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64 comments on “Trusted Signal Services
  1. DALE VICKERY says:



  2. Chris white says:

    Hi watchdog- Your site is the best ! I was contacted by someone from Second Investment who was asking me what my experiance of Binary Options was like so far. I explained that 80% of brokers and people peddling software were charlatens and rip off artists. Some even had fake demo accounts and reviews. He got me into conversation and would consider signing up. However after our conversation I checked and found that being a new organisation there were very few reviews online. However I found one on Binary Option Army and they were warning about bad trader experiences and fake Fiveer actors reviews. They guy I spoke to seemed very sincere and open. Do you think that some Brokers are genuinely unaware of their own companies dodgy dealings and are just trying to make a living for themselves.I suppose my questions are 1) Are you aware of any Brokers who have ‘gone straight’ and are now working for their clients best interests 2) Would you be interested in doing a review on Second Investment group. Thanks

    • WatchDog says:

      1) Yes, there are legit brokers, such as Nadex in the US, IQ Option in Europe and HighLow in Australia, see:
      2) We will review them for you.

      • Sana Ali says:

        Hi Watchdog,

        I follow you posts regularly and really appreciate your honest opinions. Please recommend a reliable platform to auto trade in Canada.


        Sana Ali

      • Mike Lacey says:

        Hi Watchdog, up until 10 minutes ago I was using Finrally! for months I had no problems with them and the last month all of a sudden I was losing trades like crazy to last second spike either up or don and every time the spike was on a trade that was winning the entire time and by 20-30-40 pips and 2 seconds before the trade would end it would spike up or down and close 1 pip above or below my SR! There is no way this was a coincidence as it was always a spike exactly 2 seconds before the trade was ending! I have several screenshots showing these spikes and would love to share them with your community as you just can’t believe how much of a spike these were so they could steal my money! Started with a deposit of 250 and had a turnover of $9,118 in trades! FINRALLY IS A SCAM BROKER!!!

        • WatchDog says:

          Please share any proof of this claim through email ( We’ve been working with them for months now, and never no complaints. By the way, you seem to be in the US. You should know that binary options trading in the US is only allowed through a CFTC licensed exchange, such as Nadex.

        • Bruno says:

          Is trade 12 a scam

        • Thao says:

          You should cash out way before that. 9.000 that a lot of money if you keep winning????

      • Victor says:

        Which broker must a south African use?

    • Lee says:

      Binary option army recommend using Tai Robotic auto trader have you tried that, I signed up and broker assigned was plus option. Not regulated broker not made deposit as of yet. Andrew seems a nice guy from binary options army wouldn’t you agree?

      • Shoni says:

        Have you checked the reviews of Tai Robotic? Is it not a scam? I have heard about it but haven’t tried it yet since i saw lots of complain about it.

        Watchdog can you do a review on it please!!! Tai Robotic

  3. jimos says:

    Please can any one drop any comment on how he or she is doing with Option Robot since it have turned so quiet this days Hope every thing is quite ok, iam worried of signing up pls.

    • Shoni says:

      OptionRobot is still doing good. I haven’t seen any negative posts about it. I am also using it at some point.

      • Thao says:

        What about their broker, only one had listened is Stockpair, but can you make some money from the robot.? I love to get your advice please, thanks.

  4. Sana Ali says:

    Hi watchdog,

    BinBot Pro is legit and legal in Canada as Fin rally is the broker I have chosen but not sure about it, please advise before I deposit.



  5. chris says:

    Hello. Has anyone else recovered funds from OptionBit? I have recovered mine, hope other victims have as well.

  6. Om Nath says:

    Hi watch Dog, what do you have to say about binbotpro, binarymate and fin rally?

  7. George van Vuuren says:

    Good day Where can I start with auto trading any legit place I can put in my money and start investing I dont mind if the profits are small as long as it is steady.

