Is Centument LTD a SCAM? Honest Review!

This is the first Centument LTD review by Gerald Reed, the website is As with every any type of Trading Program, day-traders should be wondering if it’s legitimate or a scam. At our goal is to expose fraud sites, but in this case we are proud to introduce a binary options system that actually works and generates profits. Gerald Reed has a long track record as a professional trader, and in December of 2013 he emailed our team and introduced his goals us back when he was still on his corporate job’s payroll. The reason why he chose us is due to the fact that we’re one of the oldest industry blogs, now with over 6000 subscribers.

Gerald Reed is about to get really famous with his newly formed company Centument LTD, since after months of testing and confirmed by several 3rd parties including our BOWD team as he stated in the introduction video. We can comfortably confirm and testify that day-traders who use or plan to register with the a Fully-Automated, Centument program, are bound to get an ITM rate of at least 73% and on better days over 80% which is sufficient to generate a solid income with binary options. How much can you make? This is not determined by anyone but yourself and the risk you decide to take with each trade, the higher the trades naturally you will build your wealth quicker. Our recommendation is to start with smaller trades to reduce risk, especially when traders deposit the minimum required by the broker you are assigned to by the Centument LTD Assets Trading Program.

In the process of creating the online software, Gerald Reed made sure to create the Assets Trading Program using one of the leading technology companies in the industry and in the development stage we suggested that he makes sure that all the brokers synced with Centument are regulated and/or have a clean track record. The bottom line and the most important aspect should be the ‘withdrawals’, therefore the credibility of the brokers you decide to fund an account with certainly matters. We have more than faith in, but trust that is based on empirical evidence.

The software interface includes very simple functions and in the follow-up review on Centument we will introduce some live trades using a live account. The most common question we get asked is if the software in question is fully automated, in this case you are not dealing with a software remake of any kind and traders can set the Auto Trader on Semi or Full Automation, trades are executed directly into your broker’s trading account.


THE BAD NEWS is that since Centument LTD is not another scam, it’s not going to remain free for an unlimited time. It’s a fact and we already confirmed it with Gerald Reed. The down-side from the owner’s perspective when it comes to selling a signals system, is that he/she must compete with 100’s of free services, most of them being bogus and a lot more captivating with their productions such as we’ve seen with the FastCash.Biz Scam. It’s safe to say that in the binary options industry you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, as much too often when we review the new offers our conclusion is negative. In this case we decided to test the service and we established personal communication with Gerald Reed. Try finding him on if you have any doubts, this guy is real even though if he wasn’t such a talented trader, he would certainly qualify for a good actor.

We consider this an announcement and less of a review since we plan to post follow-ups on, it’s a trusted site and we hope that many day-traders will give it a shot and get on the path of making money with binary options. This is the real deal and one of Watchdog’s top recommended Auto-Traders.

Review Verdict: Centument LTD is not a SCAM!


For some day-traders and especially for beginners, investing money with an online trading site might be risky and especially if you decide to trade on your own using technical analysis with short-term expiry options. In case you are interested to learn about it without risking any money, register first with a Free Demo Account and trade with no risk. Thank you for reading our Centument Review and please post your experiences and questions below.

109 comments on “Is Centument LTD a SCAM? Honest Review!
  1. Haley Sprogis says:

    Is Centument available in the USA? I am really interested to join! Thanx

  2. Phillip Maznini says:

    This system really looks interesting, I was going to fund an account with a broker anyway so I’ll test Centument LTD, it feels like a legit offer and it’s not very common that I see you recommending anything Watchdog. Thank you for the review!

  3. williams says:

    Please is it also available to Ghanaians?

  4. Betty says:

    I’m going to sign up with Centument today while it’s still free! Thanks for the great review Watchdog! I just looked at their brokers list, happy to say they are all safe and regulated brokers. Traders reporting from them are getting their withdrawals. If Centument was a scam they definitely wouldn’t use regulated brokers. A broker with regulations would not want to be associated with any scam. Can’t wait to try this!

  5. Barry Peters says:

    Thank you so much Watchdog, I’ve been following your blog for over a year and kept waiting for some good news!! everything is a scam out there. It’s apparent how the entire industry is with you on your Centument verdict. Let’s do it!

