Binary Options and Forex Scams – Blacklist

Below is an alphabetized list of some of the binary options and Forex scams we’ve exposed over the years. Please share your feedback as a comment below, and help us warn traders if you have been defrauded by an online investment service that’s not listed here.


721 comments on “Binary Options and Forex Scams – Blacklist
  1. WatchDog says:

    Please post your comments here. We decided to start a new blacklist due to the number of comments on the previous scams page.

    • Donna Miller says:

      Hi watchdog I was ripped off 220K by FM trader doing 60sec trades. I had no idea that was so risky as for 3 months we only won. Then I deposited 100K more and lost it all in 5 mins. Is there anyway I can get any back?
      Cheers Donna

      • WatchDog says:

        Please email us and we’ll do our best to help.

        • Dave says:

          Option500 stole over $10,000 from my credit card without my authorisation and worse still Barclaycard Visa allowed it without even contacting me to check its validity. Not only that but it put me over my card limit and still Barclaycard Visa did nothing. I complained. Then because Option500 said I authorised it and showed fraudulent emails, that they had doctored, Barclaycard Visa expect me to pay.
          So do not trust Option500 for anything, not even $ or £250 as they will manipulate and use your email, basically lie. and sadly, do not trust Barclaycard Visa either as they do not give a damn about you, their customer, they actively encourage fraud.
          BEWARE Don’t get caught by Option500.

      • Richard Parker says:

        60 sec trade?

      • Jack Mokoena says:

        I am from South Africa and i was ripped off by a company called B4Markets where you are asked to download a program called Anydesk. I lost 10k after my so called account manager promised to put 10k from his personal account. The company is from London. Now am getting called from a company called CapitAlpha also from London. How do I trust them?

        • Emily says:

          Not saying you should trust them but atleast hear what they have to say first, if they asking you to pay some more then u ditch them.this my opinion

      • juliet stevens says:

        report it to fbi and also start going back to your banks or credit card and tell them all wiothraw are fraud 0r despute charge , good luck ion the bank make suer not with in 60 days you will roportton your debit card . credit card you can get some it depends ons what credit card you have .

    • Donald Schulz says:

      Omega Options is a scam. They fail to honor their fiduciary responsibilities to their clients and refuse to comply with withdrawal requests even when all conditions have been fully complied with. It is clear that they (Mr. Johnathan Hillsen, Corporate Senior Vice President at Omega Options and others) have no intent of returning
      any of your investment. I have lost over $50K of retirement money with them

      • SC says:

        I am also trying to withdraw my investment with them. They told me to send them my bank information for the wire transfer, as it is their method of sending money to clients. I am awaiting the wire transfer, and will see if these guys are true to their words.

        • Emily says:

          This not bad this worst everywhere you turn to you hear complains about someone who is being scammed. Why is this so. Traders can’t trade without the fear of being scammed again,this has to stop seriously.

      • Richard Parker says:

        Omega Options are big scam , I was scam for 12.500 EUR and I fund the way to get part of my loss .

      • juliet stevens says:

        same as me I try to withdraw 3 k all of the sudden the excuse is there acct is frozen , we cant withDRAW the money in acct. . to all people that’s out there reading my comments please stay away on all binary s all all scam they took 325 k on me all my life is change night mare this is all they will gave you . just keep your money and put it in safe investment wich is better in stock market than binary , you don’t own any thing on binary . in stocks you own part of the company . I learn my lesson ishould listen to a very close of mind that very rich that he only stays in stock market not this binary bs, riff off people scam arist all of them

        • Winthrop Olin says:

          You didn’t follow the right steps i think. I was able to get my back through that same legal firm, and it is a court case you dont expect not to spend money.

    • Jon says:

      I signed up to trend-xpert which is now defunct but required me to sign up with a number of brokers to use their system (webinars and live trading).

      All was going ok until trend-xpert closed and changed to optionbot 3.

      I decided to withdraw from the brokers and have been trying to get my money back from safe-option, askoption and binarytilt (all recommended by trend-xpert).

      I have been unsuccessful in gettingy withdrawal requests honoured, they usually are cancelled or ignored, dispute numerous email and phone calls.

      I would describe all these brokers as scam and thieves.

      Please add the to you scam list so other people have some warning before losing money on these dishonest brokers.

      I have not lost a lot of money as I only invested the minimum and did not accept bonuses. But to me the money is not the issue (that was my fault) but cannot condone the dishonesty.

      • WatchDog says:

        We’d love to help you get your money back. Please email us at

      • SC says:

        Hi. I couldn’t agree with you more. All binary options are scam. There is no legit or honest brokers out there. I say this because I have lost all of my hard earned money, actually i have not lost it, but rather, these scammers stole my money. They manage to steal over 200K from me. The best thing for you to do, is not to invest any more money with any one of them, because if you do, you are just supporting their illegal business of ripping off people.

        The only legit broker out there is Nadex.

        Also I suggest you file a complaint with the FBI, SEC and CTFC. I just read an article about the FBI are now getting into to cracking down on this binary brokers, and they urge people that’s been scam to come forward.

        • juliet stevens says:

          yes report this to fbi they will help you tract this people ilost 325 k incuding credit cards but some good thing of credit card depending on company 6 binary , degio ex, used to be otx, ,omega , now the excuse for withraw is there acct, is frozen. ct option withdraw is having so many excuses . icant withraw bec. of the bunos that inever known or sign . and now its about 3 mos. trial. bank of option is another one after as I reported that some one hack my computer . the excuses is they return my money . because I repoeted my credit card fraud. want me to wire 25 k after Ignore him name of my broker david Hendricks hs gone took my 25 k . other one is ttoption used to be now it changed it to globalatlastcompany if your looking for for that you cant find it any in the internet take 54k cash part of my money I took refince my home . after he took my money no contack . name of that guy is jake brown. and also broker officical . took 53k . this guy name at first is luke ., Henderson /. it change it to dan stevens took 53k from me at first they let you withdraw a little of money$ 500 second is $700, after he get what he want to big money . they will never let you . withdraw 5 k according to finance broker official it sent to my bank I keep going back and fort . nothing came then this guy my broker said the 5 k is gone and its his last day bec he is taking a leave of absence in 3 mos his wife is sick , I still have a witdraw . setting waiting no answer . and another one is ctoption at 2 withdraws ok then no more withdraw my withdraw is setting for 2 mos, keep having an excuses of isign up for bunos , and nos the excuses is ihave to be on 3 mos trial . is a bunch of bs, so any of you guys out there please stay away on this company or to any of binary they are all crooks thefts no conscience. yes report all to fbi . don’t be ashamed we have to come out some one will help you guys what to do . don’t trust any of this if you lost money in binary 5 k will help you as I red in watch dog , name bailey aart recommend me name Adrian law firm don’t trust they are also a scamer I paid them 12090 over 12 k they said they will get my money I lost in digioe ex, they will say pretend they won the case . after they said won the case they will said your broker is not license so you have to pay as 60 k to get your money to broker . any who lost don’t trust internet people will help you get your money back . just report to fbi , ftc and other reall organization will help you what toy need todo .

          • Winthrop Olin says:

            Hello Juliet, i think you actually didn’t follow the right procedures as i did got my money through Mr Baileys directions, you must have got it all wrong and not follow his steps. Bailey is real cos he helped me our his more honest than Micheal freeman. Follow the right step with him and you will get back your money. And stop spoiling his name cos you didn’t get yours why not follow the right part of him. there is no short way to success.

          • Alan Kilduff says:

            You Mr.Olin are a fake.Your email is so full of spelling mistakes it is pathetic.It is so obvious that you are involved with the brokers.Who are you anyway?Israeli,Romanian,Bugarian?Your mother tongue is not English anyway.Shame on you.Shame on your parents.Supporting Scammers, you SCUMBAG.

          • borges says:

            be careful there are more scam here , providing help to make you pay more money without getting your money back , do not pay money to anyone

      • Dave says:

        Hi Jon
        Sorry to hear of your losses and subsequent battle.
        It might be worth everyone complaining through the Financial Ombudsman and put them under some pressure to deal with these fraudulent companies as currently they appear to not be bothered about these acts of fraud. Thus putting them under pressure then maybe the people who are supposed to act against these lying companies/organisations will start taking fraud seriously.

      • peter says:

        and trend-xpert is scam too

      • Marvin says: is a scam stay away from this Tsots’s

      • juliet stevens says:

        stay away to all or any binary they are all scam

    • Gella says:

      Hello Watchdog,
      My broker is not on your list. It is Ivory Options. I deposited £5000 in the company and after a few trades I managed to make almost £2000 on top of my initial investment. I was left high and dry without support, even after telling them that whatever money I make, I would like my investment back. I have since been ‘gambling’ as I have no idea what I am doing and have lost over £1500. However, I have £6400 now left in the system and they are refusing to let me withdraw it as they said that I signed a form that stated that I had to reach a certain turnover. I am a person who does not delete emails and I cannot find any email/document on my system that says that I have signed a document of the sort. In trying to get them to supply it for me, they have been reluctant to do so, stating that I have signed a document and my money cannot be released. I no longer want to trade with these people and want my money back but they are holding my money to ransom. Can you help me get my money back? I don’t want to trade in binary options anymore and that should be my right. They have no right to withhold my money. Please help me.

      • WatchDog says:

        Please email me for assistance.

        • cecili O'Sullivan says:

          Just curious if you accepted a bonus on top of the deposit. Because if you did they expect you to trade 30X or so the amount of the bonus before you can withdraw.

