Binary Options Signals

What are Binary Options Signals ? In definition, a signal is an email or SMS alert instructing a trader on how to enter a new trade. Daily signals expire as soon as the asset’s market is closed and the final price level  is announced upon expiry.  Short-term signals expire at the end of the hour while some services offer 60 seconds, 5 minutes and 30 minutes signals and in this case, instead of delivering trading signals via SMS or email, they use auto trading technology to avoid any manual action on your behalf. This type of service is referred to as an auto trader or an auto trading robot.

How to get Free Binary Options Signals? The good news is that many services are offering a free trial membership, no registration or payment required in many cases. Signing up for a free trial allows you to put the service to the test before becoming a paid member. Generally the only requirement on the trader’s side is a registration with a broker via the referral links provided on the binary options signals site. Remember that even though you are getting free binary options signals  you are still required to initiate a new trading account, which makes the free trial offers ideal for new traders who are not yet registered with a broker or for traders who are looking to register with a different broker for the purpose of testing a new service or application for binary options.


Our most recommended signal service is Michael Freeman’s FREE manual signals group on Facebook. For those who are looking for alternatives, here’s our complete list of recommended services: is the highest rated and most consistent auto trading software for binary options as of February 2017. Average success rates vary between 69 to 81% on a weekly cumulative basis and the amount of positive feedback is almost overwhelming. This is the first binary options auto trader to empower user-control and allows the investor to optimize their software by allowing for 8 different customizations. Unlike most auto traders this auto trader actually allows the user to turn the system on and off and the only requirement is a one-time broker registration with some of the most reputable brokers, such as StockPair and 24Option. Feel free to visit our OptionRobot Review. And here’s another useful OptionRobot Review.

Daweda Exchange – First EU-regulated Auto Trading System which works on a binary options exchange! For more information, please visit our Daweda Exchange ATS Review.

BinaryOptionsTradingSignals is the most reliable and accurate binary options signal service for those of you looking for a service that is offered in a live investment room and doesn’t require any binary option broker sign ups. The start up costs are under $100 and they have been providing their amazing service for a little over 6 years now! If you are looking for a signal service that averages close to 80% in-the-money and between 7 to 15 investments per day then BinaryOptionsTradingSignals is for you. To learn more about this amazing signal service, check out our complete BinaryOptionsTradingSignals Review.

The United Trading Social App for binary options is the first revolutionary trading software for online day-traders that incorporates a fundamental analysis, technical analysis and social trading configuration into the signaling process of a software. This is the first binary options trading software that offers a social trading component along with the ability to invest with a semi-automated or an auto-trading investment mode. Free access to their Educational Center provides investors with complete tutorials on how to effectively use their system so even if you are a complete newbie day-trader you can rest-assured knowing you can easily and effectively use the system. Although this software is not available in the United States, it does yield an average success rate near 80% and provides advantages with its social trading configuration that are unmatched by all other competing software and services. Check out our complete United Trader Review.

Nuvo Finance – Is it a Legitimate Software? Detailed Nuvo Finance Review! (Not available in the US.) is the most popular software in the industry as of January 2017. Widely reviewed and endorsed by all who tried it, lot’s of live feedback and results including in the Penny Millionaire with a Live demonstration we posted in coordination with Agent Matt. (Not available in the US.)

GPS Forex Robot is a BEST SELLER!!! Proven and documented performance results on! This software has been around since 2006 and is highly endorsed on many Forex Forums and Portals. One-time Fee, no broker registration is required! Read our GPS Forex Robot Review.

Forex Trendy One of the cheapest and most popular price action services, available for FX and binary options traders. Get access to real-time, live charts with price action signals for 34 currency pairs. Audible and Email Signals are available. Get the Forex Trendy software for 3 months for only $37!

UpDown Signals Members can start with as low as $5 for 7 days. Monthly recurring membership at $97. SMS Included. If you are looking for a quality signals service UpDown is rated on top portals as one of the best binary options signals services with a solid prediction rate and daily signals on 3 hour expiry.

Quantum Signals Get Professional Trading Signals sent directly to your phone. Available Globally, GMT trading hours only. Trial membership for $9.99. Forex, Commodities and Stocks included. %75-%80 monthly success rate. Up to 3 trading signals per day.

Important Risk Warning 

Important Risk Note: Trading binary options can generate significant benefits but also involves a risk of partial or full funds loss and should be considered by initial investors. we strongly advise that you read our terms & conditions and disclaimer page before making any investment. customers must be aware of their individual capital gain tax liability in their country of residence. does not endorse unregulated trading in the United States or outside of the USA. If you are trading outside of US territories we recommend EU regulated brokers to our website visitors. In the USA traders should not be solicited with brokers who are not regulated by the CFTC and SEC and based in the United States. is an example of a US based and regulated exchange.

CFTC Warning for US Traders: the CFTC warns binary options traders not to trade with NON-US based and regulated brokers recognized by the CFTC. Most binary options brokers are either EU regulated and not regulated in the US. For more information on Binary Options In the US visit the CFTC Government Website.


638 comments on “Binary Options Signals
  1. Polly M. says:

    I can highly recommend CashCamp. First two weeks and I am getting over %76 ITM, not too many signals but very accurate. I really admire the fact that the service is offered free. Thank you for the recommendation WatchDog.

    • Noah C says:

      I lost over $1,000 with that ridiculous CashCamp softwarePolly, I’m not sure how you made a profit to be completely honest. Luckily I was able to make more than my loss money back with the OptionRobot here, got started 7 days ago and took my $350 balance to $3,209.75 with having a 72% success rate AND I just got my first withdrawal today from Dinero Libre for $825.00!! Will try to remember to post again with my updated results!

      Thank you WatchDog for all that you do!

      -Noah Campbell-

      • Noah!!


        I got started with OptionRobot on last Friday and have done quite well too!
        Friday: 5/7 ITM; Profit of $128.65
        Monday: 12/14 ITM; Profit of $333.90

        Although my results have not been as grand as yours I am still very pleased with my results! Can you share your settings that you use please?

        Anastazja Januszewski

      • What settings did you use Noah?

        • Noah C says:

          Hello Anastazja and Vanessa!

          Sorry I have been locked out of my trading email address and have been unsuccessful in getting it reset so I had to get a new email and username here too! Hope I am not too late to help you out! I have been using:
          Eur/Usd Usd/Chf Manual MACD RSI CCI Fibonacci 3 to 5 Mins Max of 2
          I experienced that auto doesn’t always perform the best so I do manual to get best execution rates possible, has significantly increased my winning percentage! Just at a little over $6.7k profit with OR since February 1st!

          Hope I wasn’t too late to assist you both!

          -Noah Campbell-

          • Bonn says:

            Hi watchdog, is Vena System still reliable because I had the opportunity to read at one point that you recommended vena system but recently, you did not recommend them as a reliable system. I am about to join the vena system. Can you confirm that you trust the system? Thank you. Bonn from the Philippines.

          • WatchDog says:

            I currently would not recommend this system.

          • Dave says:

            Congratulations Noah! Fantastic results! Can you please answer a question for me? I have been trying to deposit with the narrow we break from a credit card debit card and done so several times but it will not take my deposit. Did you have any difficulty of a similar nature and was the withdrawal process quick and easy? Thank you so much for your response.

          • Dave says:

            Edit of my question; it was that depositing to Dinero Libre from Credi/debit card was not working. Thank you for your help Noah.

          • Bonn says:

            Hi Watchdog,

            Would you know if Penny Millionaire have brokers that accept clients from our ragion? I’m from the Philippines.

          • WatchDog says:

            I don’t believe it does.

      • Nicholas Asher says:

        Lol united trading social app is a fraud.,same actors million air blue print wallter green aka the green machine

        • Jayr Wilson says:

          Well Mr. Dave and anyone that cares enough to read this post. But I have not had any reasonable success with Dinero Libre in my withdrawal process. Because its been close to nearly a month that I submitted my withdrawal request on the 15th of last month or February to now and I have been given every excuse from that I did not complete the required 15 trade min of 25.00 or more for a standard non-60 sec typical trades to the fact that I failed to complete my KYC requirements to fully verify my account which are all completely false as I finally had to email them their own emails that clearly document that my account was fully verified. So I am so pissed off with this company cause they have not responded to a single email from their customer service or accounting dept. that dose not accept any phone calls so all that they offer is email which they haven’t yet responded to any of my numerous emails . and the account manager which answers the phone is completely useless cause all he does is say or claim that my account is not verified or that I must resolve the matter via email through customer service , but I would then remind him that I dont have a problem with dealing with customer service if they only would respond to any of my repeated emails requesting for a response. so I will keep you guys of what the outcome will be but I am now warning against doing any business with this broker and I only had joined them because i did want to try out the Option Robot software which I also was not very impressed because it nearly wiped out my entire investment of 300.00 so I then took it offline and began trading on my own and got the account back to 330.00 USD. And thats were I am right now ….SO BEWARE OF DINERO LIBRE. JAYR WILSON

  2. efpierce says:

    I use UpDown signals and really like them. They cost about the same as everyone else, but when I used the trial, I knew right away that they were the right fit for me.

    • WatchDog says:

      Updown Signals and Mikes auto Trader are both very consistent! It helps that they give out the trial, so you can put their signals to the test before committing to a paid membership. Mike’s Auto Trader is actually completely free now and you can also get access to his Facebook signals community when you join his AT.

      • Bonn says:

        Hi Watchdog,

        You did mention that PM does not have brokers who take in clients from our region(Philippines). Would you kindly recommend an auto trading system that works? I would like to get into binary options trading but I’m new at this. Could you kindly help me out with this please?

        Thank you and God bless.

  3. Derek F says:

    The low startup cost converted me to UpDown signals. Signals are a real confidence builder even when you consider yourself an experienced trader – you’re always learning and signals help you keep that profit ticking over while you do so. SMS signals are not really anything I would look into because I am always on the computer due to work and rarely even use my phone except with clients.

    I haven’t yet got into Auto Trading but you do make a compelling case so that’s probably going to be the next item to check off on the list for me.

    I am inclined to try Michael Freeman’s Signals but looking for some more feedback.

  4. Penny Richens says:

    Once again, great information here. Using signals as a learning tool is seriously helpful advice. They are a great way to practice with simulation too, and build confidence over time. Where some of these have a free trial, that would be a great way to practice a bit before pulling the trigger. So far I am really happy with Mike’s Signals and I also started testing ProBinaryRobot software and I like that it’s fully automated. It’s getting me a decent performance, at least I am winning. I lost a lot of money with Binary Matrix Pro, it was a really bad experience so I want to also warn you guys against it!

  5. Alberto Meza says:

    Dear friends

    Do you know someting about the ITM Signal with Binary International broker?

    Thanks for your help

  6. Howard Smith says:

    Hello Watchdog

    I am planning to use Updown signals and I also want to use GOptions for my broker. Does GOptions have Option Builder, so I can make binary trade 2 to 3 hours expiry in advance.

    Thanks in Advance.

    • WatchDog says:

      Hello Howard, if you plan to follow UpDown Signals the Option Builder is essential. GOptions currently doesn’t offer the feature at the moment.

    • Maurice Lampl II says:

      You can customize your expiry hours with MarketsWorld. Their minimum deposit is $20 and minimum to trade is $1. Excellent broker to test your systems without losing your bankroll!!!

  7. Howard Smith says:

    Hello Watchdog

    Thanks for your quick reply on my broker’s question. I checked out LBinary and they look pretty decent, but the Option Builder trades are a minimum of $25. Is any of your recommended brokers have option builder or do you know of any that you can make Option Builder Trade for around $10 Per Trade.

    • WatchDog says:

      Hello Howard, we are not familiar with a $10 minimum for the Option Builder feature. Cedar Finance offers the Option Builder but they receive many complaints, we wouldn’t recommend taking a chance with them.

  8. AE says:

    Hello, If i want to try option bot 2.0. Is it a must to register through their software in order to get accurate signal? by the way, It’s going really well for me with ProBinaryRobot! First day 8 winners out of 10 trades, second day 6 out of 6 and 3rd day I got 7 winners out of 10 trades. So far it’s the first profitable software. I also received several recommendations to try the Option Bot so I am going to probably signup in the next few days.

  9. Sita says:

    due to (too!!!) many trials I have a dozen broker accounts.
    Now I finally came to your website and want to try Option Bot 2.
    Is it possible that I can use my old accounts?
    Or do I have to open 5 new accounts for Option Bot 2?

  10. Ken Schaefer says:

    Virtnext is the real deal. I found it on It’s free with a broker registration. The ITM is over %70 I’ve been testing him for weeks during the beta phase.

  11. A White says:

    Is this a reinvention of 60 seconds in profit? I am suspicious because some of their emails have the same origins. I have gone as far as the recommended brokers and they don’t look very professional – like Option Fair etc. They claim to have a live chat – but when you click on them its only an email – Does anyone have any positive experience about binarymatrixpro? Thanks A White

    • WatchDog says:

      You are right on it. It’s the topic of my next review. Can you specify the source of the email? Today I received endless questions on BinaryMatrixPro, I believe they just lunched the service and are using the email list from their previous scam Profit in 60 Seconds. If you break down the two website into elements..They are almost identical. Thank you for the feedback!

  12. Gerry says:

    Binary Matrix Pro is another scam just like “Profits” in 60 Seconds. I personally demo traded over 80 of their fake signals and drew down a 50k demo acount by over 7k in a matter of hours. Stay away from this Binary Matrix Pro trash. You’d get better signals if you put on a blind fold and blindly tossed a rubber suction arrow at your computer screen.

  13. Alex says:

    Auto Binary Signals is the best software you got on that list!! I’ve been trading with ABS for 2 years and you are right in the money when it comes to support! I will never be able to thank them enough!

    • WatchDog says:

      We are getting amazing feedback on ABS and everyone in the industry seems to endorse them. However you shouldn’t cancel out some of the other offers we recommend. We really recommend ProbinaryRobot as a 2nd software if you are interested to get some additional profits, the performance is very solid.

  14. BujiBoy says:

    Has anyone had any experience with ‘Clear FX Signals’?

  15. Marcella says:

    Hi I heard about this binary trading just a few days ago,so Im new to it and doing some research.Finally I found this page which is helpful,I read all comments on different options.Did you heard about freecashapp?Its a scam too?I just got email from binary matrix pro 2 days earlier and nearly got in to it,but I alwas do a research first.Thanks.

    • WatchDog says:

      FreeCashApp is another pitchpage offer without a service behind it. The best services right now are ProBinaryRobot, Option Bot 2 and Mike’s AT.

      • Guy says:

        Might be old news now!! however came across Mike’s AT but is suggesting siging up with 72 option which seem like a scam from what i can find out……

  16. Doug says:

    Have you heard anything about Binary Option Robot? Some of the brokers they used are ones you recommend. Thanks.

  17. Nathan says:

    Hi Binary Options Watchdog

    I am really researching this site they called they are selling a software called Robo Trade Calculator please they charging a arm and a leg for there signal conncetivity service and say its 98% accurate please check them out and let me know please .


    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Nathan, this website seems a kind of odd. Let’s ignore the poor design for a minute and if you do a quick background check on it seems that the website is not ranked yet, meaning that it’s probably 1-2 weeks old.

  18. Simon says:

    Hi There i just looked into a real live testing of ProBinaryRobot and i am impressed if you follow the high confidence only trades probably you will be able to win up to 90%, it seems like one of the few legit AT’s around.

  19. Tony41 says:

    Although you say Option Fair is an ok broker they did use the Binary Matrix Pro to get new accounts signed up. I was one and after a few trades realised that these signals were all losers!
    When I got through to Option Fair and told them about my experience they agreed that the BMP service was no good and that if I deposited more money (another 300) then they would make good the losses. However I did not think that their approach using BMP had been very ethical and I asked for a refund.
    To their credit they allowed my withdrawal within 3 days of sending in my verification docs.

