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Read this highly important review on the Code Fibo software before even thinking to enter your email address into the boxes provided. As most of our subscribers already know, we pride ourselves on exposing scam systems and ensuring there no more victims in the binary options industry. We therefore take every precaution possible before we even come half way to present you with a new trusted binary options auto trader or signals service. This is also why we have been scrutinising and enquiring to our wits end regarding the Code Fibo auto trader and everything related to the website. Which is also why each time we find one that has been proven to work and producing profits that we expect of systems, we are happy to finally break the tradition of exposing the scams, and present something truly designed to help you gain in binary options.

Professor Matthew Louise is the owner and the brains behind the CodeFibo software. For the past 5 years he has been researching and testing markets to figure out a system to further assist his lower-income-students in achieving their financial goals. Up until recently he has been helping his students’ trade manually, and most of them still prefer to use the Code Fibo software’s manual signal function to trade on a daily basis. His objective was to create a system which does not only have a high percentage win ratio, but also works within all the possible market conditions.

So what makes Code Fibo so special and different from all the other scam auto traders out there? The signal service has been carefully programmed and designed to follow a thoroughly put together Fibonacci arbitrage strategy. Prof Matthew Louise has discovered something that can only be explained as a Natural Phenomenon. Fibonacci numbers and the Golden Ratio is what makes the world go round, and evidence of this can be found all over the internet on how this is being used, and the rational influence it has within the financial markets. With the Fibonacci strategy you can precisely tell the direction, price point and time frame for any asset. The three dimensional analysis could be used to trade manually or automatically.

One reason why many auto traders fail even if they worked for a short period of time, is one simple thing, and that is the fact that they have been designed to follow a certain trend. The problem then arises when that trend ends, the auto trader stop working, and things go terribly wrong. This is one of the reasons Prof Matthew created the Code Fibo software, knowing about this, he set out to design a system that counters this. How does the system do this? Simple, by taking crowd sentiment and financial analyses into account. By carefully predicting what type of impact financial analyses has on the markets, and listening to the talk of the town, can then accurately predict the affect that is about to occur, and places trades accordingly.

What can you expect when registering for the Code Fibo Software?

  • Instant access to a software that is available on full automation, making it the perfect system for completely new traders.
  • Code Fibo generates up to 80 trades per week, and with a win ratio of 82%, you can expect at the very least 66 to 70 trades winning.
  • Provided with manual signals generated by the system for those who wants more of a hands on experience.
  • A system that is available on any computer or mobile device, making it accessible from anywhere.


One thing that we found very comforting when we came to the decision on whether to register for the Code Fibo auto trader or not, was the feedback we have received from a few trusted experts in the online trading industry, along with some traders results as well. This is one thing we always look out for when considering a system, as one thing is for sure, and that is the power of actual traders’ feedback and reviews. Of course as most of you will have noticed as well, is the fact that there are no scam elements to the software to be found anywhere. No countdown counter, actors, over exaggerated amounts of profits, ect. As mentioned in previous scam reviews, there are few factors that we assess when looking at a possible auto trader, and finding none of the above will install confidence in anyone who has been scammed before.

Our team has been carefully testing, trying and vetting the Code Fibo software to ensure we talk from experience as well as feedback when we provide our review to our readers. We have been working with the system for about two weeks now, and so far we have been really happy with the results we have been able to achieve. Even though it has been said that the Code Fibo system is capable of reaching 97% win ration, during our personal experience we have been able to consistently generate around 82%, with some days going as high as 86%. It has not been able to reach the nineties yet, but being able to reach consistently in the eighties is enough for us to determine that the software can be trusted to generate great profits. The system has been placing between 12 to 16 trades a day. However we have found the amount of trades are heavily depended on the hours per day you trade. Our team member assigned to testing the software traded a good eight to ten hours per day. We will of course continue to test the system in order to do a further evaluation on the consistency and precision of the Code Fibo software, so rest assured, if anything changes, our readers will be the first to know.

Highest Performing Binary Options Automated System!


