Binary Options Chargebacks and Refunds

Chargebacks represent a form of customer protection, allowing credit card holders to dispute a transaction and to reclaim their money, provided their chargeback claim is indeed accepted. A binary options chargeback will essentially void the transaction through which the trader made his/her deposit with the broker, forcibly removing the funds from the broker’s account and returning it to the balance of the credit card holder.

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As a fallback option for the consumer, the chargeback is a powerful tool indeed. Its power however should not be abused in any shape or form. Most people seem to consider chargebacks the slightly-more-radical equivalents of refunds. That, they are not.

Introduced by the Fair Credit Billing Act of 1974, chargebacks were meant to protect consumers from fraudulent transactions perpetrated by criminals, as well as from the sub-par services and abuse of various unscrupulous merchants. As such, binary option traders can use it to recover their monies from brokers, who they feel took advantage of them one way or another. Sub-par services and downright fraud is unfortunately quite wide-spread in the world of binary option trading, so having such a tool at their disposal is definitely a net positive for traders. In order to properly wield the power handed to them by this customer-protection tool, traders need to understand the nature of the chargeback thoroughly.

First of all: in what ways are chargebacks different from refunds? When filing a chargeback, the customer goes over the head of the merchant and has the bank forcibly return his money, without the consent of the latter. By contrast, a refund is an agreement between the two parties involved in the transaction, and as such, it does not bring the bank into the dispute as a decision-maker.

Chargebacks offer a plethora of advantages to traders – in the short-run – and to all market participants over the long-haul. Their mere existence keeps merchants honest and always striving to offer their customers the best possible services and products.

When can one legally resort to a chargeback?

In case of fraud (such as a string of unauthorized transactions resulting from identity-theft) the card holder has every legal right to resort to this “weapon”. Indeed, there have been cases involving binary options chargebacks, which were meant to recover money stolen by fraudsters. When the existence of fraud is merely suspected though, card holders are always advised to contact the merchant first. The way of the refund should always be the preferred one, as it’s much quicker from the perspective of the customer and it allows the merchant to recover its merchandize and sell it again for profit. Refunds also stave off the possibility of “friendly fraud” and spare both parties the unpleasant ramifications resulting from chargeback-abuse.

What exactly is friendly fraud? In essence, it is chargeback abuse. Sometimes, consumers decide to skip the refund process, because it is too cumbersome. They may experience buyer’s remorse, they may run out of patience waiting for the merchandize to arrive or they may aim to avoid certain handling fees. In such cases, chargebacks are unjustified, and as such, they stray into the realm of fraud.

The Chargeback Process

Here’s what really goes on when you file a binary options chargeback: you first notify your issuer (your bank) and request a refund. The bank then reviews the request, and if the claim conforms to regulation, it is accepted. If it doesn’t, the chargeback is voided. The issuer swings into action and simply strips the acquirer (the bank account of the broker/merchant) of the money in question. It credits it to the trader’s account.

The acquirer then takes action and notifies the account owner of the chargeback, according to regulation. The merchant/broker usually has the right to dispute the chargeback, which  it probably will, given the dire consequences of the move for its operation. The acquirer then takes action on behalf of the broker/merchant, re-presenting the chargeback, providing evidence delivered by the broker/merchant.

The issuer reviews the evidence presented, and it takes action, either upholding its initial verdict, or reversing it and posting the transaction again to the acquirer.

From the above, it is rather clear that the chargeback process is a lengthy and costly one. Its consequences are significant for the broker/merchant, as well as for the customer. Repeated chargebacks will result in the levying of fines upon the merchant and eventually the closure of its bank accounts. A MATCH list entry is also in the books for the affected operator, which in essence kills the chances of it using payment processing services for 5 years. For less severe cases, a hiking of the processing fees and rolling reserves is in order.

From the perspective of the customer, refused chargeback claims are identified as fraud attempt, and they may result in the closure of their bank accounts. In the case of a successfully disputed chargeback, the customer will end up stuck with the chargeback costs. Due to increased chargeback risk, merchants may hike their prices to compensate.

The bottom line is that while they are indeed potent customer-protection tools, chargebacks can be double edged. They should only be used responsibly, as a last-resort and by no means as a kneejerk reaction when seeking a refund.

Practical Guide for Recovering Lost Funds

If you were scammed by a binary options or Forex broker, these are the steps we recommend taking:

  1. The first thing you need to realize is that if you were trading with a non-regulated broker and you have made profits, you will usually not be able to withdraw your profits. You should only focus on getting back the money you deposited.
  2. If you still have a balance, you should first try to withdraw the money in the conventional way. Make sure your account is fully verified by sending the required documents to the broker. Required documents may include a copy of your credit card, a bank statement, a government issued ID and proof of address, such as a recent bill. Don’t just submit the withdrawal request via the broker’s website. Send them a formal email, maybe even a letter. Also, try calling them. Warn them that you will be taking further legal steps if they fail to return you your money. You can tell them you will do a charge back which can be very damaging for them or complain with the FBI (you can do that at Some people have told us they were able to get a withdrawal by simply threatening the broker that they will complain to yours truly… the Binary Options WatchDog.
  3. If you don’t have a remaining balance because your broker traded it away without your consent, you should ask for a refund. Again, do so via a formal email or letter, or by calling them and threatening them as described in #2.
  4. If the broker is still refusing your withdrawal or refund, the next step would be to contact your bank, credit card company or the ewallet you used to deposit the money and see if they are able/willing to help you initiate a charge back for free. Many times they will refuse, especially if more than 2-3 months had passed since you’ve made the deposit. However, try pressuring them saying that you had fallen for a dangerous scam. Many people are aware nowadays of the binary options scam.
  5. The last step we can recommend before hiring a lawyer and taking your broker to court is to use a professional chargeback service. However, you should keep in mind that they will only be able to help you if you’ve deposited $5,000 or more via a credit/debit card or $10,000 or more via wire/bitcoin/ewallet. There are many companies that provide this service, but there’s one company I work with which specializes in binary options and Forex chargebacks. You can CONTACT THEM HERE.

If nothing works, please feel free to contact us and let us know which steps you already tried and where you got stuck. In some cases, there’s nothing which can be done unless you’re willing to travel to the country where the broker is located and sue them. There are also a few law firms that allow you to take the broker to court without being physically present.

If anyone reading this was able to use a charge back service or law firm successfully and got back their money, or if you used any other method of getting back lost funds, please enlighten us and share how you did it as a comment below. We’d love to hear and learn from your success stories.

As a postscript to this article on binary options and Forex chargebacks, we’d like to remind you that prevention is better than cure! Don’t get involved with non-regulated companies. Binary options and Forex trading can be highly rewarding when done with legitimate brokers and signal services. Always consult with our new Forex brokers and signals sectionlist of regulated binary options brokers and binary options signal services page before sending your hard earned cash to anyone.

24 comments on “Binary Options Chargebacks and Refunds
  1. Juan says:

    As i live in Ireland the service thru my bank is free to use charge back regardless of the
    amount being retrieved I have used it twice but I don’t remember the amounts of money

  2. Dale Erickson says:

    First of all, thank you for providing this valuable information. I have had to take these steps so I’m familiar with the process. I have not been 100% successful in getting my funds returned, but the process does work. However, here is something that your readers might find useful. The last Broker who was the most scandalous I’ve ever been unfortunate to work with, All Go Trade, asked for deposits and treated them as a cash withdrawal on my credit card. Never let a broker do that. When I tried to have these funds returned, I could not because it was a foreign transaction for cash. I did not authorize this but I should’ve paid more attention and negated the transaction immediately. So that’s the lesson. Also, of all the brokers I’ve been with, and that’s over a dozen, none except one has been truly honest and reliable.

  3. Mohd Najib Mohd Amin says:

    thanks for this valuable information..I hope it could really really help trader out there by read this important guidelines…great job once again watchdog!!

  4. Thomas Porcasi says:

    Beware of companies that offer bonus when you deposit money in an account. Never take the bonus never. Companies will not tell you that you have to turn those bonus dollar over 30 times to be eligible for a withdrawal. For example if you receive a bonus of $500 you have to turn those dollars over 30 times for an equivalent to $15,000 in trades. That is very difficult to accomplish with $500. Good luck I would suggest you ask lots of questions before you invest.

    I would rather play fantasy baseball with the money, at least when you will you win you get your money back the next day.

  5. Sam M says:

    Fantastic info!!! Do you know of any law firms based in Cyprus who have experience with binary options? The website you mention above is great for at least getting your deposit back, but would be good to know of lawyers who can help in getting profits from brokers if they refuse to pay out.

    • Jack Mokoena says:

      Good information indeed, I leave in South Africa and would like to know if the following companies are genuine:
      1. B4Markets
      2. CapitAlpha

      Thank you

      • WatchDog says:

        B4Markets doesn’t seem to be regulated so I’d avoid them.
        CapitAlpha seems good, especially if you’re into MT4. (Although keep in mind they don’t seem to be FSB-regulated).

        If you’re not into MT4, then I would go with WebTrade instead.

      • Janie says:

        Hi Jack, i also stay in South Africa and i am busy with a chargeback through my bank against who scammed me out of some money.

  6. Robert says:

    Hi Watchdog,

    How would I be able to private message you, as have information that I would not want to disclose on this forum. It involves the SRBGroup and chargebacks. Thanks

  7. Pali Z Seturumane says:

    Capital Markets Banc is refusing to release my withdrawal. I did not take their bonus so all the money in their account is 100% mine.

    I sent the first withdrawal form on 28th February 2017 and up till now they haven’t released the funds. I am full compliant with them. My account with them is 6104464.

    I have also sent several requests to them to release my money because I no longer want to trade with them.

    Can you intervene please?


    • Liesel says:

      Hi, I’ve got the same problem with, iv’e made 250 pounds deposit, writing them a letter that i don’t want to trade with them and the points in their terms and condition do not suite me and i cancel my account, know they refuse that i withdraw my money. I have not trade.