    • WatchDog says:

      OptionFair is not bad but I agree that Binary Matrix Pro is a big scam! People should stay away. Checkout my BinaryMatrixPro review! By the way, the account verification is mandatory with all brokers..the first withdrawal is always a pain for a couple of days.

  20. Robert says:

    Thanks for the information on your site. I have a couple of questions. In regards to Binary Matrix Pro they are showing live trades from their software. Are those fake trades? Just doing some research and saw the live supposingly trades. Lastly, have you heard of the German Binary Robot and what do you think about it?
    Thanks for your feedback.

    • WatchDog says:

      “German Binary Robot” ..interesting name. It must be a new service. As for the live trades on Binary Matrix Pro, the performance results cannot be trusted because the service providers get access to demo accounts from the brokers so they can showcase fake live trades. It’s very common. The point is that you will need to have some level of trust is a service because there is no solid proof that anyone can provide you in advance.

  21. trizone says:

    I’m so glad I’ve found this site I was just about to give up on Binary options. Watchdog, I have $200 and a newbie. Could you please save this fool some time and recommend who I should use in your recommended list. My thinking is to work with one signal provider, build my trading capital and then use others in your list. Thank you.

    • WatchDog says:

      Thank you very much! Consider the Auto Trader solutions such as: ABS, ProBinaryRobot and Michael Freeman’s Auto Trader. We listed them on our recommended signals providers as all three are real actual mentors, they don’t hide behind fake photo shop performance results or actors.

      • Kobus says:

        Penny Millionaires and Option Robot was also part of the good guys according to watchdog, and my question is: will you recommend them as well or must I rather join ProBinaryRobot and the Michael
        l Freemans team

  22. Ezekiel says:

    thanks sir for this great website, that help keep us away from scammers fruads. I am considering to use ProBinaryRobot, I am getting some good feedback everywhere on the software.

  23. Anderson says:

    Hello !! Which is the best independent signal provider that doesnt require to deposit with their brokers? Any suggestions please.

    • WatchDog says:

      ForexTrendy is really cheap and it doesn’t require any broker registration. It’s a great indicator tool and we higly recommed it.

  24. Scott says:

    Watchdog –
    I wish I had done my due diligence, and found your site earlier. Being a newbie can bite one in the rear!! Signed up for Binary Matrix Pro based on what I thought was some pretty legitimate information on their sales page. I funded a account with one of their recommended brokers. And poof! It wasn’t two hours later my money was gone. My account would have looked great if I took trades the opposite of what they said!! Must have lost 6-7 out of 10 trades.
    I was just about to start up with, but not any longer!! Thanks so the warning.
    I was also thinking of GermanBanker, but putting that on hold until hear more.
    So, at this point, I’m thinking about Michael Freeman’s signals based on what I’ve learned here today. What do you think?
    Thanks for being out there.

    • WatchDog says:

      Michael Freeman is a great mentor and a real trader which is why we and many other binary options blogs and watchlists are endorsing him. we recommend his Facebook Signals Group and Community, you can learn more about his Facebook group on Mike’s YouTube Channel.

  25. John Brucato says:

    I would like to say for the first time I found a binary signal service I think everyone should take a look at. It is called Optionbot2 I tried many signal service’s but none like Optionbot2. I opened 5 accounts and funded them like they suggested. Then at the start I had a few questions about how the program works and setting up one of the brokers on the platform, and to my surprise Tony and Mark in customer service were so helpful at one point Mark was able to take control of my computer and show me what I was doing wrong. If you are looking for a great signal service like I was without getting scammed I suggest you look at Optionbot 2 they are reputable and Tony and Mark make their customer service outstanding. Give it a try you won’t be sorry.

  26. Sumit Chhikara says:

    Hi Watchdog……

    I am looking at your website from last 2 months now. You have explained very well. I do not have money to try optionbot so start with ifollow signal.

    Actually I follow Norbert from 1 month. He explained many strategies so I trust him. Now he has released a software German binary robot. Till now I used to believe that these software just don’t work. As similar one binary matrix pro has found scam. So want to know from you about this robot. Please review it.

  27. Angel R. says:

    Excellent site, excellent reliable information. .. I’m wondering if anyone tried Michael Freeman’s Signals and how much success if any have with it.

  28. Tim L says:

    Hey Angel,

    I have been with Michael Freeman’s manual signals for a couple of weeks now and I absolutely love the guy. I have been looking for a place to positively give feedback about it because overall I am pretty impressed with the service I have been receiving. I started a trading account with $200 and now I am up to $545, I know it may not seem like much but I am just taking it slow and being patient! Hope this helps! 😀

    Tim L

    P.S. I know that Mike is also about to launch an auto trader..I can’t wait! Manual signals are not ideal if you can’t trade during the session’s hours but once Mike comes out with his Auto Trader things will look even better as far as the ITM, which is already over %72 ITM!!

  29. Donna P says:

    Watch Dog,
    Thank you so much for the site. Having fell for BMP, and deposited with Platinum traders, I found your site last night before losing money.
    Please keep it up.


  30. John says:

    Hey Watchdog…

    I’m getting another Auto Trader Bot ad for The Wealthy Trader

    The claims and testimonials are extreme…and smells scammy to me. The recommend poor brokerage houses RB Options, UK Options and Optionow.

    Any word on this yet?

    • WatchDog says:

      We don’t trust any service that’s approved by This website is working exclusively with some of the services including Binary Matrix Pro and Wealthy Trader falsely confirming their trading results. If you look at all the reviews on Binary Matrix Pro or any of the other sites verified by this website you will find that they are all fake sites with bad reviews. We don’t recommend The Wealthy Trader. Testimonials are all’s not a legitimate binary options signals service.

  31. Ismaila Jonathan says:

    Wow! Very nice and interesting information on this site.
    Please, watchdog, I am limited to $100 deposit. Which service will suit me best? Also is there any signal service I can use independently on any broker? offers a stake as little as $1

    • WatchDog says: offers a very limited platform which is why they are not very popular. Topoption is a very popular broker and they received multiple awards from DailyForex and various binary options portals for being the best EU regulated binary options broker. They offer a $100 minimum deposit which is ideal in your case. Here is the Topoption Review

  32. Agnese says:

    Hi,how about ProBinaryRobot, is it any good WatchDog?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Agnese, ProBinaryRobot is very popular right now and Mike’s AT is getting some great ratings as well, as for ITM performance Mike’s Auto Trader and the ProBinaryRobot are getting a slightly higher performance based on the last few weeks.

  33. Agnese says:

    ABS is a really good software, Mark is my rep and he really helped me from day one. If you are looking for an automated software that works with actual people behind it to help you Auto Binary Signals is the best!

  34. kadhu says:

    Hello everyone I’m from Brazil, I would like information about binary options could indicate me a 100% automatic software to do the negotiations because I do not have time to operate.
    Or some service that is a priority signals M1 and M5.
    Enlisting the help of all, I thank

    Brazilian Carlos’s friend hugs

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Kadhu, The best fully automated solution for binary options is Mike’s Auto Trader and it’s offered free right now when you register with a broker. The highest performing software is the Option Bot 2 but it requires some active engagement, nonetheless you can generate profit with both software.

  35. Richard says:

    Do I need a VPS for running Mike’s Auto Trader or is running on the web?


    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Richard, good question! No need for VPS with Michael Freeman’s Auto Trader, is a fully web-baseed software, %100! No download or any special server required to run the software.

  36. Daniel says:

    Hi Watchdog, Is ProBinaryRobot 100% Automated. Am I required to place the trades manually?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Daniel, It’s %100 fully automated. The trades are executed automatically without any manual involvement on the trader side.

  37. Stephen says:

    Thanks Watchdog! what is the minimum amount to open an account with ProBinaryRobot?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Stephen, it depends on the broker they assign to you based on your country’s IP. You can qualify with the minimum deposit requirement which ranges between $200-$250.

  38. Iain says:

    What a great resource. Do you have any info on Millionaire society website?

    They recommend Lbinary options which I know is one of your highly recomended brokers, but I have had bad vibes about Millionaire society in the past.
    My question is: if a good broker acts for a “potentially ” dodgy website, is there a conflict of interest? or, do we place our faith in the integrity of the broker?
    I have never heard any adverse comments re Lbinary and woould have no hesitation in using them, providing I have the funds

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Lain, It’s not a recommended website but the reviews you read in the past are for a different service since there are two similar services one is called ‘The Millionaires Society’ and one is the ‘Millionaire Society’ both are no good. Here is my review on the latest version The MillionairesSociety.NET. Reliable brokers may work with any promoter in good faith and for the purpose of acquiring new traders. They don’t have control over the business decisions of their promoters unfortunately.

  39. Richard says:

    Hope Watchdog can give more information about Binary Cash Creator

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Richard, the Binary Cash Creator owned by the same people who came out with the German Binary Robot, Millionaires Society and the rest of the scams. Read some of the latest blog blogs under Watchdog’s Blog for more info.

  40. Daniel says:

    Hi Watchdog, Have you heard of UNDERGROUND MILLIONAIRE which purports to have win rate of 100%?

    • WatchDog says:

      Never heard of this one but it looks like similar scam sites. I also find it hard to believe that any service can get a %100 success rate.

  41. selva says:

    Are there any auto traders that work for united states. Because the current brokers don’t seem to accept us traders

  42. adrian best says:

    I am really thinking to join Mikes Auto Trader at the moment.

    • WatchDog says:

      Mike’s AT and ProBinaryRobot are great choices! Statistically you should get 70-80 wins out of 100’s hard to properly measure statistics over 10 trades but overall it’s a profitable software.

  43. robertmunene says:

    hey sir thanks for this helpful information i was just about to sign with binary matrix pro this website have proved to be very helpful and i would like to follow you on your site if its possible thank and go on with your great work have a nice evening

  44. Tony says:

    That is the word that best describes your website. It is accurate, informative and timely. Any one who is thinking about investing in binary options would be foolish not read your professional data.
    I appreciate all of your efforts, it has saved me days of extensive research.
    Its like finger flipping through the yellow pages to find exactly what your looking for.

  45. P.K. says:

    Excellent informations watchdog. Many thanks for the feeds and eye opener against the flooded scams of offering chances to be millionaries overnight!

  46. Adrian best says:

    One more thing watchdog what do u know about tokoyobot is it another scam I have been getting some recommendations from my ex scam signal providers auto binary signals

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Adrian, is a scam! Just research “Tokyo Bot Scam” on Google and you’ll find our warning.

  47. Jose says:

    Dear Watchdog,
    Thanks for your excellent feedback on Tokyo Bot. I have been getting mails with sales pitch. It really sounded suspicious with the familiar sales pitch and hype on their promo video. Yen as such is highly volatile and I was wondering as to how someone can so easily come up with an auto trading software solely based on them.

    I also have Binary Matrix Pro and I could never get a success rate of over 50% with it. They adviced me to ‘keep trying’ and ‘with time, my win rate would pick up’. If the performance of their software is based on my experience, what do I need them for?

    But so far, my worst experience had been with Binary International and will write about it one I these days.

    I knew that 1% Club is a scam. Now they have moved their ads to another place. I downloaded a free app called Forex on the Go. It is a cool app with lots of info. But I was surprised to find a banner ad from 1% club right at the top of the app when you open. These scammers always find a way around to reach unsuspecting new customers!

    Well, keep up the good work.

  48. Pourash says:

    Hi Jose,
    What is your experience with binary international?

  49. Jacob says:

    Hi WatchDog, so I started with ProBinaryRobot with a $500 deposit. First day I got 11 trades with 10 WIN and 1 LOSS..Balance after 1 day $940!! Second day I got 14 trades with 12 WIN and 2 Loss. MY account balance is now $1,435! Finally a reliable auto trader that works!

  50. Jeff says:

    Thanks Dog! I read every comment/reply, very helpful. From what I’ve gathered .. f*ck Tokyobot and it’s creators, initially from all the promotional material I had received related to them they had garnered my attention, however, it looks like I’ll be researching ProBinaryRobot for my automated trading and Option Bot 2 and/or PBR for signals.

  51. Steve says:

    Watchdog I wanted to give my take on ABS!

    It was by far the most accurate I tried. Out of 9 trades 7 won.

    60k in 60 seconds was garbage it barely got past the break even.

    I hope this helps the group


  52. Fred says:

    Seems to be a new scam out now called insured profits. Has watchdog checked them out yet?

  53. jim says:

    BPR is my favorite! I Made $760 net profit in the last 6 days and I started with $300. Thank you for recommending the software WatchDog!

  54. Chad says:

    I use Binary Options my self and have tested out a few others on the list, best one so far is ProBinaryRobot.
    The free ones are ok to get you started and give you an idea on how to make trades. So far I’m making a regular income not a millionaire yet but working on it.

  55. Chad says:

    I have to agree with Steve and Jacob!! The ProBinary Robot deserves the good ratings!!

  56. Flavio says:

    Binary Options Live Signals took my account balance to $0 in 4 days…long story short, so I decided to signup with the Option Bot because one of my friends recommended the software and now I want to pass on the recommendation because it’s a legit currency pairs indicator and a powerful signals generator! I changed the setting to 10 pips and I am getting signals for EUR/USD and EUR/GBP with around %80 ITM! I ain’t rich yet but give me a few months!! 🙂

  57. Gustavo says:

    Haha sorry so BOLS is scam!!!! I don’t dare to try anything that is not based on a real trader. I found that Michael Freeman for example, is a serious figure in this industry with lots of free videos and I contacted him, he politely answered. I am definitely going with his free mentoring and the new Auto Trader.

  58. Jan says:

    Hey WatchDog, I am doing great with the Option Bot 2.0 thank you for the recommendation. I wonder if I should also activate the ProBinaryRobot or just stay with the Bot? the Pro Robot seems to me like one of the few legit auto traders around.

  59. John says:

    Hi watchdog,

    Thank you so much for great service. I would like to know if you know or anyone tried new service” legal insider bot”.

    It looks very promising. I am not really whether is scam or not.

    Please help…..

  60. Crystal says:

    Thanks so much for your information. I registered with the Insured Profit and deposited $660 with their recommended broker. Lost $150 in 1 day and got suspect. So i check them on google and found your site. luckily now I submit the withdrawal request for the rest of my money. with many thanks…….

  61. Long J. Silver says:

    Hi Jan, I don’t know much about the Option Bot but I can tell you that I am very happy with the ProBinaryRobot soft. It’s fuly automated and it generates consistant high profits. I didn’t try the Option Bot yet … but anyway, whatever works, works! I am glad it’s not another fake auto trader..Thanks for the recommendation guys! This forum helped me a lot!

    Long J. Silver

  62. Azubuike says:

    Hi Watch Dog,

    I must comment you for the great job you are doing here as you have personally saved me from falling prey to these scam softwares, and eventually I joined PRO Binary Robot and OB2 based on your recommendation and I managed to profit from both software in the last several weeks. I am learning a lot by using the Bot, I still didn’t decide which one is better since it’s too soon to reach a conclusion. I’ve went on so many websites promoting garbage and I just want to say that I really appreciate your efforts!

    I’m yet to see your review or comments about the Walter Green’s “Free Money System”, if it works or not. I have search the net and you blog but can’t find anything from you about it. I am looking forward to the next reviews. I love your writing style!! This is awesome!

    Thank you, Azubuike

  63. Louis says:

    Somebody recommend me The Green Room Academy, they are a Binary Options “live” signal providers in a FB group.
    Do you know if is it legit or a scam?
    Thanks for your site.

  64. Jacob Jones says:

    My friend told me about the Green Room Academy. It’s not a scam or anything based on his experience but he told me that most of the information they teach is stuff you can learn on your own and they don’t actually offer any signals or trading instructions.

  65. Jack Silverstein says:

    Hi Watchdog!
    I like your Site very much. Thank you for this helpfully Site, because there are a lot of Scam Broker and even more Scam Software/Signals out there. The ProBinaryRobot auto trader is working great for me! I am very happy with the results and can agree with some of the other comments posted here.

