the myriad of traps and thieves out there to give guidance and direction to investors only to have it ignored…in many cases it would seem
    Once again WATCHDOG TEAM you have endless patience…I take my hat off to you all….and on behalf of those who do listen and heed, I say thankyou
    To the idiots who will not listen…..good enough for you…put up and shut-up.!!!

    • WatchDog says:

      We can’t understand human psychology because it gets really weird John. We received tens of thousands of complaints, often by people who registered with multiple scams.. promoted by unknown email spammers. We don’t know why these people let their curiosity take over common sense, but money is powerful and people are so blind, they have wishful thoughts and they ignore all the warning signs until they burnout completely. Some are possibly addicted to finding opportunities and not careful and diligent when it comes to research and it’s really unfortunate. We appreciate your support!

  226. Fred says:

    You must watch out for this guy harryomerosscammer
    calls him self Steve Young, Peter Phillps, Peter Lucas etc he has dozens of websites around the place and is a scammer professional.
    Currently he has sites like
    assetsolutionsaustralia . online in maintenance at present

    In fact there is a long story to this pig he currently just sold one of his houses for
    AUD $750,000
    Another up for Sale for $3.2 million
    He is now free-press-release . com/news-harry-omeros-omeros-1428814534.html
    Be wary as I’m finding his involvement in many different areas and he better be watching his back life long

  227. Norman Peter Hibbert says:

    Guess Who’s pushing SAFEGUARD TRADER? NO IDEA? Our Dear “friend” old “CORY DREXEL”!!! Another one for the “run its course bin”. STAY CLEAR NEWBIES!
    regards, Peter.

  228. eamonn says:

    i got scamed by 365 binary 17000 dollars david morgan broker call himself a broker stay away from them

  229. Norman Peter Hibbert says:

    Look out! Amissio formula is now pushing QUANTUM CODE! Scam on top of scam!

    regaeds, Peter.

  230. halil ozcurumez says:

    Very good website and thanks for all the valuable information, I would like to know if there is a “binary traders” meeting place or get together regularly at south of England. I would appreciate it if any “Watch Dog” member who has binary account with or would like to share their experience.
    Thank you in advance

  231. Norman Peter Hibbert says:

    Not sure about this one,it just dropped in .Anyone know about them?


    I suspect a scam, but I’m getting paranoid!

  232. Gerald says:

    Help! I’ve been scammed!!! OPTION KING!!!I … DO NOT USE!!! I made an initial investment and about a week later decided to request my money be returned. After checking the status of my request on the website and not seeing the pending status change, I decided to use the chat feature and was assured that my request would be handled in the timeframe of 7-10 business days. After that time had passed, I called to ask about my funds being returned and was surprised to hear that trades were executed that I did not make!!! … and my balance was less than 20% of my initial investment! When I expressed my dissatisfaction, I was told don’t call again! Now I can’t even log in to the website as it appears my login has been deleted!!! If you’re able to help me get my money back … that would be SUPER!!! I have in fact sent an email with supporting documentation. Thanks!

  233. Emmanuel Nwaogwugwu says:

    Please is “Earn with Invite .com a scam

  234. Mathias Sigasa says:

    Can you please verify QUANTAM CODE BROKER for me if its legitimate or a scam .

  235. Tunde says:

    Good day to you,please can you help verify if “” is a scam or not and “Imperial options” is a registered broker.Thank you

  236. Dave Paull says:

    I have just been told to join “The Cobalt Code.” Have you heard of this?

  237. Cecily Eather says:

    I seem to be one of those silly ones who have got caught up in the PushmoneyApp, and Drexel Code, Thank you for your reviews. I am a pensioner and have lost some money to these SCOUNDRELS, but I think that is a not enough to call them. So i will keep them as a bad taste in my mouth. It does make it hard for toughs who Are Clean. I wish I had found this page earlier, thank you.

  238. type00790265 says:

    Is there any good binary programs out there?

  239. Stephen says:

    Please don’t touch Titan Trade it is a scam.

    Has anyone experience of Trendsignal. They claim great things and how their software highlights when to trade and when to get out. They want £3500 for their software plus monthly fees. I would appreciate some feedback. Thanks Steve

  240. Johann says:

    I am a 68 year old retired businessman with not enough savings to stay alive. Binary drew my attention and (ja I know ) decided to risk the $250 deposit. Bank de Binary was advertised as the top rated binary at that stage and I decided to try them. I just opened a new Credit card account with a limit of R66000.00.only to do internet transactions with if necessary.

    Then my problem started when I paid the deposit. The next morning they phoned me with a lot of story’s. They had to open an account with them to dep. my money an where they can dep. all my winnings. Out of that account I can then withdraw as I want to. While busy with this, at a stage he said he want to verify my existence by sending me a No. via mail which I must then read back to him over the phone. This fool did it. A while later he asked me to do the same thing, which the fool did again. The next day I found two withdrawals out of my credit account, $2000 and $2500 ( R66000.00 ) the full capacity of my account. Apparently those two numbers were OTP No’s. How they did this I still don’t know. Immediately I filled the form to withdraw the money out of that account again but all in vain. I tried to stop this but the bank said I gave the OTP No’s to them and they cant help me.

    I put up a huge fight with them ( lots and lots of Emails ) After about six months a lady by the name of Tracy helped me to get back the $2000 but under the condition that I sign a indemnity which I did only to get hold of that $2000. To me, this act of them paying back the one amount is an admission of guild. According to Tracey I gave special permission to withdraw the $2500 so she can’t pay that back.

    I then asked them ( this $2750 must still be somewhere on there books) to then do some trading with that. If, like they advertised, you can become a millionaire by trading with $250 I can now become a billionaire with that $2750 THAT IS ALSO NOT POSSIBLE.

  241. Tapash says:

    Hey watchdog! Thnx for exposing scams. Have you or any one ever heard of There are some good comments & I have not found any negetive ones about them. Can you please investigate about this broker fo us! Thank you in advance..

  242. Kim O'Connell says:

    Has any one heard of based in the uk. Brokers for oracle wealth trust belize

  243. Marc Wyldbore says:

    Anyone heard of clickforcash?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Marc, It’s a business op system. It’s actually one of the reputable ones and a great alternative to the risk involved with trading. It’s worth it and priced very well if you are searching for an alternative.

  244. Jonah says:

    I signed up with a few survey sites hoping to make some more money quickly and that would be constant. I was contacted by Lucrosa to make fast easy money. I signed up which then connects me to a binary trading site I can see numbers of stocks constantly changing. It requires a 250 investment. Next day they call me asking if I was ready to invest. They attempted withdrawing it but my bank stopped them and advised me it was suspicious because the charge did not say where it originated or a phone number. The transaction said Grey Mountain management. The phone rep said she was physically in Liverpool UK one of 3 offices they have of which none are in USA as I am.
    Mississippi, USA

  245. james says:

    bullish university have scammed me out of 5k pounds,i never got any training,Ben Newman gave me a lot of promises and never kept them,i have also been in contact with more of his clients who were on his webinars,and they say that they have only had 6 successful webinars out of 40.

  246. John says:

    Have you heard of Insured Trading? Is it good or bad?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi John, Please subscribe to our blog. A review exposing Insured Trading is coming up and you can get it automatically sent to your email. We don’t spam so you will only get our latest scam reviews and industry updates.

  247. PJ says:

    Hi Watchdog, have you heard of or tested anything with Prizm? Here is the Website. I would love to know, they make it seem so real. prizmtech

  248. W.L. says:

    There is a Canuck Method by Jake Mason with the same photo of the guy in Aussie Method. There is also a Laura Patterson like the Singapore and Malay Method.

  249. Gavin says:

    The Canadian System

  250. Jimmie says:

    Is Gemni 2 any good or a scam?

  251. Everett Errington says:

    I want to report Plus Option as a real scam. They make you invest far more than you want to, and then use lousy trading that makes you lose money. They make big promises, lies, withhold information until it is too late, and then leave you with no support and a big financial loss. Just warning people not to have anything to do with Plus Option. They are the worst company I have ever dealt with, most of the others are bad but Plus Option is the worst.

  252. Danie Lubbe says:

    Do not not trade with any broker unless you’ve contacted Binary Options Watchdaog I trade with Top Option and IQ Option

  253. jpark55 says:

    is dream catcher a scam?

  254. William Hamstra says:

    Have you heard of Centument Project2 is it legit or a scam

  255. Michael says:

    I am so happy Watchdog, thank you for the review on Snapcash Binary. You are not the only one to endorse it and this is amazing to see finally. One of a kind system that all websites and forums endorse so heavily! Mostly you warn us traders and I thank you for it but I am glad you are also there to let us know when a good opportunity is available. You never disappointed me. I hope more people find your blog before they fall into the hands of crooks and deceitful, manipulative scam-artists!