        • Alan Kilduff says:

          Watchdog what do you think he or she just did?It was quite clear Gella’s email was a plea for help.Everyone sees this.Why can’t you?Typical, all mouth no action.Still haven’t done anything about Tauribot and Swiss Royal Bank either.Difficult admitting you were wrong about Tauribot isn’t it? Because of your endorsement, loads of people have got ripped off.No apology from your side…. Nothing.Not even an answer… absolutely nothing.Sick and tired of reading comments from grateful readers.I for one do not forget losing my deposit because of your glowing endorsement.And no action from your side.Have you no pride at all?Do something for a change.Start by listing SRB of Zurich and Tauribot as Scammers.Do your job for a change.Regards extremely pissed off follower.

          • WatchDog says:

            I said it once and I’ll say it again. I purchased this domain from the previous owner about 6 months ago. I have nothing to do with Tauribot. I don’t even think it still exists. Anyway, please contact me via email or FB if you want to discuss anything with me.

    • Grace Kelly says:

      Titan Trade is the biggest scammer of all scams. Does anyone know who the owner of Titan trade is? I believe he is from Isreal. Does anyone know the Times of Isreals Investigative reporter’s email?? She is called Simona Weinglass. I have a big scaming story to tell about Titan trade

    • Steve L says:

      Hi watchdog, I deposited $250aus with chasecapital I have requested for that to be refunded, they are asking for credit card details & and many More I’d , is this legit & normal protocol , love your tenacity hunting these ruthless no concience fuckers down & down there going one by one, keep up your great work watchdog.

      • WatchDog says:

        All brokers require that you identify yourself before being able to withdraw. As long as they don’t ask you for more money, do what they ask and let me know if you have any problems.

    • Blessings says:

      Hello WatchDog, may I ask… Is SNAP CASH… BANC DE BINARY… CT OPTION… ANYOPTION… all scams or legitimate websites?? I been scammed so many times, I don’t know which source is OK or not… And olso if you can, could you please recommend good auto trade websites for me… And I am South African… I need companies that do business with South African traders like me… Thank you????

    • MAURICE PICARD says:

      700 profit club coolhandel are they scams??

    • Scott says:

      Been using a demo account with Trusted Market app. I wonder if it will be as good when live…any info to share ?

    • YK says:

      Ivory options and secured options are grand scammers. Methodical thieves. You’ll lose every cent. And they have no registration with any financial regulator anywhere. Offices based in Bulgaria. No regulator. They’ll steal your money. Please avoid. I fell prey.

    • Blessings says:

      Hi WATCHDOG… Is marketwatch regulated?? They sound legit, are they really??

    • Blessings says:

      Hi WATCHDOG, is vix500 regulated?? They sound very professional, are they??

    • Jen says:

      On February 28th 2017 I requested a withdrawal from my HW Markets trading account. This request has been ignored along with emails and live chat regarding my withdrawal. On March 27th I sent HW Markets an email requesting my account to be CLOSED. I also stated that if there was any trading on my account after this date, it would be deemed fraudulent. I haven’t received response from HW Markets and they are still trading on my account. Can someone advise me on how to list HW Markets on the Blacklist site, please.

    • Anni Madsen says:

      What can you tell me about GT Options??

    • Rob S. says:

      Been receiving emails from: bqoptions… Scam..??

    • Maddy says:

      please tell me about optsure trading broker. are they legal and give return

    • ray says: is not on your blacklist. thoughts?

    • Yoyo says:

      Hi WatchDog & all,

      Oh no, I just signed up with yesterday & like the rest I started to receive 3-4 calls from London & one from Australia, verifying my account & claiming to be my account manager to guide me along. I wanted to start with $250 but they told me to start with $500 so that the company will top up $500 as a bonus for new account. Is this Toroption a scam? I cannot even find this account on your SCAM list..

      What should I do now? Kindly adivice. Thank you so much!


    • Nuala Lyons says:

      Hi. I would like to express my experience with WiKi binary gurus. They try to get me to login as there are 5 people using this reboot all under my name. These are very large accounts and are either tax avoidance or money Laundering accounts and I am trying to get the authorities and Revenue to freeze all the assets in this account . This would add up to over $2.3 million. We have a serious housing crises here in Ireland.This kind of money would really help towards that. I have 5 other accounts in my name with Binarybraintrust $1.4 million in my name. 3/4 accounts in Guaranteedprofits- unknown amount. Quantum code $674,000,
      I have brought in the Police, however I must meet the Superintendent to make a statement to contact the other Regulators like the FCA and the FBI as all these accounts are in the U.K. Or the USA. It is very Frustrating.

    • Alan Kilduff says:

      Why isn’t Swiss Royal Bank of Switzerland listed on your list? There has been enough complaints.They are or were Brokers for Tauribot.We all know how that turned out.Not doing your job very well, are you?They have screwed me out of my 500 Euro deposit,trading away my money without my permission,from an account that was de-activated by me.Tauribot.Which by the way you still have done nothing about, despite numerous complaints.You Watchdog glowingly endorsed Tauribot.Do something…..

    • JOhn says:

      Hey Watchdog

      Central Option Is a Scam.

      They get me to invest money and put also ,, Money,, inside and now the Account is full of money about 200k and i can not withdrawl the money out from the account.

      I have many personal informations about the owner and the company including his Correct name.

      What do you think guys should i do?

      I dont know if the money is lose or not but its around 100k my side.

      I can get any back?

    • ArA says:

      Is legit

    • Jen says:

      Hi Watchdog, I requested my account with HWMarkets to be closed on 27/3/17, as they didn’t acknowledge my withdrawal requests. They are still trading on my account; can you please advise me how to get my money back, please.?

    • Caroline Pou says:

      Hi I have been ripped off by both HBC brokers and For some people the amount I got ripped off is a mere drop in the bucket but for me it has been a real issue as I now have no savings, no credit and no way to get us through a week without running out of money in fact living hand to mouth. I have tried time after time to withdraw but with both companies after getting the first withdrawal submitted from me they have stopped all communication, phone numbers and emails as well as chat have all cut me off. Any suggestions to at least get my deposits back which amounts to almost $2,000 USD?

    • seamus fogarty says:

      Hi I have contacted you before, a few times about this I have lost €1000 to these people it was in January and I’ve heard nothing since and all the money is gone

    • Ernest A.Beaulieu says:

      I have been trading with Dalton Financial for over a year and was being very successful, I invested 50k and got another 55k in bonus money, I didn’t realize that all of the money was subject to certain trading volume and I couldn’t touch any of it until then.After some wins and some losses my account was over 138k. Last month i got some direction from them but know the website is shut down, the phone goes to a message system but no calls are returned and emails are not responded to. I have no idea where to turn. Can you help?

    • antiyesoption says:

      I started Sept 2016 with YesOption to maybe earn some money for the family x-mas vacation in the US. My account manager (AM) Adam Welsson sounded nice and thrustworthy, but after minutes on the phone he wanted me to invest-invest-invest as much as I could, promised RISK FREE TRADING if I invested. I invested €1K and was guided to lose, got a new AM Edward Taylor, begging for investments, promising the same risk free trades and I invested, lost again. Then silence from YesOption.
      In March I contacted YesOption, received a new AM Jeff Smith from Recovery Dept. He said the two former AMs had been fired due to illegal promises to me and bad treatment of my account. So: heavy pressure to invest all I could, so I invested €500, €1K, €2K and guided trades ended in some losses and some wins. On balance €3620 I wanted to withdraw and quit. X-mas vacation was over anyways. AM Jeff Smith said I had to invest €10K to be able to withdraw. “Just take a loan, I guarantee you’ll get everything back at the end of the week” I applied for a loan, invested and waited to get it all back. No promised money on my account on Friday.
      The next week I was transferred to Jeff Smiths Manager Donna Morough who said Jeff Smith had been wrong; I needed to invest €9K to be sure I would receive all my investments on my bank account next Tuesday. That didn’t happen, and on Wednesday asking for status I was transferred to a Manager in the Financial Dept, Maria, who said I had to invest 31% of my balance, due to UK financial rules, to be able to withdraw. If I did that I would have all my investments back the coming Friday at 15:00, she would make sure of it. The 3rd loan was a reality, I had more than €50K on my balance and registered for withdrawals without any results, all silence from YesOption.
      Then AM Jeff Smith was back, saying my balance was completely safe, I would receive everything back, he would personally complete the withdrawal of my balance… but we had to perform a few trades according to the rules, just a few trades, my balance was safe and would be transferred to my bank account no matter trading results. More than €50K was gone in a few minutes. And silence from YesOption.
      I registered an inquiry with the legal dept at YesOption, no answer. I try to get in touch with my AM Jeff Smith, no respond. Then after a week I receive a call from Jeff Smith, stating that my case is the worst they’ve ever had. AM Jeff Smith tells me he is under investigation for his wrong doings with my balance, and he is SO sorry when he says goodbye. I am transferred to CFO James Damien Quinn, and upon being promised that in order to receive my total investments back on my bank account I need to invest another €10K. I require a written guarantee. I express my meanings that when the AMs do things not allowed, YesOption as an employer should recover the damages made. Well, CFO James Damien Quinn doesn’t really care, but he provides me a written guarantee saying that If I invest €10K and follow his signals, I will receive my total investments ever made (€60120,-) back on my bank account. So I take up one more loan and invest. CFO James Damien Quinn calls me and says that on Monday he will increase my balance by 200% in order to trade with the extra amount for me to be able to get out with more that my investments. Friday before Monday he calls me and tells me to log on to trade. I log on and do 3 trades in a few seconds, following his signals. My balance is lost. But I followed his signals, and for that I should receive my total investments back on my bank account. I am sure of that. But CFO James Damien Quinn never calls me back. It’s all silence again.
      After a week Emily Jones calls me to inform that CFO is under investigation as well, and she wants me to invest €10K or €20K, she will fix 300% increase of my balance and we will trade for many months or years so I can get my investments back. That is where I tell her I have been paying ransom for getting my own money back since March. I have been served so many promises and guarantees, and they have proven to be 100% lies. From all YesOption contacts. Why should I believe she all of a sudden is the only honest person at YesOption? I have reported this to the bank and to the police. Police Economic-crime is on the case, Interpol is on the case.
      YesOption called me and required I cancel the claims, then I will get my money back. I told them I will cancel the claims WHEN I get my money back. YesOption says I will receive a call from the Legal Dept with information that they will sue me. Just in order to show that they have made legal actions, YesOption has transferred about 11% of my investments back to my bank account. But the date for their payments are far too late for them to justify their fraud and will speak against them.
      Yes, they speak terrible English, mixing Tuesday and Thursday, 15 and 50, he and she…. I asked all my AMs where they were REALLY from (due to lousy English language from a UK office); they all became aggressive.
      Can you please register YesOption as a trader conducting FRAUD and DECEPTION to its clients? The amounts lost on Binary Options goes straight into their pockets, fueling the AMs own bank accounts with a life smoking heavy cigars, driving nice cars, buy expensive jewelry and enjoy royal champagne in the Marshal Islands.