  66. Louis says:

    Hi and thank you Jacob Jones for your comments I was thinking the same your friend told you but I neede some sort of confirmation.

  67. Lelo says:

    Hi Watchdog

    Thank you for all your efforts to keep us away from the sharks. I would like to know more about Binary Money Mind, they use auto pilot as well “bot trading”.

    Thank you

  68. AJ Best says:

    I noticed you added OptiExpert on the recommended binary options signals list, I can also recommend this software. I signed up with OptiExpert once I realized they are not connected with Clicksure and all the fake scam auto traders.. I posted a comment on your OptiExpert Review documenting my performance up until now. Great website!

  69. oscar says:

    I bought the membership for Auto Binary Signals and the results are vvery good, my English is no so well but they have Spanish person help me.

  70. Mark says:

    Please notify me of new posts by email.

  71. Richard Kalinoski says:

    Does anyone have any feedback on Mike’s new Auto Trader?? I like the donation initiative and it’s free but I want to get some feedback if anyone is trading with Mike. I follow Michael Freeman’s channel and he seems like a nice guy but I wonder if this software is worth my time or not..anyone?

  72. danny says:

    I follow Michael Freeman, I love his videos. I started trading with his manual signals a while back and he is keeping the performance very high. I just signed up with the AT, so far so good, but it will take more than a few days to really evaluate the performance. I am counting on Michael and I agree that the charity initiative is refreshing because the guy can easily charge monthly fees for his service, he is the biggest on YouTube..instead of charging money he is raising charity.. If I was Mike, I would charge money but it’s his own choice and I respect him for it!

  73. Rick Kalinoski says:

    Michael Freeman is the real thing..check out his channel almost 200 videos on tips and strategies. He is definitely not some paid actor and it’s a fact. He doesn’t dress up as a serious investor but the guy has some serious talent!!

  74. sharon says:

    Mike’s Signals are the best!! %74.3 ITM in the last 4 business days. I knew he was not just “all about talk” like the rest of the software guys. Thank you WatchDog!! Thank you!!!

  75. Learnt by experience says:

    Binary trading is legit. I recently found Mike’s Auto Trader and I am generating a very high performance with his trades. I noticed the guy is also really big on lectures on YouTube. I am really happy with his signals. Does anyone have information on Mike’s Startegies? I am also considering to trade on my own. If anyone can refer me to a good strategy so I can practice on a demo account, I hope to one day also create my own service after I learn how to trade on my own. For now I agree with WatchDog, Mike’s Software is %100 legit!!

  76. Batr Bahal says:

    You are right on it. It’s the topic of my next review. Can you specify the source of the email? Today I received endless questions on BinaryMatrixPro, I believe they just lunched the service and are using the email list from their previous scam Profit in 60 Seconds. If you break down the two website into elements..They are almost identical. Thank you for the feedback!

  77. Ed says:

    I started using the Optiions Bot on 10/08/2014, didn’t get as many trades as I expected but if my calculation is right, I reached around %86ITM which is they highest I got with any of the software I tried. I am hoping to continue and profit with the software and I just wanted to drop by and thank you for recommending me this software.

  78. Veronica says:

    Mike’s Performance over 14 days = %74.5, Pro Binary Robot = %73 based on 3 months is around.. I am happy with both services!

    • WatchDog says:

      Thank you Veronica! As you can see I also offer some strategies, I base many of my trades on this Gold Strategy for binary options. If you ever plan to trade on your own, always use a strategy. I am glad you are happy with my Auto Trader. By the way if anyone is interested to check it out, I am hosting the software on and it’s free + non mandatory donation. Cheers! Mike

  79. John says:

    If you are looking for a good strategy I recommend Michael Freeman’s Gold Strategy with the MACD Indicator, he offers it free on his website and he posted a few videos on this strategy, it’s genius and easy to understand. I personally like to trade on my own. I prefer not to go with binary options signals but I see tons of good reviews on Mike’s AT, I might give it a try. If anyone has any feedback on his service let me know how he is doing.

  80. Rohan says:

    Anyone use Swiss Binary Robot – its listed on the options website as being highly rated.

    • WatchDog says:

      Warning: Swiss Binary Robot is a scam based on our traders feedback. The high ratings were given by affiliated sites only. The next review coming up is on the SBR due to all the complaints. Be warned..

  81. José says:

    Good afternoon everyone, unfortunately only after having invested with the Insured Profit is that discovered this site. It’s still very new and only made 2 trades with the Inside, I won’t know the results tomorrow. I advise doing? Rescue all the money invested there?

    • WatchDog says:

      Jose, Here is a link to our warning on Insured Profits. Ask to deactivate the software unless there is a deactivation button and in this case you should go ahead and click it. Based on all the feedback, we came to a conclusion that Insured Profits is a scam. If you are unable to deactivate the software with Insured Profits support you should contact your binary options broker to do it from their side. Good luck!

  82. Steve H says:

    Hi WatchDog,

    I am currently using Mikes Auto Trader.

    here is my result after 74 trades:

    Account gain: %650 on my investment!!

    Great performance, already got my first withdrawal. FINALLY!!! Really.. I was about to give up because it’s not a piece of cake, people are out there selling dreams. Binary options is not easy and you have to have a good startegy, mentor or a good service.. Michael Freeman delivers!

    My win rate is around %72-%74 which is really more than I could ask for.

  83. kittithat says:

    guaranteedwealthsystem is scam
    legalinsiderbot is scam
    I have lost my money

    Thank you watchdog now I move to Mike and Pro Binary Robot and so far so good . I can’t make money without your review. Thank you so much

  84. zef says:

    Okay, after reading all of these reviews, I decided to give Mike’s auto signals a try. I am really happy with the service.. Great guy! I donated a $100 to the Syrian Orphans foundation!

    I was scammed before by forum after signing up with BDB and TradeRush. Now I noticed they removed these brokers..fake liars!

    It’s REALLY REALLY hard to find a legitimate website in this industry and I am glad I found you WatchDog!!

    I am your NUMBER ONE fan!!!!!

    Zef from Cali 🙂

    • WatchDog says:

      You are great Zef! It’s sad to see so many traders who are getting scammed by shady brokers and services. It’s our mission to put an end to all the fake brands and clean-up this industry! Michael Freeman is a great example of a legit guy who goes above and beyond to yield great results for his followers, he is probably the only legitimate mentor on YouTube and after seeing the number of strategies this guy wrote on his blog, it’s more than clear that he is probably one of the best traders+mentors around.

      Thank you for your kind support Zef 🙂


  85. Iftekhar says:

    What about InsuredProfit?

  86. Kucingoren says:

    So…well I would like to use mike auto-trade but it is hard for me to give charity $50 right now coz funding acc in any broker chosen cost me around thousand in my currency exchange & to get $50 cost half of my salary (I don mean to be rude, Sorry Guy)….I thought of giving charity after making some money…it that oke? do software activation need charity proof first?

    • WatchDog says:

      The charity donation is not mandatory last time we checked with Mike. It’s also possible to donate $5-$10.. you will still gain access to the Auto Trader without a donation either way.

  87. Ken says:

    Hello Watchdog! I am with Mike’s Auto Trader!! I am not yet ready to try anything else yet.. I am very happy with the results and after losing so much money with BDPv7 I am not taking my chances. Mike is a real mentor so I am definitely staying with him for now.

  88. kevin young says:

    Great Job WatchDog, I love your website!! Keep on the great work!

  89. afrido says:

    Hi watchdog,
    i am a newbie. among the free autotraders softwares, which one you think better? Mike’s autotrader?, Binary Pro Robot, Oneclick auto trader? Please advise. thanks

    • WatchDog says:

      Based on all the feedback it seems like Mike’s Auto Trader is in the lead right now, we’re still waiting for more feedback on One Click Auto Trader. It’s a relatively new service.

  90. mahan says:

    hi again
    this is my second email please tell which system after mike’s auto trader do you highly recommend ? please reply fast


    • WatchDog says:

      Right now the MikesAutoTrader and ProBinaryRobot are getting amazing feedback but you can also try the ForexTrendy if you are just looking for a trading tool, PBR and MAT are WatchDog’s Top AutoTraders and we have a 3 months documented performance results.

  91. Deidre says:

    Thank you for recommending ProBinaryRobot!! I had the most amazing two weeks, $2000+ over 10 working days!!

  92. Ashraf says:

    Anyone have results for one click auto trader?

  93. Joe Rollin says:

    On my top of the list is Mikes Auto Trader!!! Watchdog you forgot to mention that when traders signup with Mike’s AT, they also get his free manual signals via email and sms.

  94. Brett says:

    PBO is great WatchDog!! I agree with some of the previous posts. I didn’t try Mike’s Auto Trader yet but I am going to start on Monday, if anyone else has more feedback on the current performance that will be wonderful!

  95. Sam says:

    I’ve been trading with Mike’s AT for 4 weeks now, I can verify his performance and testify that he is a real trader with at least a %70 ITM for the most part, he doesn’t go below. I am up’ing my trade amounts next week. So far I traded the minimum just to stay safe but with $100 on each trade I can pull some serious bank

  96. brendan says:

    hi has anyone heard of or using binaryapp-810, cannot find too much out about it

  97. Tony Hawley says:

    I really like Pro Binary Robot – I tried it today and it started with 5 wins and I am ready to continue and up my trades.

    On other reviews I have seen on other services like Insured Profits, that despite the results showing between 30 and 40 trades with about 80% success the reality is that you will be lucky to get one a day! Don’t believe fake results, look for feedback from other traders!

  98. John says:

    Is it just me or did Michael Freeman just pull a %82 ITM today? I was %100 sure that Michael Freeman is a scam like so many of these money making systems, then I checked his channel and decided to give him a try after seeing he poste almost 200 videos and so many strategies and warnings, the guy is legitimate and I fully support him, especially after seeing such a good success rate today! Yesterday by the way, was around %69 which is also very good so on average it’s around %75 ITM. This is the type of performance that traders are looking for and I had enough with the coin flippin scams!!

  99. Kendora says:

    Today was my very first day of trading and I had an amazing ITM day with the Optiions trading platform. 9 out of 11 trades were ITM and customer service was amazing! My query was answered in less than an hour. I am so glad that I found this website and decided to join with Optiions. Thank you WatchDog!

  100. Nate says:

    I am having a real time deciding between the ProRobot and the Option Bot 2.. can someone help?

  101. Dhanji Makwana says:

    I am staying strictly with the Option Bot 2! I tried too many auto traders and with the Bot I am starting to reach a very high performance. I am not taking my chances with anything else.

  102. andi says:

    what about mikes auto trade in brazil ?works or not?im from brazil!

  103. Janice says:

    Has anyone tried autotradingbinary? I am not sure if I should try this or the OptiExpert

  104. tkbabs says:

    Is Mike auto trader available to Nigerian clients?

  105. Cristiano says:

    I just want to say thank you and congrats with everything. Mike’s Auto Trader made my life so much easier. I have so much free-time to spend with the guys, and enjoy my life. I think it’s amazing what you are doing for these charity’s. You deserve all the success to come. Thank you for the review WatchDog and I’m also very happy with Mike’s new DisputeZone website and how he is so dedicated to his subscribers! It’s great to have someone with with a good heart to take care of us newbies! Cristiano

  106. Tina Goel says:

    I highly recommend ProBinaryRobot! I signed up with CherryTrade and started with the free trial, now after 4 weeks and a %76 ITM I can really recommend this bot.

  107. elliott says:

    BinaryProRobot is still the leading autotrader in the market in my opinion. It’s simple and easy. No donation required or anything special. I totally trust Mike because I follow his manual signals but with the high results I am getting with BPR I am going to stay with it for now. Thank you for all the great recommendations WatchDog and for keeping us on high alert regarding all the scams that are coming out.

  108. Greg MAC says:

    I’ve been subscribed to Mike’s email signals for a few weeks and he delivers a very high performance. I am just really frustrated that I couldn’t register with his auto trader, I tried and the website stated “country blocked”. I guess it’s not available everywhere. I know a few other traders who are interested to join him. It’s really ashame, he should have made this available for everyone.

    • WatchDog says:

      It’s a downside with Mike’s Auto Trader. It should be available for all traders around the world. He also offers signals for sms and emails via Mike’s Manual Signals, you can consider this as an alternative or try one of the other services we endorse.

  109. helena says:

    Are these[Option Bot 2 ,Binary Pro Robot ,Mike’s Auto Trader ] available to Australian customers?

    • WatchDog says:

      Aussies are the luckiest! No restrictions related to Fx and Binary Options are imposed on traders from Australia. You may register with any of the three services. ProBinaryRobot is the most automated one out of the three but all are getting great feedback and deliver good ITM results.

  110. Shabbir Ahmed says:

    Is Mike’s Auto Trader Available in South Africa?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hello Shabbir, Mike’s Auto Trader is available in South Africa. It also depends on which broker you choose to work with but the software will automatically recognize if the broker is available in your country before you complete the registration.

  111. felix chuks says:

    Hi watchdog, must i donate to charity before using mike auto trader

  112. geoff says:

    Is larrys cash machine a scam? I have joined up with them and seen more losses than profits so far.

  113. Richard says:

    Hi WatchDog, I plan to join Mike’s Auto Trader after seeing many great reviews. Do I get free access to his Facebook Signals when I join the Auto Trader and how do I get access? Thank you very much!

  114. Emily James says:

    I want to highly recommend ProbinaryRobot and Mike’s FB Signals group! Thank you for the recommendations WatchDog, it was a long search until I foud some real guidance and profitable signals. I am finally recovering all my losses after letting some account manager take over my account. Stupid mistake!!

  115. nelson says:

    is mikes auto trader available in canada

  116. Abdul says:

    Which is the best Auto Trader in the market now please.

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Abdul, Our Top Auto Traders for binary options are: Mike’s Auto Trader, ProBinaryRobot and Options. The performance results is above %72 with all 3 services. Each service is synced with different brokers so the choice is a matter of preference.

  117. calixta says:

    results for today with the ProBinaryRobot, from 10 trade only 9 wins, 1 losss.

  118. Uno Larsson says:

    Yesterday 20 trades with Mike’s Auto Trader I got 17 ITM , the Facebook Group yielded a %72 ITM. I am really happy with the results! It’s a great deal since Mike added me to his signals group on Facebook free when I joined his autotrader. Thank you for the recommendation WatchDog!! I am going to also try ProbinaryRobot soon.

  119. Tun Muso says:

    Mike’s Auto Trader is the best system for binary options in the market! I agree with so many positive testimonials I see. The guy knows how to trade and I am also very happy with his new Facebook group!! Amazing Community!!

  120. Rita says:

    I have a terrible experience with the Binary Options Professior, they scammed be out of my entire deposit. Beware of this website and the signals they offer. Thank you for all the warnings watchdog!

  121. Uno Larsson says:

    Before Monday I am signing up with PRobinary Robot and Mike’s Auto Trader. I made up my mind and I am ready to start profiting! Thank you for all the warnings WatchDog! You should be called the “golden dog” you helped many people, including myself, save a lot of money!!!

  122. Winnifred says:

    I love your website it’s a great resource for binary options! You saved me a few months ago from Binary Matrix Pro, just wanted to really thank you again!

  123. musa says:

    I didn’t have much luck with Insider John, I am considering Mike’s Auto Trader and PRO Binary Robot now. Difficult decision because I do want access to their new Facebook group without having to register with another broker. What’s your opinion on this WatchDog?

  124. Mr B says:

    I am really happy with Mike’s Facebook signals group and his admins, they are generating a very high ITM performance. It’s probably the only service around where you get paid $200 for generating good signals for the group. That’s what I love about Michael, he keeps rewarding his traders and it motivates the group. I really recommend his group. Forget about all the fake robots. Mike’s Facebook group is not only a signals service but it’s also a great community. MR B

  125. Les says:

    First 4 days with the ProBinaryRobot results
    Tuesday – 9/13 ITM
    Wednesday – 10/15 ITM
    Thursday – 9/12 ITM
    Friday – 6/9 ITM

    I am really happy with the results so far. I managed to triple my account balance already. I am going to make a small withdrawal just for safety and continue. It’s nice to see that finally a robot is actully working.