At this point in time and after a careful review, our team fully trust Code Fibo, and have made more than double our money back. We are happy to say that we have found the system to not be a scam, which comes as a great relieve every now and again due to all of the scam auto traders out there. For those looking to get started, we would advise that you do so without hesitation due to the limited spaces available and as always keep an eye out for our future updates. For further information or any questions you might have, you can email us or leave a comment below this review, and one of our team members will get back to you.

Review Verdict: Code Fibo is legitimate, 100% Scam Free!

Visit the official website:

Watch Marili make over $1,000 in 5 business days!!

September 9th Update – Fibo Code Update, Tips and Results

It’s important to note that Code Fibo is available world-wide, excluding countries where binary options trading is restricted. We would love to see members share their feedback, results and questions below this review. For alternatives, visit Watchdog’s Tested Signals for binary options trading. Stay tuned for our next Code Fibo Review as we will walk you through the software, share some strategies that can maximize your profits and show you how the software operates on manual and auto mode. For all the recent updates and industry news, be sure to subscribe to Watchdog’s blog. Thank you for taking the time to read this review and good luck with your online trading journey.

75 comments on “Code Fibo Review; 100% Scam Free Software!
  1. Alberto Aguilar says:

    I like how the software is based on real tech analysis. The first few trades were successful but the markets are just opening and I traded the semi-auto signals.

  2. Barry McGee says:

    Thank you for the review Watchdog! I have enough with the scam sites. Code Fibo stands out as unique and I’ve seen several reliable endorsements on Google. Barry

  3. Habsah Abd Hamid says:

    Is Code Fibo available in Malaysia?

    • WatchDog says:

      Unfortunately it’s not available in Malaysia Habsah, but if you are looking for an alternative you should visit our signals page for other reliable options.

  4. Robert says:

    I always know a. Have trusted partner in binary trading when i start keep u the great work

  5. Fabian says:

    I’m going to try CodeFibo, I really hope this one will work.

  6. Steve says:

    Thanks Watchdog.

  7. Gary Warnock says:

    Not many Auto Trades, but all were in the money, along with 5 manual trades I took and I only lost one. Together I am over 80% Thank you God for something real finally! Code Fibo is the best yet!

  8. Daniela says:

    Pleased to report back that I am doing better than expected! $180 profit on my first day so I am no longer skeptical but still hungry for more.

  9. Valerie Clark says:

    It’s an eye opening experience. As I go along and receive trades I am learning from it. I have some MT4 experience using the FIBO indicator and with the automation it’s absolutely amazing! I tried looking into syncing brokers for binary with MT4 but couldn’t, it’s technically impossible but with Code Fibo you get it in one package. Great technology and the ITM is in the green!!! Thank you so much Watchdog!

  10. Mohd Najib Mohd Amin says:

    another great review watchdog!..yes,this Code Fibo definitely trusted,unique and looks reliable!..i hope people out there can use this golden opportunity!

  11. Joan Achieng says:

    Is code fibo available in Kenya

    • WatchDog says:

      Dear Joan, Code Fibo is available in Kenya. Earlier this week we checked with support for another trader. Try using the Chrome browser while you register and use the software, it’s must faster this way and no technical errors.

  12. Baljeetam Saini says:

    Is CodeFibo available for India ?

  13. George Aduanaba says:

    Didn’t think a good autotrader will be created in my life time! CodeFibo represents! I looked at the other review you posted recently by Marili, it really helped me understand how to use the software better. The trades are very accurate and when they are not, it’s very close to the strike rate. Anyway, it’s a winner!!!

  14. david carlson says:

    Thanks watchdog for the real truth on Lucrosa. thank god for you guys. dont know how they get away with it and are not severely punished

  15. Imba says:

    Is CodeFibo available in Indonesia too?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Imba, is available in Indonesia but only a few brokers that are synced with the software will be able to offer you access.

  16. Felix says:

    Is it available in U.A.E

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Felix, Proudly we can say it’s available in the UAE, as well as many other countries in your region as binary options is becoming vastly regulated now. In Asia and in the Gulf countries we are seeing an uptrend in interest. Some brokers are very targeted and have customer service departments for Arabic speaking people, as well as other languages. If you’re unable to register contact us or the FiboCode support team.