    I want to give a special blessing tonight to you and your family, God Bless You on every way possible!

  256. Dave Paull says:

    Thanks. I haven’t hear of those you mentioned but I keep getting bugged by Quantum Code. Are they legit?

  257. Bruce says:

    Loved the follow-up you and Agent Matt did on SnapCash today!!! Lot’s of respect! Bruce

  258. Arnold Borge says:

    The Quantum Code By Michael Crawford is a rip off ! His Video convinced me to deposit $350.00 With his recommended Broker ( Glenridge Capital ) . In the video he said you will not loose any money because his software was designed not too. That within minutes of depositing my money I would be making money. The 1st day I lost $100.00 and so on . My balance is now $10.00 . I have tried to contact Michael Crawford and he has ignored my emails .

  259. Arnold Borge says:

    Copy My by James Johnson is also a scam . He says that it only costs $7.00 . I paid with my debit card . Then without my permission he went into my bank account and withdrew $97.00 Then again $197.00 . I filed a report with Rip off Report and found out that he has ripped off quite a few others the same way .

  260. Arnold Borge says:

    Scam Brokers are Vision Binary Options ,Janus Binary Options , Capital Bank Market , Glenridge Capital . They all took my deposit and wouldn’t pay any money back .

  261. Calvin says:

    think I got scammed today…. but…. not by my next question. …question is so snap

    cash is real and works ..yes or no please

    Thank you

  262. pita says:

    Who is income activator

  263. Kate O'Shaughnessy says:

    I was sucked in to quantum code,thinking I’d make extra money only foolishly used my mortgage money 250USD,WISH this was just a bad dream and that my money was back in my account

  264. WatchDog says:

    We no longer recommend Forex Paradise as noted in our review. They ran away with all the money and disappeared. We’re still trying to figure it out, along with regulatory bodies that oversees their operation.

  265. WatchDog says:

    Good question Johann, Wiki Trader is synced with many brokers, about 8-9 at this point and 7 of them are regulated. Once you register just do a quick check to verify the broker but over all they are working with reputable brands.

  266. Denis Oregan says:


  267. Reine /Christian says:


    Have you please any study about HFTFINANCE?
    Thank you.


    C. Reine

  268. Simon says:

    Profit Glitch is a SCAM, Dont put your money in.

  269. Alan Kilduff says:

    Your list of scam brokers needs to be updated,I had Swiss Royal Bank anonymously checked by a third party.They did not pass the check.Be very careful with this crowd,particularly a senior account manager going by the name of Lauren,an American,I believe.Completely Untrustworthy.

  270. Alan O'Donnell says:

    Hi guys
    Have you ever looked at daweda exchange which basically is the same as Nadex but for non American citizens. Has a very similar set up with out any broker confliction of interest. Thinking of using them as a broker. Can’t find any bad press but like to consult the experts

  271. Steve Polski says:

    Can I use Trade Thunder with any of the recommended trading software programs on this site?

  272. moses says:

    Is innovate market a scam or not. I wanted a withdrawal up until today I’m waiting for the manager to call please

  273. Rubin Centeno Santiago says:

    Again im trying to find out if AEON OPTIONS AND BANKING OPTIONS are good manage platforms can sombody help me with this????

  274. firdaus says:

    please tell me about binary option365 .. i really want to no about it

  275. Jimbo says:

    THANKS! Binary Options Watch Dog


    They don’t honour WITHDRAWAL requests.

    Nor, do they answer e-mails.

  276. Nikki says:

    Please can you let me know if there is a legitimate, reputable robot that I can use?
    I am very new to binary options, and would like to use a robot if there is a legitimate one.

  277. Nick says:

    Having difficulty getting my withdrawal from 53 Any suggestions Watch Dog?

  278. Byron Hight says:

    Glenridge Capitol, Don’t know where to start. I just got $10,000 “Tied Up” in an account by getting talked into taking a $30,000 bonus. The account is tied up with the broker assigned which turned into a flake, by loosing $30,000 out of the $40,000 originally available to him over a span of 10 Mos. I understand….now…. that there is some type of quota to be met before a refund can be made. I’ve never received any info on what this is. I would think that there should be some type of regulation necessary stating the “pros & cons” prior to tying up someones money.
    BONUS BEWARE !!! It appears to be be easy way for a broker to lock up any account funding you offer, so it’ll be a cold day in hell before I take another “BONUS”
    Now the only way I can see to make use of the remaining account, is to do manual trading using “Signal Providers”, as I do not have the knowledge of trading on my owm.
    I would be most interested in hearing from others on any options that I don’t know about. Byron

  279. Tony says:


  280. Buzz says:

    Registered for Penny Millionaire, got UBINARY as broker, paid $250, verified account etc. After 1 week can’t place trades have a sync problem . So requested my $250 deposit . 3 days latter UBINARY emptied my account and RIPPED ME OFF. Stay away from UBINARY they are CRIMINALS

  281. Nick says:

    Please assist me with I would like my withdrawal processed.

  282. Gideon Venter says:

    I’m also looking for info about AEON Options.I followed them for about three month’s on skype but they closed the page so only members can see what they up too.I’m waiting for anybody that have being scammed by them.I want to invest with them but there’s something holding me back.If something is to good to be true then it is’nt.I tried on google to find something bad about them but with no luck.Please help me before i’m doing something that i’ll be sorry about.They first allowed only 5000 investors but when it was filled they opened another 1000 spot so that’s why i want the best info before it closes again.Are they trustworthy or not?

  283. aloysius2016 says:

    Watchdog,please help me recover my $19450 from Option500

  284. Alan O'Donnell says:

    Have been using daweda exchange whom are a trading exchange and not a traditional style broker. They have a auto robot

  285. Gideon Venter says:

    Please tell me what other safer alternative’s there is than AEON,because i like the Automatic trading but which other companies is there that can manage and trade my account on my behalf.

    • WatchDog says:

      Don’t let anyone trade your account if you want to make money with binary options. Feel free to email us for a personalized recommendation.

  286. aloysius2016 says:

    To which email address should I forward all the details?

  287. Keith Bell says:

    Thank you Watchdog for your comments and feedback.
    Please can you help me to have my $7000 returned to me FROM BINARYBOOKS, (JESSICA WILSON ) was the shift manager at Binarybooks UK office.
    Best Regards Keith.

  288. chris says:

    Hi Watch dog,
    I was with ‘option click for over a year not very successful due to broker changes however since they notified me of a takeover I have not been able to contact? no phone no platform??
    Does anyone know where they are so I can close my account and recover my 565euro’s
    Thanks and regards Chris

  289. Jaime Jimenez says:

    I can send you a second email telling me what has happened. I invested about 20.000€ On, I made one 1.000€ withdrawal and worked perfectly. I never tried to made another withdrawal until past summer and my money was surprisingly growing until the 90,000€. On summer they told me that my 90,000 were invested in several long term transaction until end of the year. On 2016 Christmas I tried to connec to the web an was not operative for about one month. They have appeared again, but I can’t contact a Indy from spain

  290. KGM says:

    bad news about Binary Books trading company. at the end of May to mid June 2016 I was given BB as my trading platform with a new software called Wealthy Wheat Trader and it did not go well. My account manager was Kiara Perkins and I was given a Senior Broker who would manage my account Thomas Schneider. As my trading account started to drop as the software was not working well Mr TS tried to get me to reinvest a lot more money upwards of £5000 he finished at around £1000 for a special account being made for me which I refused. And due to his misunderstanding? of my intentions of which I gave instructions to trade with only what was left in my trading account, I found that he had authorised £1000 from my bank account into my trading account even though I had told him I did not have that amount to invest at this moment? After sending many emails over his actions which were not in compliance with my instructions I finely got my money back after about a month of constant email action. But my trading software still cleaned me out of £250 and I would not use BB again.


  291. Dora says:

    I contacted two individuals on Facebook that are doing private brokerage trading. Long story short so far I feel that I have been scammed by both people. The one I reported to the UK fraud squad, who said they haven’t heard of this one being a fraud artist. Every time I turned around he wanted more money and now he says he wants his commission upfront because he has been taken advantage of by other clients! That was not our deal in the beginning but he will not change his mind and go back to the original agreement. I have lost a significant bit of money with him and don’t know what to do about it !

  292. Pat Graham says:

    does anyone know anything about Grey Mountain Trading in London—thanks Pat G.

  293. Pat Graham says:

    Is there anyway to get money back from a trading Company called Grey Mountain Trading ?any advise would be appreciated Thanks Pat G.

  294. Nick says:

    Please let me know about 53Option. They did scam me out of funds and want to know how to strengthen my Visa dispute against them.

  295. Pat Graham says:

    Please advise everyone that Grey Mounting Management Trading is a scam—they took $8,000 of mine and pissed it away on a EUR/RUB play which is stupidity at it’s finest—would apprec. any help you can give me as far as recovering all or any of my money —thanks in advance for the help you can give me— Pat Graham Forks, WA.