    If the performance doesn’t go so well (because I know that I need 2-3 weeks to know if it’s really good) I will join Mike’s Facebook Signals group I am getting a lot of great feedback, also one of my friends is a member. They are giving cash rewards to members to post good trades on the wall.

  126. Elena says:

    Hi Watchdog! Thank u for ur website! My question is what broker are u using for Binary Boom? I am in the USA and cant figure out what to do as The brokers are not available to usew this software with. Please, help!

  127. ROTIMI says:

    I’m really happy with the performance of Probinaryrobot. Please take a look at my results of some of my latest trades with the software:

    AUD/CAD Call $ 25 0.96508 $44 15-04-29 21:00 Won
    USD/CHF Put $ 25 0.93791 $44 15-04-29 21:00 Won
    NZD/USD Call $ 25 0.77141 $0 15-04-29 23:00 Lost
    AUD/USD Call $ 25 0.79794 $44.5 15-04-29 23:30 Won
    EUR/JPY Call $ 25 131.233 $44 15-04-29 23:00 Won
    EUR/USD Call $ 25 1.09937 $42.75 15-04-29 23:00 Won
    AUD/USD Call $ 25 0.80101 $0 15-04-28 23:30 Lost
    SILVER Call $ 25 16.61 16.615 $43.75 15-04-28 20:00 Won
    PLATINUM Put $ 25 1144.9 1146.8 $0 15-04-27 16:00 Won
    EUR/USD Call $ 25 1.08337 1.08762 $42.75 15-04-27 23:00 Won
    SILVER Put $ 25 15.844 16.392 $0 15-04-27 20:00 Won

    Tuesday 27th April: %70
    Wednesday28th April: %81
    Thursday 29th April: %76

    Didn’t make millions yet hahahah but as long as I get the above results in the next days I am a happy camper!!

  128. Ahmed says:

    Hi watchdog ,,

    Can you please provide me the link of Mike’s signals group on facebook,

    thanks your website is really helpful

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Ahmed, Mike’s Facebook group is private so you can’t find it in the Facebook search, you will need to receive an invitation to join from one of the admins or from Mike. You can email him at or visit his group’s registration page but if you joined or plan to join his auto trader, you can get a free invitation without a broker registration. We’re getting very good reports on Mike’s Facebook group. It’s not automated but it’s a powerful community and he managed to find a few talents, together they post signals and educate the group’s members, unlike other Facebook groups they don’t charge any monthly fees.

  129. Morris says:

    I am not surprised you recommending Google Trader, I am trading with the software for 2 weeks and getting paid a lot of money daily. I sent you the ITM stats and snapshots via email to prove my case + a video, waiting for your feedback. If you are objective you will not only post warnings against scams but also inform traders when a good software becomes available. 200 trades with %85.3 performance, it can’t be a coincidence and I can’t say that I wasn’t worried at first and skeptical. I also sent you a video capturing my progress. I would really like to see you promoting them or at least share your thoughts.

    • WatchDog says:

      Dear Morris, we received your video and next time you should avoid sending sensitive information, if we were into identity theft you would be in trouble right now. It looks good and we never claimed that Insider Information is a scam. We heard about it but didn’t receive enough feedback. Is anyone else trading with Google Trader and getting good results? Please comment or email us with evidence to support your claims.

  130. Wathoko says:

    This is good news!! I wasn’t sure if I am just lucky but if Morris is getting positive results it confirms my own assessment even though I am two days into it, it’s going well so far.

    • WatchDog says:

      Wathoko, Sensitive information = your social security number, copy of your driver’s license or a video of you accessing your bank account online. We don’t need you to send us this information and you shouldn’t share it with anyone. If you are interested to send us evidence, please provide us with authentic snapshots from your trading account, possibly an actual video showing how you are winning trades live.

  131. George says:

    Great website WatchDog I really appreciate your help! I am doing very well with Mike’s Facebook group and I recently activated an account with GTrader, I am getting many signals most of them ITM!

  132. Abbas says:

    I am currently trading with OB2 and Mike’s Auto Trader and I am getting some great results, I am also part of the new Facebook group. I am wondering about the Insiders Information and I don’t mind registering with a new broker. I would love to get some more insight from the traders who posted good comments on the software before I sign up.

  133. Morris says:

    It’s GoogleTrader this is the website I recommend. I noticed you added them on your list, I think it’s the best software. I tried all kinds of garbage, BinaryBoom, ProfitwithCindy… nothing works. I am staying with GoogleTrader, maybe I’ll try some new things in a few weeks after I recover my previous losses and right now I am very optimistic. If you are looking for an automated system for binary options for me this is the only one that works. I am too afraid to try anything else at the moment.

  134. Roderto says:

    I agree with all the statements on Mr Michael he is a good man the Facebook group is good, they have live webinars like Option Bot 2 now. I am going to try the Gold Software and ProbinaryRobot when markets are working. I hope they don’t start charging for this, what do you think WatchDog?

  135. WatchDog says:

    At this point both are going to remain free with a broker registration, you will be guaranteed a free spot and access to the software. Mike is starting with the webinars next week, he also upgraded the auto trader and people are reporting a higher success rate. The webinars will be available for his Facebook group’s members. If you are a member of his auto trader, he will add you to the FB group free.

  136. dave says:

    Signed up with GTrader about a week ago, good to know it’s legit, I am getting good results the support is okay, they can work on it but I am happy with the results so far.

  137. Jeff says:

    Okay I am counting on you guys! I signed up with the ProBinary robot on Monday with a balance of $250, now I have a few open trades but I am at $412 I’ll keep you posted in the next days. I really hope it’s not just luck@ 🙂

  138. Henri van Rooyen says:

    Jeff, there are a quite a few of us that are now watching your progress … please keep us updated. Most of us are just dead nervous to jump into such a hyped up program….. as good as it looks. ( too many wounds that we are licking ! )

    • WatchDog says:

      Yes Henri you know it’s really interesting. We tend to blacklist almost every service that comes out, many times due to complaints and often just in case it turns out to be a scam. We added Insiders Information on our list and everything looks good so far, no complaints and good feedback from a handful of traders. All posting comments from different IP’s and a few sent us emails with documented results. If it’s possible Jeff, please email us a video screen capture of your activities with the software, we will pay you a $150 for it and will not share it with anyone or publish it anywhere without your consent.

  139. Curt says:

    Man it would be so nice if this really worked !!! I have tried a few of these and always lost.

  140. Sean says:

    I will be signing up with Google Trader too. I am doing really well with ProbinaryRobot and Mike’s Bot, together I am making around $500-$700/day, with $25-$40 trades. If I am able to cross the 5 figures a day mark I will be really happy!! It’s been a tough journey to find reliable services.

  141. WatchDog says:

    This is great Jeff!! We will also post a nice review for them, the payment was just issued to your PayPal. Thank you for sharing your results and you are welcome to update us but just don’t leave too many comments. You can update us every few days it should be enough. Congrats!! You actually made $500 today 🙂

  142. Tom says:

    WOOT WOOT!!! 7 ITM’s in a row with the Google Trader!! I am thinking to establish my own signals group and re-use the signals for other traders, like a Facebook group or Skype.

  143. Ilcer says:

    Can you please link to Mikes Auto Trader?

  144. Audrius says:

    Hello guys I’m new software seeker 😉 now I’m planning to check so I will update you with genuine information how is going I’ll see that this insider information have a lot of positive comments 😉 Keep it up and will god bless protect us for scammers.

  145. Ahmed says:

    Hi Watchdog

    I have about a $1000 to invest so I am going to spread my investment with Mike’s Auto Trader, GDigger, ProbinaryRobot and OptiExpert. However I am in the US, can I still sign up with OptiExpert do you recommend it? Another question, if I sign up with Mike’s Auto Trader do I need to contact him? How does it work?

    Thank you


    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Ahmed,

      It’s a good idea but if you are in the US you cannot trade with OptiExpert, it’s a great software but the other 3 services you mentioned will get you a higher performance. After you join Mike’s Auto Trader you can email him at and provide him with a Facebook email so he can send you an invitation. You can include your username so he knows you already registered via the Auto trader. He responds fairly quick so just contact him with a Facebook email.

      Good luck with your trades Ahmed, please keep us posted with your results, you can also email us at

  146. Ahmed says:

    I really like ProBinaryRobot but do you guys still recommend the Google trader software? I would appreciate more feedback.

  147. Max says:

    This week I took 63 trades with the Google Trader soft and got 52 ITMS, that’s %82.1 for the weekly performance ending Friday 29th. I am only a week into this and I am really surprised but kind of disappointed that I only put $25 on my trades, if I traded $100 on each trade I would’ve made a lot more money this week. Next week I will report my results and let’s see how it goes. I also attended the webinar via Mike’s Facebook Group, I highly recommend his services. The community is growing and I am hoping to learn how to trade like the admins one day so I don’t need to rely on trading robots but for now I am happy with what I got. Max

  148. Wellle says:

    Congrats Max,
    am happy for you, I hope later I will take the same road as you do

  149. Frankie Gordon says:

    Hi Guys,

    I have just read many comments from you . Henri has written the best way as
    ” Most of us are just dead nervous to jump into such a hyped up program….. as good as it looks. too many wounds that we are licking ! ”

    I am testing since 2 month many systems, signalservices etc. I have around 7 broker accounts 🙂 That is really very hard to find the most reliable services !
    I am also since over 4 weeks the member of Mike’s fbook group, there are some 3-6 TOP TRADERS who has 75-82% succes rate ! The live webinars as well very good and cheap .The people there are really very kind and helpful to all of us !
    Till now my conclusion is to choose Mikes as a family Fbook group and the Winning Binary or Quadra Signals through email .Will test shortly their Autotrader as well and probably will start to test GTrader with a new broker account will report you about them as well !
    Anyway Mike Freeman’s group and Watchdog helped me really much to choose the most reliable brokers and the most reliable signals services ! Without them I would have lost much more money !

    thank you very much
    Frankie Gordon

  150. israel says:

    Please help me me review binary brain wave, binary ascend and binary brain bullet ty.

  151. Robert says:

    Max is probably right about the GTrader! I signed up on Thursday and got a total of 17/20 ITM’s, I set the software on fully auto with $50 trades. This is some good news!! I am holding my fingers and will keep you updated WatchDog, thank you so much! Rob

  152. Zoltan Krasznai says:

    Monday is over and I just wanted to share my experience with the systems I signed up with:

    Mike’s Auto Trader %73 ITM + FB group, I took 4 ITM signals from Afzal his admin 🙂 gained a total of: $352
    BinaryBoom %52 ITM lost $400
    ProBinaryRobot %74.5 ITM $150
    GoogleTrader %81 ITM $380

    IT’s based on one day so the only software I am going to deactivate right now is Binary Boom. I also read something about a virus that comes with the software, I am a little bit worried.

    Is Max still around? I wonder what kind of results he is getting and if he is still doing well with the Google Trader? I am really happy with the results but I only traded with the software for one day. I’ve been trading with Michael Freeman’s Facebook Group for a while + his Auto Trader and the guy is legit, I made a lot of money with him but the Gtrader is a lot more smooth, Mike’s software is a little bit slow on my computer.


  153. Max says:

    Great Monday!! 2nd withdrawal in progress. I just have one question, is this money taxable?

    • WatchDog says:

      That’s great news Max!! Thakn you for following up with us. Carl, Do you have an experience to share relating to the Apple Bot? Many traders are asking if the Apple Stock Bot is reliable.

  154. WatchDog says:

    In most countries around the world any profits from Forex or Binary Options are considered capital gains and taxable Max.

  155. Will says:

    You have to watch this people, I’ve attended Afzal’s webinar at Mike’s Facebook group and got 10 ITM’s in a row, it’s all documented. They posted the webinar on YouTube, fully un-cut. Ignore the tech issues in the first few minutes of the video but this is what REAL stands for in this industry!! Binary Options Webinar on YouTube it’s about 2 hours!! It’s worth watching and you can learn from this even if you choose not to join this group. I am not here to promote it, but really you guys should check it out.

  156. trudie says:

    I really have to thank Max, whoever you are, if you can give me your email I’ll thank you personally. I really thought I’ll see a penny with binary options but decided to give it a try anyway. You saved me! The software is working for me, all weekened I am sitting next to my computer waiting for the markets. IF only binary options was also available on weekends!!!!

  157. Chris says:

    Has anyone tried the Apple Bot system yet and if so what has the results been. I have checked out the website and have done some research and am still not sold. Like everyone else, I am gun shy when it comes to new programs.

    Thanks, Chris

  158. Bento says:

    Thank you so much guys for saving me!!!

  159. Greg says:

    I am registered now with Pro, FCBiz and Mike’s services and I am getting a good performance but now I am stuck with many broker accounts. It’s annoying to have to verify the accounts each time but I guess you got to prove your identity. I wonder if I shold treat those accounts as E-wallets or as bank accounts such as PayPal, or if I report the taxes on my winnings after I withdraw the money to my bank account, I am confused but anyway I am happy with the results! Thank you WatchDog!

  160. BlueThunder says:

    I just want to warn you all about Goptions. Don’t sign up with any signals service that is associated with the crooks!!! Just Google those a$$hole and you’ll find out why.

  161. Nikita says:

    The OptionXE webinars are really good but a little bit expensive but it’s a must if you want to succeed with the Option Bot. Initially I didn’t know how to work the setting but Ben Newman explained everything to me in a webinar. If you don’t want to pay for the webinars you can also visit his YouTube channel.

  162. Sam johnson says:

    Okay so far so good. First week with the Gold Digger and I am doing okay. I didn’t make a lot of money…but $480 is not bad for a week of passive work, I am still aiming for more. They promise a lot more than they deliver but at least the software works and it’s not another scam, support is fine but only during GMT hours. On weekeneds no one will answer your calls or emails.

  163. WatchDog says:

    Greg, it’s really up to your accountant. It would make sense to treat the revenues in your broker’s account as gross income, you pay a fee for each withdrawal so you want to deduct it as a business expense. As long as the numbers match and you’re reporting the money that you are making, you should be fine as a general rule. Treat your earning as income..some people are under the illusion that this is tax free money. Maybe in some countries, but definitely not in the US and most of Europe. Check with a local accountant.

  164. Donald Queen says:

    Blue Thunder, have you had any personal experiences with Goptions?

  165. Norbert S says:

    Has anyone any information on Auto Profit Suite?

  166. darryl says:

    BEAUTIFUL RESULTS!!!!! Check into Mike’s gigs, FastCash.Biz and Probinary, those are really the best services I found! No heavy production and BS. This is what real online trading comes down to, getting a higher ITM!!! This Mike delivers like a pro!

  167. Rohan says:

    Honestly I can tell you that I am happy with the Option Bot 2.0 but I have some criticism which I hope you will allow me to express. It wasn’t an issue to register with a few brokers but now I have too many accounts and it was a pain to verify each of the accounts. The OB2 team is professional and they did help in expediting the process, now after I managed to withdraw some of my funds, I can say that I am really happy with the results and with the software. If I didn’t have so many accounts I would probably try Mike’s group or maybe Insiders Information but for me, I just can’t jump around between too many accounts.

  168. PitCha Int says:

    Dear watchdog thank you so much for the good things you’ve done to protect people from those scams include me, I’ve joined Mike’s AT and his facebook group so now i can say that Mike’s team and people in the group are wonderful,Mike is a real guy who has been helping people to success,I’m so happy to be a part of his facebook family,thanks to Mike and his team I’ve learn more anything on his group and Mike auto trader is my favorite system.
    Best Regards,

  169. Kaymurano says:

    Thank you for the recommendations WatchDog! I am improving my ITM results, especially since I started with the Insiders Information software. Thank you Max and everyone else who pointed me in the right direction.


