Citidel LTD Investment App Review; Proven and Tested!

The topic of today’s review is the Citidel LTD Investment APP by Dr. Kent Grifly. Let’s be clear, It’s not another scam and in fact, we predict that in 2016 it will become the most widely used automated-system for binary options in the globally. The website in question is: and it certainly managed to bring added value and innovation to the industry, due to the simple fact that members are treated as investors, rather than anonymous day-traders. Let’s go over all the facts and everything you need to know about the Citidel LTD App.

Citidel Investment software is a market-analyst tool that profits from the high volatility of the market with up to 87 percent in returns with an average of 84%+ ITM Accuracy Guaranteed. The differentiating factor, besides the simple fact that we’re not dealing with the typical online-trading scam, is that you’re not only granted access to an automated investment software, members also get an access to a free binary options Webinar and a full conference pass valued at $399 to one of many appearances DR. Grifly makes worldwide! Watch the video to learn more:


The person we should sincerely thank and salute is the entrepreneur who is behind this amazing innovation and unlike all the anonymous “gurus”… Grifly earned his Bachelor’s and Doctoral degrees in economics from Iowa State University. In recent years he started making public lectures in front of live audiences in conferences worldwide such as the FB Investors Cruise, the Financial Expo in Las Vegas and the WMS in Toronto. In the previous Vagas conference we sent one of our moderators to represent our website and he got to personally meet him. After meeting him you will happily pay the $399 to meet him again but all members get a free ticket to one of his lecture. The Citidel LTD Investment APP is a recent project with tremendous success, but Kent Grifly’s resume dates back to 1983 when he initially became the Chief Investment Strategist and Chairman at Grifly Capital LLC, an investment management firm which has grown exponentially over the years. We encourage you to watch the video on to get the full picture. At this point and moving forward, it’s evident to us that Citidel LTD is the best binary options software in the industry and one of a kind; we’ve tested it for months using multiple trading account and managed to make Tens of Thousands of Dollars using this unique technology.

Is Citidel LTD a SCAM? 

We don’t have any doubt that any day-trading site or forum that has any respect for readers and for the industry, will test and review Citidel LTD and we are expecting the consensus to be very positive, however we know that some blogs will always find it more rewarding to promote scam offers instead and on a side note, if you’re not confident with an offer you should refer to our Blacklist Page and remember to always conduct independent research.

Citidel App is fully automated and synced to your broker account, it’s currently free + members get access to a free Webinar and a Live Conference. This opportunity is available world-wide, US and Canada and in every country where binary options is not restricted! Mobile apps are available for and you can use Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox or Safari since it’s a web-based software. To make a long story short, we fully endorse Citidel on and give it a 10 out of 10 score in this review! Members and non-members are welcome to share any type of feedback below, and if you’re planning to attend the next Vegas conference look for the guys with the BOWD T-shirts, as all 5 of us are planning to attend! We’re also planning to show up this year at the London Forex and BO conference in February of 2016.


Review Verdict: Citidel LTD is not a scam!

Extra Value for all investors:

Free software, Webinar and a Live Conference Included!

For more information on Citidel LTD Investment App by Kent Grifly, we encourage you to visit: This is an honest opportunity and if your goal is to start generating money in the field of day-trading & with a quality signals provider, you are getting far more than what you bargain for in this particular case and it’s free as we’re writing this review. You’re only required to fund an account with a broker as with any software or app, but you can always invest the minimum if you are skeptical or new to the field. The consistent average of 80%+ ITM will ensure that your account balance will rapidly increase, you are not exposed to any type of risk.

For alternatives and other trading ideas, visit Watchdog’s Tested Signals and if you are absolutely new to day-trading, consider doing some testing with a free demo account (TradeThunder Review). Thanks again for reading our Citidel review and in a few days we plan to post a follow-up so stay tuned because we’re about to show you some live results, confirmed numbers and withdrawals and true success speaks louder than anything!

91 comments on “Citidel LTD Investment App Review; Proven and Tested!
  1. Louis Castillo says:

    Thank you so much for the review Watchdog! I love the idea of how they’re giving a free webinar and not charging for it like other services and Facebook groups, I am definitely signing up with Citidel! Louis

  2. Karen Fellman says:

    I apologize if it’s a stupid question but can I subscribe to the Citidel LTD App and webinars from the UK?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Karen, Citidel is available in the UK and everywhere in Europe including Russia but if anyone encounters any registration issues contact them directly at, EMEKA the software is 100% automated and we currently recommend both Virtnext and Citidel LTD. It’s hard to compare since we’re been trading with Virtnext for a few months but we’ll be able to make this determination in a few weeks and possibly post a follow-up review comparing the two services.