    • Pat Graham says:

      Hi Keith—thanks for the heads up on Grey Mountain—what would you suggest I do now that I know that they are a scam?—please respond back to me with a procedure to get my money back—I worked long and hard to achieve that money and I would be very happy to get it back–thanks in advance for any advice you can give me for recovery options—Pat Graham

  296. Keith Bell says:

    Thank you Watchdog again for all your imformation. This is for Pat Graham and his experience with ‘ Grey Mountain Trading ‘ it is a Scam.
    Out of the blue they phoned me to say that they will get my money back, and to open a account, which I did, they were supposed to put money into my account, when I looked again,they took money out. I went to my bank and did a Charge Back it took about 3 weeks and I got my money back. I hope this helps you. You may contact me for more information if need be.
    Best Regards Keith.

  297. Pat Graham says:

    I have sent 3 emails with my complaint about Grey Mountain management who took $8,000 of my money and pissed it away on trades that had no chance of a profit the way I see it so I am what they call a very unhappy camper!!!!—anything you folks can do will be greatly appreciated—thanks Pat G.

  298. peter townsend says:

    I sorry for this but I word like you to look at gtpcapital I like to now if it scam or not

  299. peter townsend says:

    he asking me to put more money in iv said no it run as GTP Capital.

  300. Jose M. San Martin says:

    I am a 65 years old from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I got into binaryonline thru a web page called theaussimethod that was declare fraud by scam alert web page-
    They asked me a deposit of $250 I did that with all the compliance papers. Then they gave an account manager by the name Viktor Bogrov from Russia. He did some investment for me and got me a profit of more tan 300%. I got excited but did not know that I was walking into a trap.
    A week later he asked if I wanted to make big money and he asked me for more money, I told him I have only a Little money saved, a Little over 5.000 dollars.
    He asked that money promising I could make over $1.000 a month so innocent of me I send $ 5.600 thru my Mastercard credit card to them.
    He did some investments mostly on currencies and commodities, lost some, won some and then I did some investment in currencies and got to $ 8.448,70.
    Then I wrote to you asking about Binaryonline and you told me that they were unlicensed and to stay away from them…but it was already too late.
    I asked to send me my money and it began six month back and forth communication in wich they never deposit a penny even thought I have send them 24 mails requesting to withdrew my own money.(I have copies of everything)
    Then another man came in called Victor McGregor from the finance department with a Russian or Bularian accent with a script and a strategy to state that they send me $1.000 to my credit card, sending me fake tracking numbers. I checked with my Bank 6 times and they told me the money never arrived. I send them the Bank statements and the still insist that they send it.
    So could you help me to get at least the $5.800 that I invested with Binaryonline.
    Thank you so much for what you do, helping people like me from these
    Unscrupulous people. Don´t ever give your money to Binaryonline. They are professionals in fraud and deceiving people

  301. Nick says:

    I had $20,030 in the 53Option account . They shutdown Friday,Jan.26 and have not been able to locate them. Wondering if there is any way to recover the wins?

  302. WatchDog says:

    To change your broker, you can simply sign up again using a different email address. Indeed, we do not recommend signing up with non-regulated brokers.

  303. Nick says:

    Hi Watchdog, Visa is investigating 53Options. Any other advice other than stay away from scams? They feel pretty confident they can get my deposits back. How can these scammers get prosecuted for stealing people ‘s hard earned money?

    • WatchDog says:

      Don’t sign up with non-regulated brokers is the best advice I can give you.

    • Chun Khoo says:

      Even if they are regulated, do not listen and trust the account manager that is assigned to u too much. Use your judgement and trust them as minimum as u can possibly can.

  304. Jaime Jimenez says:

    What I do now with regulated brokers is to begin with a little money and work with it a couple of months. Meanwhile If my account manager tries comtinously to make me invest more money talking about any opportunities, I make an automatic withdrawal

  305. Plinius says:

    Has anyone dealt with the following brokers
    Binary book
    Binary international
    Are they scam brokers if the answer is yes then I will send my accounts details to prove my point I believe they are the worst Scam brokers trading

  306. Mirrella says:

    I’m really hoping someone can direct me to software that I’m prepared to purchase that will help me to trade profitably. I’ve studied for hundreds of hours, succeeded at “making” thousands of dollars on my demo but every single time I place a trade with my own money, it fails. I use the same method that I’ve just trialled on the demo and without fail, the trade will fall. I’ve attempted to jump in on trends only to have them change immediately; I’ve backtested so many indicators and successfully applied them to the demo only to have a reversal of trend when I apply a live trade. I’m absolutely heartsick at having lost money when, in some cases, up to five indicators have given the signal to place the trade. I’ve tried every strategy I can find and every one has failed. I realise I must be doing something very wrong but I’ve now given up on trying to use my own (or anyone else’s) strategy because I’ve lost confidence. I’ve even margingaled and won and lost (I know, I know…never martingale!!) I’ve been working seriously at this for four months – day and night – and have only lost money. If anyone can help, I will be very grateful. Obviously, I’m not buying into any more scams or robots – I’ve been burnt there, too.

    • WatchDog says:

      I suggest joining Michael Freeman’s FREE manual signals group. For details, you can send an email to

      • Mirrella says:

        Thank you for replying. I’m in Australia and am already a member of Michael Freeman’s Facebook group, but find that most of the signals come through the night (NY session) which runs from midnight until 8am, our time. I’ve tried to work through those hours but it leaves me depleted for other work during the following day. I also have to keep refreshing my Facebook page and have only once received a signals notification on time and even then I did not understand it completely….unsure about the abbreviations used. Do you know of any worthwhile software that might help me to place winning trades? Thank you for your time in reading this.

  307. Raimund Schmidt says:

    how do you think about Big Option?
    Have anyone experience with this broker?
    Best regards

  308. karlbohn1 says:

    Don’t touch Binary Book, they took me for £2500, my account manager went by the name of Eric Moore, pretty sure that this wasn’t his real name. Total rogues.

  309. Dora says:

    I have been scammed by two private brokers. Both revolving around Facebook.
    One is Williams Mike, he has a profile on Facebook and scans you out of money and keeps asking for more and more and more. He says I have to go through his transfer manager( Tushar Morzaria) and pay a fee to get my money. When I checked with Barclays Corporate Banking directly I found out that I was being scammed!
    Dounas Mounir is on Facebook as well ,promoting Casner Ellen (Ellenburg) Who is a con artist as well .
    I have reported causing her to the united kingdom fraud department, who at this point has no evidence of him. They don’t seem to willing to do anything about it either !
    So unfortunately I have been scammed by both of these people!
    Not getting mixed up with these kind of people again but have been scammed for a fair bit of money !

  310. Walter says:

    Hi Watchdog, I have been contacted today by a binary option company by the name of STOXMARKET. Are they a scam or legit? Are they regulated since I don’t see anything on there website…. Walter

    • WatchDog says:

      They don’t seem to be regulated. Also, they are not a binary options broker, but a Forex broker. Trading Foregin Exchange (Forex) and Contracts For Differences (CFD’s) is highly speculative and carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. Binary options are much safer.

  311. WatchDog says:

    Copy Buffett is a manual signal service appropriate for experienced traders only.

  312. Marie says:

    I lost money on Copy Buffet, not sure it was due to the software. The brokers claimed that the algorithms in such software get outdated very quickly and then it doesn’t work and you loose Money if you use autotraders. Only manual trading works and then you need assistance from the “account managers” who then earns more money and can influence you to invest more money in which case they also earn more. Conclusion: one has to have a big heap of money as one does loose positions/money from time to time, I guess that’s the nature of trading.

    • WatchDog says:

      Copy Buffett is a manual signal service which requires trading knowledge in order to use profitably. Another thing, we do not recommend using managed accounts with binary options.

  313. Grant Ferguson says:

    Stoxmarket is a scam as far as I am concerened. Had account up to 6500.00 from 250.00 then down to 200.00 after Briex. Not a good broker

  314. Pat Graham says:

    could you please tell me what you know of Ctoptions—tthanks Pat Graham

  315. Mack says:

    hi watchdog.
    is optionstarglobal a trusted broker which is deal with virtnext.

  316. Mack says:

    why ive seen ur review about them ,is there something happened ,did they scam somebody ,can u feed us plz,and can u give me the 1st trustfull binary option to deal with please .
    thank you for ur best job

    • WatchDog says:

      The performance just went down like it happens with most of the auto trading systems, which may start out well but later on due to not being upgraded and other problems, stop functioning well.

      • Mack says:

        i tried them today ,from two trades of 25$ each ,the auto trader was on,and i lost the amount ,not happy so i send request to withdraw my money back and still waiting for approval.
        will u recommend optionrobot for me to deal as a good one in the industry and profitable?