    • Alan Kilduff says:

      Tauribot and Swiss Royal Bank are STILL not listed as Scammers.

    • Peace Options (… website looks real, I saw withdrawal proof, so I made a deposit on $800 USA and money vanished… unable to make contact company. No emails get replied to, no phone get answered.

    • Jenny says:

      Is Birman Law a reputable firm to use for lodging a dispute?

    • nati says:
      what do you think about this website? please give answer as soon as possible.

      • WatchDog says:

        They don’t seem to be regulated. I recommend to pick a regulated broker because most non-regulated brokers are scams. If you want more information about FMTrader, feel free to email us at We might even write a full review, however they seem to be dying traffic-wise, so perhaps there’s no need…

    • Alan Kilduff says:

      Vena systems,looks like a scam?

    • Alan Kilduff says:

      Tauribot is back in business trying to scam people again.Calling themselves Tauribot Pro now. Just received an email from them.Their Brokers stole 500 euros from me last time despite having de-activated my trading account. Jump on them ASAP before they go viral.Regards Alan

  2. Roel Alders says:

    Can we do the same for Brokers scamming you out of your Money like LBinary for example.

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Roel, you can legally dispute and file complaints against any binay options firm if you feel as if they scammed you. First you can contact us and provide us with more information on Lbinary, you can also share it publicly under this post. If your complaint is legitimate we will add Lbinary to our list of scams.

  3. Martins says:

    Hi Watchdog,

    Please I want to know if is a sca before I invest my money with them. Please your kind and urgent info will be highly apreciated

  4. Tony Bianchi says:

    Hello Watchdog and Subscribers, I just thought I would list some more so-called Binary/Moneymaking systems to probably stay away from. Here are the latest product names to take note of: #1. 3 Week, #2. Crisis, and #3. Vibrant Money

    Have you ever asked yourself, Who the hell thinks up these ridiculous names for these scam products??? Obviously, some wannabe cheesy marketing idiot who failed miserably in Marketing 101!!!!

    Bye for Now,

    Tony Bianchi

  5. Willy says:

    Sensational work you guys are doing. Keep up the good fight as these scams are really hurting people. True, they should never have signed up, but who hasn’t been scammed in some way in their life?

  6. Jay says:

    You’re doing a remarkable job Watchdog and the information you share is much needed. I cannot begin to imagine how many people you must have helped avoid many of the binary options scams that are out there. Keep at it!

  7. Martins says:

    Please watchdog kindly send me where I can be getting strategy for trading and if you know who can trained me I will be glad and I will pay for it. I send you mail, kindly reply.

  8. Caitlin says:

    These lists of scams to avoid are great! So helpful to be able to reference. I also think it’s great that you are able to help traders with disputes and claims now.

  9. BUTCH DERKSEN says:

    Hey Watchdog. . .have you heard anything about ‘FX CHILDS PLAY SIGNALS”?
    A guy named ‘farhan’ will give you 300-500% return on your money. . .
    Asking for $99.00/month ????
    Look forward to your response.

  10. NIKY says:


  11. Max says:

    Hello !

    Please i’d like to know if this australian site (Bancde options binary) is a scam.

    Thanks a lot

  12. Anastasijs Gabranovs says:

    Avoid them “like hell” 🙂 Some time ago (before I found Watchdog) I made miskate with them! Now i’m trying to get a least my deposit money back trough credit card disput on my bank! let see how it will end up!

  13. Anastasijs Gabranovs says:

    The coment before is about

  14. Zarkov says:

    Hi Watch Dog,

    Thanks for the informative website that really help us as a Binary Option Beginner Traders. Really appreciate your holy afford. Can I get the confirmation about the BO company named Stockpair, either this company scam or otherwise? and how about the withdrawal process of this company. Thanx.

  15. "john" says:

    Watch dog:
    this maybe a scam check it out>

  16. WatchDog says:

    This 50K Mission is a scam, it’s been exposed on a few websites, here is one review indicating that it’s another binary options scam: As for Banc De Options, we’ve seen some negative reviews on them. We’ve yet to receive enough complaints on but we have a reason to believe that they might be a fraud or highly misleading. By the way, we just reviewed Mega Profix, look out for this scam.. They might spam you via email with this offer, we’re hoping that the new warning we posted will deter people from joining them. As for FX Childs Play Signals, we honestly never heard of them and based on research we can’t really conclude much but we would love to get some feedback if anyone tried or is currently using this service.

  17. "john" says:

    Watch dog:
    heres another that I believe to be a SCAM>

  18. Albert Ho says:

    Hi there. This is 6k in 6 click. Is this a scam?


    Best Regards,

  19. Rowen R Enriquez says:

    H there!

    I would like to ask you regarding this 50K mission, a program they claim to make you a thousand dollars and just as days or 50K a week,kindly give me an information if this is a true money making software or just another BS?,


  20. Rowen R Enriquez says:

    Hi watchDog,

    I have this in my inbox regarding this MonetaMethod software in which they are looking for beta testers and which it claims to make a thousands of dollars,so i really wanna know if this is a licensed or a legitimate software coming from this website:MonetaMethod,hope to hear from you,

    Mmhave a blessed day….

  21. Rowen R Enriquez says:

    Good day?

    Hi there watchDog and subscribers,i have also received this in my inbox this so called MonacoMillionaire and ii want to know regarding this software if its really legitimate as well as the website where it is being posted,hope to hear from you guys.

    Best regards…

  22. Rowen R Enriquez says:

    hi watchdog,

    I just have another one just came in minutes ago and its name is Millionaire Dream,kindly give me as well as other subscribers regarding this software so that we’ll not be victims of this so called Money making softwrare,hope to hear feom you.

    N thanks and best regards

  23. Douglas McClelland says:

    There just two…I did lose almost $500 with the Meta Bot…But question is the platform that many of the Binary Operations are using…In the above case Binary Book is the platform. In the case of Meta Bot (non Person Sir Roger Thorne). I used the Meta Bot and had results 50+ losses and 40+ wins…I’d like to know if the Binary Book platform is the scam. Thank in advance for any enlightenment.

  24. Ron says:

    Thank you for exposing all the binary options scams WatchDog!!

  25. WatchDog says:

    Hi Rowen, Monaco Millionaire is a scam, we reviewed it just now:

  26. Rowen says:

    Good day,

    Hi Watchdog,i would like to inquire from you regarding these websites and thiese particular softwares that are now being endoresd and being posted online and its getting viral with some proofs that it claims to be the money making software and also just in an hour it can suck up to $3.025.73dollars in just an hour and kindly provide me and other subscribers the information regarding these software: (1) Trend trader by (2) this one claims to suck in $373.00 dollars in just an hour and then thousands then in less than 90 days already in over a million dollars. (3) Millionaire Dream, this one also claims to be profiting ihundreds of dollars in just 60 seconds then thousands in just an hour then you’ll be earning a million dollars in 3 months time, so i think i have already mentioned these 3 websites and i hope you can gice me some information regarding this viral softwares which are now being posted over the internet.

    Yours truly

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Rowen, the 3 offers you pointed out seem very shady. 1) is promoted using actors we recognize from if you scroll down below, you will notice 3 fake testimonials. 2) As for Professor Andersen, we cut the image on the front page and did a Google picture search using the faces used for the testimonials in order to see if the name matches their true identity and it came out negative. 3) As for the Millionaire Dream, it’s the first time we are seeing this website, it looks like a terrible scam, all the Beta testers made anywhere from $100,000-$1,000,000. If it seems too good to be true, it’s fake! Thank you for sharing the websites with us. At this point we will add all 3 to our list of binary options scams.

  27. Rowen says:

    Hi watchdog,

    I have just received it this morning and its AIApp(Artificial Intelligence App. I really want to know about this because it looks different but i myself can’t figure out about this because its really hard for me to decide and i’m not sure if its legitimate or not,kindly inform me about this new software that is going viral over the net.

    Best regards

  28. Rowen says:

    Hi Watchdog,

    I would like to share this because i just want to know if this one really is a legitimate money making software in which it shows online and it even mentioned with undeniable proof and some trade results underneath,so i’m sharing this for you to verify while me and others are not yet going through with it,hope to hear from you.

    Truly Yours

  29. Rowen says:

    Hi Watchdog,

    I have this one here and i do remember that i had received this in my inbox and i just didn’t mind about this but even unril this very time,someone is still endorsing me this product,kindly do check this out and heres the name,RichJanitor software,i realli don’t have an idea about this software for it does have a live trade showing its performance but i’m not sure and i can’t even go through with it because i’m really not sure and i’m skeptical about this particular website,hope you can give an information about this and kindly what advice can you give me for until now i still keep on receiving these different websites and softwares from these gurus,by the way this website “Get Response”,can you inform me about this because i’m not sure if these groups are really from this site?,kindly inform me .