  17. Alan Leak says:

    Beautifully crafted in the interior but forget about that. Code Fibo is delivering as you stated, I was in doubt but after 5 business days I know it works!

  18. Kjell Morten Lund says:

    Can I use Code Fibo in Norway?

    • WatchDog says:

      Dear Kjell and John, is available both in Norway and also in the Philippines. In the Philippines you may run into a smaller selection of brokers or one would be assigned to you, nonetheless the software is available in both countries.

  19. Bayo says:

    hello , is it available for Nigeria?

  20. Susan Hager says:

    Damn it I wish markets were operating on weekends. Finally a software that generates profits!! I only started on Thursday and I have a lot of catching up to do from previous losses. Salute to many ITMS with!!

    Many thanks and have a great weekend!


  21. Theophilus Oduleye O• says:

    Hello is it available in India ??

  22. Yair says:

    Is Cod Fibo available in Israel ?

    • WatchDog says:

      Code Fibo is not available in Israel Yair. In general binary options is restricted completely including Forex, so you will need to look into local regulations before you register with any broker or signals service. As for Code Fibo, it’s completely blocked.

  23. David Barnett says:

    Matthew Lewis must be a real PRO, first of all, I don’t understand how it took forever for someone to figure out that using tech analysis like with MT4 type of stuff on automation, would yield much better results. 2nd of all, it’s really a shame that most systems out there are BullS$hit as they say. So I am glad this Code Fibo app is working and up until this point, my account is on the uptrend. As like many other folks, I am still recovering from losses but in my cases it was mainly due to my own mistakes and before I knew what indicators were. lol

    Thanks for everything Watchdog!

    P.S. –
    Keep us updated with those video reviews, the last one by Marili really kicked ass.

  24. Chase says:

    Great ITMs with Fibo, didn’t lose in a single day for 10 business days! Some days were slower I admit but it’s doing just fine and I feel like the broker is great because they are regulated.

  25. ovi says:

    CToption is a reliable broker?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Ovi, CToption is a broker offered to Europeans in many cases. They are licensed and we are not familiar with any complaints. We believe that CToption is a safe choice in combination with

  26. mario velasco says:

    Many thanks watch dog, its great indeed and no doubt or hesitation I will try, keep on updating and posting ur reviews,God blesss Us.. Marvel

  27. Ralph says:

    Since Friday September 2nd when I initially registered with Code Fibo I managed to increase my initial deposit by 500% + believe it or not, I invested $500 and I am up by almost $3000. I am looking to finish the month with at least $6,000. No gesture in the form of words could express how thankful I am for those who reviewed this service and gave me the hope and push to take this one for a ride. This one is a big ITM ride. is my favorite and most reliable source for auto-trading and almost 3 weeks into it, stats don’t lie.

  28. Tracey says:

    Is Code Fibo available in South Africa?

  29. Tracey says:

    Please can someone inform me if Code Fibo is available in South Africa.

  30. Allan says:

    I am from South Africa and I managed to register this morning.

  31. Hans-Jochem Wirtz says:

    the autotrader did 10 trades, 8 ITM !

  32. Karolina says:

    Is it available in Croatia?

  33. Tracey says:

    Has anyone had a negative experience with Code Fibo

  34. Monica Gale says:

    Out of 4 different systems I am currently testing, the Code Fibo one is the best. It’s consistent and will make you at least $150 every day if you use the Auto signals on 80% risk level

  35. Theophilus Oduleye O• says:

    Is code fibo available in India please ??

  36. Greg says:

    Wish it wasn’t weekend! First time in my life that I am able to profit with an online trading software.

  37. Aaron Scott says:

    I commented here before, and lately I started testing SnapCash along side Code Fibo after seeing Matt’s review on and now in comparison I can tell you that SnapCash Binary is better! More signals, the Auto feature is easier to use and the setting, better ITM, simply better! Just my opinion after 5 days with Snap Cash.

  38. Frank says:

    Is codefibo accessible in Ghana?

  39. Donnie Walpool says:

    I am tryin to signup but its not accepting my email

  40. Edward Woodward says:

    If if available in Thailand

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Edward, We are not familiar with any registration issues from Thailand. After submitting the form on the first page, if your country is not accepted you will not be able to proceed and create an account.