  6. Emmanuel says:

    Yet again another binary options software that is not a scam but doesn’t give me access! The only autotraders I managed to signed up with were fake. I think trading is not safe for Africans until they give us to try. This is a big disappointment, maybe you can contact the owner Watchdog and tell him to let me in?

  7. Bavalan Ram says:

    Joined the team right after you posted the review on Sunday. My report is good for today: 11 wins, 1 tie and 2 losers. Made some money already with $25 trades. At this rate I think they should send around 20-25 signals per business day and if this is the case and performance remains like this, truly this will be my favorite binary software! Best Regards from Australia! Bavalan

  8. Chris Fisher says:

    I’m based in the UK and earlier this morning I found Centument LTD, so I decided to test it. Not that I really have a clue about binary options but the software includes charts and you can see how things are done, the automation is a big plus because I work two jobs and just like the rest I don’t know what to expect. The first signal I got was ‘out of the money’ as they say, but all the rest were winners and one broke-even, I guess we’re all getting the same exact signals. I’ll save you the long review but honestly I like it so far, I’ve been sold many dreams before but this all makes sense now. BTW cool site WatchDog, it’s a fabulous idea and you just earned a neww subscriber. Chris from London

  9. Simon says:

    Amazing review! As usual very professional and informative. Thank you so much.

  10. Wilson says:

    Glad i decided to try it out so far 6 wins 0 losses

    • Taylor Davis says:

      The EUR/USD signals are the best, I started using the software before Watchdog posted the article and in just about 13 days I pulled some big bank thanks to Centument LTD asset trading.

  11. Mukesh says:

    Is Centument available to register in India ? Having difficulty finding a “broker to accept traders from your region”. Can you assist ?

    • WatchDog says:

      Dear Emmanuel and Mukesh, We have no control over which coutries are accepted by the brokers synced with Centument LTd but tonight (GMT) we plan to have a Skype talk with Gerald Reed’s project manager and see if there’s anything that can be done. Make sure to use Chrome with the registration and we really hope that most of you will manage to gain access. This software is a must if you’re not savvy with technical analysis, this is one of the best short-cuts and we also suggests that you use this opportunity to learn how to trade and this way eventually you will not need the help of any system.

  12. Richard says:

    Just started today with Centument, and so far it is really working. deposited 500, and won all (4) trades so far

  13. Mukesh says:

    I got it, thank you so much! Centument LTD sent me 3 trades already since activation and all winners. The support helped me it was just a minor issue on my side but I am glad it’s fixed.

  14. valgold says:

    Pls can’t this be available to Nigerians?

  15. valgold says:

    I really want to join, pls kindly help me

  16. David Cohen says:

    As Watchdog stated before there is an issue with African countries and binary options, excluding South Africa. You can always use a VPN to show an IP from a different country and this way you can register with Centument LTD or other services. This should work for you, hope it helps.

  17. Gideon says:

    Hello WatchDog, it’s like we Africans suffer most when it comes to genuine binary options software. Is there any way you can assist in letting these binary options software providers give an access to Africans participants especially Nigerians? please assist.

  18. Alexander Leonard says:

    Hi WatchDog, this is Alexander Leonard here, I joined and subscribed to your blog in 2014 and been waiting for a good update for approximately two years. I am in the UK so had no issue registering with Centument LTD lucky for me. I joined not knowing what awaits me on the other side and found that it’s more than what I bargained for. The first signal was over 100 pips ITM, and the rest of the signals were almost as powerful indicating that real tech analysis is behind this program. Only two losing signals and countless on winners, god knows how thankful I am for taking your recommendation. At first I honestly wasn’t sure even though I do trust your reviews don’t get me wrong, but I put my skeptic nature aside and decided to join the ride. You’re doing a great service Watchdog I haven’t been so thankful in years. Two of my colleagues are on it two, we opened several accounts. Thanks again and keep doing an amazing work with your honest reviews, keeping us traders safe!