  8. Steve Baxter says:

    Hello WatchDog,
    So, being a US resident, I see that i’ll have to open an account with Nadex. Will I be able to use the BinBot Pro auto trader with that account?

    • WatchDog says:

      No. Auto Traders are not available in the US, unfortunately. Actually, BinBotPro is available in the US, but it’s not legal over there as far as I know.

  9. livhuwani says:

    What are the best setting for option robot,, please assist as I tried several setting but non of my settings help me in profit.

  10. Riana Amy says:

    Hey watchdog, I want to join your private channel but I already have a broker, so I thought I would buy your grandpa’s book, then do I take a picture of the order placed on Amazon and send it to ‘guy’ on Facebook? Is that how I join?

  11. Lois Hoefert Aring says:

    Could you please tell me if there are any reliable auto robots and brokers available in Mexico ?

  12. Lois Hoefert Aring says:

    Hello again,
    I also would like to know if there is a minimum limit on chargebacks. We lost $5,000 to CD Stocks and our bank here in Mexico tried every thing to get it back but were unable to. They must have tried a chargeback. They found our funds in a back in Germany and sent letters, etc., but to no avail. Do you have any suggestions ? This was probably 5 months ago, so it may be to late to do anything now. Thanks ! I enjoy reading your opinions !

  13. Armand says:

    dont fine any thing on hear about .. please help is it a scam or?

  14. Raulin says:

    Hi Guys

    I lost a lots of money on binary options because of too many scams going on all over the internet.

    Now. I am proud to say that I am making money on BITCOIN
    Digital currencies or cryptocurrency is the future. All of you people who are still
    investing on binary options should consider putting your money on Bitcoin.
    You can start with as little as $100.
    Open an account with an exchange on crytpto/digital money and let it grow . This is the future on money.
    There are so many youtube videos on these issues.
    Do something for a change and invest wisely.

    Good luck

  15. Lee says:

    Hie< help me i want legit auto trading software have lost money in scams,, i really need a profitable one to recover,,,,,, i dont have experience in trading though…

  16. Lee says:

    so what do u recommend for non experience ,, like me

  17. Angie says:

    Hi, I’m from Singapore. I’ve lost a lot of money from binary options scams and want to recover… Which is a good way to educate myself in binary options and even using auto trading? Which legalized brokers do you recommend here?

  18. Sportsman says:

    Pls check Ashford investments broker for me I heard its not licensed I don’t know

  19. Aleksandar says:

    Good afternoon, I like the site of the scammer. Can you investigate the site but I’m not sure if it’s a scam or not? Thanks in advance

  20. Raulin says:

    Hi Guys

    Most BINARY and FOREX brokers trade against you that why we can not make money.
    Get into BITCOIN and crypto currencies this the future of money.
    You can start an account with as little as $100 and let it grow .

    Good luck

    • Thao says:

      What about losing? It not like you can hold 100$ = bitcoin in your hand and let it grows, the market moving Up, Down. You can lose 100$ before you event know about it.
      Trading binary and forex is a gamble , that why all this brokers making money .

      • Raulin says:


        I believe you need to learn about BITCOIN first.

        If you invest $100 you do not lose your money. It might go down a little bit but in a long run ,the trend will be up and up.

        There are many internet youtube videos on bitcoin..

  21. Aleksandar says:

    Good afternoon, would I want to ask for a true 90% signal for a binary option without loss? Do you know which signal for binary option and forex? Greetings

  22. Victor says:

    Hi Watch dog.learn to trade charged me and my mother in law R50 000,00 besides deposit of 10 00 to activate our separate accounts each.they promised us a auto trade system that will close placed orders automatically.but when we got to the training they tried to rteach us how to read candles and graphs to place our own orders and close them.I lost couple thousands trying to use their three days training.Can we laim.our money back since they presented false information before we paid for the training?
    And also had to pay for the soft ware monthly which was not explained to us at the presentation.please help.

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