Brexit Bot is a SCAM!! Honest Software Review!

Rest assure that after reading this review, you will be 100% convinced that Brexit Bot is just a scam! Most of our subscribers will remember a launch that appeared not too long ago called the Brexit Money Machine, and at the time we were not at all surprised by the name and the claims of the auto trader. However saying that, the sad thing is, not only has someone made unrealistic claims once, they have only gone and done it twice. We encourage you to read our full review in order to understand why the Brexit Bot is a scam service that cannot be trusted, and why it will be beneficial to your bank account to not make any deposits on the website.

Paul Harrison the self-proclaimed expert Forex trader aka talented actor has decided to create a binary options auto trading system that will take advantage of one of the biggest economic events ever to take place, the Brexit referendum. He supposedly realised that the event will create constant fluctuations in the GBP, proving great opportunities for trading, and profiting whilst trading all currency pairs connected to the Pound Sterling. This all might sound a little bit possible, as it is true currencies connected to the Pound have been volatile since the vote. However there are regrettably more than one fault with the Brexit Bot scam, which is exactly why we are writing this review.

As previously mentioned, this is not the release of its kind, not too long ago there was another such a release that claimed exactly the same things the Brexit Bot Software is stating, and they went by the name of Brexit Money Machine. Sadly the Brexit Money Machine have since removed the content on their website, which we actually find very convenient, and almost perfect timing. However for those of you that did look at the presentation and listen to the promises made, will immediately realise the similarity between that one and the Brexit Bot software pitch video. In both of them the person owning the software has the exact same story-line and experience…

When you think about the whole idea behind the Brexit Bot scam auto trader, think for yourself, does it make any sense? Well in our view, no it does not. In order to trade all GBP currency pair as successfully as Paul claims, would mean that the software must have the ability to predict the future, as the thing is, no one knows where the whole Brexit thing is going to go, and how it is going to affect the market. Talks of the United Kingdom’s exit have not even begun, so how therefore do we know that the system will trade the releases as accurately as claimed. Now let’s examine the website’s fishy layout in a picture illustration.

The identical twin of the “Brexit Money Machine” SCAM!


Here are a few facts that prove without a doubt that the Brexit Bot Software is a scam, and cannot be trusted. First of all Mr. Harrison makes a big show about bagging himself a staggering profit of no less than $1.2 Million in 6 weeks, since the referendum decision was made. This is all a bogus claim, because if you go and have a look on you will see that the webpage was only registered on the 21st July 2016, making it less than one months old, meaning it is not even 4 weeks old yet, how can he then claim that it has been around for at least six weeks. Another very big lie that he so casually throws into the presentation is the fact that each trader will supposedly be able to generate no less than $180K per week. The sad thing is that new traders in the binary options industry will believe what is being said, and the truth is that there is no way the Brexit Bot scam or any other auto trader, even if they are trusted to reach those amounts of profits. To even be able to come close to that amount would mean you have to first of all, make a deposit of higher than $250, and secondly, be well aware that the system is going to invest the whole of your account on every trade it places. Should we continue with the review? It’s basically case closed!

So now that we have practically proven that everything being said during the Brexit Bot Software pitch is a lie and cannot be trusted. Here is just one more fact to bring home to what extend they have gone to get people to register. The so called reviews and testimonials seen on the website are all unfortunately paid actors that will say anything you want them to say for a very small fee. These actors can all be found on s site by the name of Do yourself and read through some of the proposals of the actors, and see to what extend they will go for you to hire them.

Scams such as the Brexit Bot auto trader are on the rise, and people are coming up with more and more ridiculous systems and offers to catch the newest members to binary options trading, and sadly it will not end until traders stop registering for the scam services out there. We encourage everyone to read reviews and do your research, as there truly are trusted systems out there, it is just a matter of going through the haystack to find the one that works. Our goal for running this site and doing what we do, is to make it easier for you not to fall for scam systems such as the Brexit Bot software. Therefore we ask if you know of anyone who has been looking at the Brexit Bot scam, or are about to register, to share this review with them, save them money.

Review Verdict: Brexit Bot is a SCAM!

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5 comments on “Brexit Bot is a SCAM!! Honest Software Review!
  1. sethembiso says:

    How about ftrade company the refuse to pay me just 150usd

  2. Charles says:

    Thank you Watchdog for letting me know that Brexit bot is a scam

  3. vusie says:

    Thank you Watchdog, keep it up doing the good job.

  4. colrd8888 says:

    Even the Options Ridge is refusing to release my deposit of 250 unless I go through with a supposed security compliance to be filled out with all my personal details. A scam to steal my ID. This is the same as Titan Trading Platform Options system

  5. Mohd Najib Mohd Amin says:

    please be careful by stay away from this Brexit Bot’s definitely 100% crap scammer!..don’t waste your time..good job once again watchdog..please keep revealing!

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