  19. jan says:

    Hi watchdog, if i make a deposit on Centument website, is that the money that will appear in my swiss broker account to?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Jan, The broker account is fully synced with the Centument App so whichever amount you decide to invest will immediately appear both in the app and in your live trading account. As soon as trades expires, the profit or loss (ITM/OTM) will appear in your live broker account.

  20. Alan P. says:

    I am glad Gerald Reed’s team are very polite, I had a rough experience with a previous broker I worked with. Nasty people but in this case they really make you feel at home.

  21. Thiru says:

    Hi, hope this works in Malaysia…

  22. Patrick Mitchell says:

    Thanks watchdog, your approval always make me feel better. Keep it up Patrick Mitchell.

  23. Deuk says:

    This guy is smart, believe it or not but me and him were classmates!! He was a straight A student but wasn’t a friend or anything, he kept to himself a lot. It’s so random to see Gerald in the video now idriving a fancy car, who would have thought that a guy from a small town would make it this far.

  24. jan says:

    I appreciate your response!

  25. JayTe says:

    Hi, I tried to signup but didn’t notice a British flag. Is it available in the UK?

    • WatchDog says:

      Yes JayTe, No restrictions apply on UK with any binary options services as far as we know, you should manage to register with without any issues.

  26. thiru says:

    Hi again, does this works in Malaysia?

  27. Randy says:

    Great reviews. Appreciate your efforts and honesty.

  28. carlo says:

    Hi, I had read and watch the video. I am from philippines I am very much interested with your software, I am qualified?

  29. gwazayet says:

    I like your review. I tried signing up to use the free software but I was not able to sign up. I am from Nigeria. I got the report that “There is no available broker to accept traders from your region”. What can I do?

  30. I’ve already signed up with Centument and it was totally free!

    I have to say that the Watchdog review was fantastic and really helped me make my choice in signing up for Centument.

    It’s really important to look for regulated brokers as at least you have some real peace of mind when it comes to trading.

    Since I’ve now got first-hand experience using Centument, I can definitely confirm that it’s not a scam and I advise you all to use it while it’s free!

  31. Syed Shah says:

    I am in Germany had no trouble joining the software, many great trades today they assigned me to 24Option which is good! They are regulated!

  32. Shelby Jones says:

    Im super excited about this software! I already registered and deposited my money!! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now and I’m glad my friend introduced me to it. I’m not that knowledgable about signals, but my friend showed me that I don’t need to be with this software. I sat and watched his earnings come in! Now it’s my turn!! 🙂

  33. breno says:


  34. Edwin says:

    Binary Option Robot is a scam.

  35. KK Tan says:

    Testing for 24 days, managed to increase my trading balance from $500 to $4503 since I took really small trades but honestly Centument LTD is really reliable and delivers great performance. They promise more than what it really delivers but it’s good enough.

  36. John Capoccia says:

    It doesn’t get any better!! Centument LTD is my top choice after testing 6 autotraders for binary options!

  37. Ben says:

    I can’t wait for markets to open already! I am taking $100 trades this week with Centument after last week’s over 80% ITM!

  38. Sammy says:

    Hello watchdog, I have been following your reviews on binary option signals but all the legit ones are not accessible here in Ghana. I would like to know if you have been able to contact the Centument guys and what is their feedback on signing up from Africa?

    Kindly assisst us this time so we can make up for the scams we fell prey to. Thanks.

  39. JESUS ANTONIO says:

    This is great with 24Option, I already had an account with them for 2 years and they allowed me to sync my existing account for free. I think the Centument LTD software is very fair in comparison to other systems for Forex I tried previously.

  40. mahadevappa mahesh says:

    i tried open an a/c with centument from india but there are no brokers is anybody among your followers from india help

  41. Hussain says:

    This is not Forex Jesus, Centument LTD is a binary options software just to be clear. 6 trades this morning 5 winners, it seems very accurate and the signals are automated. I am liking this one thus far.

  42. Jake says:

    What if Centument is a scam? I already lost too much many trading with this “Simple Profits” !!!

    • WatchDog says:

      Jake, This answer you have to reach but in our part we made sure to warn traders against Simple Profits and the review we posted ranks very high on Google so please do research next time and if you don’t win, at least you won’t lose anything. It’s better than nothing but Centument LTD is not a scam. It’s the real deal however we also listed some great alternatives if you are skeptical about this one.

