BinaBot V2 Review Update; Live Results + Winning ITM!

Hello everyone, my name is Marili and some of you already know me from my YouTube channel. Today I will be doing a quick review regarding the release, features, in’s and outs of the newly released BinaBot V2 Software by Troy Everett. There are quite a lot of questions going around at this time, which I will answer during this review more. I will also be covering all the changes to the system, what they mean, and how to operate the software to get the results you wish to have. So if you have been considering investing into the, V2 software, or already have, I encourage you read review as you will find answers to a lot of your questions.

For those that are still not fully aware what is going on, however we believe most of you would have heard the rumours by now. Troy Everett used two different technology companies to launch each version of his software, and as a result the two are kind off going head to head. This however is not important to us as traders and does not affect the Binabot V2 software in anyway. The only changes you will notice is the name change from Binadroid 2 to Binabot V2, and some colours and graphics will change. Nevertheless be rest assured that none of the above mentioned affects the programming of the software, and you will not be affected in any way, accept for seeing the cosmetic changes.

Now unto the most important part and that is the function on the Binabot V2 as well it’s performance, consistency, and current profit rate. The software has been carefully put together with all the best functions of the first version, incorporated with new and improved functions added for the ease and benefit of everyone using the software. The current version of is easy to manage, and most importantly been redesigned to work for both the beginner and the experienced trader.

Listed below is a quick explanation of all the features and what function they play.

  • Auto Binabot – This is the purely to switch the auto trader on if you wish to trade on the automated function. This is generally for those to use who have either time constraints, or lack the experience needed when trading.
  • Low / Medium / High – These are your risk levels when trading on automated, low being the least amount of risk, where the auto trader only places a few trades a day. Moving unto Medium, meaning the software places shorter term trades as well as more trades. Finally High, where the system places short term trades and much more frequently.
  • Investment – This is of course where you select the amount you want to trade per trade. I advise that you start low and move up as your account increases.
  • Reverse – This one is kind off a biggie, and I actually advise that you do not use this function. This button is there for if you believe your Binabot auto trader is not performing as it should and you think it is reading the signals incorrectly. You then use this function to prompt the software to trade in the opposite direction. To date I have not had to use this function, and I doubt I ever would.
  • Manual Trading – This is for those who want to have a bit more of a hands on experience. The signals given are the trend of the asset or commodity for a certain period, and you can successfully place trades following this trend, however I do advise that you use the assistance of a chart when doing so.
  • Economic Calendar – this is one great added feature, this allows every trader to follow the economic calendar without having to open a second browser, allowing for much more ease of use.
  • Chart – This is there as only a guide for those who wish to trade the manual signals given.
  • Trade history – this one is self-explanatory.

Now that you know which features there are with BinaBot and what each one’s function is, the question now becomes, what do you do, just switch it on and go? Well practically yes, that is exactly what you do. The advised times to trade has always been between 9am and 7pm GMT, however some traders are reporting success during other open markets as well which proves to us that the Binabot is not restricted to one time specifically which is great.

As explained above the functions are pretty simple, and easy to follow. The success is all down to the auto trader, and so far it has not yet failed. Feel free to try different settings and getting the hang of what exactly the Binabot software is all about, and what it is capable of doing. Below you can see a quick video I have done explaining the change of name, as well as my progress so far with the auto trader, which has seen my account practically double in size in a matter of two days trading. To get to where I am today, I traded the system on Auto “ON”, set my risk to Medium, and traded $25 trades. I also traded mostly between 12pm and 6pm, giving me a good 6 hours of trading per day.

I hope the above explanations have given you a bit more of an insight into, what it is capable of, and most importantly which functions you have to use to get the desired results you wish to get. I would also like to take this moment to thank WatchDog and the amazing team behind running the site for giving me the opportunity to write a guest post of their site. It has been a great honour being featured on such an authoritative site. I wish you all the best with your trading ahead, and may you all be very successful and rake in great profits using this fantastic new and improved system.