      • Bonn says:

        Hi Watchdog, I’m from the Philippines. Lazy Trader is not in your scams list. Do you have any idea if their app is legit? Also, I tried activating na account with PM and Novu Finance, a message just pops up telling me to change my email address. I did this several times, still, their system seem does not let me in. What does this mean? Thanx.

  317. Plinio ossino says:


    Dear Sir
    When you say they are not regulated do you mean that any unregulated business scammers can commit fraudulent acts, rob you of your hard work savings cash cash cash assets etc in UK or worldwide and simply get away from prosecution what kind of law are we talking about? can people set up shop selling imitation goods etc?
    has anyone got their money back? i have been trying to get my cash back on the three years now my accounts had not been fully verified and someone traded and lost all my money i never traded in my account , never authorized anyone verbally or in writing to trade. what kind of law are we talking about?

    • WatchDog says:

      Yes, unfortunately unregulated brokers get away with crimes such as this all the time. We can offer our help. If interested, please email us.

  318. stan hodgson says:

    What company would you recomend for a canadian resident?

  319. Alan bond says:

    I had same result snap cash wiped out my £250 acc in a few days thy are a Scam!

  320. WatchDog says:

    Neo2 is no longer an auto trader. Currently, it only functions as a manual signal service.

  321. eportfolio363 says:

    As Capital Bank Markets brokers have ignored my entreaties to honor my withdrawal request made since December 13, 2016, I am seeking help from you as I state my withdrawal ordeal with Capital Bank Markets brokers as follows:
    1) With interest in trading Binary Options with a trading signals system promoted by ‘Grail-Indicators-Systems’ an affiliate of Capital Bank Markets. I got a link from GIS leading me to fund with $300, a trading account with Capital Bank Market Broker’s platform on November 30, 2016.
    2) Less than 24-hours after funding my account, I sent all my ID documents to validate my account as requested in CBM welcoming email.
    4) Immediately after funding my trading account, I received signals system from the Grail-Indicators-System. Testing the signals on a different broker’s demo-trading platform, I discovered that the system did not meet my expectation and therefore, not suitable for my trading. I informed GIS and the signals system was immediately deactivated.
    5) Since GIS’s signals system, on the basis of which I funded a trading account with CBM, was not suitable for my trading, I made a request to withdraw my deposited fund on my account ‘withdrawal-page’ on December 13, 2016.
    6) When there was no response to my withdrawal request from Capital Bank Markets after two weeks, I sent another request and a reminder through their ‘support-email’ and ‘contact-form’
    7) With my second withdrawal request sent on December 21, 2016, I attached another set of my ID-documents for processing and approval. Seven days after, the ‘status’ of my withdrawal was put to ‘waiting’ on my account page.
    8) Seeing ‘waiting’ status after sending the second set of my ID-docs, followed by several ‘reminder-emails’ and no response, I sent, yet, the third set of my ID documents to both CBM ‘support-desk email’ and ‘my account’ information page.
    9) As at the time of this letter, Capital Bank Markets has not responded in any manner. They have not responded to emails or phone calls regarding my withdrawal request and to all my entreaties.
    10) At this juncture, I have to seek help from all good people to please pressure Capital Bank Markets brokers to release my hard earned money ($300) to my debit card account ending with 4132 without further hassle please.

    Your kind and timely help would be much appreciated.

    N Williams

    • WatchDog says:

      Feel free to email us for assistance.

    • Hatem Manna says:

      Hi if you had accepted any well coming bounce from them ; you have to make a certain volume ; many but not all they use this trap condition in Terms & condition contract to fulfill the volume . and they shall use this condition as reason to stop you from withdrawing your money .
      Otherwise annoy them with e-mail threats to all levels ; that you shall expose them to all scam reviews sites & you shall tell your story & mention the names of these sites.
      Good luck

  322. Paul says:

    Hello can anyone please advise if Nevo Financial is a legit platform as geting rave reviews from best Binary signals website – are there trustworthy or another scam as so many of their reviews are. Can anybody suggest a realiable, trustworthy auto trading platform that actually works ?

  323. pefezou guy says:

    you advise 24 option but they dont ave auto pilote they sais 3ds party du it what 3ds
    are tu contact them ?? best regarde Guy

  324. WatchDog says:

    It’s available in South Africa. And please read our Nuvo Finance Review.

  325. Paul says:

    Is there anyone out there who has actually used the Novu finance platform and can recommend it ?

  326. clinton billo says:

    Hi watchdog I’m Clinton from Philippines. I would like to ask if iqoption is scam.

  327. Anthony says:

    Hi Watchdog – I live in South Africa and after been scammed countless times by scam binary option auto trading platforms please can you advise in your opinion which would be the best most reliable trustworthy auto trading software to consider – or are all auto trading systems a scam ? The only platform Binary Scam advisor recommends is Binary Option Auto Trading everything else is scam – in your opinion can this platform be trusted ?

  328. Hatem Manna says:

    This has to be clear to everyone : The reason that why I can not promote any certain software in the internet; even those which are very few software that rely works . The Software works on tech. analysis only & does not consider fundamental & feel them ; for example ; at the time of releasing very important news ( the software should be deactivated ) ; it is not human & shall not understand the news , only will works after the effect of the news after there is Data to read and analyse ; by that time the decision might be late .
    Good Luck

  329. Anthony says:

    Thank you

  330. Par says:

    It should be a fairly simple process for a software developer to scrape a webpage for the top news releases and automatically deactivate the auto trader for say an hour surrounding those times. Yet as far as I know nobody has done a software like that? Also fairly simple to only take trades during the best hours from a market perspective. This could of course all be options to be enabled or not by the user. Hence one would assume that the creators really do not care if the traders win or loose as long as they get paid their kickbacks from the broker companies.

    Any thoughts on this?



  331. Chun Khoo says:

    Anybody has experience with

    I made a withdrawal of USD3k weeks ago. Took them 5 days to approve my withdrawal. After waiting for 11 working days they gave me a lame excuse that my bank reverted the money back to them today and asked me for another bank account number. I bet in 2 weeks time they are gonna give me another lame excuse.

    Ant advise on this will be great. Thx.

  332. Paul says:

    Hello Wathdog – which is recommended more trustworthy and reliable platform Nuvo Finanace or Mikes Signal Group to ensure constant ITM ?

  333. Chun Khoo says:

    Does anybody here have any experience with

    I made a withdrawal weeks ago. Took them 5 days to approve and waited for 11 working days before i contacted them today. I was given a lame excuse that my bank reverted my withdrawal back to them. This is to my opinion a complete lie because, if the bank reverts the withdrawal, it would have notified me.

    Now they are asking for an alternate bank account. I bet they are going to come back with another lie in 2 weeks time.

    Should anybody have any experiences with them, kindly please give some advise.


  334. Tom O'Keefe says:

    I tried to sign in to Lexington Code but got brought where it said they would bring me to the members page but it went no further. Signing in from Canada.

  335. cham says:

    I signed up with Copy Buffett Software and they given me Uk Options as my broker around 3 weeks ago. My deposit with them was $250.00. I traded with automated trader. Last week my Accounts was up to $494.00 and then i wanted to test and prove that Uk Options is an honest broker or not, then I click withdrawal from the Website for $100.00 and they approved and confirmation for $100.00 withdrawal at the same time they sent an email to me, said that the Finance Dept.will contact me again for confirmation of withdrawal, but it never happened. I try to withdraw right around 4 times. It was totally failed. By first week of February 60. I won’t be able to login to the UK options anymore. The Website of UK Options was closed until today. I need your help what I’m going to do. Please advise me at your earliest as you can. I appreciated for your recommendation regarding the Binary Options. I believed that anyone who wants to invest their money into this business need to very- very becareful of fraudulent from the Brokers. I like to say that without your Website we are blinded. Thanks a lot for your help in this problems.

  336. D.Lister says:

    Hi Watchdog, I’m interested in trading with this new company Binarymate. I was wondering if you know anything about it and could provide me some feed back

  337. Gustavo Sarmiento says:

    Hello Watchdog. Thanks a lot for your service.
    I have had bad experiences in the past with this three binary options traders: ENIGMA CODE – B.A. 810 & IMPERIAL – All of them start working fine suddenly they don’t work any more, or the money start disappearing little by little. No email answer, promised phone calls to be returned but at the end nothing.
    In B.A. 810 I lost about $2.000, in ENIGMA CALL 1386 IN IMPERIAL $259. In all 0f them my $250 deposit never was returned.
    Thanks in advance for your cooperation
    Kind regards,
    Gustavo Sarmiento

  338. William Hamstra says:

    Anyone have experience with Omega Options are they legit or a scam

    • WatchDog says:

      We don’t recommend to sign up with non-regulated brokers.