  43. chewe says:

    still no acess to africans,sad

  44. Ruth says:

    It’s really sad that Centument LTD is not available in Kenya!

  45. Jimmy says:

    Is centument available in Mauritius

    • WatchDog says:

      We received many emails from traders that were unable to access Centument unfortunately but we know that they are available in North and South America, Europe (Russia included), Australia, South Africa and most countries in Asia. If you are unable to submit the registration form on the second page, you will notice a message indicating that you can’t proceed so we recommend that you guys check. They will let you know before you invest any money with the software if you can join or not.

  46. Tracy Turner says:

    Got 11 winners out of 13, I am guessing it’s good because I heard some horrible stories about other services. Thank you for the honest review site Watchdog!

  47. Rick says:

    Thank you for the review Watchdog, do you know anything about the Einstein Method? It really looks like a scam but I don’t see any articles associated with this on your blog.

    • WatchDog says:

      We certainly hope that you didn’t register yet with this “Method” of scamming traders because we are about to expose it today and we gathered enough evidence to conclude that it’s worthless. The name might definitely confuse people, we personally think that they’re pulling a joke on the expense of newbie traders and we really don’t like it!

  48. agus hendrawan says:

    Can’t access Centument from my country, I will try Virtnext because it really seems like all blogs recommend it but I hope they give me access.

  49. B j Gilmer says:

    Centument LTD = Best Software for Binary Options! No questions asked, this makes you feel like a pro but honestly it’s the easiest way you can possibly trade.

  50. Wanda Martin says:

    I have to agree, it’s really exciting to watch the trades land in the money each time!

  51. Jay says:

    I’ve been burnt so many times with signals services before finding this site, is anyone at approx an ITM of 73%?

  52. Stephanie says:

    Centument LTD weekly ITM score 79%, the previous week I reached 82% the over all average is very strong and I made more just a little bit over $3,500 in two weeks it’s the best binary options systems I could ever ask for!

  53. Sarah Connor says:

    Hi, can you guys make a review for free signal service??

  54. Chidi Egwuagu says:

    Centument works for Nigerians,i opened an account with no VPN and was assigned Bigoptions though i gave not funded yet so there was no issue with registering with them.

  55. Kathy D says:

    You saved me thank you for this review! Before Centument I lost $2000 all with Algo Trading prvided by Goptions which is a scam in my opinion. I’m an active member now with Centument and the trade are very ITM, not many today but over 90% ITM!

  56. Michel White says:

    This restored my trust in binary options, Centument LTD is powerful and one of the easiest web apps I ever used.

  57. Jule Vera says:

    Glenridge Capital and Centument LTD are synced? I’ve been trading with them for 8 months and rather not change to a different broker at this point.

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Jule, We contacted support and Glenridge is available with Centument, so in your case you can continue trading with your existing broker.

  58. David Sanders says:

    Centument looks like a serious software, I’m probably going to signup if they accept my country.

  59. Silvia says:

    Hello WatchDog, do you know if Centument is available in Mexico?
    Thanks for your reply.

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Silvia, We just checked and it seems like they are available in Mexico. Centument LTD offers a powerful trading system, luckily they created it in a way that makes it very simple even for day-traders without any experience.

      • Joey Ruiz says:

        Just wanted to really thank you Watchdog for introducing me to Centument! I also sent you an email with an E-card. God Bless You and your amazing team!!

  60. Rick Almeida says:

    I registered and funded my account with 24option, I like both the broker representative who confirmed their regulations and also the performance of the Centument LTD software. Very accurate signals and at a high rate given automatically.

  61. Warren says:

    LOL I totally agree!

  62. Notworking says:

    I want to file a complaint against Centument LTD, this is the third time I try to sign-up with a software and they tell me that my country is not available when I enter my email. I had enough!!!

    • WatchDog says:

      Not every software is available everywhere, it’s not something you can file a complaint against. Try to see if any of the other recommended services we endorse are available for you before you give up.