  170. john von says:

    Let’s see how I made $700 in less than 10 minutes using Option Bot 2.I can highly recommend it. First two weeks and I am getting over %80 ITM, not too many signals but very accurate. I really admire the fact that the service is offered free. Thank you for the recommendation WatchDog.

  171. Opeyemi says:

    I must confess, if you are not in Mikes Facebook group, then you are missing out big time. Its a warm, loving family and you learn a lot and better still you would always be ITM….

  172. Stan says:

    Another amazing week with the Google trader software! I owe you my life WD!! I am also thinking to join Mike’s Facebook, I read that article he posted on his Facebook group & it all seems absolutely legitimate and the guy received a lot of support! I know they are real because I watched the webinars on Michael Freeman’s channel, they know how to trade.

  173. Ilcer says:

    Hello again,

    I have joined Mikes Auto Trader; however, I cannot login to Mikes Facebook Group. How may I login this group? Can someone help me to that? I invested $400 for Mikes Auto Trader, I don’t want to invest $250 more for joining this group, but I really want to join.


    • WatchDog says:

      It’s very simple Ilcer, All you have to do after you join Mike’s Auto Trader is, email him at and show him a snapshot of your registration with the Auto Trader and provide him with your Facebook email so he can send you an invitation. Everyone should know that Mike is offering free access without an additional broker registration if you are interested to also join his Facebook signals group, all members of Mikes Auto Trader qualify. He doesn’t charge anything and you are not required to register with another broker to join him, otherwise if you are not using his Auto trader, it’s possible to register once with a broker and join his Facebook group. We really recommend Mike if you are looking for a strong community and good signals. It’s not automated but they are one of the best groups online right now.

  174. Dan Ayers says:

    Great information WatchDog, just wanted to thank you for saving me from the Aussie Method. I was minutes from depositing my money with them and decided to Google them and found your review at the top. Keep exposing the bad guys!

  175. Raymond says:

    I honestly think that Mike’s Faceebook group is the best choice for traders who are interested to LEARN how to trade and get good signals in the process! Don’t look for shortcuts with binary options..I was a member of many Facebook groups and most of them charge money and they barely break-even, after joining Mike I stopped working with other groups I will not mention. Raymond

    • WatchDog says:

      UPDATE!!! Mike’s Auto Trader is now available again for new members. The new version is available and now you don’t need to make any donations and you will be added to his FB group without any additional broker registration.

  176. Sharon says: will get you around %78 ITM I tested it for 3 weeks WatchDog, it’s all I need! Thank you so much!!

  177. mathew says:


    is rock the stock genuine or is it a scam too?

    would appreciate to hear from you.

    with best regards,

  178. Max says:

    241 ITM’s !! 3 withdrawals! 🙂 Read my previous comment and btw I emailed you WatchDog with the proof. Can I write an article for you? I would love to share my experience with everyone who needs help.

  179. WatchDog says:

    We received your email and it’s very impressive. We are glad you’re getting good results with the auto trader and we welcome your guest post, but only if you are willing to also include the same evidence you sent us via email to support your progress.

  180. Michiel Buyze says:

    Hi Max,

    Great news. Is this all with Google trader only?



  181. Trevor says:

    Two days with Google Trader 95% performance, I am very impressed!

  182. Derek says:

    Hi Watchdog , are the signals from still viable? Thanks for your time and please keep up the good work.

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Derek,’s performance is down lately, but we’re getting very good reports on PBR and Insiders Info if you are interested in auto traders, otherwise we also recommend Mike’s FB group, it’s a community of traders and they have some really good traders in the group. Besides getting signals you can also learn a lot by taking part in a supportive trading community.

  183. Derek says:

    Thanks for the prompt feedback Watchdog , will go with Mikes’ FB Group together with GD and GTrader and see how it goes. Keep you posted.

  184. jamesly Prosper says:

    I agree with all the comments on Auto Binary Signals, it’s a powerful indicator and software. Great for newbies and for experienced traders. I am still using it and I feel as if I am an experienced trader by now so I manage to stay ITM most months.

  185. Max says:

    I am mostly trading with Google Trader and Mike’s AutoTrader right now, Don’t get too excited because you’re not going to join the %1 of rich people but I am happy with the profits. Good enough for me and I already got a few withdrawals processed so it’s safe to say that I’m in good hands.

  186. Luis says:

    I can completely relate to Max’s experience, I’m doing fantastic with Google Trader after testing it for 5 weeks. Today I signed up with Pro Binary Robot and so far 6/8 ITM trades in the last 3 hours which is really good, I am happy!! Thank you WatchDog! Your big fan, Luis!

  187. Chris says:


    Glad to hear you are doing well with the GTrader and that the Pro Binary is having good results as well. I have been following the blogs on these two just to see what everyone else’s feed back is before I invest. Looks like both are solid robots, will be investing soon. Thanks for the feed back.

  188. Patson says:

    hi guys whats the minimum investments for Pro Binary Robot and Gtrader, want to test the waters but can’t afford to part with much I’m just a college student.

    • WatchDog says:

      Patson with most Auto Traders you can start with $200-$250 which is the minimum deposit set by the brokers.

  189. Ann says:

    The combination of PBR and ABS = the highest success I’ve seen so far. On Friday I started with 2 OTM signals but then 11 signals ITM in a row and my account balance skyrocketed. I want to register with a 3rd bot WatchDog but I am debating which one. I know of some tech issues with Mikes AT but I see that it’s solved now but I don’t want to see any problems after signing up so I might register with Inside Info. I am not aiming too high but I am already seeing a few hundred dollars every day and hoping to turn it into a 4 figure daily income one day.

  190. Ruth says:

    Anybody know anything about Binary Assassin, an automatic signals robot. Says its doing over 90% wins. I know it sounds far fetched but I can not find any feedback about them. Ruthie

  191. Jane says:

    Thank you so much for pointing me to ProBinaryRobot. It’s been two week and I have amazing results. I am signing up with Google Trader today to check it out! Thank you so much WatchDog!

  192. Emad says:

    Michael Freeman is a powerful mentor I am staying with his Facebook group. They also teach more than the other programs out there. He has a few admins and people he pay to teach and explain things so it’s not only signals. This is the best way to learn in my opinion.

  193. Misty says:

    Any feedback on Auto Binary signals ABS?

  194. Greg Anthony says:

    The great thing about the Option Bot 2 and ABS is that both offer you semi-auto trading and support. They run on fairly accurate indicators after weeks of testing. I am very happy with the results. I am also extremely happy with Mike’s deal with his FB group when you join his auto trader. I am getting better results with his group but the auto trader is doing very well. I am guessing he must be taking some of the signals that are generated in the group and shoots them to people via the auto trader. Amazing idea!! Over all I am doing very good!! Thank you WatchDog!

  195. Jordan says:

    Anyone have recent results from Insiders Information? I’m considering giving that one a shot. Thanks!

  196. Martin says:

    We own a forum on binary options and we are getting some very good feedback on Insiders Information. Mike’s group on FB seems to get many positive reviews. We’re going to start recommending both to our traders. Thanks WatchDog!

  197. Grace says:

    ABS is the best service and I’m probably not going to take any risks with other services to be honest, I don’t feel like registering too many broker accounts, I already have 5 accounts so it’s getting messy. I say to other traders, don’t get more than 3-4 accounts.

  198. Patson says:

    mike’s face book signal groupe rock i jus made 250 and counting

  199. Syed says:

    Binary Pro Robot this week is on FIRE!! Today 8 ITMs 1 loss and the day is not even over yet!!

  200. Bren says:

    I have to warn you, this Monaco Millionaire is a scam WatchDog they made me deposit $500 and I lost it in 2 day!!

  201. Natan Zeligson says:


    Does anyone have experience (good or bad) with binary matrix pro?


  202. Charlie says:

    How I wish I payed attention to your good work before losing my $250 to elitegoldsystem.

  203. Efraim says:

    I’ve been having some ups and downs with ABS when I started, you got to learn how to use it or just create yourself a short-cut and contact support. They’ll explain it. It’s worth paying attention because you can make a lot of money with this software. I tried many and they usually are fake, I lost a lot of money before I found ABS.

  204. Dan says:

    It seems like on weekends I can’t access the Insiders Information software but on Monday all of a sudden it turns on. Great performance!! I am just wondering why the trading is not available on Saturday and Sunday and the software shuts down..

  205. WatchDog says:

    Bren, unfortunately you didn’t read our warning on time! If you can, please help us warn others by sharing your experience:

    Dan, Binary Options is not available on weeekends so no signals service will provide you signals. We’re not sure why they shut down the software but either way, it makes no difference as long as you can gain access on Monday when markets open.

  206. WatchDog says:

    Natan, Binary Matrix Pro was launched last year and we have plenty of evidence to indicate that it’s a scam, google “Binary Matrix Pro” and you will find our warning and many comments by members who tried it.

  207. William says:

    Is ABS still good?

  208. Armin says:

    I am just about to sign-up with Gtrader in a few minutes. I should deposit the minimum because I had a nasty experience with BinaryBoom. Thank you for the recommendations.

  209. Josef says:

    WOW I just got an ITM by 200 pips with Gtrader. It doesn’t get any better even though I’m seeing a lot of success with ABS. I just never seen a winning signal by 200 pips and I placed $50 on the trade, should’ve traded at least $500. After things happen we’re always starter hahaha I am trying to keep track of their strategies so one day I can create my own service. The support at ABS is really good so I am learning a lot about trading with Richard, an account manager at Auto Binary Signals.

  210. NIKY says:

    Option Advisor.

    WHAT IS IT? is a good signal service?

  211. Geert Velghe says:

    Does somebody have experience with signals365? Is it trustworthy?

  212. hiria says:

    thank you for this site

  213. Mark says:

    I tried ABS 2 years ago and didn’t really understand how to use it so I stopped for a little while. So far with the GD results and Mike’s Auto Trader + Fb group I am doing amazing!!! WatchDog is the most reliable binary options blog in this industry, you’re doing great work for people around the world!

  214. Haseeb says:

    Hi Watchdog, I signed with ABS today and support is great. just to say thank you. The Insiders Information is with good profits, the testing for me over now 4 weeks. Explanation on the weekend problem with trading, now I understand it better and rest is the thing we need also. In my countrywith a few hundred dollars like this I make on a day, this is mean I am rich soon!

  215. Richard says:

    It’s strange how not too many people mention the Option Bot 2 lately, it’s the best software in my opinion. I didn’t really try most of the recommended services by WatchDog, but just wanted to confirm that it’s a winning software. Support is great! What more can you ask for? The guys did a really good job with the new version.

  216. Christian says:

    I am trading with your recommended services, Insiders is my favorite and the easiest to use! What do you think about the Gold Digger? It sounds funny but it looks legitimate to me.

  217. CARL TAPP says:


  218. Daniel says:

    Hi my name is Daniel and I just want to confirm that Gold Digger is a good software. Yesterday I got more signals with Gtrader, but the performance was about the same. Only time will tell which software is better.

  219. Alexei says:

    I’ve been a member of Mike’s Auto Trader for a few months and I’m seeing a stable performance, also with the Facebook group. He has some great admins working there. I just wanted to confirm that the Gold Digger is legit, I am not sure if 3 days is enough for me to reach a conclusion but I have all my trades documented, 76% ITM performance, took 28 signals. I wish I placed more money on each trade but either way I am winning.

  220. manoranjan das says:

    Is Mike’s auto trader accepting new accounts?
    Is Insider information still a good one to start?
    Or Pro bInary robot?

  221. WatchDog says:

    Hi Manoranjan, is available and you can also email Michael at after you sign-up in order to gain free access to his Facebook signals group. It’s hard to tell which auto-trader is doing better, but as long as you don’t sign-up with any of the scams listed on our blacklist you are safe. Insider’s Information is no longer accepting new members.

  222. Galit Cohen says:

    It’s really nice to see the documented performance of the GPS Forex Robot on I read your review today and I admire your honesty. I’ve been saved by your website a couple of times! I really have to thank you a lot. Tomorrow morning I plan to register with the GPS Robot and start a fresh page. Galit Cohen

  223. Charlie says:

    I am really immpressed with the Gold Digging Trader’s results! I just opened an account on Wednesday so I can’t really judge the software yet. At first I had some technical issues with syncing the software but support resolved it within 2 hours. I thought it was a scam and I emailed them in anger, 4 times.. they replied politely and it was very emberessing since they solved it quickly. I am generating profits but not thousands every day, on my best day I made $320 so far. It’s not what I expected but it works! Maybe if I increase the amount I am trading and set it on $100 per trade, I’ll make a lot more. I’m giving it another week and if the performance is stable, I’ll increase every trade to $100 at least.

  224. Sammy says:

    I really don’t know which service to choose. Maybe I’ll test two and whichever one is better I’ll stay with. Thank you for so much feedback. You also saved me from the Fisher scam, thank you WatchDog!!!

  225. Rohan says:

    The Gold App is doing fantastic!! I’ll post my results in your review WatchDog! 7 straight ITM’s and then I lost one signal and stopped for the day but it was amazing! Gold was always my favorite asset and it’s great to finally trade with a software that works!!

  226. Jeff says:

    Is Mike’s Auto Trader available in the USA? I want to join! I heard that some brokers are not accepting US traders anymore! After I sign-up do I get to join his Facebook group? I can’t find it on Facebook it might be marked as secret. What do you think WatchDog? Jeff

  227. Danie Lubbe says:


    Can you perhaps comment on the following”The Infinite Binary Profits” by Mike

    Thank you

  228. Andy M. says:

    Please review
    I have tried them on demo account and major drawback is whenever they sent signal via skype, its always 2 pips higher than current rate. And due to this we get 55% ITM and they shows on proof 70% ITM. I asked for their own account screenshot. I was surprised that they have placed the trade exact time(exact second) and it was 2 pips higher than even on 3 major site I had opened at the same time and take the screen recorded during that time. When I asked them, they blocked me and threatened me that they will bust me for taking out their clients. There are also many traders in skype room, bu I found all of their IP address same as of the admins. They always force to join eclipse-finance but they having only one staff 24-7 Janice. Most importantly, they always asked for managed account, where we need to deposit min 15k. Tell me where they are a big scammers. Also their site is established in 2014, but the claiming 5 years.

  229. Casey says:

    The GD software deserves to be listed on this website. Really it’s the only software that works for me. I tried a few. Thank you WatchDog I owe you my life!

  230. John says:

    The Combination of the GD software and Insiders Information is safe! I trade purely commodities with GD and with Insiders I trade currencies, togethere my performance is around 82% very stable in the last weeks. If you trade with the GD software, do not trade currencies because the performance is not as high as you will get with auto Gold trades.

  231. Lanny B says:

    I am getting inundated by emails for No Risk Quick Cash, NRQC. They make some outstanding claims, but you know what they say about “too good to be true”! Even their name sounds a little fishy. Do you have any feedback about this app.?

  232. Dwayne says:

    What is the best binary option signals service for US traders? or at least a good broker with a low minimum, I don’t have more than $50 to start.

  233. CARL TAPP says:


  234. Austine says:

    Hi Watchdog, you have remove INSIDER INFORMATION SOFTWARE as your recommend signals from your website. pls can i still give it a try.
    Thank you.

  235. Denis says:

    What is the best software for picking trades. I have only 2 hours a day and do not want to use an autotrader

  236. WatchDog says:

    Fast Cash Biz is starting to get a lot of good feedback. The GD software is also a great choice, both are now listed as our top recommended autotraders. If you are looking for a trading community with education, Mike’s Facebook group is probably the best one around, the admins generate a very high performance and they host webinars for the group. You can join Mike’s AT and get free access to the Facebook group, it’s a 1+1 deal. The only requirement is one broker registration with the 3 auto-traders. It’s possible to also register two broker accounts with the GD software but it’s not mandatory.