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33 comments on “BinaBot V2 Review Update; Live Results + Winning ITM!
  1. Jordan K. says:

    Thank you for such detailed review Watchdog. Great video.

  2. Tom Wilson says:

    Thanks for the review Marili. I joined on Monday and so far so good for me too

  3. Lexi says:

    Now I can confidently join binabot. I was watching the WatchDog for results before I could do it. Marili, thanks for the detailed review.

  4. Lawrence says:

    CAN someone from Nigeria use this software?

    • WatchDog says:

      Unfortunately BinaBot is not available in Nigeria and many other countries in Africa. We know that in North Africa and South Africa it’s available, including Kenya but generally brokers and services don’t offer BO services in Nigeria. Soon we will review a very great Biz Op offer that accepts people from all over the world so stay tuned.

  5. Conrad October says:

    Hi! What’s the minimum deposit Watchdog?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Conrad, It depends on the broker but normally the minimum deposit is anywhere from $100-$500. We recommend depositing around $200-$250 without any special incentives or bonuses. All you really need is the software because it’s really performing well by itself. Some brokers may offer you managed accounts, but since BinaDroid 2 aka BinaBot is doing so well it’s not needed and it often requires a higher deposit.

  6. tannia says:

    Sounds good. I want to join too. What is the minimum investment? TIA

  7. Allan Choo says:

    Unlike some of the offers I’ve seen promoted and it’s usually by email, BinaBot seems to stand out as something legit and not promoted by the email people who are usually scammers. I am going to give it a try. Worst case I’ll lose my deposit but I’ve seen a few videos that really confirmed the results so I’ll give it a go.

  8. Allen says:

    We’d missed alot indeed, it seems we are treated as different because most of brokerage BO don’t accept people from Africa.

    Watchdog thanks for the good work and keep it up.

  9. Celine says:

    Excellent review. Really thorough and does not leave you wondering about its performance. Fully endorsed. I have been making a decent income in the past two weeks

  10. David Howell says:

    It tells me “country code is not matching country.” What can I do?

    • WatchDog says:

      Which country are you trading from David? If you’re still having a hard time registering let us know. You are also welcome to email us a snapshot of the point in which you got stuck in the registration process.

  11. David Howell says:

    I live in Japan. The code is +81 or 081. Have tried both but no success.

  12. Phil says:

    Does binobot work in Australia? Thanks in advance

  13. Robert says:

    I have registered and got omega options can anyone tell me if they are a credible broker or not

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Robert, Omega Options is a reputable broker. We know they are quick on withdrawals and the payout on most assets is average. They are relatively new, but so far no complaints.

  14. Kenan Gustavo says:

    Very good review Watchdog! For the first time in my binary career which started 4 months ago, I am making money and ITM’ing unlike with some of the other services I tried previously. I really like BinaBot, the features everything about it and wanted to really thank you!

  15. Wanda Martin says:

    Very impressed but it’s only been a few hours. Thanx

  16. Robert says:

    Thanks watchDog for the info on Omega options one has to be very careful in this industry as so many frauds exist

  17. Mike says:

    Joined yesterday and the ITM is close to 80% ITM, very impressive I must say!

  18. William Clyne says:

    I am trying to join but it will not accept my Ireland phone number

  19. John says:

    Can i use this here in the Philippines?

  20. John says:

    Trying to sign up but it’s telling me to use a different email. Please help

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi John, This often happens if you are trading from a country that is not supported. Try using a Gmail and the Chrome Browser just as a final check, it seems to work best with web-based Java software.

  21. Edwin Sesinyi says:

    Hi Watchdog, you mentioned that to stay tuned because there will be a business opportunity that will accept all countries soon. Can you please share when this business opportunity will be available and what sort of business opportunity will that be.

  22. Is binabot regulated in Australia?

    • WatchDog says:

      Based on your IP they will assign you with a GEO targeted broker. We didn’t look into it but we know that BinaBot works with EU regulated brokers so they should be offering their Australian traders with AUS regulated brokers but this is something you’ll have to check with the broker they assign you with.

  23. John says:

    it is available in philippines?

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