  3. EMEKA says:

    Hello Watch dog,pls how sure are you about this citidel software,and is it 100% fully auto.which would you recommend i use as at today between citidel and virtnext.Thanks alot for your leadership

  4. Alan Flynn says:

    I had a terrible experience with the Simple Profits that you exposed, seems a lot more professional and transparent. I am doing well with another service but it’s a little bit over break-even so I need a better software to spice things up! Citidel LTD it is!

  5. Lex says:

    I reside in Nevada sounded really interesting, I activated Citidel right after you posted the review and got 9 signals, 2 simultaneously and lost one while all the other signals expired ITM. Very exciting for a start and I appreciate the reference a LOT! Have a great weekend traders, Lex

  6. Velev says:

    BOSPOT team can also confirm that Citidel Software is legit. We have tested the service and it has proven an 80% success rate, pretty decent for binary options auto trading solution!
    Check our review regarding Citidel Ltd here:

    • WatchDog says:

      Interesting review Velev and very informative. Are you planning to attend the London conference? Will be great to see you!

  7. Velev says:

    Yes we will be there! I’m very excited about the conference and i`ll be happy that you guys are going to attend also!

  8. steve says:

    Very nice review! Thanks!

  9. Andy says:

    Thanks WatchDog. I am in the USA and just started BOT.

  10. Angela says:

    Can I use citadel in Australia? It sounds very interesting.

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Angela, Binary options is becoming very popular in Australia, we are not familiar with any restrictions. If you manage to get through the registration page without an error message you can go ahead and proceed.

  11. Miral Sawjani says:

    Great Review … looks amazing . Thank you watchdog for posting this review. The product looks very interesting and just might be what I am looking for as my 2016 investment

  12. Irfan says:

    Hi there,

    I live in Canada; can I use Citidel?

  13. Darwyn says:

    Citidel LTD rocked on Friday! The through performance was closer to 90% than 80% or maybe I just got lucky. Really happy to work with a profit making software and not just of the average junk.

  14. CJ Willis says:

    Very accurate and all the reviews point to a similar conclusion. I must say that I agree with your first statement and prediction, been in the FX industry for 9 years and seen a lot. Citidel Limited is a major break-through in the online trading world and if they keep this up, who knows how much investors will be pulling? There’s no mutual fund in the world that comes even close to the returns that Citidel investors can make and over a much shorter time frame relative to any other form of investment. I am also with Forex Paradise but it’s a slower process so if any of the Watchdog subscribers are thinking to invest with an automated system, Citidel is the most reliable in my opinion and based on experience with multiple services for FX and Binary! CJ Willis

  15. Timothy says:

    Hello Watch dog, I live in Uganda, East Africa. Can I use Citidel here.

  16. Peter Karlsen says:

    I am eagerly waiting for Monday, just activated the Citidel LTD App 30 minutes ago and it’s running smooth on my Tablet, the real testing will start when markets open and I will keep you updated. Recently I attended a webinar hosted by Mike’s FB group by Afzal his admin, very informative and I like the idea that with Citidel you get it completely free the first time.

  17. Neels says:

    Thank you for your knowledge and professionalism. Do you know which broker one should use with Citidel LTD?

    • WatchDog says:

      Dear Neels, The broker is assigned to members based on the GEO location. We have a few accounts, 2 with which are fully regulated. They work with many brokers, in your case based on your email we see that you’re trading from New Zealand so chances are you will be synced with a local, regulated broker with support and possibly a team in your area.

  18. Brian Williams says:

    I am really anxious to start, already scheduled a webinar with Citidel LTD, they’re team are very professional and I was surprised to received support over the weekend. Invested today and ready for a great trading week!

  19. Simon says:

    Very interesting review. I am going to do a registration to Citidel.

  20. Dipak says:

    Hi Watchdog Team, great review. Thank you!

  21. Peter Karlsson says:

    I started up whit 500 euro and after just one day my result:5 itm and 1otm

  22. Diego says:

    Very smooth interface, great support and many winning trades today with Citidel Investment! My scheduled webinar is for next week on Wednesday 16GMT, see you there if you plan to attend! Diego

  23. Joey Ruiz says:

    Me too Diego! I just activated the software so only two trades, but one is about to expire soon. The signals seem legit and the best thing about it is that it’s really automated and not semi like some of the other services.

  24. Jay says:

    Beware of Phoenix Trading I think it’s a scam! 4 consecutive losing trades?!? They must really not know how to trade!!

  25. Christian Denis says:

    I don’t know if I should cry out of joy right now. I’ll save you my horrible story of one year with all kinds of losses, scams, problems. Citidel LTD saved me and will save anyone who lost hope in binary options! Thank you for this review but I already had no doubt after seeing the actual results in action. God Bless You! Christian

    • Alex says:

      Thank you for saving me from Phoenix Trading Watchdog!! I am a little bit scared now but it does seem like all sites point to Citidel LTD as a reliable alternative to scam services so I’ll probably give it a try.