  237. Pancho says:

    I tried to sign-up with Mike’s software this weekend, the registration is not working. He needs to work on his technical issues WatchDog! Okay so after 3 weeks with the FastCash Biz I sent you an email with my full performance report. 82% Rate of In The Money score for me. This is not millions but for me, blessing! Thank you and I will continue to try to sign-up with Mike but his software is not working. Maybe I should just try to Facebook group?
    Thank you for helping me very much!

  238. WatchDog says:

    Hi Pancho, it’s possible to sign-up with Michael’s Facebook group without joining the autotrader first. You can join one of the brokers that are listed on the registration page, starting with a $20 minimum deposit. Thank you for the update with Fast Cash, we got your email and the results seem credible, keep it up and all the best! We will inform Mike of the problem with the registration page in case he is not aware of it.

  239. Graham says:

    So much hype lately with so many new services coming out! ProBinaryRobot is still the best software in my opinion. The performance is stable and over a few months. I am still not ready to try any other services but I might try FastCash.Biz, another friend of mine is reporting that it’s working for him and it’s it’s a person I trust, not an email invitation or anything like that.

  240. Lisa says:

    For a week I’ve been trying to sign-up with and the registration form didn’t even work. Today I managed to register using Chrome, maybe this was the issue. Anyway, how do I also get access to the free group? Just email Mike? What do I tell him though? I’m loving the software but I need some guidance and I want to take part in the community. Lisa

  241. Erik says:

    Love your blog! Thank you for all the recommendations!

  242. Josh says:

    Thank you for recommending Mike’s AT and the GD softare, I am using Mike for currencies and the GD for commodities, it’s probably the perfect combination! Together I am seeing not less than 76% on bad days and around 80% on average so I know I am in good hands, thank you WatchDog! You saved me more than a few times already in the last 6 months.

  243. Tembo says:

    Hi Watchdog,

    I happen to be a newbie in online trading and am gaining interest in binary option trading.Am grateful am getting testimonies and good advice from this blogg. Thnx bigtime.

  244. Christine says:

    Just signed up with Google Trader and Dow Jones Focus Group! I will report how it goes if you allow me, give me a few days. I am really excited!

  245. Sam Bernstein says:

    I never tried the Dow Jones Group, it’s a new offer but you are safe with Google Trader, Keith from OptionXE recommends it as well and showcased live results. I’m two weeks into trading and make over $3000 net after I withdrew $1500 to make sure that it’s not a lengthy process. Good luck Christine!

  246. Lois says:

    The Focus Group by Dow Jones is really good, I got mostly winners today and yesterday! I wasted my money with three services that are listed on your blacklist. I wish I found you before… would’ve saved me some money!! oh well, Keep doing a great job for the binary options community!!

  247. Ajay says:

    How many accounts can I register with Gold Digger? I want to sync with a few accounts like the Option Bot but this is better, more accurate and not complicated is a good way to put it.

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Ajay, The account limit with GoldDigger.Trade is 2 for now but you also have full control over the trade amount so it’s not really necessary to register more than 2 accounts.

  248. Bob says:

    Is ProBinaryRobot still available? I did not see any links. I googled it and clicked on link but it says no more to the public?

    • WatchDog says:

      ProBinaryRobot has too many members at this point but we listed some good alternatives. They might still accept new members in the near future so we will keep them on our list.

  249. Syed says:

    I heard some very good news on Dow Jones Focus. I plan to register on Monday, do you have a review on this service?

  250. Judy Wilson says:

    Which one is better? CashCamp, Dow Jones Focus Group or GD Software? I am thinking to register with two services on Monday.

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Judy and Syd, based on the latest stats Dow Jones Focus Group is in the lead. It’s a software we’re actively testing and as you might have already noticed, it’s very unique and different from other offers. Please visit our latest update: CashCamp is currently doing better than GD so if you’re interested in 2 services, we recommend that you signup with DJFG and CashCamp. IF you decide to trade with GD, the commodity signals generate the best performance.

  251. emad says:

    Hii , thanks so much watchdog for this amazing blog.

  252. Manoj kumar says:

    Hi watchdog plz tell me Google trader is Good or not pls let me know

  253. zulfadli says:

    I am currently testing the Google Trader and Dow Jones, the ITM is higher with the Dow Jones Focus Group one but only be a 2%, however with binary options every % matters! I am really happy, I left a comment on the review.

  254. Joy says:

    Hi Watchdog, I am currently testing the Dow Jones Focus and Auto Binary Signals. I have to say that I am really disappointed with the results this week with ABS, below 70% so I lost a lot of money. The Dow Jones software is much more accurate. On an average day the software generates 15 signals with 82% accuracy, I can’t move my eyes from the computer lately. I will stay with Dow Jones for now, my account is growing really fast with $50 trades.

  255. Ben says:

    I am really happy with Mikes Auto Trader and his team on Facebook. I might test the Dow Jones Group, I noticed many sites are recommending it now. The Optionbot is not gonna work for me, there’s no way I’ll be funding 5 accounts in order to test one software.

  256. Blaise Kinyua says:

    Mike is really smart, last week I combined his Autotrader with the Facebook signals and followed the top admins, I got 86% ITM! Better than any previous week but the results are always more accurate than most services. It’s now time to add Dow Jones group to my list, traders all over the Internet are reporting great success so it makes me comfortable to give it a try without feeling like I might be scammed. Thank you for all the super great work Watchdog! Your site always comes first and now I understand why!

  257. Jay says:

    I’m a real Newby, and I’m considering the Gold digger software, but I need help, will I get that help when I fund my account? Tks

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Jay, GD comes with live chat support, phone and email you shouldn’t have any issues with getting a hold of their customer service team but if you do, please keep us posted.

  258. Aul says:

    I only recommend Google Trader and Dow Jones.

  259. Esan Adedayo Shamsudeen says:

    please, i want open an account with cash camp does accept Nigerian

  260. Lee cheng chow says:

    I didn’t try anything else, but is the best software in my opinion. The accuracy rate is very high.

  261. micheal says:

    Hollow please I’m new in binary… I don’t have any idea but I’m really interested in binary….I need your advice….? Thanks best regard.

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Michael, Well first if you are completely new we usually recommend starting with a Free Demo and once you are ready to trade with real money, please refer to our list of top EU regulated brokers on the ‘trusted brokers’ page in the menu. As for signals services and autotraders, we listed our top recommendations on this page.

      Dow Jones Focus Group is getting a lot of great feedback and comes with free access to Michael’s Facebook signals community so it’s a great deal. He is a reliable mentor, has the biggest binary options channel on YouTube so you can trust him. As for Dow Jones, it’s really popular at the moment and we encourage you to visit the review we posted on the topic, as well as the overwhelming positive feedback my members who are currently trading with the software on semi or fully auto.


  262. ceferino moreno says: Someone can help me with this site if it is reliable….

    • WatchDog says:

      We don’t get much feedback on SignalsBinary but if anyone has any information, you are welcome to share it with us.

  263. Milan says:

    I am currently trading with Signals Binary, the performanc is kind of average but I am not sure yet.

  264. Bert says:

    Can someone advice about the settings of Binary Option Robot. I signed in today, but i am not sure about the best settings for a newbie. They gave me a VIP-account for a few weeks. Which signal adviser should i use?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Bert, We were asked a similar question by a member who posted a comment under our GD software review asking us to compare. There is really nothing to compare because unfortunately even if BinaryoptionsRobot can generate good signals on lucky days, they are synced with some of the most horrible brokers in the industry which is not the case with the GD software. To Be fair, we don’t receive enough complaints regarding the performance inself, but due to the type of brokers they are synced with, we cannot recommend this service.

  265. Beth says:

    Dow Jones is the best software on your list! I can see why so many people are reporting good results on your DJ forum. The technology used seems completely different than other stuff I tried before associated with binary.

  266. Arie says:

    I registered with XTP on Friday and I am not sure if it’s legit or a scam. One day of performance was good 14/16 ITM so I made money. Just wondering if I was lucky.. If anyone has any idea let me know please.

  267. Leo says:

    Hi WatchDog

    By making a donation, I can choose my own broker and signup in Mike’s Auto Trade?
    I want a LICENSED brokers…
    If I can’t make this intention: > or, which the brokers that are available?

    Thank You

  268. Trevor says:

    Great results with XTP app yesterday, lucky or not! I am glad! Will keep you all posted on the forum you created for the discussion.

  269. Leo says:

    WatchDog OK,

    I’ll signup Mike’s, however I have a great concern, here in Brazil the Internet is very bad, I paid to have 100MB, and they provide from 5MB / 10MB, and no use, complain.

    How Mike’s AT is a fully automated autotrader, which means that the broker account is synced with the software, each time a signal is generated, it automatically trades the asset in your live account. Isn’t ?

    There may be a DELAY, which can harm the Trades ? Yes or No ?

    Thank You

    • WatchDog says:

      Great question Leo! Thank you! Mikes Auto Trader is fully automated and synced with your broker, but let’s be realistic.. It seems like traders are motivated to share feedback when they are happy and things are going well but when things go wrong, they disappear. Every binary options software and service that is considered semi or fully-automated is web-based, therefore the Internet connection and speed on your side, can certainly have an impact. If your internet connection is really bad, and you experienced issues in the past using other web-based live software, we encourage you to put it on hold until you figure out a way to surf the web faster. Remember, all Auto Traders are web-based and due to the API connection with the brokers, those are not simple programs that will run smoothly if your Internet is bad. Chrome is the best browser and can help but definitely take our point into consideration. The good think about Michael Freeman is that when you join his AT, he will also give you access to his FB signals group, so it’s a 1+1 deal and if the software fails you due to connectivity issues, you can still benefit from his private signals communnity.

  270. Sal says:

    Mike’s AT is good! I love his Facebook group too, but I am really curious about the XTP App, is it really worth it? I went through many offers and it seems legit. On your review a few visitors left some nice feedback but you are still not listing it as a recommended service. What do you think Watchdog? I want to add a 2nd good service to my arsenal of reliable services.

  271. Arnaud says:

    (Michael Freeman’s FaceBook Signals Group ) how many signal per day they post ?

  272. Gerard Maguire says:

    Have you any feed back on Safe Zone


  273. Ola Rare says:

    WOW the Google Trader is really powerful! Thank you for the recommendation, I only lost 3 signals out of 20 today.

  274. cllj123 says:

    Any other feedback on Google Trader?

  275. I am trying to join but am having some technical problems. Do you have a support email for them? Thanks and keep up the good work.

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Richard, For faster support you should contact, they are not available in every country but I am sure that if it’s something minor they will fix it. If you need help you can also email us and we’ll help you get started. It’s the best AT right now in the market.

  276. Martin says:

    First day with VIrtNEXT, the software is on FIRE! I encourage all to read Watchdog’s review! I am really glad I did!

  277. Thank you for posting that VirtNext review, results are good today! Will report on your review as I continue to test it. I am not optimistic after losing money with a few services in the past, but glad today is a good session.

  278. Tal Baruch says:

    Virtnext and Dow Jones are the best!!!! I didn’t try Google Trader yet, but really I am happy with the results. Thank you Watchdog. Starting from yesterday I changed things around and I longer lose money with BO.

  279. Glen Eichelberger says:

    VirtNext or Dow Jones? Watchdog, Can you make a review and compare between the two signals systems?

  280. Mike says:

    Virtnext is the very best when it comes to binary options signals! I really can’t recommend them enough. And they even have a free trial so you have nothing to lose 🙂

  281. Young Yang says:

    Is it someone out there that have some experience of

  282. Rick Tommy says:

    Based on the feedback on Google Trader I will join them. I also noticed that all blogs recommend the VirtNext software, I’ll spread my risk and try both. Thank you for creating this forum Watchdog!

  283. Andhi says:

    any more feedback from google trader?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Andhi, you can research Google Trader on Google, you’ll find many positive reviews including the one we posted. Traders are occasionally sharing their performance results.

  284. Jeff says:

    Thank you for forming this list, I came to your site via one of your scam alerts. I’ll sign-up today with your 3 top recommendations. Thank you Watchdog!

  285. Martins says:

    Please has anyone hear or test TOPDREAM 5M? if yes what can you say about it.

  286. TOM says:

    Please watchdog, what do you know about Dollarallday,are they legit? please help to confirm. Thanks

  287. Tom Sarti says:

    Any comments on the MOCKINGBIRD method ?

  288. Sophie says:

    Doubled by money in 2 sessions with Virtnext 🙂 smooth and perfect, they also offer full auto! (not semi!)

  289. Dan Berkowitz says:

    Traders yeah Virtnext is on Fire but don’t forget about Google Trader, it’s a powerful software!

  290. George Soho says:

    great results with VirtNext!! I only traded since Friday and I didn’t get many signals but the ones I got are very accurate. Any word on Night Owl Signals? I got many invitations in my email but I see it’s a CB service and many scams are promoted there, would love to know what you think Watchdog!

  291. M.mahesh says:

    is Dow Jones software open for indians?

  292. TJ says:

    The most genuine service is VirtNext. I tried the new Trend Trader and was really disappointed.

  293. freshestgist says:

    I signup with Binary Option Robot one month ago. i got a 75% ITM on the first day but that was all. The next few trading days were hell. I got a totally embarrassing losing streak that wiped off all my deposit and my first day profits leaving me with just $22 which could not place one autotrade for me. I was still licking my wounds when WatchDOg posted a review pointing out that Binary Option Robot and Binary-Option-Robot are scam auto-traders. i wished I read that review earlier than when i did. Long story short, I decided to try again with Pro Binary Robot system as recommended by you – Watchdog. But yesterday 3 trades were place for me by PBR and they were all OTM leaving me with a deposit balance less than my initial deposit. So far with PBR it’s been 11 trades 6 ITM 5 OTM.

  294. Sheryl Levin says:

    Any information on Byrix binary options broker?

  295. Kimberley says:

    Can you check out Trend Trader im seeing good reviews on it

  296. Tare Ebitonmor says:

    I lost all my money with Profits now.. Wish I saw your warning in time!

  297. James says:

    Had the most beautiful week with Virtnext sine I started trading! The software iss beyond amazing, there’s no way to lose money with it! highly recommended to all traders, of all levels!!

  298. Teddy says:

    Great, in depth article about how binary options signals works. It is really important to be careful when you first start trading. Many companies out there are looking too ripp you off.

    thanks for this article !

  299. Lester says:

    I agree with all the comments endorsing the Google Trader, TradeForecast is not bad either but I only started testing it 2 days ago.

  300. Sudha Chaudhary says:

    I would recommend Stocks Market Blast, they don’t work with scam brokers and it’s a real service with good signals.

  301. segun fatokun says:

    hello,which autosignal companes accept trader from nigeria because i discovered that mike auto trader, google trader and down jones focus group are not accepting my registraton

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Segun, Many Auto Trader are not available in Nigeria and other countries but we know that some of our visitors from Nigeria managed to register with Virtnext. The software is synced with greater number of brokers which enables them to assign you to a broker based on your GEO location.

  302. Daniel Botlhoko says:

    Hello Watchdog, what about Binary Options Robot? it it legit and profitable?


  303. Mary Brown says:

    Has anyone heard of or tryed Coffee Cash Cheat? coffee is big, but is this a good choice?

  304. Josh Jackson says:

    how is the status of google trader, are they still good? I’m either depositing in Dow Jones or Google Trader and I need some insight on which one I should go with first 🙂

  305. Sean says:

    Thank you for posting the review on Forex Paradise. It really seems like a unique offer and I love the low minimum deposit!! I looked them up, zero negative reviews as you stated!

  306. infaas says:

    I just join with mike’s manual signals on last week . And i was trade only 4 day . They post many signals but i take 39 signals that 4 days and 34 ITM. 5 OTM 87 percentage win rate soooo super

  307. Gabriel Filoteo Delfin says:

    BINARYOPTIONROBOT.COM do you have a review on this robot software that they are promoting?