    • PG says:

      Yes, they are as filthy as they can be. I deposited $250 and then got a call from Jonathan Gorski Senior account manager who convinced me to send in an additional $5,000 promising me huge profits he would call me with very large trade instructions and lost all my money. Luckily i was able to get the money refunded through my credit card via a chargeback. Stay away. Go with a regulated broker.

  339. Victoire says:

    Could you give me some info on : Genius Profit initiative……
    Their BS is very convincing ….can you help…?

  340. Chuck Covert says:

    Omega Options, for some reason I am unable to login all of a sudden

  341. Chuck Covert says:

    Looks like there isn’t a honest broker anywhere

  342. dalle fratte says:

    Voila mon problème, j’étais sur le trade Allgotrade, j’ai fait un bénéfice de plus de 2000$, qe j’essaie de récupérer mais cela est impossible, aucune réponse à mes message, que puis je faire

  343. mark says:

    I am from Canada . Looking for a respectable auto trader to invest with. I have read many reviews. Can you give me some options to consider? Are these Canadian accessible? Snap cash? IQ review? Markets world review? Seems to be that Canadians have a limited selection of choices. Being inexperienced, I am very cautious.

  344. Nick says:

    Stay away from 53Option. Helen Kinski is a thief and will convince you to deposit and she will guarantee money on trades. She does that but you will not be able to withdraw funds. They change their site, do not return calls. Support reassures you that she will but never happens. I submitted a withdrawal request back in early January and still nothing. When you call they always sound like you caught them off guard and really do not know how to respond. They are the biggest scam out there-STAY AWAY!!

  345. WatchDog says:

    Please email us for assistance. Sorry for late approval of your comment. Busy day! Cheers

  346. Tim says:

    What is the best binary robot to use, been searching for a long time and one site will say these ones are the best and another one will say it’s a scam. So which do i choose?

  347. Usha says:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I have had HORRENDOUS experience I have had with Tropical Trade (and now I have black-and white evidence of the promise from the broker as well as the accounting department as well):

    The pattern is this:

    A broker will get you to invest, promise that the bonus agreement you sign is “just a technical matter and you can withdraw your money once the profits come in”.

    Exactly two weeks before the profits come in and the withdrawal is due, another broker will call and say they are taking over your account because the previous broker resigned and now “the policy has changed” and whatever was said before cannot be honoured.

    This has happened with 5 brokers.

    Today the 6th broker called because the 5th broker resigned after promising to allow withdrawal (releasing from turnover). The 6th broker also said, “Now policy has changed” and so, cannot honour the previous agreement made in black-and-white. Same pattern.

    Can you advise me on how to get my money back please?

  348. WILLIAM ernest NICHOLLS says:

    I have attempted to contact watchdog re getting money back from Master Option but have never received a reply

    • WatchDog says:

      Which email address did you send it from? I can’t find a message sent from the email address you used to leave this comment.

  349. Hatem Manna says:

    The Option robot is a big scam ; i was promised that this software will make me a fortune ; I got a wining rate on 50% or less, as if i was playing Heads & tails ; so I shut down the ; robot but the truth out there all robots is ; even if there are just very few real robots which are not scam ; they can not operate considering fundamental analysis , so the time shall come later on & have such streak of losses that will drop your winning rate to 50 % ( break even wining rate usually 59% depends on payout ratio for the Asset you are trading ; so you have to calculate for each separately ) . So heads & tails game shall make you loss all your money eventually.

  350. Tom O'Keefe says:

    I notice that WatchDog gives Option Robot a good review with high praise? Do you still support that?

  351. Tonmoy Deb says:

    Hello, I believe in only your reviews. I really appreciate your work. Is binbot pro legit? will it be safe to go for it?

  352. Anne Christina Naglo says:

    One way of trying to recover your funds is to open a chargeback through your bank, if you paid with credit card. Must be done within 120 days after last deposit. I managed to get some money back that way

  353. karlbohn1 says:

    Mate, anything negative they will NOT publish I have the feeling Watchdog are full of shit and line their pockets from recommending bogus autotraders by means of commission. I have asked them for help with refunds, put my views forward with various brokers and scams and not one reply, not even replied to me personally. Total waist of time and space. I can also be 100% sure they will not publish this reply! What do you say Watchdog? Read em and weep?

  354. Vanessa Botha says:

    Is the SAFFA method a scam?

  355. Joseph says:

    Hi watchdog. I am a beginner to trading. Can you please suggest me the best one where i can start without any scam and heartbreaks.

  356. Dora says:

    Why is Omegaoptions showing up when you try to register with NuvoFinance?

  357. Dinesh says:

    When i try to open the page, it says ‘ Your connection is not private ‘

    Attackers might be trying to steal your information from (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards). NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID

  358. Joe LaRose says:

    Same here, I have asked for help with my bad brokers, but no response at all. Joe

    • WatchDog says:

      When did you ask? Feel free to send us an email again. We just recently bought this website for the previous owner who was not attending to the emails.

  359. William Hamstra says:

    Hello..regarding Binary Option programs’s not necessarily the program it’s synced with wrong broker I was also synced with Omega options and Market options both unregulated.
    Why do they do this ?

    • WatchDog says:

      The problem is that most regulated brokers do not allow auto trading so most companies who develop auto traders have no choice but to work with non-regulated brokers.

  360. Tony says:

    I WOULD like to get my money back from THUNDER trader 100$ and I cannot even get into their website blocking my emails and phone connection

  361. Dora says:

    How can I sign up with NuvoFinance without using Omegooptions? I live in Canada!

    • WatchDog says:

      The problem in Canada is that there are no available brokers for using with auto traders. Therefore, I wouldn’t recommend using auto traders in Canada.

  362. Alan Fluckiger says:

    Reporting a scam broker you do not have listed: TradeSwan

  363. Peter says:

    Trying to close acc,with Sternoptions & cash in but they are being most obstructive and I fear the worst,as now they just ignore me,its so easy to get caught.

  364. cham says:

    Hi, Watch Dog. Here is my story, I joined Tauribot right around Feb’2016-Deposited $250.00. I didn’t make any money after 3 months they closed the Website. I couldn’t contact anybody,can’t log-in. They got a way with my deposit $250.00. The broker name was Swiss Royal Bank.

    Again I joined Millionaire Legacy. on April 2016,I made$250.00 deposited,later on my account was up to $438.75 at recently. A week ago I withdraw $200.00 from my account, up until today I never received any money from them. I try to send a messages from their Website but it did not go through, according to them said that my phone # was incorrect I checked my phone # so many times and it was the same phone# that I had I think they blocked. The broker name was Swiss Royal Banc. Now, they changed their name from Millionaire Legacy to SRB(Swiss Royal Banc) In this case I still can go to their Website but my withdrawal isn’t working( according to them that $200.00 is pending. I think I will not get this money at all. The Broker name was Swiss Royal Banc-Located in Swisserland.

    Here again I joined Copy Buffett on Dec’2016. The Broker name was UKOptions. I made a deposited of $250.00 into my account. At the moment my account was $494.38. Two weeks ago I made $200.00 withdraw from my account but unfortunately I never received that kind of money from them never Now the Website was closed right around 2 weeks ago.

    Now, I don’t know what to do. My total investment in Binary options was $750.00. I really needs your assistance in this matters. I appreciate for your help. Thanks again.

    Cham Sanyodkam

    • WatchDog says:

      Please email me and I’ll be glad to assist you. My email is

    • Alan Kilduff says:

      You do realise that Tauribot was glowingly endorsed by Watchdog.I have had an identical experience with SwissRoyalBank.They refuse to return my 500 Euro deposit and Tauribot never even answered one of my Emails.Swiss Royal Bank are criminals with English owners.Watchdog will Not help you,to do so would be admitting they got it wrong.Watcdog is not infallible,in fact lately they are frequently inaccurate.

  365. Eric Sineath says:

    Hi watchdog,,,looking for some assistance from you here,,,I’ve tried most of your recommended automated systems over a few years and haven’t made any headway or profit,,at the moment I’ve got option robot and penny millionaire, I deposited the usual £250 to get started but am now down to almost zero in both accounts,,,what we newbies need is a little direction from you ,,the experts ,in setting up the likes of optionrobot to get started,,what settings are best for what trading session,,i.e. ,London market times,New York times,Tokyo etc,,we be all seen the Utube videos of successful traders using the system and every session is always. ITM,,,please can you advise me,,and the others out there on the best strategies to use on the optionrobot so we can be as successful as possible ,,thanks again for all your hard work ,,Eric

  366. Paul Vella says:

    Can anyone tell me if Hourdeposit is a scam??