  26. Bill Antonio says:

    I am glad Citidel operates in the Netherlands and the United States! I am a US citizen currently stationed in Europe so when I go back home I’ll be able to keep trading. It was really important for me since I know that many services are not available in the US and I’ll be back in 2 months from now.

  27. Mohd Najib Mohd Amin says:

    Thanks for this great review watchdog!..this really interesting and convincing!

  28. John Kubicki says:

    What’s up WatchDog?

    • WatchDog says:

      Everything is great John, It’s been a long time since we heard from you. If you need any help with anything let us know or contact us directly via email as you’ve done before. We are looking to get some performance feedback from you. All the best!

  29. Charbel Abou Elias says:

    Hello this a great review ,im tired of scam …Citidel is working well?

    Please advise

  30. Andy says:

    What are the best times to Trade using Citidel, I am in USA on Eastern Standard Time same as New York time

  31. Samuel Campbell says:

    I am fortunate not to be among those who weren’t granted access to Citidel LTD and I must agree with your review Watchdog. Today I received over 30 signals, some at the same time, and most were winners increasing my account balance by 450% just in a single trading day. I can’t imagine how it’s going to turn out in a month from now but I am very excited!

  32. Jeremy says:

    I invested $500 with Citidel Ltd and first 8 trades were ITM 2 OTMs and another 3 ITMs in a row. I can see why this app is really trending at the moment. Hope to see a consistency because this is great so far!

  33. Michaiah says:

    I just tried registering for Citidel for the first time. However, I keep getting a message stating that my email has been used before and to try another. After inputting my secondary email address, I’m receiving the same message.

  34. Sfiso Mazibuko says:

    I am glad to see that Citidel LTD has support and the signals are accurate, the last experience I had was like a nightmare, even the support email bounced and right then I knew it was a scam. Citidel is accurate so far from my experience with over 60 signals and close to 80% accuracy rate. They sent you automated systems and most of them for currency pairs. Thank you for the review Watchdog, this is an excellent piece of software!

  35. Liz says:

    Today I have made some money with Citadel, very impressed and happy. Keep up the good work

  36. Jay Lundquist says:

    The Citidel LTD Investment App is the best deal around, I attended one of the webinars with 500 registered members it was a lot of fun and I am learning a lot. Accuracy level of trading with the App is the highest out of 3 apps I trade with.

  37. Jens says:

    I am from Denmark, I really hope it works over here too. we’re already starting to look like a 3rd world so I will not be surprised if they don’t allow us in.

  38. emmanuel says:

    i am having problems registering with both citidel and virtnext .is it available to nigerian users….reply please

  39. Michaiah says:

    Has anyone out there in Binary Land heard of an auto-pilot software called, The Torah Code 3.7, supposedly discovered by a Christian pastor by the name of Robert C. Jacobs?

  40. JohnL says:

    Thank you Watchdog for the review. You are such an important source for information on anything regarding Binary Option.

  41. Lisa says:

    Hi there,
    I live in Guyana South America can i use Citidel here.

  42. Marzuki says:

    Hello Watch dog, I live in Malaysia, Sabah, East Malaysia. Can I use Citidel here?

  43. jogya says:

    Bad, not available for India…..i m so frustrated. Why it is not available

  44. D Richards says:

    Very good 26 trades 4 were off and lost some money but with all the other trades I earned money with the Citidel trading software, it’s working very well.

  45. Marc F. Engman says:

    I have a pretty important question here I’ve never seen addressed. With a software like Citidel that clearly makes a lot of money, how can a person be sure that the broker is going to pay up.I’m in the US and the brokers that we are hocked up to with these decent softwares are pretty sketchy to say the least. I just can’t get my head around Nadex so thats out of the question.

    • WatchDog says:

      Good Question, Nadex is definitely the best choice for traders who reside in the US and we made it very clear in a recent review, however it doesn’t turn all other brokers inferior in any way, and many Cysec and SEC brokers that are not CFTC regulated are maintaining a good reputation. When signing-up with any Automated System, and even trusted sites like Citidel LTD, it’s important to also do some research and check if you were assigned to a quality broker. For non-us traders, you will find many EU regulated brokers with good support, payout and most of all, fast & reliable withdrawals!

  46. Syed Shah says:

    Don’t no anything about Proxy servers so I’ll skip it, would be nice if they let me access Ciditel LTD but I guess most of the reliable services are not available in my country.

  47. Lional Kendall says:

    You did a great review of the Citadel LTD Investment App. Much Thanks!

  48. raj says:

    Pls check wether citadel available in Malaysia.tq

  49. Sun Hawut says:

    Hey can you help me choose between citidel and virtnext please what is better.