  308. Neil says:

    Is anyone still using VirtNext, if so is it still working ok.

  309. Dan says:

    I wish Virtnext will have open more brokers to accept more investors in other regions of the world

  310. john adams says:

    virtnext is recommended !!!!!!!

  311. Blessing says:

    I have and account already can I create another account

  312. Lim says:

    Hi Watchdog. Have u heard about the Its seems like a real & legitimate company. Does anyone make money on this one?

  313. Kevin Beucke says:

    Has anyone had any good things to say about Auto Binary Signals. Is there actually anyone succeeding with it?

  314. Rajen says:

    Quadrupled by $250 with Virtnext last week, it’s very MOTIVATING!!!

  315. post says:

    is anyone using trend trader?
    because everyone on youtube says it is great.

  316. Theophile says:

    Hello Binary watch dog.
    I would like to have already have you the new software for sixty seconde. (The barbarian arrow indicateur!)
    If yes that think of it you. if you do not know him(it) here is the link.
    Thank you for telling me of what you think of it.


  317. Elisabeth Craig says:

    Virtnext and Dow Jones focus Group are my top picks from your list! Both are reliable and generate consistent profits over time. 32 business days with Virtnext and over 60 business days with DJFG! I made a lot of profits more than most people would believe so I’ll stay humble, most of all I am thankful! Elisabeth

  318. alberto aguilar says:

    ..but are these virtnext, ABS & dow jones . . . softwares/apps, working or supporting the country philippines..?
    ..somebody, answer my question/query please..

  319. hojo15 says:

    Any information about Centument Assets Trading software? Legit or not? Thanks.
    Just got an email from them today.

  320. Jeff says:

    The TauriBot is the best system with the highest performance! I am one of the first users and it’s still free so I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for something serious, on another level and with steady performance.

  321. I am not able to registered to touribot system.
    It shows the below message,
    There is no available broker from your region…..Why???
    I am an Indian citizen

  322. hojo15 says:

    Has anyone had any experience with Markets World? I have been demo trading with them and getting the hang of it with no cost to me until I deposit money. Was wondering if when I deposit, the whole thing changes? I win more than lose when demo trading but have heard stories of some sites rigging the timer and payout expiration times once deposit has been made. Thanks

  323. Stephen Adams says:

    Thank you for recommending Mikes Auto Trader and his Facebook group. They are really good and I love the webinars, it makes it a lot more interesting to be part of a community and it’s a great way to learn. Two weeks ago I knew nothing about binary options but now my account is growing and I am learning new things every day!

  324. Alton says:

    I keep getting email for Robert Allen’s Doubling system. I think it is a fraud but I would like to know for sure,

  325. Has anyone had any experience with ‘Wealth Generators’?

  326. Botha says:

    You are doing a good job watchdog

  327. Zet says:

    Hie BOWD may please check Tradefusion software for us. Thanks for the good work you are doing.

  328. Ray says:

    At first I thought this Copy Buffett was a joke, but you got to listen to the entire introduction. I am 3 days with the free trial already and getting approx 83% ITM this is the best I’ve seen for months!!

  329. Mehdi says:

    hello watchdog what do you think about zulander hack software its a scam or not?

  330. alberto aguilar says:

    hi BOW;

    …kindly reply to my email-ad.. HOW REAL IS ‘TRADE FUSION’.?
    please advise.. many thanks..!


  331. TOYIN.O says:

    Hello watchdog !!! kindly help with a list of Binary Option Software that accept Nigerians as well as Binary Option Signals that Nigerians can have access to so that I can have the privilege of making a legit income online.


  332. tom says:

    Love your site and info.

  333. Darian says:

    Stay away from Amissio Formula they scammed be for $500! I just saw your review Watchdog but it was too late.

  334. Ken says:

    Can someone tell me the most trusted place to start a auto trading registration partner and eventually decide on proven success.

  335. Eric says:

    Copy Buffett is the best software for binary options, and also the most accurate!

  336. isaac says:

    Please is mikesautotrader doing well. I heard quantum binary signal is good. Any news on quantum or mikes auto trader

    • WatchDog says:

      Mike’s Auto Trader is still one of the best deals out there. He gives you access to his automated system and to his Facebook Signals Group where his admins host trading/educational webinars and they have over 5000 members in the group, probably the biggest in the industry. It’s a 2 for 1 deal and it’s worth it. Quantum is not bad indeed, they offer a solid performance but not many signals. You can also get a refund for up to 60 days if you’re not satisfied.

  337. 1964jkm says:

    (Tradexconfidential), and ( trade fusion), Are those program real send to my email so that i can forward to them

  338. Dave Dean says:

    Does Mike’s autotrader work in the U.S.?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Dave, Mike’s Auto Trader is available in the US and remember to contact him at after you register, for free access to the Facebook community and Signals/Webinar group. He will add you free without any additional broker registration requirement or a payment.

  339. Sandeep says:

    Hello Watchdog, , Can a resident of canada opt for Topoptions?

  340. David L Mohn says:

    “my online payday”? Is it a scam or genuine?

  341. Allen says:

    Don’t trust any auto-trader, Binadroid is the only one that works for me!

  342. Gary Tolhopf says:

    Binadroid is the best software ever!!

  343. Greg says:

    Hi has anyone been using cloud trader? I joined up with them but havnt used it yet cant seem to get in contactwith them for support emails bounce back and the auto trader doesn’t seem to do anything when turned on

  344. Allan says:

    Hi, does anyone know about this program.

  345. Ronnie says:

    NEO² is the best service around!! Thank you for the best review ever!

  346. Lola says:

    Totally! I just started this morning with NEO2!! It left me with a big smile and disbelief!

  347. dzimmy says:

    hi watchdog can u recommend please one good trading site with less deposit for example 10 eur and less trade for 1 eur and biggest 1000 eur aproximately ??? i know only there is from 1 untill 1000 and of course most important thing that i could withdraw money right know i am trading in but theres is huge trade from 24 eur first trade not so well

  348. Tammy says:

    You mentioned about the warning to US traders by the CFTC. What would you recommend for US based traders?

  349. Frank Seibert says:

    Millionaires Club Trades History
    Asset Position Amount Entry Rate Closing Rate Payout Profit Date Status
    GBP/JPY Call $25 162.594 162.211 $0 $0.00 16-05-30 9:00 Lost
    EUR/GBP Call $25 0.76252 0.76202 $0 $0.00 16-05-30 14:00 Lost
    EUR/GBP Call $25 0.76283 0.76268 $0 $0.00 16-05-30 11:30 Lost
    EUR/JPY Call $50 122.647 122.62 $0 $0.00 16-05-27 9:30 Lost
    EUR/GBP Call $50 0.76101 0.76091 $0 $0.00 16-05-27 17:00 Lost
    USD/CHF Call $50 0.9922 0.99253 $90.5 $40.50 16-05-27 15:00 Won
    GOLD Call $50 1220.028 1220.163 $87.5 $37.50 16-05-27 12:00 Won
    EUR/JPY Call $50 122.699 122.703 $88 $38.00 16-05-26 18:00 Won
    USD/CAD Call $50 1.29859 1.29805 $0 $0.00 16-05-26 16:00 Lost
    USD/CAD Call $50 1.29488 1.29235 $0 $0.00 16-05-26 13:00 Lost
    EUR/JPY Call $50 122.974 122.982 $88 $38.00 16-05-26 10:00 Won

  350. Audrey says:

    Hi good day WatchDog is Forex Trendy still performing good, thank you for your time.

    • WatchDog says:

      Forex Trendy is a great tool, but it’s for intermediate traders and above. It’s not a get-rich over night service but it’s affordable, and it’s based on real expert technical analysis.

  351. Audrey says:

    thanks WatchDog

  352. is ctoption scam, please i want to know

    • WatchDog says:

      CToption is regulated and they have a good reputation, we didn’t receive any serious complaints as of yet.

  353. derek jewell says:

    hi watchdog i am interested in a auto system, looking to compare 3 diffrent ones which ones do you suggest?

    • WatchDog says:

      The top rated Auto-Traders based on the industry consensus are: Copy Buffett, NEO² and BinaDroid. We posted reviews and follow-ups with live trades on all 3 and you can find links to the main reviews on this page.

  354. Johan Oosthuizen says:

    Try Virtnext or Neos or Buffet

  355. JPC says:

    Is there any auto trader that I can join in Philippines or can I use VPN instead. 🙂

    • WatchDog says:

      BinaDroid is the only one that’s currently available in the Philippines. Otherwise if you are familiar with how to properly use a VPN, you can join any service with a UK IP.

  356. Excellentdan says:

    Thank you for the information. very helpful indeed

  357. Qais Jayyousi says:

    does anyone know anything about millionaire blueprint?

  358. Marc Wyldbore says:

    Who is “market-buster”?

  359. viren says:

    Im a beginner in trading which automatic robot should I get

  360. greg says:

    has anyone heard of monte carlo method

  361. ajibola says:

    I appreciate the good job done by watchdog. I want to ask is there any robot for forex trading that is good and scam free. Thank you

  362. Dave says:

    Does anyone have experience with Binary Uno?

  363. Rachel Allen says:

    SnapCashBinary is my favorite auto-trader!! It’s nothing like all the fake stuff you will see promising tens of thousands of dollars every single week or even millions some times, jerks. This one truly works!! Best option in my opinion for automated binary options signals.

  364. Werner Kunz says: is really the best, thank you for the recommendation!!

  365. Gary Ferguson says:

    Best Autotrader is WikiTrader I really appreciate the review you posted !!! <3

  366. Efrain says:

    Best website in the industry is Watchdog, thank you so much for introducing me to Lexington Code Signals, I will forever be thankful! Yours truly,Efrain

  367. micheal audu says:

    hi watchdog, please i am from nigeria, please can you advice me which i can trader on. thank you sir

  368. Johan says:

    Have any one heard or have experience on the decoder called “Binary trade consult” decoder >

  369. firdaus says:

    fintech is a scam?

  370. Jane says:

    Hi WatchDog. I`ve been following your blog for a while now. I would like to start trading binary options but am at loss with so many options. Which automated trader and broker would you recommend for Spain? Thanks!

  371. Eddie says:

    What can you tell me about WIKI Trader are they legit are a scam?

    • WatchDog says:

      We’ve recently dropped it from our recommended signals page due to a drop of performance. I suggest trying a different system.

  372. Kweku Mbura says:

    Good day or Good Evening Sir/Madam, Please is Penny Millionaire available in Africa, to be more precise Ghana? I hope to hear from you soon, and thank you so much in advance

  373. Fernando Zuluaga says:

    hi watch Dog
    i want to begin in the binary option industry
    i send you my email

  374. Xixkko says:


    Just be very careful because you have a big chance o f losing all your money

  375. mann says:

    You are using some abbreviations in the text you’ve posted, such as “ITM”. What does it stand for?

  376. Xixkko says:

    ITM …In the money.., you are making money
    OTM…Out of the money…You are losing moeny

  377. Jhon Jairo Duarte Herrera says:

    is scam?

  378. Nobuhle says:

    I would like to find out which one can you recommend for me in South Africa ad 1st time trader

    • WatchDog says:

      I’d recommend Mike’s signals group!

    • Tshefofatso says:


      I am from Cape Town and I’ve had really good luck with OptionRobot after checking out the article provided above. Turned my $250 into a little over $720 in just 5 investment days and my win rate is 74%. Hope this helps you out, anything for my fellow South Africans!

  379. Ken says:

    Will you recommend either OptionBotPro or BinBotPro?

  380. Bradley Green says:

    OptionRobot is the BEST and most smashing software. Hands down.
    Initial Account Balance: $300 with StockPair Broker
    Jan 30th Results: 9/11 ITM, Profit: $83.70
    Jan 31st Results: 6/7 ITM, Profit: $129.50
    Feb 1st Results: 4/5 ITM, Profit: $156.35
    Feb 2nd Results: 5/5 ITM, Profit: $108.42
    Feb 3rd Results: 8/10 ITM, Profit: $214.85
    Feb 6th Results: 6/9 ITM, Profit: $205.32
    Feb 7th Results: 11/14 ITM, Profit: $409.80
    Feb 8th Results: 7/10 ITM, Profit: $359
    Account Balance Now: $1,966.94
    THANK YOU OptionRobot!
    Definitely recommending this to anyone wanting an actual legit software for once and not only that is complete bollocks!
    Will post more results next week! 😀

    Bradley Green

    • hoe do you get that…. what is best setting list and pairs?

    • hi bradley i have not heard from you.. i am wait for your answer.. thank

    • Hi Bradley, would be glad if u share your settings with us. I also want to know if it works in Nigeria.

    • Hi watchdog, I realized that copy buffet is no longer on your list of recommended signals, it still safe to register with them as I noticed last year that they accept traders from Nigeria.
      Aside that, which other signal accept people from Nigeria?

      • WatchDog says:

        It’s currently a manual signal service recommended only for experienced traders. I’d recommend checking out OptionRobot or Daweda ATS.

        • Bradley Green says:

          Ay-up Omid and Vincent!

          I shared my other settings that I use in another comment but they are the same still so i will just share them again so you can guys can know
          London session and do manual to get best SR possible
          RSI & MACD altho I have thrown in %R at times too
          Max Trade of 1 and 5 Minute expiries
          Make sure to do manual mate to get beset entry rate possible!
          Most of my trades have won due to me doing this so it helps out ALOT!
          Here are my most recent results to update you all you amazing people!
          Feb 27th: 4/5 ITM, Profit: $201.50
          Feb 28th: 5/5 ITM, Profit: $377.50
          March 1st: 9/13ITM, Profit: $280.00
          March 2nd: 11/15 ITM, Profit: $426.35
          March 3rd: 3/4 ITM, Profit: $127.45
          March 6th: 9/12 ITM, Profit: $378.00
          Profit Generated: $1,790.80
          Current Balance: $7,290.45
          I don’t let my account get over $7,500 so I decided whenever my account hits $7,500.00 then I just execute a $2,500.00… I have only done this once but I don’t want brokers to get mad at me or something so I just do this method now. Ended up switching to only half time at my regular job too but I don’t recommend it to ppl who aren’t that experienced yet with OptionRobot.

          Will come back sooner again and share my experience and feedback on Friday! 🙂 I know Watchdog’s Admin asked me for my results so I gave it to them with pictures too, I think they may post another optionrobot article but I’m not sure, maybe they were just verifying my results, we will see!

          Bradley Green

          Hope this helps you out everyone!

    • Peter says:

      Hi Bradley, I also chose OptionRobot after doing some research, and ended up depositing money with Stockpair by default. OptionRobot showed good results on demo until I started trading with real money and has lost consistently since then? More or less in the same time period as you. Could it be the settings I’m using? Any suggestions welcome please. Regards, Peter

      • Hey Peter

        Read this review that I found on the Internet. It is a OptionRobot strategy that has worked out very well for me! After following all of the tips I have been fortunate enough to generate a profit over $670 since I have gotten started with the software! Very pleased with my results so far!

        Hope this helps you out!

        Anastazja Januszewski

      • Bradley Green says:

        Here are all the settings that I use and my results lately:

        I shared my other settings that I use in another comment but they are the same still so i will just share them again so you can guys can know
        London session and do manual to get best SR possible
        RSI & MACD altho I have thrown in %R at times too
        Max Trade of 1 and 5 Minute expiries
        Make sure to do manual mate to get beset entry rate possible!
        Most of my trades have won due to me doing this so it helps out ALOT!
        Here are my most recent results to update you all you amazing people!
        Feb 27th: 4/5 ITM, Profit: $201.50
        Feb 28th: 5/5 ITM, Profit: $377.50
        March 1st: 9/13ITM, Profit: $280.00
        March 2nd: 11/15 ITM, Profit: $426.35
        March 3rd: 3/4 ITM, Profit: $127.45
        March 6th: 9/12 ITM, Profit: $378.00
        Profit Generated: $1,790.80
        Current Balance: $7,290.45
        I don’t let my account get over $7,500 so I decided whenever my account hits $7,500.00 then I just execute a $2,500.00… I have only done this once but I don’t want brokers to get mad at me or something so I just do this method now. Ended up switching to only half time at my regular job too but I don’t recommend it to ppl who aren’t that experienced yet with OptionRobot.