    Thanks Watchdog

    • Nuala Lyond says:

      Rich Janitor Mike is a total scam. This is the same guy that created simple profits, real profits, verified trader, millionaire biz guru (new) He has many aliases, which I HAVE PROOF that are listed in at least 50% of the Binarywatchdogs black list. Don’t reply to any of his emails or all of a sudden your in box will be flooded with scams that can really seem legitimate, but now they are putting more sophisticated websites together,adding fake profiles on Link-in to make you believe they are real. There not. Stay a million miles away.

  30. Betto says:

    Hi…please…pay attention to SOCIETY OF MILLIONAIRES. This is a scam too. It is an automated software that less your money in some hours.

  31. Elias says:

    Hi team
    Which binary options companies are not a scam?

    Please advice
    As this would be a lot easier to go to the correct ones etc

    Thank you kindly in advance

    • Alan Kilduff says:

      Elias,stay away from binary options.Not one of them is legitimate.Not one.They are ALL scams.Flipping a coin would be a better option.At least then you have a 50/50 chance.Never forget,brokers earn their money when you lose.They have no incentive to let you make money.Broker means,quite simply, you go broke.Even if you do make money,in their platform,you will find it next to impossible to withdraw.Forex,( foreign exchange )is the same,do not go down this road either.You cannot make money with this either.Only the really big players will not get screwed because the brokers know full well that their lives are forfeit.Quite simply,they will be killed.That is why they prey on little people.TIP Brokers from England,Cyprus,East Block countries,and very important ISRAEL avoid at all costs.DO NOT FUND ANY ACCOUNT from brokers situated in these countries.The Israeli government actively supports fraud against all people who are not Israeli.English brokers from London are the scam of the earth(particularly those based in Canary Wharf).Stay away,avoid at all costs.Good luck and stay safe!!!!

      • Raulin says:

        Hi Guys

        I also lost a lost of money on binary options

        Binary options are ripping people off all over the world, most of the brokers are a big scam as well as the software they offer..

        If you really want to make some money consider getting into the new market of cryptocurrencies like BITCOIN, ETHEREUM, LITECOIN .
        This is the future of money. there is plenty of information on youtube videos regarding these issues.

        Take a look at them and decide if this is for you or not..

        Good luck

  32. Derek says:

    Hi Watchdog,

    I recently invested with EveryOption $20K and being Unregulated and putting trades on automatically intense trading running the balance down to zero. They put false $$ in to the account, saying they were winning trades to entice me to put more $ in. Then when I applied to make a $10K withdrawal, they traded it away and said bad luck. My VISA has credited the money back and I’ve got a good case to counter them.
    My real concern is with a recognized registered trader Bancdebinary. I have been groomed to the point of getting to their VIP platform mortgaging home and $115K USD. This allows you the best trades from the panel of experts. But before I even made a trade there I was coehurst into an upper level that required a further $15K with guarantees I could not lose and they were adding bonuses to reach what was now a $3ooK balance. We traded in this level to $413.5K and I didn’t want to do this anymore as I could see it was to risky losing 11 of 17 first trades. I was screamed at and told I had to keep going because they’ve invested too much of their money in this special 2week venture. They blamed me for those loses, saying my computer was not fast enough. When I checked the figures later I found they were losing trades. They wouldn’t have that saying others had won. We’ve made you a lot of money and you need a further $15K (the last amount we promise) to be in this venture normally only open to $1M clients. I was not comfortable with this and wanted a limit to how low the balance went and was guaranteed I would be happy and be drawing out minimum $65K on the 9th Sept. as I was sooo in debit. They had me trade in a volatile panic situation with no regards for my pleading, putting $15K x 8 on one after the other, like a gambler trying to make up for loses. They just kept pushing out the trades until I lost the lot, with no regards for my balance. Completely irresponsible trading from a department that “only trades on sure things.” Now, so that I don’t create waves, they hand me over to the Recovery Dept. for those who have lost more than $100K but you guessed it, I have to come up with a further $25K to show that I still intend to trade with them before they credit $130K (90% of my investment) back into the platform in 4-9 weeks time. What the hell do I do now? Read a few other reviews and it doesn’t sound like a good idea as may not get any back and am already ruined. Love your advice as to whether this situation has come up before and what action to take. Thanks

    • Alan Kilduff says:

      Hi Derek,First of all,condolences.Second file formal charges with the police.Do not wait any longer.Report to the police asap.First in your country of residence and then in the country where the brokers are based.Being dragged out of their offices in handcuffs should make them think differently.The negative press will severely hinder their business dealings.The authorities will seize their assets( bank accounts) resulting in their compliance.If not, it will stop them ripping other people off.People generally, do not want to go to jail.Good luck.I am about to start my own proceedings against Swiss Royal Bank of Zurich and their English owners Greentree trading in the UK.Good luck Alan

  33. Victor Theriault says:

    Could you help me with : Icloud Commission :

  34. WatchDog says:

    Hi Victor, we didn’t receive any feedback yet on the Icloud Commission. Today we want to warn everyone of a viral binary options scam that’s really becoming popular lately. Many advertisers are promoting this and we must warn you, please avoid the 50K Mission!!!

  35. WatchDog says:

    Elias, Please refer to our recommended, EU regulated brokers. Topoption is one of our top recommended brokers.

  36. Victor Theriault says:

    All I have to say is : you have saved me from wasting my money and I am so thankful I got your : watch Dog at the right time….!
    Thanks again for the tremendous job you are doing….!

  37. "john" says:

    Watch dog:
    Here are two SCAMS>
    when you click to leave a dialogue box
    appears saying “do not leave yet” which
    proves it is a scam (check them out!)

  38. Anastasijs Gabranovs says:

    If you make new list of Scam brokers include maxoptions

  39. Victor Theriault says:

    This the best website on the net,the only place some of us can be protected.

    Good job Watch Dog….!!!

  40. Charles A says:

    Thank You for the follow up and warning on “Proven Profits”
    I will NOT be sending them any money and have unsubscribed from the emial list that they found me from.

    Thank You,
    Charles A

  41. JOHN says:

    WATCHDOG you are a gift!
    please never stop
    I don’t even consider any new system until you look at it
    more often then not it’s a scam
    I can’t thank you enough for this free service!
    Don’t know how much you have saved me but it’s alot
    your friend JOHN

  42. Mark S says:

    Hi Watchdog,

    I’m very new to this Binary options so new i really i know nothing about it.
    Yesterday i came across 2 sites claiming how easy it is to make 1000’s p/day etc etc.
    Normally I’m not stupid enough to even read or listen but was bored and looked at both Millionaires Blueprint and Peak Profits Formula so i actually registered with both but only opened a trading account with Peak Profits Formula (Both of which now I’m sure are probably scams) 🙁
    Anyway i was called Only 15 minutes later by Binary Options to make a deposit which i did. This man also gave me the name of the adviser / broker who would be contacting me to assist me. (which he did) we made an appointment for a time this morning but since rearranged for tomorrow as wanted to read your reviews here etc.

    I have not done anything yet since a friend advised me to check out your site.
    Any advice or your opinion please would be appreciateI must say you have a great site here THANK YOU, i just wish i’d seen it yesterday.


    Mark S

  43. margaret gregory says:

    this website is wrong i borrowed 250.00 and got in on this 6-8 weeks ago.i receive emails from cashcode stating i have $21,000.00 in trading account and i have tried and tried to withdraw some money for bills and they lie to me i havent got my 250.00 back or anything back thank-you

  44. margaret gregory says:


  45. Lanny B says:

    Once again I am filing a complaint with you against Options Mogul. I requested a withdrawal to close my account FOUR MONTHS ago. They ignore my request, don’t answer their phone and only send emails to say “it takes time” I still don’t have my money. Now they have me blocked from accessing my account, saying I have the wrong login and password!
    This broker, Options Mogul, is the worst of the worst. They deserve to be blacklisted.
    Everyone beware of Options Mogul. Don’t sign up with them. You will never see your money again!

  46. Ron Proffit says:

    I’m so glad I found this site before doing something very stupid; like loosing a lot of MONEY.

    I will list some “binary brokers” I have been communicating with.
    I HAVE NOT opened a account with any as yet.
    #1. Guaranteed
    #2. Better Value Rides
    #4. Atlas Intelligence located in UK
    #5. Arons Auto Profit Suites
    #6. Proven Profits

  47. dan says:

    NRG binary got $12000 pulled the website and my account with the money ,Scam Crocks..

  48. Richard says:

    Hi has anyone used, AutoBinarySignals? After I got Conned by Binary Boom. I am a bit more scared to part with money again.

  49. Siphiwe says:

    Hi Scam watchdog, I would just like to warn people about Optionrally, do not trust anything they say, I deposited money a while back, and they persuaded to deposit more. Well to cut the long story short I have been trying to withdraw it for the past 4 weeks, three things keep happening; it gets cancelled by the account manager, I go on to live chat, they tell me the account manager will be phoning me or they will escalate to the finance department as they do not know what the hold up is. I am really frustrated now, I wish I had done more research before depositing money. Now I don’t know what to do.

  50. lee says:

    You guys do a really good job..How about maybe getting a facebook page?

  51. NGOTAM says:

    awesome I am grateful! WatchDog

  52. Maverick says:

    Hi, best wishes to all, and a great thank you to Binary Options Watchdog for saving me at the 11th hour! I was checking out various binary option sites, and have managed to avoid losing money to some of them! I intend to go with the TopOption people shortly, after the info reported here. One of the sites I looked at was, just wondered if they were legit, as I was forwarded by Direct-Profits, which is a scam as reported here? Thank you again for being here.