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Sun, Virtnext is our top rated software and the performance is the highest, however with Citidel LTD you can get more automated trades on a daily basis so it’s up to your trade amount and risk exposure, we highly recommend both.

  50. Sarah Bernhard says:

    My account balance doubled after taking the last 8 signals! 1 was OTM the rest all winners!! 🙂

  51. Joseph Paul Dpras says:

    thank you for guiding me in the right direction, Citidel it is ! And will try Virtnext also. Will keep you inform , Great review ,I think you saved me from making another big ,( Huge mistake ) thank you Watch Dog for doing such great Job JP.Dupras.

  52. Dean Howard says:

    Citidel is a miracle or what? I still don’t understand how with automation they can really create the perfect trading parameters but this is working amazing. I will pay for it after the trial period and happily.

  53. Lyn says:

    Good trading days with Citidel LTD, on the worst day I got 72% ITM but most of the time it’s delivering above the break-even so you can make a lot of money with this software!

  54. Prince says:

    I will certainly work this system sooner than I thought

  55. Trevor Mayes says:

    Citidel is one of my favorites but Copy Buffett is the best autotrader in the market in my opinion and based on 2 weeks testing.

  56. Is Citidel available in the philippines i’m interested to join.

    • WatchDog says:

      We just checked and it doesn’t seem like it. You should look into a software that is really going viral now and offers access in most countries excluding some parts in Africa. We posted a few reviews and you can also look them up on Google, they have a great reputation.

  57. Pauline says:

    WatchDog, you are great to protect us. Thank you very much! I am from Malaysia, currently I just register the software called “Citidel LTD” app; they auto registered me to the broker called “CEDEX”. Is there a fully regulated broker and great reputation for this broker? Thank you for your answer..

    • WatchDog says:

      Cedex is relatively new but we didn’t receive any complaints. Based on a research on other forums and didn’t find anything alarming. Citidel LTD determines your broker based on the GEO location and in general they are synced with good brokers so you are in safe hands.

  58. Rowen says:

    Hi Watchdog,i’m from the philippines but presently working here in Saudi Arabia,is this Trading Software Citidel available here in the middle east and is it ok for me to sign up with this binary trading software and if ever i’ll be home for good in my home country Philippines is this available and is it gonna work even in Asia?,Kindly do provide me the information that i need to know so that ican sign up and join in online trading with Citidel trading software,have a great day.

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Rowen, We apologize for the delayed response but we had to check this for you, Citidel LTD is available both in Saudi Arabia and in the Philippines so you can travel and still gain access, as for other countries in Asia we will need to check.

  59. Gerald Nocker says:

    I would like to thank you for an amazing sight, I am so glad I found it. I have not ventured into this arena yet mainly because of your advice. I live in Europe and am victim of huge fraud scandal so am over carefull now. However I may give one of your recommendations a try, maybe this one, as I have developed much more confidence from reading your reviews.

  60. Allison Barton says:

    This is just my 4th day trading with Citidel and my average is over 90% it must be a miracle because it makes no sense but I am really excited 😀

  61. Grant Alexander says:

    Hi watch dog. Is Citidel available in South Africa. And which is the better system; copybuffetsoftware or Citidel?
    Kind regards

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Grant, Citidel LTD is highly rated and still performing very well, but Copy Buffett is the best software we’ve tested and still trading with. We posted a few follow-up reviews with live trades, the software is a lot of fun and most of all, profitable over time!

  62. Zack says:

    SO many WINS in 48 hours 😀 😀 😀

  63. Bismarck Edemejaro says:

    hmmmmm. so finally there is righteousness in online work from home. hhhhhhhhmmmmmmmm. THANK GOD

    • CristopherB says:

      I am personally doing amazing myself with the Citidel LTD, I have to thank you again Watchdog! If it wasn’t for you I would’ve never found this app!

  64. friduma says:

    wow. citidel is the bomb. i just registered and about activating my account. thanks for the info

  65. mark simon says:

    Hi just wanted to know is binary book a good broker?CU’s they seem shady can you reply me citidel choose binary book as my broker.

    • WatchDog says:

      They are not bad, we know that they are one of the few brokers that are able to accept US citizens, the app picks the broker based on your GEO location.

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Frank, This is some serious stuff! Thank you for alerting us, we are going to remove all associated with Citidel asap and notify others who are recommending them to remove all positive reviews immediately. We will also contact the FBI and provide them with all the information we know about the company, they really crossed the line!

    • WatchDog says:

      Wait, you are actually wrong Frank, look at the date posted on this FBI article. Citidel LTD wasn’t around in 2012, and we confirmed that they are not in the business of spreading viruses. We also had our webmaster audit their website.

  66. fredy says:

    tried to register from Tanzania, it wasnt going through, is there anyone from africa is using Citidel LTD

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