  63. Manna says:

    Is this software available in Canada?

  64. Avery Scott fields says:

    I am testing both Centument and Copy Buffett right now and I am getting a better accuracy with CB, and also more signals but I’ve been doing it for 3 days so I can’t really conclude which one is better. I am just glad I didn’t lose any money. It’s great to be winning and would love for this to persist.

  65. mxolisi says:

    I’m interested as well. Im from Zimbabwe. This look like a great way to trade

  66. Odi says:

    Is Centument available to register in Indonesia ? No broker in this region. Can you assist ?

  67. Son Le says:

    is it available for Canadian traders?

  68. Alexy says:

    Im from Namibia, also wanto try this software, pls direct me, I really want to have access.

    • WatchDog says:

      Alexy, Centument LTD is not available in most African countries unfortunately but we highly recommend the Binadroid, we posted a review yesterday, checkout our blog section. This software is getting great ratings and available worldwide!

  69. jomari says:

    Is this available in the Philippines?

  70. Enrique says:

    Hi, Do you know if it’s available for Argentina?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Enrique, Centument LTD should be available in Argentina, but if you encounter any issues please check out the new review we posted on BinaDroid, it’s available world-wide and traders are reporting a very high performance. It’s also well-reviewed and endorsed on many real binary websites and forums.

  71. boris says:

    if this will work. you will win on other subscriber.

  72. Phil says:

    Hi Watchdog im from new zealand, is it available here?

  73. This is the realest deal ever in the industry!!!!

  74. kamash says:

    Is Centument available to register in Kenya? Cause I’ve tried and I cant seem to get past the registration Page.

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Kamesh, Unfortunately we checked in the past and Centument is not available in Kenya, but some of the other services we endorse are available.

  75. eren says:

    how about Turkey? Is it available in here?

  76. prince says:

    Is Centument available in the Srilanka. I am really interested to join! Thanks.

  77. AFRIYIE says:

    Why is Africa, Precisely GHANA not available for joining the Program??

    We here too really want to invest there

  78. Del says:

    I thought it was a scam but was curious and had some cheese to invest so I was like why not?! lol and it actually works! Still clueless about the entire binary options thing yet but my account is up and it’s frickin awesome!

    Shout out from Chicago! Del

  79. Eddie Alvarez says:

    Centument is trash, the only thing that Watchdog recommends that really works is either Copy Buffett or NEO2, the rest you should remove from your list!

  80. laura Dubau says:

    It s a SCAM ppl! STAY away. Trying to post some feedback here on this blog and on FB about them and I was blocked on FB and here my feedback does not show.

  81. Marlene says:

    Hi Watch Dog, I joined Centument last weekend and invested $500.00 in GTOPTIONS and when I open the platform I get a message saying “This customer is not Allowed to Trade” I have sent two messages to support a Centument and so far no answer.Can you help with this.

  82. james wismer says:

    i note nothing said in the last year so i think no longer available

  83. Mark says:

    That One fact that Centument collects sensitive data over an unsecured server, puts me off even giving them a go. It doesn’t cost that much to add an SSL to your site and if you’re making that much of a money, it shouldn’t cause the owner a financial burden, does it?

    Fact two, you can’t even contact them beforehand is another put-off. What’s the big issue to allow people to contact you if you have nothing to hide?

    Fact three, he says it himself; “sound good?”. Yes it does. That’s why I give it a miss, no matter how much all these “testimonials?” on here praise it.

    BTW, no other media is so deceptive and misleading than the web. ALl you need to do is post some fake testimonials (in any form, that includes comments, too) and off the dumb folk goes – into the trap.

    Advice from my own experience: Never trust Anyone who hides themselves or want your data first, before you could even raise One question. Centument is one of them.

    • Malcolm Adderley says:

      Stay away from Centument. I was stupid enough to deposit £250.00 with their preferred broker who went on to loose £170.00 on ten trades. At that point i realised i had made a mistake and stopped trading and asked for the remainder of my money back. Needless to say they still have my money and have never answered any of my requests for a refund of the outstanding balance. Con men. Wish i could talk to them face to face, but you live and learn. Liars and thieves. Stay well away.

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