  53. Rom Pareja says:

    I was scammed first the amount of US$ 250 by a guy from NRG Binary Options named Kevin Brandon and secondly by the name Michael Williams for the same amount. I can not contact any of these people but they keep on sending emails but without any reply or respond capability from my end. May this serve as a stern warning for other traders not to deal with these two individuals at any cost…

    • Carolyn says:

      I have also had dealings with Michael Williams and know that they are still operating as Kelly Williams, they are scam.

  54. Holger says:

    Hi, has anybody tried Eurosignal? They promise $100/day with a $500 deposit.

  55. Mogamat says:

    Auto Money Machines (Spencer Goods) were promoted by Rich Janitor Mike, aka Mike Dee.
    He supplies his mobile number for whatsapp messages and if contacted, assures you that site is genuine. Auto Money Machines are linked to No1 Options Trading Platform. The Auto Money Machines start trading immediately once activated and loses more trades than wins. The supposedly 24h support is non-existent. I note from a recent e-mail that Mike Dee is now promoting his own website advertising Binary Options.

  56. Allen says:

    Anyone hear of Protected Profits App? Scam or not?

  57. Allen says:

    A thousand thanks! So thankful for this web site.

  58. alan bond says:

    another one to add to the list COLLECTING PROFITS CONNECTED TO EZTRADER just lost all the trades

  59. Thinh says:

    IS the Auto Profit Signals a scam or not?

  60. Phillip M says:

    Hi!I have been scammed by financika an affiliate at sharptrading Ltd by the manager Amedeo Giacomini and Giovanna Fernandez all of them there are insiders scammers traitors manipulators they’re persuasive and-kills. With there fake platforms I mean you can manually trade with them and still loose those pips from their platform on closed positions simple there are not vanish in tin air they open/close positions what’s next that they do-is to tell you to Fund your account for the margin so that you can cash up big money on for the next trades that is you won’t cash it in you bank account until you see 0.00 balance and they come back blaming you for looses that you should be a man you can do it after all those promises- STAY-AWAY-FAR FAR-AWAY from them. We know trading is risky, but managable they can’t manage that you profit from this business only to feed their POTS. If can I put a claim on these people ? How dere they get away with these! Please HELP!

  61. Nadine Thompson says:

    Can anybody tell me if this person is legit or is he a good person with all these promotions.

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Nadine, Did you mean Roy Tribble from ScamWatchDog? We disagree on some things but he is a good guy, one of the few to actually give back money to charities and to his own followers, such as what Michael Freeman has been doing for years. Roy and our team can both agree, based on a lot of feedback, that the GD software is profitable after getting more than enough feedback – GD Software Review. In general we don’t like to criticise people who do good things in this industry, there are plenty of bad guys out there to focus on! Please visit our blacklist for information on some of the products we found to be scams, you will find that both Roy and us have saved many people from different scams that are a plague in this industry.

  62. Nadine Thompson says:

    I appreciate your sincerity and objectivity. Thank you for protecting many traders from potential scams!

  63. Chan says:

    can i know is onetwotrade safe to give then doc to verify. Thanks

  64. Anastasijs Gabranovs says:

    Hello again!

    Some small owerview about my fight against maxoptions!

    So, I FINALLY GOT MY DEPOSIT MONEY BACK! 🙂 …but it was after opening Credit card disput in my CC company, from them I recive answer: “The only way we would be able to proceed with your dispute would be if you are able to provide a refund voucher or advice from the merchant that confirms the actual amount to be refunded, the date the refund was processed and the last four digits of the card number the refund was made to. If you are unable to get a response from the merchant with this information then we have to close your dispute on our end.” – not promising, isn’t it? Of course if we takes into account that the service provider is SCAM they will never provide with asked information! 🙂
    As I faund out that there is nothing to do with bank ( I tried really hard to convince help me, without result) next step was (I’m living in UK) Financial Ombudsman and last one – Action Fraud – after i informed maxoptions com about case in Action Fraud I got my money back in two days! …but still I think they are Scaming… so – avoid using maxoptions service and check Binaryoptionswatchdog trusted broker list!
    It is not 100% that you will get your money back but if you are victime of fraud you at least will do something against SCAM companies and make a bit cleaner environment for young Binary and Forex traders!

  65. "john" says:

    Watch dog:
    check these out I believe to be SCAMS>


    Help me determine if the and cherry is scam? And also i need review of hope to hear from you soon,
    James Osas

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Asemota, CherryTrade was a legitimate broker, unfortunately they are no longer available.
      As for the Binaryoptionrobot we’re getting mixed feedback, it’s not a scam but probably not the best service around. Don’t expect a very high performance!

  67. tinker says:

    Hi Watchdog, do you know anything about World Wide Options? I have deposited £5k with them then I find their website was only set up a couple of months ago and registered to a semi in Southend on sea.
    Sounds suspicious

  68. Allen says:

    Should I assume the “Push Button Salary” software is a scam? “Guaranteed” to make a million dollars in 27 days…..really?

  69. Sarah says:

    Don’t sign-up with the Spider Profit they stole all my money!!! Sarah

  70. Manuel Solar says:

    milliondollarduplicator Who knows about this site?

  71. "john" says:

    Watch dog;
    Another SCAM for you to check out>

  72. etienne mosterty says:

    they scammed me out of $250us together with 50k mission

    please can u help??

    and 50kmission is still at it!!
    they do not want to leave me alone!
    i have threatened them but they still harrass me!

  73. Dave says:

    The Bonus Busters – another one to check out. This one looks scammy with a number of the typical earmarks of a scam. Thanks!

  74. Christolien Olivier says:

    Can anybody tell me something about Optionridge?

  75. "john" says:

    Watch dog;
    Heres two more SCAMS you should check out>
    “BLACK BOX MONEY SYSTEM”>Secret of Trading)

  76. Picasso says:

    What about Binary Champ? Has anyone tried it?

  77. José says:

    Who knows about Binary Matrix Pro Signals ? Anyone tried ?

    • WatchDog says:

      We debunked the Binary Matrix software almost two years ago. It’s an old scam, we didn’t know it’s still being promoted. If you search on Google you will find many complaints, including on our site.

  78. malik says:

    sir,tell me global profit app , is scum are sure make some kind profit.
    thanks give me reply and also xl option platform how ?

  79. Ebk says:

    Please what do you make of Stockpair?

  80. "john" says:

    Watch dog;
    is “AUTO MONEY APP” A scam?

  81. eric says:

    Hello watchdog! just want to ask if you have had a review on binary backdoor? is it a scam? thanks


  82. sebastian says:

    hello i deposited with GO options I tried to do my withdrawal more than a month ago but They have many excuses for not returning my money

    they can do so that I can
    withdraw my money

    Thank you for your help

    • WatchDog says:

      As for Binary BackDoor, we didn’t receive any feedback as it’s a new site. It looks very suspicious. As for Goptions Sebastian, they are a complete fraud and the only way to deal with them is by filing a credit card dispute with your CC’s fraud department. You can find them by callinng the number on the back of the credit card you used to deposit money with them. Since they are a confirmed scam and you can find lot’s of evidence all over the internet, chances are that you will win the dispute. It might take a few days or a few weeks but justice is with you!

  83. Derek says:

    I would like to know if Instant Option software is credible software to purchase?

  84. Solos says:

    Is Gold Digger a reliable software?

  85. Leslie says:

    Hi Watchdog, I want to request that traders be very careful of CTOptions. I opened a $250 account and started trading with a money management system. The operator tried using their replicator, which was not satisfactory and requested I change broker to one which had a good replicator. I agreed and placed a withdrawal of funds. I must clarify, I opened my 1st 4 trades with $13,all 4 were itm, with total profit of $41.47. When I placed the withdrawal of funds from CTOption, I had the Account manager call me to say I would be refunded my initial deposit less an administration fee only, because I had traded higher than their stipulated 5%. Apparently they have this legal print somewhere where we are restricted to max 5% trades, not allowed to trade same pair twice etc,etc.
    Now $13 is 5% (rounded up by 50c) of $250, and it is also my understanding that account managers are there to look after their clients, and not keep quiet when they see any transgressions, whether deliberate or accidental, and if they keep quiet and do not communicate same with the client, they are then condoning the trades placed by the client.
    This is outright theft in my book, aad what if I had continued trading and amassed a huge profit and then been told I could not have my funds!!
    This broker should be blacklisted!! I have subsequently been hearing and reading about similar complaints from traders in many broker groups on facebook.
    Please will you investigate these scammers and place them where they belong, on your blacklisted brokers group.
    Many thanks.

  86. Liam says:

    Hi Solo

    I have been using Gold Digger for the last couple of weeks and with a 250 account. The account is now up to 700. The key factor about Gold Digger is its accuracy in Gold and in the end of day trades.

  87. NGO says:

    I invested in $ 80 but I detect a scam I suggest withdraw their money but I do not answer then please help!

  88. R. Cruz says:

    Gold Digger, are they accepting US Traders??


  89. Jess says:

    It’s Jess from Israel, what do you think about the Account Doubling Application?

  90. Caitlin says:

    Do you write a review on Bonus Busters? I would like to know if it’s legit.

  91. WatchDog says:

    Hi R. Cruz, The GD software is available in the United States. Jess, unfortunately most services, including Doubler App, are not available in your country at the moment.

    Caitlin, we did post a review on the Bonus Busters. It’s getting some positive feedback right now even though on first impression, we were not very impressed!

  92. WatchDog says:

    Derek, We are not familiar with the Instant Option Software and didn’t receive any feedback yet.

  93. alan bond says:

    $5K Daily Profit Club any feedback?