        Will come back sooner again and share my experience and feedback on Friday! 🙂 I know Watchdog’s Admin asked me for my results so I gave it to them with pictures too, I think they may post another optionrobot article but I’m not sure, maybe they were just verifying my results, we will see!

        Bradley Green

        Hope this helps you out everyone!

    • Hi watchdog, I realized that copy buffet is no longer on your list of recommended signals, it still safe to register with them as I noticed last year that they accept traders from Nigeria.
      Aside that, which other signal accept people from Nigeria?

    • Leo says:

      Bradley ….ITM 78,87% Fantastic, what’s your settings? Fibonacci? RSI ??

  381. Wei says:

    HOw do you feel about Nadex Trading Success group

  382. Ken says:

    Hello Watchdog,
    Is Option Bot 3.0 a scam?

    • WatchDog says:

      I haven’t heard anything about it, to be honest. Maybe one of the visitors to this page who tried it can enlighten us?

  383. somus says:

    Hi Bradley,
    Which optionrobot? Care to share the website address?

  384. jimos says:

    What was your robot settings Bradley pls update me

  385. PEDRO says:

    Hellow, could you explain why you have eliminate from your recomended signal list the software warrent Buffet, Neo and binadroid ?

  386. Sigmund Willumsen says:

    Hello! Have any experience with LEXINGTON CODE, and STERN OPTION?

    • Tim Lanoue says:

      Hey Sigmund,

      I haven’t had much success with the Lexington Code lately but when it first came out it yielded some solid investment results at the time. I know many other day-traders who are currently using the OptionRobot system and are experiencing a good amount of success with it lately. Most of them report success rates between 69 to 81% on a weekly cumulative basis. I hope this helps you out some my friend!

      Have a good rest of your day and an even better week!

      Tim Lanoue

  387. Sorry watchdog, is copy buffet is in existence and do their services still effective?

    • WatchDog says:

      Currently, Copy Buffett is a manual signal service and not an auto trader. I would only recommend it to experienced traders.

  388. jimos says:

    please Brandly what is your R/B settings

    • Ay-up Jimos and Vincent!

      Settings that I have been using the past week and a half are below for you mate!
      London session and do manual to get best SR possible
      RSI & MACD
      Max Trade of 1 and 5 Minute expiries
      Make sure to do manual mate to get best entry rate possible, has helped me out ALOT!
      My results this week to further share for all of you amazing people!

      Feb 13th Results: 9/11 ITM, Profit: $387.35
      Feb 14th Results: 7/8 ITM, Profit: $465.00
      Feb 15th Results: 13/16 ITM, Profit: $513.90
      Ending Balance After Feb 8th Results: $1,966.94
      Current Balance: $2,333.19… I placed a $1,000 withdrawal that I just got today from Friday otherwise my balance would be $3,333.19!

      Will come back again to share my experience and feedback on Friday! 🙂
      Bradley Green

      • Eric Sineath says:

        Hi Bradley,,,are these the settings you use for option ? Eric

      • jimos says:

        Thank alot bady but where can i locate the manual mode on the software interface or iam gona find it if i make payments to obtain a live a/c.
        Same guys say that 2mins do well but i was assigned to stockpaire and the broker supports 90secs is it ok

  389. EUGENE says:

    Hi WatchDog

    Please let me know if I can register with OptionRobot.Com, then I can link my account to my Broker, since I already have an open account with Stockpair, or I have to open a new account.

  390. Sbusiso Duma says:

    Hi, which binary trading robot would u recommend for first time traders?

    • WatchDog says:

      If you’re new to trading, I wouldn’t recommend using any robots. Mike’s signals group would be the best choice for you.

  391. JESS BOURNE says:

    Hey Watchdog. I’d like to explore OptionRobot. I am from the Philippines. Possible to use? Which do broker you recommend? I use Neteller, by the way.

  392. Jose says:

    Hey Watchdog , do you know if Copy Share Profit its a scam?

    • WatchDog says:

      I don’t know if it’s a scam, however it’s not a binary options service. It’s Forex. Keep in mind that Forex is highly risky and there’s a chance of losing more than what you deposit. I’d stick with binary options.

    • Karlee24 says:


      I would not trust the Copy Share Profit software, one of my best friends lost over $250 with that software! I have had good success with a new software known as the OptionRobot that has been watchdog approved, i average just over a 70% win rate so I think it would work well for you if you need a good system.

      Hope this helps you out some Jose!


  393. cynthia says:

    hi..i want to know that is traderush safe for trader?

  394. John Wang says:

    hi. is the AutoBinarySignals by Roger Pierce legit or not

  395. Miah George says:

    Hello,although there are many webpages which publish reviews about soft wares, I only believe your review. Could you tell me is BinBot pro legit or not? is it safe to go for it?

  396. Jimmy says:

    Hey WatchDog. I think you gave a bad reference. I tried the OptionRobot Autotrader on Demo and it had payouts at 90% with 90% ITM. I took the $1,000 DEMO account to $7,000+ using the AutoTrader in less than 20 minutes! So I funded a Broker account and turned on the Autotrader just like before. It promptly lost 20% of my account. It was less than 50% ITM with a payout of 77%, which makes it a losing system. I asked support and got NO replies after 4 messages sent. So I tried the DEMO version and and this time the DEMO autotrader lost money steadily while using my Broker funded account. It seems that the difference between a FUNDED account Demo on the Auto Trader loses money and the Trial, UNFUNDED Autotrader Demo Wins almost always. This seems to be a total scam to me.

    • WatchDog says:

      The purpose of the demo is just to get acquainted with the software. It’s not based on real market prices. To use OptionRobot successfully, you must be an experienced trader or use a tested strategy.

  397. leanne says:

    hey thanks Jimmy, i was gonna put money into optionrobot, but someone must have been telling me something cause after been on it in demo mode over and over again and making more make believe money then well bulls can you know,i was going to fund the account.i logged out to think about it went to go back in and it kept coming up with a fault ,connect error .try again, still cant get in and have now read your message.have tried 2 other binary option things ,one took me to magnum options and they didn’t even have a robot yet that’s what I was signing up for,then the next 1 had the robot snap cash and it didn’t show the demo until you signed up and once I was signed up they tried putting me off the robot and when I finally got the bot it was ugly and useless, hard to understand what was going on and it played up
    there are so many videos out there saying turn on autobot and make money ,or guaranteed money or 500 dollars cash to you etc etc etc
    ive even had emails saying I have made all this money like im up to at least 50,000 dollars and the email says stuff like confirm your email to withdraw your money so you do and it takes you to another bloody video about getting rich,so ya fill everything in just to see what happens, well theres ever any money but they want you to deposit $250 to start trading ,not to mention all the bloody phone calls, and all the hard selling they try to do,like deposit another $500 or $1000 and I guarantee to make you blah blah blah amount ,and this is after at the start of the convo ive already told them thatb $250 is all I have in the world…..anyways these videos if not true is false advertising which is actually illegal and the same with these emails that they send out saying you have won money just to try to get ou signed up,again false advertising,all highly illegal ,so anyways ive kept and printed off these emails.

    so question to watchdog is…
    are there actually any real true sights that deliever what they say they can and what they promise,cause they do promise it in their videos.

  398. leanne says:

    also what is the use off having robots if they are only for ppl who are meant to know what they are doing, makes no sense at all,
    in the videos the people say to just go in,log on fund account and turn on autobid and you will make money and they say even dumb dumbs can do it (new ppl,pll with zero experience) they don’t say anything about confiquring settings or anything else to that nature.
    please watch the videos tell me im wrong cause I have sat through so many vids ,so many emails,so many phone calls and have looked on the net to try to find what is recommended and all vids tell you how easy these robots are

    but now you tell us we should be experienced to use the bots and that we should manually trade
    ive tried manually trading ,I hate it ,I suck at it
    this is why I want to use a robot cause the videos say its easy and I
    only believe the vids that say you can make around a 1000 a day, I don’t believe those that are making you a millionaire in one day, a little over the top if you ask me

    so is there a robot for newbees??
    do any of those videos tell the truth???

  399. Marie says:

    Yes, this the perpetual story. The promise that you will make thousands and the minimum investment ist only $250, but as soon as you have paid this amount they scorn you saying you should have understood that this is an amount just for opening an account, or that you simply have to invest at least $500 or $1000 to make it work. Every time I tried Binary Options with a software the same conversation (and pretty aggressive too) took a well rehearsed play.

  400. Leanne says:

    Can you tell me if any of these traders are any good,stockpair….or….BDSWISS….or….FM……or….opteck

    • WatchDog says:

      StockPair is pretty good and regulated. Opteck is also regulated, however I received some complaints about them. The other brands are not regulated.

      • Giorgos says:

        Hi WatchDog, Congrats for your good work, regards to the recommended from option robot brokers BDSWISS claim to be ..regulated.. what’s your opinion about that broker?

        • WatchDog says:

          They may be regulated, but they are not trustworthy. How do I know? Well, they recently reached a settlement with CySEC (their regulator) for €150k due to suspected violations of business conduct. And it’s not the first time. Last year they were fined a smaller sum of €5,000.

  401. Steven says:

    Hi Watchdog.
    What is the best regulated broker for people residing in Russian? Preferably with a minimum deposit of U$150 or less. I’m signed up with TopOption but I really dislike the way their candlesticks form. And indicators are very limited. IQ Option was the best hands down but it seems they are no longer availible if you’re in Russia.

  402. Omijie Ben Haruna says:

    hi watchdog
    I stay in Nigeria, and could not sign up with penny millionaire, option bot they always say there is no registered broker in my country, how can i solve this Binaryoptionauto trading real?

  403. Omijie Ben Haruna says:

    what about binaryoptionauto trading is it real

  404. Omijie Ben Haruna says:

    thank you very much for your time.
    are signals and Binary option indicator that promises 85% win rate from investoo real

  405. Bruce says:

    Have you done any reviews on automated binary?

  406. Bruce says:

    Which broker/platforms do you recommend for u.s. Traders or at least ones that u.s. Traders have not had any complaints with?

  407. Bruce says:

    Thank You. I know about Nadex. They aren’t any others?

  408. Maurice Lampl II says:

    I did extensive testing on UP/DOWN signals results from Jan 1, 2016 thru October 29, 2016 and found that the signals had 65% win rate (ranging from 63% to 69%) across the board, excepting EUR/JPY AND USD/JPY which had poorer results……

  409. Maurice Lampl II says:

    I need to make a retraction on my UP/down signals comment. Upon further review, I did find EUR/JPY with 66% win rate. My apologies!!! USD/JPY has 58% win rate and has the fewest signals of the group.

    • Maurice Lampl II says:

      RE: UP/DOWN signals. I note GBP/USD is the only pair with 70% win rate.

      • PEDRO says:

        Great job Maurice, thanks to compart with us your study,,,could you detail if these results are with a 1 hour expiration or 3 hours expirations trade ?…….in any case is lower than the official results taht a re published on their webpage.
        i used this service some months and the global results are similar to yours even lower.

        • Maurice B. Lampl II says:

          These results were based on 3-hour expirys. I also tested the 1-hour expirys the results were poorer…

  410. Mary says:

    Been following the demo for over a week now with OptionRobot then tried to deposit money last night but was declined many times. The reason that i found out is that Australian debit/credit cards cards have been blocked from all use with binary options. Did anyone have a similar problem and is there another way to deposit besides bank wire?

  411. Marie says:

    Hi I would like to know WHY Copy Buffet, Neo2 andBinadroid are no longer autotraders?

  412. Can you please send me five (5) best trading Robots that can do trading on my behalf because i dont understand this kind of business but i want to join it as i,ve had that it makes people very rich . So i,ve realised that it would be easy to use a software (trading robot) . So i just need to choose one trading robot from the best five you are going to recomend to me .

  413. David Cooper Jr says:

    Great 1st week with OptionRobot!!!
    Following Snir’s Strategy from Mike’s FB Group to use as my confirmation method with this strategy allowed me to generate a 74% success rate with 26 trades out of 35 landing in-the-money!!! total profit i generated was just over $460!! still have tomorrow too but i just may take it off now, thank you for the review WatchDog!!!

    • Mathew Ortiz says:

      wow good result david
      did you end up trading today?
      i tried your feedback of doing snirs strategy but i am not that smart with trading
      ended ups goin 22 winners out of 30 total trades so i had a good wk to
      lil over a 280$ profit so i am glad, i jus use the sentiment tool, vry eazy and works
      keep up ur good wrk

    • benglamor says:

      am on mike FB group and I get the signal late. I have to always refresh the page. how can I get the signals immediately it is posted?

  414. DessyTrades says:

    OptionRobot is best system I have used for trading binaries.
    I’ve tried A LOT of systems but the only one that is consistent is OptionRobot!
    A little over £700 gain in only two full weeks with system, couldn’t be much happier.
    I am use to always breaking even or losing money, thank god for this system, saved my from quitting binary trading which I was going to do in June if I kept being unsuccessful!
    Solid review BinaryOptionsWatchDog, I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    Desmond Clarke

  415. benglamor says:

    Hi watch dog
    is ABS stil a valid software?

  416. Gino says:

    Hi Dessy do you mind sharing up your strategy that works on OptionRobot

  417. Bea says:

    Hi WatchDog. I am new to trading and stays in the UK. Which one do you recommend I should start with.

  418. Zachary Williamson says:

    5 for 6 first day with OptionRobot!!!!
    I am investing all day tomorrow, will shoot for 15 to 20 trades with system and post my results tomorrow here under my comment, hoping for the same amount of success!

  419. Omijie Ben Haruna says:

    Hi watchdog
    could you assist me with the email address of Nuvo support team

  420. Giorgos says:

    Hi ,
    There are 2 sites Option Robot , which one is the legit one?
    Does anybody has experience with the BO indicator from

  421. AMA says:

    Hi watchdog is omni app and fintech-ltd a scam what legitimate trader should I register? I’m new to this kind of business? Thanks

  422. Mohato says:

    Hi WatchDog

    Is It still save to purchase GPS Forex Robot for trading in MT4?

    Thank You

  423. AMA says:

    Is Dubai Lifestyle app a scam, can you please tell me your review? Thanks

  424. mahdi says:

    Hi watchdog
    what do u think about Binary Option Club Review

  425. Giorgos says:

    Thank you for the tip about BDSwiss, watchdog. So, from the recommended from optionrobot brokers ,which one would you recommend with small trade size and small deposit(stockpair requires and 24option requires 20 & 24 trade size) ?

  426. Jose says:

    Hi WD, tell me some of good robot??

  427. jose renteria says:

    33/46 were ITM this week for me with OptionRobot!
    Strong way for my to close out yet another profitable week!
    Total account gain was just over 515 and I couldn’t be happier!
    Thanks for your recommendations WD!

    • jose renteria says:

      Another strong start to my week!
      8/10 ITM trades at $50 a trade!
      Account gain over $200 today!
      About to open my second broker account with OptionRobot tomorrow.
      Love, love, LOVE my results so far!!! 🙂 🙂 Thanks again WD!

  428. Tshepo says:

    Good day

    I need to know about Binary Option Auto trading, is it working or a scam?


  429. Omijie Ben Haruna says:

    anyone here ever use optionbot pro? what was here experience like

  430. Gino says:

    Great News Jose..would you share the profitable settings and good times for trade?

    • jose renteria says:

      I use the settings that bradley green has shared above
      I also use manual, fibonacci, trend, %r and jpy assets during tokyo session
      Works out really good i have noticed!
      Update for my week: 24/33 ITM trades!
      Beyond my wildest expectations so far, first system I profited with in over 2 years!

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