  367. perfezou guy says:

    vat must i du they sais ave no brokers available for my country i am registed in 3 country France – Sud Africa – Mozambique vise residance + banque + passport is verry cold in France (i am 76 years old ) is why i am in Mozambique please can you advise best regarde Guy

  368. somus says:

    Dear Watchdog and to all,
    I have funded $250 for Copybuffet software and the broker is SecuredOptions.
    After I found out that Copybuffet no longer in automated mode, I requested SecuredOptions for my refund of $250. However, they refuse to reply to my request after sending them so many mails. They only have deposit dialog box and do not have withdrawal dialog box in order to prevent from withdrawing. Its been more than 2 months and I could not retrieve my money. Could watchdog help to retrieve? This SecuredOptions broker sucks and a scammer. Do not trust and deposit any money with them.

  369. Dave says:

    Dear Watchdog and traders,
    As for Somus, I also have a deposit lodged with Secured Options and not able to trade or recover my deposit. They do not return any correspondence.
    Avoid this trader, they are a scam
    Hope for Watchdog to be able to assist in the recovery of my deposit?

  370. Keith roach says:

    Hi all just a heads up 2 companies advertising on Facebook
    Millioptions run from an African country, profile mid forties white dude
    Quick FaceTime sting black dude, straight after a FaceTime call and me send him a you been caught out message , the whole site was brought down.
    The second mgt finance
    Broker James roper plays good cop bad cop, builds account to 20k on 2k investment , than because you want to withdraw 10k , a 2k withdraw charge comes into play , because the uk is in the IMF , and you can only pay this with fresh funding.
    No back history on either company , and can’t find anyone who works there on any search engine
    Keep up the good work guys

  371. Sakhele Madolo says:

    On February 22, 2017 I registered with a social trading software namely: United Trading Network and was redirected to WM Option where I deposited $250. After depositing, the software did not show that I was activated even though I submitted my verification documents. The broker from WM Option phoned on February 24, tried to convince me to use a different automated software, and sent me a new link to the new software which I rejected. He then sent me a one page document for me to sign, the document generally absolves WM Options from any third party software. I have no problem with that. My problem is that they want to give me something I don’t know and never seen. I want to request my deposit back and their website shows that I can only withdraw $20. Please help me withdraw all my money.

  372. Rick M says:

    Hi Watch Dog,
    First I want to say Thank You for what you’re doing, by giving us victims room to vent our complaints, and possibly help others get what belongs to them back.
    I’m here with hopes that you can help me, and to let others know the many companies that I allowed myself to get scammed from since February of 2016.
    It all started when I saw a video from FastCash and realized they were a 3rd party between me and the actual Binary companies.
    I also went with the thought “don’t put all of my eggs in one basket”, and that’s why I have multiple companies to comment about.
    So I went straight to the source, and the first company I went to is OptionKing.
    In the beginning of Feb. 2016, I gave them $1000.00, but then got nervous. So before the end of the month I submitted a withdrawal request, and they complied returning the money to my account. I’m glad I did that because now trying to access the website optionking is down, and the toll free number is now a locksmith.
    Feeling better about this “Binary” stuff, I went onto CTOption and deposited $750.00 in March, and another $750.00 in April. With that 2nd deposit came a $1500 “bonus” from CTO bringing me to $3000 to trade with. Over a period of 90 days, I watched the account grow to $7400 then in less than 24 hours(2 trade sessions) and 87 trades later, I was down to $9.00
    During the 90 day period with CTOption, I also opened an account with DaltonFinance . Over time I made three multiple deposits that added up to $5000.00. They seemed to be a real legit company. My broker and I would do sessions together, but he wouldn’t act on his own and said if anyone was “acting on my behalf, they were breaking the law”. This did gain my trust, but because of my work schedule the asset wasn’t growing fast enough so I submitted a withdrawal request. This is where I lost it with them. He talked me into what he said “is a one-time can’t lose my money trade. He went on to explain that if the trade wins… then I win, and if the trade loses…. I get a one-time chance money back”.
    What he didn’t mention was the cost of that one-time money back, which is 40X’s the amount replenished, has to be traded before I can see any of the money. That’d would have been $200,000 in trades before I can have a penny. I would never had agreed to that, so now my account sits with a balance of $545.00 and I don’t know what to do. ( I didn’t sign the agreement, so my $5K replenishment never happened).
    BinaryBanc is another one that I deposited up to $3000.00 with and watched the account growing to at least $12K with active trades that had another $14K in estimated payout, till one day “access denied by Reblaze” started coming up on my screen, and still does today.
    JanusOptions is another one that I made two deposits of $4500.00 each, then they matched with $ 18,000.00 ( yes 200% bonus, that was supposed to be only equal to my deposits). So I watched over a period of 5 months an account grow from $27K to more than $59K, than “POOF” “website down for maintenance” and today 3 months later, still is.
    99Binary is another one that I deposited $1000.00 and today shows $394.50 in the account. I’ve made two separate request for the money, but nothing.
    TenOption is another one that has $ 300.00

    In summary, over a period of 6 months I thought I did my homework on “Binary Options” and these companies, I opened multiple accounts because I was watching the money grow in one and would open another thinking the wins in one would be enough to cover any losses and/or investments altogether. Had just BinaryBanc or Janus Options paid out, I would’ve been satisfied.
    Then the last 3 months of 2016 I started making withdrawal request so I can replace the money invested and only grow with the “gains”.
    That never happened. 
    The only good thing about this, is all my card transactions were paid in full to the creditors, I didn’t rack up any debt doing this, so my credit will stay in good standing.

    Now Watch Dog, what are my options choices?

  373. Jamie says:

    Use this basic rule, they are all scams designed to fleece you of your hard earned money and line the pockets of the pricks who promote them.
    If you want to trade, learn to trade on a reputable platform, iq option, etc not these bullshit scams promoted by affiliates getting paid up to $250 per sign up

    All of them are bullshit

  374. Jean-Phillipe says:

    Does GPS Forex robot 3 work in Canada ?

    • Jean-Phillipe says:

      No but as it costs money, I would like to know first

    • Alan J says:

      “Does GPS Forex robot 3 work in Canada ?”

      To the best of my knowledge, GPS Forex is not a binary robot. It is a Forex expert advisor (EA). EA’s will work on MT4 trading platforms. As long as you are using a broker that uses that platform. Most do. It should also work on other Forex platforms that your broker uses. Forex is different than binary. You just need to find a Forex broker that is available for Canada that uses the MT4 trading platform..

  375. David says:

    Could not agree more. All binary is fraud and stay away if you want to keep your money.

    • Jamie says:

      All binary is not fraud but all these bullshit autotraders and semi auto traders and basically anything that gets promoted by muppets on YouTube telling you one week this is the best system in the world and the next that this is the best system in the world and…. You get the picture…….

      Making money is defiantly possible but it takes time and effort, there are good brokers like IQ option, that offer genuine demo accounts on live markets to practice on but people can’t be arsed and think putting £250 into a shitty system called millionaire in a minute or some bullshit will make them money, all the brokers associated with these horrible bollocks will fleece you if you do happen to make any money so the only cunt getting paid is the prick promoting it via YouTube, blogs or any other media outlet

      Bunch of thieving pricks giving the industry a bad name

  376. aloysius2016 says:

    Watchdog, I sent you an email regarding my $19,450 which was scammed by Option500 and their scam artist James shaw and I haven’t received any reply from you,

  377. Dave says:

    My name is Dave. Please assist if possible to recover my deposit of USA$250 paid to Secured Options. My deposit was made on 30 May 2016, my account number is 33932 and the deposit I.D. is 7217.
    Thank you.

  378. Alan James says:

    Jean-Phillipe commented on Contact WatchDog.

    in response to WatchDog:

    I’m not sure. Did you try to sign up?

    “No but as it costs money, I would like to know first”

    I’ve never come across a broker that required payment first before signing up. You have to be approved first before depositing any monies. It actually doesn’t cost anything. It’s a transfer of your funds from one account (ie. bank, credit card, etc.) into your brokerage account. It’s still your money. Just make sure that you’re dealing with a reputable broker.

    • Alan James says:

      If you go through the sign-up process of a particular trading software, depending on where you live, you will be assigned the broker that they are using. If you are not assigned a broker, it means that your particular area is not available to use the software.

  379. Hairil says:

    Hi Watchdog,

    I’ve just signed up for Lexington Code and the broker that was assigned to me is 365binaryoption. Is this broker legit, regulated and can be trusted?


  380. John says:

    After all this time, all the effort, the advice you (Watchdog) and others (successful traders like Marilli) have given to people FOR FREE we are still reading posts asking “is this system good, is that system good….is this broker legit is that broker legit….WTF….??? ”
    They simply will not accept what works so deserve to get taken down IMHO

  381. Emyl says:

    has anyone heard of binery options free, Intelli Traders – traders helping traders?

  382. Hairil Azlan says:

    Whatever happen to Marili anyway? All of her videos on YouTube are no longer to be found.