  94. Dustin says:

    Warning!!!!!!!! The Auto Wealth Bot is a SCAM, FRAUD, EVIL! I can’t describe my experience in other words. I’ve never been ignored like this in my life by any company I worked with. In one day, ONLY ONE, it took them to get me from $250 to $0. ZEO balance! This is not even a bad service, it’s a complete scam. If the signals were break-even or not so good, I would understand but how can anyone explain 12 losing signals in a row. I should follow the software backwards, but it’s too late now. I am done!!

    • WatchDog says:

      We are aware of this new offer, please send us an email with more details Dustin and we will post a warning very soon.

  95. Arvin says:

    Anyone know if Market Buster (Opteck Trade) and VXMarkets are legit?

  96. Victor Theriault says:

    Could you help what is “Traffic Authority” scam or no scam….?
    Thanks you

  97. Richard says:

    Hi Arvin, I know Opteck are regulated, But I do not know about the other two.

  98. Laurie says:

    Have any of you heard of Binary Profit System? Same kind of deal??


  99. Anthony says:

    Good Day, Is Insider options a scam?

  100. Elwood says:

    Hi WatchDog,Is Millionaire Blueprint or Free Money System a SCAM?

  101. Philip Kirkpatrick says:

    Thanks again watchdog. Latest e-mail 26-10-15 ,, same man same sales etc. Two other scams that i’m having to get bank to try and reclaim my deposit – Base2trade and Bank invest Capital. Warn others please

  102. robert sellers says:

    Have you evaluated the xtp app as to whether it is a scam.

  103. Earl Seets says:

    does anyone have information on Binary Book , are they trustworthy ?

  104. Philip Kirkpatrick says:

    Anyone heard of the latest e-mail to hit my inbox – LIFESTYLE PAYMENTS usual free access etc and get $18000/day. Of course limited numbers available

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Philip, We didn’t find a need to blacklist LifeSytle Payments as they were already exposed on several blogs that we consider reliable or at least semi-reliable. This is not an offer you want to trust, $18,000/day is more than any software will ever generate for you and even the best ones in the market.

  105. Curtis says:

    Warn everyone about this new software Real Profits, they stole all my money a few hours after I registered! Please report them and expose them. Revenge for me please and you will be my hero!

  106. noh says:

    Is the Emirati wealth club is the scam too? anybody have the idea?

  107. Anthony says:

    is binaryoptionrobot a scam

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Anthony, BinaryoptionsRobot is a scam! We just got feedback from 4 individuals, this service will soon be exposed on YouTube, then we will write an article with all the evidence we gathered. They are well protected by a few blogs they pay to keep their reputation hidden on Google. Stay Tuned!

  108. sunny says:

    I am new to binary option and i have invested on a broker and traded by myself and lost all my money , i want to trade again with signals and i want you to recommed a good broker for me that people have no problem funding and withdrawing and a good auto signal provider.

    Do you think is good to use golddigger ?

  109. WatchDog says:

    Please read our new review exposing the Millionaire Shield scam, it’s going really viral right now! They make it look really convincing but we completely exposed their lies.

  110. TOM says:

    watch dog please look out for Whale options, they are scammers. They scammed me

  111. Jim Cashatt says:

    Not sure if this is a scam but I would like it if you guys could check it out for me. Options rider. Thanks!!

  112. Lindiwe says:

    Got scammed by Option Xo, tried to ask for a refund, never got it. All my money gone.

  113. Russell says:

    Hi is coffeecash cheat and pro robot a scam

  114. John says:

    Any opinions on Ultimate4trading?

  115. Sirmul says:

    Anybody heard of Are they a genuine signal provider?

  116. Alec says:

    Check out the latest binary bot scammers. Just viewed the Mockingbird Method!!Another Adam Weiss production appearing as a Stephen Wilson from Berkshire together with someone called Daniel Marland. Quite a desperate sales pitch promising 1000.00 in 7 minutes then the skies the limit!! Fails also to say which broker you have to use.

    Just a thought, why not arrange your list of comments so that the latest received shows up first. I’m sure readers don’t want to scroll right to the end and that is where up to date information is found. Regards, Alec.

    PS. Give Mockingbird a wide miss.

  117. LORDBRYAN says:

    hey watch dog i am on 19 years old and i aspire to be a great entrepreneur , i passed up on college so i can go to work and save up for investment .. i am looking into trading but i just dont know where to begin or who to trust and advice you can give me on how to get the ball rolling my goal is to quit my job with a years time i know its possible … any advice from anyone will be greatly appreciated

  118. g says:

    how about coffee cash cheat?

  119. Oscar says:

    Warning please stay away from this Crazy ATM software, they almost got me and wanted to trap me with a bonus!!!

  120. Rachel says:

    Did you already write a post on the MockingBird system? I want to get a 2nd opinion.

  121. Ravji Gohel says:

    Thanks a lot,you saved lots of people’s hard earned money. i realised that your info is genuine. keep it up.

  122. Pinky says:

    Hello, I need to know about the Mllion Dollar pips robot before I purchase it because i’m 95% tempted..

  123. Jay says:

    Has anyone tried passive profits by Cameron James?

  124. Francisco says:

    The Real Dream Maker
    El fabricante de Sueño Real
    Es verdadero o un fraude?

  125. Barry Palin says:

    Don’t join Dollars All Day!! They stole $1000 from my credit card! I didn’t even authorize a payment with them. Crooks!

    • John Taberner says:

      Contact your credit card company and inform them of the situation. If it has been within the last 3-6 months they will cause a charge back to your card and blacklist the business claiming the 1000

  126. Betto says:

    Hi. yes, I have received many invites to this software too. I saw that it is a scam.

  127. Betto says:

    Watch Dog, would you tell me? what is the better Virt Next? Gold Digger? Google Trade? or Professor George?

  128. Syed says:

    Out of the choices from my experience virtNext is the only one I trade with and the performance is very high but not many signals on full auto pilot daily.

  129. smillagreen says:

    what about istantwealth? any info?

  130. Neil says:

    500OPTION is a scam!!!! DO NOT INVEST TO THIS CRAP!!!!

  131. Juliano says:

    Binary-Option-Robot needs to burn in hell! I lost all my money with this CR*P!

  132. Joel Dominguez says:

    Hi i would like to knownif virtnext is a scam please they look good but i dont know please……. Thanks

  133. Claus Jensen says:

    Can you tell me if the recently released (Oct. 2015) Danish autotrader ‘profitsamler’ is a scam? In the video ad a ‘single mother’ claims to have a success rate of 80-85% with the system. In my case I tried it for 2 weeks with a success rate of about 40%. Guess where my money (500€) went?!

    At least the broker they use – EZtrader – is a decent one

    • WatchDog says:

      Dear Claus, EZTrader is not a broker we trust. As for the ITM, 40% is far from 80%+… It’s definitely misleading as good traders and services shouldn’t advertise such high performace if they can’t generate something close to it for members. In order to profit from binary options you must get at least 65% in most cases, depending on the payout per each asset, and if the service gets you less than 60% ITM, it’s a losing service. After 20-30 signals you can reach a solid conclusion, but if you get a few losing trades in a row, you should discontinue without waiting for a minimum of 20+ trades.

  134. Philip Kirkpatrick says:

    Another black friday freebie? MoneyMakerBot in my e=mail today. Setup seems same as other scams – millionaire in 4 months. Anyone else heard of this tet?

  135. Chan says:

    I so wish I had found this website before I signed up with cedar finance this past summer! They disappeared from the Internet and would not answer any phone calls before I could get what was left in my account! I’ve been thinking of trying another and have received a few emails but I would like to know others opinions before I potentially get scammed again! I cannot find these 2 programs listed on your website! One is called Virtnext and the other one is insiderscircle… Any info on helping me will be greatly appreciated!!! I surely hope this website saves others from finding out what it’s like to be scammed! thanks again for this website!

  136. Allan Lomax says:

    Hi,Just watched a video all about the fantastic new “Spectre System”. Do you have an opinion about it? They are claiming a profit of $15000+ per week on less trades.Sounds too good to be true. But thought I’d ask your thoughts.

  137. Houston says:

    Hello buddies, is a scam broker. They manipulate the trading platform, so you will never win no matter how good a trader you are.

  138. Nigel Prinsloo says:

    DO NOT invest at MarketsRally

  139. Ashis Chatterjee says:

    I don’t know if optionbanque… a ffake / scam site or not. If anyone knows or has had any experience, kindly post here.

  140. Ajay says:

    I lost $500 with Profits Now!! I wish I found you before.. I’ll follow your recommendaton to file a dispute. I really think they scammed me, they blocked my account also and not responding anymore. A reliable company would never vanish like this!

  141. hbcrunch1 says:

    Do you know anything about the 30-day-change opportunity?

  142. Alysha767 says:

    Hello could someone please tell me if author house is something to trust?

  143. JRamsey says:

    Is “Greg Inside Method” a scam?

  144. Jim Cashatt says:

    I recently had some dealings with Oilincomes and I am here to tell you that this is a scam!!!!

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Jim is this website binary options related? If so we will be glad to post a warning. If you have some additional information please email us.

  145. magaret57 says:

    Watch Dog, I would like you to know that OptionsXO is also a scam. They took my money and now they do not exist. At the time they were not on the block list. It would be so appreciated if you could find them so I could get my money back. Thanks Margaret Gough

  146. Reijo Rasijarvi says:

    marvinsecrets: Is this real business ?

  147. Wayne Curate says:

    Watchdog, Any review on Stock Market Blast? I saw a few blogs are claiming it’s a good service.

  148. Jonathan Lane says:

    I’ve had Binary Defender for over 2 months now & after reading your review I KNEW something was off I just couldn’t place my finger on it. I noticed that when I would go on Metatrader4 and have the defender on I would not get ANY signals at all. I would e-mail John Kane and he would not answer the question that I would ask. I e-mailed a few times and the same thing. Not answering the questions that I asked. I would leave it on all day and not 1 signal would come through. $152.00 down the drain. I even e-mailed Binary Defender themselves and all I got was there was plenty of signals and if I needed more to turn off the filter. I thought that it was a bad thing to turn off the filters. (SHM)

  149. Jim Cashatt says:

    Watchdog: Titan Trade is definitely a scam!!! check them out.