  8. Alastair Macdonald says:

    Try selachii
    I am going to try these men. No obligation, free consultation with good advice.

    I am trying with Boccadutri lawyers, but they do not seem to pack the punch that these London Lawyers do.

    Calling everyone who has been stolen from by Rabia Issa and Peter Grant of Trade with robbie dot com. The most cruel and vicious criminals since Ghengis Khan. Utterly ruthless iars and cheats , murderers, of the highest degree. If you have then I can get what is known as “multi party action” lawsuit against them. This means you will pay a lot less for law fees. Usually 10% of funds recovered plus a retainer. Please write in to watchdog and say if Issa and Grant; both of whom are ex 24 Option account diddlers, stole your money and you are left in the lurch and they have cut you off.

    You stand a high chance of getting most of it back it you write into this website and tell the leaders.

  9. Lois Aring says:

    We sent cfdstocks 5016 EU. Our contact there was someone named Rachel Kremer. We have gone to our bank to try and get it back,our bank said that cfdstocks transferred it to a bank in Germany. The bank in Germany says that it will not release our funds! Rachel kept insisting that we needed to deposit 5016 EU by wire in order for her to make us any real money. We didn’t even trade !!

  10. Abs says:

    Dear Watchdog,
    I invested with Olimp Finance 6 months ago up to £22,250. I started with an initial of £250 which was soon increased to £600 within a week, Then go pressured to invest more. My balance grew up to £52k within 3 months. My nightmares began when I placed withdrawals of £30k. My broker suddenly went AWOL, delays in responding to mails, refusing to engage in phone calls conversation, etc…After various mails and phone calls, they made some payments but have denied to release the profits and even worst , they decided to close my account. what do I do? I did not take any bonus nor risk free trades?

  11. Therese kefford says:

    Hello watch dog .I have lost $3500 US dollars then a further $1000 us to PWR trade and $250us to titan trade .I have now been contacted by America Claim solution to recover my lost funds.Trouble is I dont know if they too are scammers .They want all my emails / paperwork to assist with going to court .Should I trust them They have not asked for money ..Im sick of losing money when all im trying to do is create wealth for my retirement .Im failing badly.cheers Therese

    • WatchDog says:

      I never heard of them. Please try to follow the above steps to see if you are able to charge back your deposits without paying anyone to help you with that. Feel free to email me for more advice.

  12. Denis Oregan says:


  13. Dave says:

    Barclaycard allowed an excessive fraudulent withdrawal from my credit card, they did not notify me it was going through or I could have stopped it. Barclaycard now expect me to pay the account so beware Barclaycard will not consider their customer they will simply screw you for the account to be paid regardless.
    2 Simple solutions: 1- Don’t trade in Binary and 2- Don’t use Barclaycard as they can’t be trusted either.

  14. Jacques Breed says:

    Tradervc, im having problems, is it a scam?
    Im going with 72option and stockpair, they are licenced, or not?

  15. Mike Lacey says:

    Hello Watchdog,
    I recently was taken advantage of from a broker called! The platform worked fine for at first several weeks with the exception of placing late trades by a few pips when you clicked the PUT or CALL button, other than that it seemed fine. A little over a week ago they made some changes to the platform to include adding a new Currency pair and adding several more expiry times to their Turbo trades. After these changes I started to get logged out of the site on a regular basis! I would be trading and many times as soon as I clicked to make a trade it would log me out of the platform! I complained to support and they always had the same answer, Use google Chrome, which I was, and clear your cookies and browsing history which I had done several times with no changed results! One day last week I was placing a single $30 trade on a pair and again, just as I placed the trade it logged me out but this time when I logged back in there was only $20 left in my account which before I tried to place this trade had $320 in it! When I logged back in and saw the $20 I looked and they platform had placed a total of TEN TRADES at $30 each on this pair which ended up being a losing trade! All of the trades had placed within seconds of each other with the same expiry time! I was FURIOUS to say the least but figured CS would take care of this! After 4 days I got an email saying that They didn’t see a problem with their system and it appeared that all of these trades had been placed manually from my account or I was using a robot! I explained to them this wasn’t the case and what had happened and even sent them a screenshot of all of the expired trades showing how quickly they were all placed and told them to look through my trading history and they would see that I NEVER or very rarely place multiple trades on the same pair at the same time out of over 1700 trades I had made on their platform! A handful of times I placed two trades when the pair was in a drastic move but never more than that and certainly not TEN at once! They still refused to put my money back less the one trade I had placed and because I placed the initial deposit so long ago and made a few more since then I’m not sure that a chargeback is even an option! Any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated!! And please, let all of your followers know to stay away from!!

  16. PvW says:

    Watchdog is a scam. I had a balance of +-$7800 in my account and wanted to withdraw it. They just ignored all correspondence and over the weekend cancelled the withdrawal and place trades for all my funds without my permission.

  17. Mr Sing Chan says:

    Has anyone has positive results from mychargeback?

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