  383. Alan O'Donnell says:

    The big frustration for myself and so many other traders out here is that snap cash and many other systems have been given the green light by watch dog and many other similar services. Gets to a stage when you ask yourself is the industry as a whole worth bothering with. Realise there are good guys out there but it’s getting them to perform for yourself and maintain that performance. I had same problems with Lexington code even though everybody else raved about it. Did get my money back though.

  384. Paul says:

    Hello Watchdog – Please can anybody advise if DeMorgans Investments is legit company or a scam ? They offer a service whereby you deposit and they trade on your behalf and can withdrawal 80% of the profits of condusted trades on a monthly basis ?? Thanks

  385. marc barling says:

    hi i been watch a guy on you tube for a while who makes indicators . i was thinking of buying one ?but i been burnt before doing this .so just wondering if anyone has any feedback on this guy?if he is for real ?or just another scammer? his you tube name is binarytools his name is ivan his email is
    he dont allow people to comment on his videos but the other day he must of forgot to dis able it because a guy come on and said he was a scammer ? can any one let me no about this guy please thanks. also if he is no good has anyone got any ideas one what i can do to get a good indicator to trade with please cheers

  386. Paul says:

    Hello Watchdog – please can anyone advise if DeMorgans Investments is a scam or can be trusted and is a reputable company ?
    DeMorgans Investors; your key to greater heights!

  387. Johan says:

    Is VXMarkets Binary Options legit and have any one have success with them?

  388. Paul says:

    Thank you for letting me know

  389. Ashaff Hussain says:

    Hi Watchdog,

    First I’d like to say that you guys are doing a brilliant service to a lot of people. I definitely learnt a lot by just going through the amazing content I see here. Now to my question. I’d like to know whether you’d know any bots which would work with as a broker?.

  390. Kevin says:

    Exalent work on updating your review of gtoption ! Good work ! Unregulated , scam site !

  391. Paul says:

    Hello Watchdog – please can anyone provide any insight or advise if ASBC Financial is a recommended managed account service provider ?

    • WatchDog says:

      I don’t recommend using ANY managed account services!

      • Paul says:

        OK thank you – any specific reasons for that ?

        • WatchDog says:

          Yes. The reason is that it’s illegal for anyone to manage your accounts, besides brokers. And due to a conflict of interest inherent to binary options, you cannot trust brokers to trade for you.

          • Paul says:

            OK thank you for your reply so where a company for example such as ASBC Financial which claims to manage $ 4 billion in assets for corporate clients and now accepts individuals offer a service whereby one would deposit $ 1000 into a managed account and can expect a 60 – 72 % ROI on a monthly basis is all rubbish and not to be trusted ?

          • WatchDog says:

            Sorry, I thought you were referring to a binary options/Forex account management service. If it’s a licensed US company, then obviously you can trust them.

          • Paul says:

            Hi Watchdog – thank you for your reply – lastly can you please advise how to confirm and verify is a licensed regulated US company ?

          • WatchDog says:

            What’s their website address?

          • Paul says:

            Hi – there website address is demorgansinvestors based in Plainfield NJ USA CA and based in Toronto Canada – thank you for your assistance – cannot be too careful with the amount of fraud and scams nowadays .

          • WatchDog says:

            Both websites seem to be scams!

          • Paul says:

            Thank you – much appreciated

  392. ayanda solani says:

    hi watch dog i tried today to register with penny millionaires i was assign to a broker called ct options i deposited the money but was called by many different people from this ct option none of them can see my funds can you assist.

  393. John P. says:

    Hello, have you tried and tested any auto trading systems like ‘Fintech’ or ‘Binary options robot’ ?

  394. Nick says:

    Have you checked out how 53Option changed yo 53Capitaltrade? Please let your readers know this company is a HUGE scam. Thanx

  395. Jim Cashatt says:

    Can you guys check into it looks a bit fishy to me. Thanks

  396. Bridget Sutton says:

    Hi there,
    I have never traded binary options before but would like to start. Landed here after reviewing the Saffamethod.

    What is the best way to start trading?


  397. Scott says:

    Google Play App “Trusted Markets”. Anybody have the story on it?

  398. David Walton says:

    Do any of the trading robots have tech support phone numbers or email addresses???

  399. David Walton says:

    Do you know anything about Binary Mate?

  400. WatchDog says:

    I believe all 3 software are no longer available. I can recommend a good signal service to work with your broker accounts, although none of these broker accounts are with regulated brokers, so I wouldn’t deposit any more money with them.

  401. Grant says:

    Hi Watchdog, How do you rate

  402. Ian Daniels says:

    I am having a problem with a company called UBO Capital, they are binary options brokers who
    seem to be scamming the public for lots of money.
    I opened an account with UBOCapital, Mr. Richard Edison phoned me up and offered me a bonus
    if I invested more money with them which I declined because I didn’t want to have my money tied up
    long term, they then told me that they would trade on my behalf and I would average 15% per month profit.
    They traded for a short while and made some money so to test them I made a withdrawal request for
    £300.00 and it was deposited into my bank account. On 19th January 2016 I received a phone call from a
    Mr. Ben Cooper, he told me that there was a special one day event with up to 70% return and should the
    trade fail I will get my investment money back but I needed £5000 to be a part of it, I told him that I didn’t
    have £5000 to trade with, he explained that if I used my credit card he would pay the £5000 back before
    the payment date so I would not be charged any interest, I agreed to this and gave him the date of 12th
    March 2016 as the payment date for my credit card. The event made £1000.
    On February 2nd 2016 Mr. Cooper called me again with another guaranteed special event so I gathered all
    I could £7000 and let them trade with it on the understanding that I could withdraw the £7000 within a week
    of the event and leave the profit with them to build on. After this event there was just over £13800 in my trading
    account. On the 5th February 2016 I made a withdrawal request for the £7000 and waited, on the 24th
    February 2016 my withdrawal request was cancelled and my account balance dropped to 47 pence when
    I questioned what had happened Mr. Cooper told me that it had all been traded, when I looked it had been
    traded on long term, on the 24th February 2016, most of which ended 30th December 2016. Mr Cooper failed
    to pay the £5000 back to my credit card.
    After several E-mails Mr. Edison took over and they wouldn’t pay my money back, he just kept telling me
    that I would have to wait until the trades ended. I asked Mr Edison to confirm that UBO Capital would NOT
    make any more trades on my behalf, this he confirmed, This went on until the end of November 2016 so
    I waited for the trades to end, they all lost bar one which I sold off early for £3000 and made a withdrawal
    request for the £3000 on 22nd December 2016 they then made more trades and lost £700 of the £3000 and
    cancelled the request for my £3000 withdrawal on 2nd January 2017. I have now made a withdrawal request
    for my £2300. The request for my £2300 was cancelled on 13th January 2017 so I made another withdrawal
    request for the £2300 and that was also cancelled on the 19th January 2017 and the money was traded (even
    though Mr Edison confirmed that UBO Capital would not make any more trades on my behalf) and lost it all.
    I now have to try and get a total of £12500 back. I have also paid interest on my credit card for the £5000
    over the last 11 months. I have since found out that they have done the same thing to other people.

    • WatchDog says:

      I may be able to get you your money back. Overall, can you confirm that you deposited a sum total of £12500 via a credit card with these scammers?

  403. Ian Daniels says:

    Thanks for the reply, I deposited £5,000 on a credit card (Barclaycard have been contacted about this) and £7500 on a debit card.

  404. Ian Daniels says:

    I would be very grateful for any help and I would like to stop anyone making the same mistake.

  405. EDUARDO WEISZ says:

    Dubai App ES ESTAFA?

  406. Paul says:

    Hi Watchdog, I was also scammed out of 6000-00 USD by BinaryOnline. Can you help to get my money back

  407. Alastair Macdonald says:

    Dear sir, All of our $91,000 US except $2000, was scammed and stolen from my wife and I by Robbie Issa and Peter Grant of It is on facebook. They said another did it and would get the money back. All lies. They will now not reply at all to any email or Skype . Please can you help. I have records of transactions via internet banking, and email messages and Skype. Please please can you assist. I am 63 years old and renting a house and no job to go to each day

  408. José Eduardo Patini says:

    Hi, WatchDog! I´ve email you right now.
    You are doing a great job.

  409. Blessings says:

    Is 24option app regulated? I see many of their apps ads on fb

  410. Jim Cashatt says:

    I have been using 240ption for awhile now and have had no problems.

  411. A W Macdonald says:

    I was with them for 12 months. They did not care about me or my welfare. Only care about their accrue of wealth. But legit, but hypo and very bad advice.

  412. A W Macdonald says:

    24 OP are ok but IQ Option coupled with say MT4 charts and Trading View charts would be a whole lot better if you want to make progress without emotional hits. I had 24 Op for 15 months. It was all about them. Hard sales and some fibs. But above board.