  150. Jim Cashatt says:

    Watchdog: Also check out Forex Paradise I believe this one is legit!

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Jim, We exposed TitanTrade a few months ago in a review that went pretty viral. Many traders reported losses! As for Forex Paradise, we will need to look into it, based on a quick research it seems like a relatively new site.

  151. Christolien Olivier says:

    Can you direc me to the detail of Titan trade scam.

  152. Margaret says:

    Please Watch Dog, a company harassed me so much. They had all you advised like a trial sign up, I had to follow compliance protocol to ensure in Europe that ensures these are legal companies and not fraudulent company’s to provide money for terrorism or or auto theft. But OptionsXO took my money and disappeared. I feel so stupid. I need help. Last company I withdrew from used most of my money to withdraw. Nothing went back to my credit card. Please, please can you help me. Thanks so much, I feel better know WatchDog is here.
    Margaret Gough

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Margaret, Please email us and we will do our best to help you get back your money, we help our visitors at no cost. You can also start by threatening to file a credit card dispute, it may help you get more cooperation before you take any further steps.

  153. Aurelio says:

    Hi Watchdog. Do you know somethig about “Sarah’s Confession” Software?

  154. Lori Mattson says:

    Alot of the problem is they lye so bad and make it sound so good. Like your going to make 5k a day. Things that lure you in but when it comes to collecting the money then it’s always a problem. You usually can’t get into the website they send

  155. Carl says:

    Options Mogul is a scam..They would not return my balance..

  156. Chris Howard says:

    Hi Guys can anyone spread some light on The Torah Code there seem to be so many sites in favour of this but im not sure if they are on commission for this or wether the Torah Code is really as good as they say, I cant find any comments from Binary Options Watchdog about this so called project am I safe or do you think it is just another scam

  157. Ben Ben says:

    I find my broker to be honest I have no problems withdrawing and make a consistent profit

  158. david says: (not .com)
    Anyone had any experience with these guys, particularly Chris Marlen (not his real name) I have his details if nyone is interested.

  159. Christof says:

    Good day

    I will make a long story short. Invested in UBINARY. I can’t withdraw money from them. If I want to they keep calling and say I should invest more. One broker arranged that I could withdraw, but it didn’t work out, I never received the money. After that, the same thing appears when I want to withdraw: You are not able to withdraw contact a manager , or something similar to that. I can’t say that they stole my money or worked irresponsibly with the money because all the money is still there, I just can’t get it. I opened a fraud case against them with the fraud police in London, UK. I won’t advise you to use them for any trading.

  160. James says:

    is fast cash biz a scam too?

  161. KingLeo says:

    I just signed up, I’ll update my comment once I confirm if it’s legit.

  162. Angelica says:

    Please try to check the company name 72option because it mislead me and just lost my $3k just from 21 December 2015.

  163. Angelica says:

    Check out Jayson Taylor of Britmethod and Jake Pertu of Ausimethod they both share the same photo but different name only. Also check out 72option is also a SCAM! Their Videos looks very promissing saying they will give you back £10,000 if you dont make money in less than 1 month but whenever i reply their email i never get any response regarding the money back guarantee blah blah they said. Thanks.

    • WatchDog says:

      Thank you Angelica, We exposed all the scams in detailed reviews besides 72option, we don’t have enough information on this broker. If possible, please do send us additional details please.

  164. Andreas Kuehn says:

    any information about “2016method”?

  165. Marcelo Ruales says:

    Hi Watch Dog, I would like to ask you some information about MEDALLION APP. Trading system, by James Simons.

  166. peter griffiths says:

    the brit method is as i have found out a scam, £250.00. lighter

  167. Brian H says:

    Hi Watchdog, Could you please check out, i am sure it’s a scam.
    Also the website VXMarkets.

  168. Darron Jones says:

    Profit maximizer definately a scam! binary option robot only doing 50% hell, I can do that!

  169. Steven says:

    Virtnext is not bad. I’ve been testing it for 2 weeks and the results over 78% ITM!

  170. wilfred says:

    am asking about Alvexo Sirix Trader any information about them thx.

  171. Sammy says:

    Does anyone know anything about Centument LTD? I got a few recommendations to join and wondering if it’s real.

  172. wilfred says:

    any information about Alvexo Sirix Trader yet,i would like to join it if you give me a go ahead.thx

  173. Dan says:

    Hi…. Is Gold Digger real or a scam?

  174. Mike says:

    Do you have any info on 98% Sucess Binary Trading app?

    Please advise or check it out



  175. Grace says:

    Is a scam?

  176. Kelvin says:

    I would like to give everyone a heads up on Titan Trade. They are the biggest and manipulative scammers on the face of the planet. I lost nearly 7k euro and I filed a dispute with my bank and got all my money back. Even after they lost all my money I was still getting calls/emails from a different scammer encouraging me to continue investing and losing money. They will sucker you into investing your life and then say that they lost all your money on bad trade signals and leave you with the debt. Stay away from those people.

  177. Justin Turner says:

    Can you check out if Zebron investments is a scam? I just can’t tell. About to invest $2k and want to make sure it’s legit.

  178. wei says:

    can you check steal my system if it is a scam or not?

  179. john como says:

    So virtnext not a scam

    • WatchDog says:

      No John, Virtnext is actually the top performing industry site when it comes to auto-trading. All authority blogs and forums seem to agree after getting a lot of great feedback. We’ve been testing the software for months so we have no doubt that it’s not a scam.

  180. DocWhite says:

    What is the truth about Zulander Hack? Does it really do what they say?
    Here is what they say. proven to turn $250 into $11,321 in just a DAY… Does it really do this or is this just talk?

  181. john como says:

    Is major league trader a scam

  182. john como says:

    Is magnetic profit a scam

  183. king says:

    QBITS MEGAPROFIT System Jeremy Hart is a SCAM… Don’t join

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi King, We posted a warning regarding Qbits, hopefully people will see it in time. The key is always to do some research before you join any service.

  184. Jean Pierre says:

    Hi Watchdog, Thank you for all these warnings. What do you say about Trade Fusion which proposes a full auto trader and a semi auto trader feature. It’s synced with Citrades. Is Keith from TrendXpert right about this system?

  185. caris says:

    hi watchdog,is market buster a scam

    • WatchDog says:

      Do you have a domain for us Caris? We’ll investigate this website but we’re not familiar with it. After we’re done reviewing it we can send you an email with a conclusion or update a new article on the site if it’s a viral offer.

  186. A.Fares says:

    Also another scam binary option company is nrjbinary can u offer hep to raise adispute aganist them

  187. cj says:

    is this a scam binary bank breaker

  188. john says:

    Thankyou for this site, I was in the process of signing up for britmethod. I was in the middle of filling in the registration form and got a phone call from an asian sounding lady asking me to open an account ! That is some seriously aggressive software they have there. Alarm bells rang ! Just in the process of signing up with topoption now.

  189. Ray Joseph says:

    I lost $2,000 with Tradefusion, the brokers doesn’t answer the emails and I was blocked from my account after complaining. This is a filthy scam and I will dispute the losses with my credit card company. I am not letting them get away!

  190. Andrew says:

    hi watch dog, please let me know if fast cash biz is a scam

  191. says:

    Is Amissio Formula for real?

  192. Raul says:


    Please review this new software which is different to what we have seen lately online
    and let us know what do you think. myfirstonlinepayday

  193. irobinsonji says:

    Binary Option robot con dont trade it

  194. lotuscat says:

    What about
    Is this the newest Scam?

    • WatchDog says:

      We are going to investigate the Pearson Profits site tomorrow but it definitely appears to be a scam. We also just posted a warning concerning the TrianaSoft aka Triana Software, it’s a pure fraud!

  195. liz says:

    hi watchdog

    please kindly send me advice…I just got myself unexpected registered so quickly to chinamillionaire and I find out this website is scam but I haven’t activate my acct. now I am getting call everynight from Toronto Canada I don’t know what to do to stop this people calling me..


  196. charles says:

    is Iq options ok and markets world

  197. john como says:

    What about 2020 binary a scam

  198. Biz Mark says:

    Has anyone heard of this company.. 365binaryconsultant 97.8% of being right…is what they claim on the website

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Biz, how did you find out about them? We can already see that it’s a scam, we might need to warn traders to avoid it.

  199. Biz Mark says:

    A dude on the forums named Keith Jones referred me to that company. It looks like it’s more of a software platform to use to trade with. I don’t have any experience with them

  200. Gary Tolhopf says:

    Here’s another one I received via sms spam. Sydneysystem
    I haven’t gone thru the sign up process but it has all the hallmarks of being yet another SCAM

  201. WatchDog says:

    Sydney System aka Aussie Method is definitely a scam, we just posted a warning!

  202. Thomas says:

    Hi. Is the Amisio Formula a scam?

  203. Mike says:

    Hi watchdog I’m in Canada I made a small deposit into porter finance are they trustworthyas I did not see them on your scam list thanks

  204. Andreas Kuehn says:

    Do you have any infos about “Auto Trader Alpha”? Thanks!

  205. EstarM says:

    I am very greatful to the Binary Options Watch dog, please continue to keep us posted.

  206. Lewis Hatcher says:

    Trianasoft soft keep emailing me, even though I selected for the emails not to be sent. Desperate house wives I think!

  207. Hamilton says:

    10daysocialprofits – is Scam ?

  208. Irena says:

    Hi Watch Dog,

    thousaddollardays is a SCAM.