  41. Cecil farris says:

    My name is Cecil Farris, and on the behalf of my entire family I want to really thank you! The difference you made in my life is extraordinary and I am so thankful for finding your review site.

  42. iliya iyakwo says:

    is code fibo available in nigeria

  43. Ashu says:

    if it is not available for india..plzz tell me the trusted one..or how to join codefibo??

  44. tengku says:

    can i know what broker that sync with code fibo?

  45. aseem9971 says:

    is there any way to join???or plz tell me one of the trusted automated systemm for India..

  46. JamesGilbo says:

    which auto Trader can I use while in Uganda??

  47. Sasa says:

    Thanks Watchdog for the great review on Code Fibo!

  48. George Ruiz says:

    Is code Fibo still delivering?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi George, We are personally still using the software and getting very good feedback. Code Fibo is still in our top 3 that’s for sure.

  49. fearracious says:

    Sadly site not working.. I guess its down or not available anymore?

  50. CLIVE DOWDALL says:

    to join the page comes up error 404. page does not exist. what has gone wrong here ?

  51. Hans Holzherr says:

    I don’t get it. I signed up with CodeFibo a couple of days ago, and registered with BinaryOnline through the CodeFibo site. CodeFibo provides just signals without expiry times suggested (! – unusable). No automated trading. Support is not responding…..

  52. Selvam says:


    I signed up for the CodeFibo Autotrader software after reading the review at Binary Options Watchdog on 19th January 2017.

    I was assigned Omega Options as my broker and deposited USD 250.

    Upon activation of the software, I realised that the software has no autotrader.

    On the software, I can only select the signal strength.

    I cannot select the trade amount, the risk level and can’t turn on the autotrader as they were missing from the software.

    I learnt that only manual trading was available.

    There is also no contact numbers, live chat or email support available on the software.

    The only email support address was from my confirmation email from CodeFibo and it stated:

    I emailed them about this matter at that support address and till now got no reply.

    I also found out that Omega Options is unregulated and after reading reviews about them, found out that they have a lot of complaints about withdrawals from customers.

    I immediately requested for a withdrawal of USD 250 and was approved on 24th January 2017.

    When after 10 business days and I still haven’t received my funds, I contacted Omega Options on 8th February.

    Their live chat was non existent, their contact telephone numbers were not working and I can only contact them via email regarding this matter.

    They replied that they have already transferred the funds.

    Up till now I have still not received my funds.

    I feel disappointed and scammed to say the least.

    I am now wondering why CodeFibo is still recommended as a reliable auto trader, when it is not but only a signal services provider with no customer support and dealing with shady brokers.

    Please keep your readers updated about this so that no one has to go through my bad experience.

    Selvam K.

    • WatchDog says:

      Please send us an email for assistance.

      • Hans Holzherr says:

        As can be seen in my earlier post, I, too, noticed the absence of an autotrader in Code Fibo. I was assigned BinaryOnline as broker, and when I realized that there was no autotrader in Code Fibo, I was going to withdraw the $250. But before I did, I was called by a BinaryOnline broker named Barron Duke who appeared to be very friendly. I felt for quite a while that he was really different from all the other brokers I had known. I told him of my harrowing experiences I’ve had with brokers, and he appeared to sympathize with me. He talked me into canceling my withdrawal and to employ his services. We agreed on trading for small amounts, and we agreed that no bonus would ever be added to my account. Before trading even started he suggested that I upgrade my account to Gold status by making the appropriate deposit, which he said I could withdraw right away, while the account kept its upgraded status. So I did that, and once the funds were deposited he urged me to upgrade to Premium (with even higher payouts) with the same procedure. I did that, too, expecting to withdraw those two deposits. He then said that he would link me to an expert analyst who would work with me, and I agreed. The next thing I knew was that I had a $6,250 bonus in my account. When I reminded him that we had agreed that I would withdraw my two deposits (and keep the Premium status), he said I had agreed to ‘the plan’, and now I couldn’t quit. That’s when the ordeal started. With my ‘financial cushion’ locked in my BinaryOnline account, I had no choice other than go with ‘the plan’ while cursing Barron who had violated all agreements, had zero respect for my descisions, flooded me with phone calls, pestering me to upgrade to Platinum status in a way I can only describe as psycho terror. The nicest of all brokers had dropped his masquerade and had turned into the meanest of them all….. I got ‘educational signals’ from the analyst, and tested them for 3 days at $25 per trade, resulting in 15 trades out of the money vs. 14 trades in the money. As always, success or failure depended on the price and timing of opening the trades, and on chance, very much on chance. On day 4, Barron added a second bonus of $5,000 and demanded that I invest $280 per trade, on about 20 trades. I refused to trade, wrote a mail to Barron that he just could not treat people this way, and wrote a lengthy mail to BinaryOnline’s support, telling the whole story. Soon after that, Barron called me and told me that he was in possession of my mail to the support (which I had expected, sooner or later) – BUT he said, he was in control of the whole case (as the ‘defendant’, notably). However, I also got a reply from support which told me that the case was being escalated to the investigative department, and I would be contacted from there. Sure enough, an investigative officer called me, and we had a good talk. He explained to me their bonus policy which is apparently different from other broker companies in that withdrawals can be made before meeting the turnover. He also assured me that I would be able to decide whether or not I accepted the bonuses in my account. On the same day, Barron offered to step down from being my manager, finally realizing that he could no longer work with me. This is the status quo …. Next, I will request to be discharged from ‘the plan’ and hope that they will comply.

        I have a strong feeling that the brokerage field very much attracts people who suffer from a narcissistic disorder. Barron remains fully convinced that he is my friend, and that all he had done was for my good, including breaking our agreements, stalking, and ignoring my decisions and my sovereignty. At the same time, he accuses me of lying in my mail to the support. He makes a big effort to whitewash his distorted self-image. It seems he actually cannot figure out why I am so angry with him.

  53. Martin Elkins says:


    You say you are happy to investigate wrong-doings by brokers and new auto-traders so I would like to tell you briefly of my experiences: –

    I have been trying to make some profit from trading Binary Options. I have tried Perpetual Formula, Copy Buffet, Code Fibo, Snap Cash and Wiki Trader. I’ve had Binary Uno, Swiss Royal Banc, Binary Online, Secured Options Skyline Markets and now SRB Group again with Lexington Code. I have always finished up loosing money. But I want, and am determined to succeed!

    I’ve had two account managers with different brokers, had a bonus with another and learnt all those lessons – too late, of course, and still finished up loosing money.

    I have now joined Lexington Code with Swiss Royal Banc. I tried joining a second time with a fresh email to change my broker but that didn’t work. So I’m stuck with SRB – so be it. After a lot of mucking around they accepted my credit card deposit of US 250.00. I also got an upgrade adding a second broker, but I can’t afford to fund that account yet – I need to make some profit. I can’t afford to keep loosing. I’ve verified my account with SRB and my account is activated..

    Because I’m in New Zealand (GMT + 13) I have to trade at night 10.00 pm – 6.00 am. Do you agree with this or do you think it doesn’t matter with Lexington Code Auto Trader?

    Last night I set the Auto Trader to your settings, i.e. $25.00, 1 trade and auto assets. It lost the first two trades and I turned it off. I have continued trading and almost regained my original deposit of $250. I’m up to $243.25 according to SRB. However Lexington say I have a zero balance! How can this be? You can see the trades in my account. It must be an admin error by Lexington, surely… I have emailed support at both organisations, entered chats on the site and emailed support from the site. Nobody answers at all. Have I done anything wrong?

    Prior to this, late last year I joined snap cash from one of your reviews through Secured Options. I deposited $250 which by some trickery, they doubled. They wouldn’t comment, so I thought I would trade anyway to see how it went with the auto trader because if I was to to get similar results to you I’d have the money back quick enough. The auto trader reduced my balance to $310. I have been trying to withdraw that balance and the withdrawal shows as pending for 2 months now. Nobody responds anymore. Originally I received a message to say I should receive my money in 7 days. Alas that has not been the case to date.

    Thanks in advance of your help.

    Please reply to my email.

    Martin Elkins.

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