  413. jim cullen says:

    first off dont put money into any of these israeli scamsters what so ever everyone of them along with their government thinks they have a right to steal from non jews….every one of the shysters things is run out of israel..they are out ti steal your money and the government supports them

    When binary options fraud turned fatal, and Israel, through its inaction, became complicit

    Op-Ed: Israeli law enforcement could have prevented the suicide of Canadian Fred Turbide last month, by closing down the firm that fleeced him, just as it could have stopped the corrupt industry blazing a trail of ruined lives worldwide for a decade. Unconscionably, even though many of the firms routinely engage in the crudest of thefts, the police do nothing

    Last month, Israel’s Channel 10 news carried a short item featuring Skype calls to two victims in the Arab world. Quite piquant it was — two Arab gentlemen who belatedly recognized they’d been ripped off by con artists from the Jewish state,


  414. John Spyker says:

    Suisse Option and Jack Ryan are a mega scam! He stole 27 K from me making big promises! He supposedly turned the first 2 K I gave him into 9 K by making trades for me, so then I gave him 10 K for a CFD contract he talked me into, then I gave him 15 K for another CFD – total 27 K ! Then I thought I’d better try a withdrawal for 5 K, after a month of excuses he gave – no withdrawal! I started insisting, then he blocked me out of my account. I couldn’t get in anymore. After trying for about another 2 weeks making phone calls, emails & text messages without answers, I realized I had been scammed! Can anyone help me?

  415. Wallace says:

    Hello, I am sorry. It is a huge depressive effect. I have been scammed. $91,000US. The criminals are Robbie Issa and Peter Grant. God has promised to repay them as they are his enemies. He will vindicate us in Jesus name.
    I hope that they are hanged, in the public square and all of their possessions sold and given to the poor. this was the trails they had in Britain before humanism and gutlessness took over . This is a fair trial. Then they be given no burial.
    modern laws favour criminals and penalize the innocent.

  416. Marius says:

    I would like to know if the software of virtnext is reliable

  417. Razali says:

    Hi, I’m Razali from Malaysia,Which Binary Option Suitable for me ,

  418. Marius says:

    I would like to use the software “Super Simple Bot”. Is it a good product?
    Thank you for answering me!

  419. Becky says:

    Hi, I just finished reading your “Binary Options Chargebacks and Refunds” article and thought it had some good information in it. Because of it, I decided to let you know about a problem I’ve been having with one of your “approved” traders: Cherry Trade. I really like them because, normally, they’re friendly to US citizens and really easy to work with, and I’ve used them on and off in the past, but now, apparently, they are having some difficulty with their withdrawal process. I’ve been trying for almost a year to get my balance of $486 back from them, to no avail. At first it seemed like it wasn’t going to be a problem. I had funded my account $500 using my debit card, no problem. Then, I sent in all of my verification documentation, which was acknowledged by CT. And, when I eventually decided to close my account, they said they had lost their money transfer service provider, called Pay2Card, so now my only option was to transfer my money via a wire transfer. Unfortunately, I bank with a credit union and credit unions are not able to receive International wire transfers. A rep from Cherry Trade, Margaret, told me that credit unions have “partner” banks in the US that are able to receive the wire transfers from International banks, after which they can wire the money nationally to the credit union account holder. When I asked my credit union about their supposed “partner” bank, I was told that it’s the International bank that has the “partner” bank within the US, not the credit union. I made a point of talking to the executive in charge of processing wire transfers at my credit union, not just a customer service rep, so I know the information I was given is correct. That means that Cherry Trade lied to me. At the start of this process, after finding out that Pay2Card was no longer available, I had also suggested that Cherry Trade just send me a cashiers check or money order, or send it to my PayPal account or send it to a bank account of a friend, but I was told they can’t do any of those options. And, so, my money sits in an account I have no wish to use any more. I find it hard to believe that in this day and age of many different ways to send money, Cherry Trade can’t come up with some way to get me my money. The only way I can possibly get my money, according to them, is to open a bank account, and I don’t accept that. I don’t see why I should be forced to open a bank account for a one time transaction only to close it right after. Banks don’t work that way. They expect you to fulfill certain obligations with them. They won’t just let you open a bank account, make one deposit and one withdrawal, then close it without penalizing you, so opening a bank account isn’t a viable solution for me either. I would file a complaint with some regulatory agency if I knew who to contact. Any suggestions you may have as to how to resolve this stale mate would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    • WatchDog says:

      Ask them if they can send the money via MoneyNetInt or any ewallet sites such as Skrill or Neteller. By the way, we have not been recommending Cherry Trade for quite a while now. At the moment, we only recommend trading with regulated brokers, in the US that means Nadex.

  420. maharaja says:

    bdswiss is good broker or scam

  421. maharaja says:

    is there any withdrawal problem in bdswiss. pls tell me.i want to join

  422. denis says:

    When watchdog tell you they will help you to get your money back you think what nice people.How wrong can you be they dont do nothing for nothing there is always a catch.What Watch Dog does is pas you over to another company so they can get there commision .This is another SCAM you are up against you are been robed twice.I know you wont print this review but at least you will read it and i can let you know what a piece of s –t You are operating a corrupt website pretending to help people you feed them false information so you can receive your commision.

  423. Razali says:

    I came across AYREX Binary Broker that offer automatic withdraw the fund.
    Please confirm this broker are SCAMER or not
    The full name and Address : Advance Binary Technology Ltd
    Registration no : C44622 Office 590,Suits 5, Horsfords Business Centre,
    Long Point Road,Charlestown,Nevis,St Kitts

  424. Godfrey says:

    nobody should deposit money on, when you deposit up to 1k they will give you bonus in order to enter in an agreement with them, then they will allow you to make some profit by given you trades then after that, they will give you trades to wipe away all your profit, capital and even the bonus, (

  425. Noel Ferguson says:

    Optionstarsglobal are almost as bad thieving crooks as those at OptionsXO. It seems that karma will prevail and all these thugs will have payback either in this life or the next. The internet is a den of thieves!

  426. Wallace says:

    Calogero Boccadutri
    I am in contact with this lawyer of Boccudutri Law in Italy, They want 1900 euro up front the 10% of the recovered or stolen money by Robbie Issa of Trade with Robbie, who are full scale thieves of the kingdom of darkness. . Boccudutri seem genuine. Does any one know about these lawyers and are they good and better than Giambrionne Law in London?
    I hope Issa has al of his houses in London New York and Mediterranean sold and given to the ripped off people and
    and jailed forever with hard labour in a coal mine.!!

  427. Godfrey says:

    George Glikos was my account manager and it has been long he tried socking my account but I seem to be too hard for him because I don’t follow his instruction by placing exact amount for each trade he gave me so, he decided to be giving me anyhow trade knowing that I’m always available to place a trade anytime any day and that’s how he finally got me down but I assured him by the Grace of God, he will receive his punishment either by spending that money on illness or by unexpected death will come upon him because THE BIBLE SAID THAT THERE SHALL BE NO PEACE FOR THE WICKED.

  428. Giorgos says:

    Hi ,
    What’s your opinion about ”Binary option club”?

  429. Wallace says:

    I have just had most of our money stolen by Rabia Issa and Peter Grant, of Trade with They stole $92,000US. I hope they get fined millions and sent to a cruel jail in Syria for life!!! They worked through Binary Mate and JAFX. Here is the lesson. If it is not regulated and licensed under CYSEC, like IQ Option and Stock Pair are, then do not even think about it. Do not touch them. I would run for miles from Binary Option Club. I would say they are well seasoned criminals that will take all of you money after trying to convince you they are really cutting edge and so on. Scammers for sure. Do not even risk it. You will regret it. There is no fast way to wealth. Go to Michael Freemans signals and advice. He is not a crook like most, and have very good training.

  430. Jim Cashatt says:

    Heres a new one that looks extremely scammy. Its called Olymptrade.

  431. JACOBS G says:

    Dear Sirs,

    Can you confirm me if the system of THE INFINITY APP of David Miller is serious.

    Till now all binary option traders I saw never wanted to pay back any money

    How is the legislation about this

    When someone steel an candy in a shop he can go to jail

    Seems that the US does not much again those white board criminals

    Best regards


  432. Ken says:

    Hello WatchDog,
    Rbinary, Plusoption, Sternoptions. Please which one among them will you recommend.

  433. alastair says:

    You must ask, why have they not gone and become regulated and licensed. Because they are vile snakes, they will rob kill steal and destroy you, just like Robbie Issa and Peter Grant at and binarymate. All do the works of the devil. Run the other way as fast as you can. Go to the likes of IQ option

  434. Victoire says:

    Could you give me a short memo on Binary Mate……Thanks

  435. alastair says:

    Binary mate together wit Issa of stole $66,000 from me in one night and now I need solicitors, “Selachii Law and the FBI to deal with them and it will cost me 450 pounds an hour for lawyers. Binary mate are criminals for sure

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