    The review:

  209. Schellie says:

    Thank you Watch Dog you just saved me a lot of money and heart ache thanks again

  210. kumar says:

    Please help me to retrieve the deposit amount from option500. They are scammers.
    I made cysec complaint , but no use

    • Gaurav Kumar says:

      Cysec won’t help as they are not regulated! Try a credit card charge back!

      • Raulin says:


        Don’t waste your money in binary options. I lost a lot of money because of so many scams.
        Getting into crypto currencies. The future of money. BITCOIN , invest in bitcoin and you will see your account growing.

  211. Lani says:

    Anyone heard about Interactive Trader?

  212. Penny says:

    This is such a long list. Is it possible to alphabetize the list so its easier to read?

  213. Victoire says:

    Why the law not put these crooks to jail, or is it legal to steal anyone you feel like it…
    I don’t understand , if I would steal anyone the law would put me away….?

    Can some one answer this question…..?? why is the unlawful people can get away
    with all these unlawful systems….?

  214. BP says:

    hi, do you know info on a new bo called ? it suppose to be for americans only.

    • WatchDog says:

      It’s a scam BP, and if you surf this website from any other country, it will show you a different flag and “available only in XY country”.. It’s not the only reason why it’s a fake site which is why we plan to post an update today.

      It’s going really viral and many email marketers are spamming users with invitations right now, do not signup with the bogus glitch!

  215. Norman Peter Hibbert says:

    HI People! Look out everyone! AMISSIO FORMULA are now pushing GPS TRADER! AMISSIO is a proven scam, do not expect anything better from GPS TRADER. Classic scam spiel—millionaire in weeks etc., you have been warned!

    • WatchDog says:

      Thank you Norman. Also, Avoid The Money Glitch everyone!! It’s going really viral and it’s a complete fraud! Read our full review, we got all the evidence you need.

  216. Manie Harmse says:

    Just a heads up. Copy the Pro are now sending text messages trying to scam people. Be safe out there

  217. says:

    Lanai I have heard about them. So far I have not found anything wrong.

  218. Randy McIsaac says:

    Here’s a new one that I got in my inbox this morning. GPS Trader. Guaranteed
    $20,000. a day. CEO is Richard Heffner. All the earmarks of a scam.

  219. Norman Peter Hibbert says:

    scam just in,promise not to laugh?


  220. Norman Peter Hibbert says:


    Easy Cash Trick
    RE: Account Number 7685766464

    This is to remind you of a payment from Quick Cash System
    through Western Union Speedpay on [[date]].

    Details regarding the transaction appear below:

    Payment Date: [[date]]
    Payment Amount: $4353.25
    Fee Amount: $3.25
    Card Number: ***********0000

    >> Please Claim Your Money Here << ( Hedge formula group )

    You haven't been charged anything.. Someone has just sent
    you money!

  221. david igobwa says:

    Thanks for informative service. I have found myself I trouble with B4OPTION. Does anyone know anything about this trading platform, withdrawal procedure, communication etc. Everything has gone dump after I made my first deposit. When I realised that there was trouble I decided to withdraw money and it was put on a pending situation. However to my surprise it continued to trade. I could not reach anyone for help. Is someone out there who can help.

  222. mrshane says:

    I have been getting emails from something called… “Ice9″….Know anything about this one?

    • WatchDog says:

      It’s a scam Mr Shane, we plan to expose it in details by tomorrow. You can already find several negative reviews pointing to the same conclusion. If you received spam about this, you should unsubscribe because these people are going to send you invitations every day or two until you deposit money.

  223. robert sellers says:

    Have you heard of the asure method is it a scam?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Robert, It really looks suspicious and we’re going to look into it today. Thank you for alerting us.

  224. Lois aring says:

    To Roel Alders
    We were scammed by LBinary for close to $100,000 in 2014. We complained to Watchdog several times, the FBI, the FTC,and others. nothing was ever done.

    • WatchDog says:

      We tried to do everything we could on our side. We cooperated with anyone who reached out but so far the FBI has been ignoring the complaints.

  225. pam says:

    I too was also scammed pushmoneyapp sure sounds good. Only lost 250.00 I can give you any info you want names/address/telephone-stop do not listen to them they are to call me back because I didn’t have $5,000.00 deposit. so glad I visited your sight.

  226. rosben acosta says: is also a scam!!

  227. Pam stiles says:

    I was ripped off for $250.00 so I am posting this please stay away from —Pushmoneyapp-no one calls you back and I have been waiting over a month to talk with someone and he called on June 1st and told me about program-showed me a simulation of buying binary stock options-money you can make and wanted to know how much money I wanted to use-told me $5,000.00 and I told him not right now and he is to get back to me with some other options. He also mentioned getting a line of credit and I told him-no I couldn’t. they make it sound real good and video is awesome so people are happy and making money. But beware.

  228. Tom Smith says:

    OptionRobot.Com is a scam. Veryclever but a scam no less. If you find yourself being redirected to a web page called OptionRobot.Com from a legitimate site do not put any money into a real account. And do not use their demo unless you want to see a scam in operation before your very eyes.

  229. Raul says:

    Hi it is a BIG SCAM

    I didn’t see this information before regarding optionrobot .com. I started my account with $250 and it went down to $30.00.
    How I can recuperate my money>

    Thank you

  230. Percy Feketey says:

    You should have used a Regulated Broker, you have almost certainly lost your money!

  231. Iyke Unams says:

    Pls check out this apparently new broker:

  232. CRAIG HOLYMAN says:

    Thank You. A great website and you n my bank saved me from Myfirstpaydayonline this morning. My banked blocked it (TG!) and you and your honest website confirmed I was on the road to ruin n scam. Thanks again I’m going ti to the warren buffet software
    u so highly recommend. Peace love n mung beans people!

  233. syl says:

    how about binary brain trust?

  234. Nceba says: is also a scam, invested $250 with a promise of 83% winning rate on average. Lost $50 and got a wake up call and stopped before spending it all. Stay away as they will milk your money with no remorse.

  235. Juan says:

    These three ARE SCAMS>
    Watch dog>
    Check them out!!

  236. juan says:

    watchdog check this one out a SCAM?>

  237. Joe Willie Sims says:

    These people are nothing but criminals. I lost $20K because I was stupid enough to trust one of their “Account Managers”. All I want is to get all or at least part of my money back. I have never felt so humiliated in my life. These scumbags should be in prison instead of stealing people’s money and getting away with it!!!

  238. buks says:

    Please i’d like to know if this Qbits is a scam.

    Thanks a lot

  239. lost6950 says:

    I also have been scammed out of £6950 pounds by believing the account manager of OneTwoTrade.
    Thorougjhly agree that people like these ought to be shut in prison for life. I read everything i could about them before investing, but nothing turned up against them at he time. Only wish i had found this media first maybe then i might have saved my hard earnd cash. Then after investing £6950 my bank’s credit card facility told me they would not honour and further tranactions to this company. But by that time it was too late

  240. Mark Carson says:

    I invested 15k australian over a few moths and watched it get lost with the broker loosing 6k or more a day on 24hour options and wiped out all the money and at one point deducted more money from my credit card, he used mmy winnings to bet on options without speaking to mew either so When I thought I had made some money and wanted to withdraw it, he had tied it up on long term options which proceeded to be lost, I cancelled my credit card
    The company was Ubinary .com

  241. Juan says:

    “BLACK SWAN APP” Watchdog i reckon this is a SCAM!!
    Check it out!

  242. Ann Marie says:

    One i just recieved in my email today doesnt seem to be on this list im unsure but looks sketchy to me it is compoundtrader id love if u can check this out

  243. juan says:

    Watchdog; I believe “COBALT CODE” to be a SCAM! Check it out!!

  244. Chee Phang Chan says:

    Hello watchdog, although you are doing a great job, but ever so slowly, heard of maximus aka maximus capital, by now this is still quite new , if you find that this is also a scam, then stop it before it goes viral. Also I would like you to look into FC biz you said it went viral now, be careful, here comes fast cash club is this their new ploy or are they related like cousins hot on the heels of fast cash biz. I sometimes wonder if you have not make any initial deposits, how is it possible that you can already earn commissions !!! These people are great arent’ they giving out money in so many ways. out of the blue, they would sent an email that say that they have funded and activated your account, OMG Go try and collect it, only to be disappointed , there you will see only a sales video, you never get to see any money, that is for sure ! These people are not stupid, they think we are stupid and jump into their site, I mean their net and lose all your money.Dear traders, Look before you tread, use your common sense please, before you use your dollars !!!

  245. trevor says:

    UBOL Capital is also a scam. Suck you in with the promise of a fully managed account then tell you that they have an agreement with Mastercard where you can trade using credit. UBO capital broker then advises you that they will release x amount to you each month to pay the credit card back but you never see any money again
    When I tried to withdraw my money because they didn’t live up tot heir promise they locked my funds away in a long term trade which I did not approve and now wont release my funds.
    I spoke to their manager Dave who advised that my funds would be released with in 48 hours but now that’s 3 months ago and still they have not complied.
    I have since found numerous others who have been scammed the same way. Avoid their Brokers Samanath Novac, the supposed Account manager Jack Fisher and their Manager Dave. Just avoid this company all together. As for Samantha as a Broker, I won more trades than she did.. Really back business ethics and a total scam to be avoided

    I don’t understand why we cant just social Media them or hacktivist them out of existence. They are fraudulent thieves anyway conducting illegal activities anyway aren’t they?


  246. winston says:

    Hi all
    I can not understand why you guys keep on trying to join Binary Brokers, you can never trust any of them, once your money is in their hands you can kiss it goodbye, you dare not give your money to a faceless person,EVER, after 3 months it will be to late to claim yur money back from your credit card company, Do not FUND the binary account before checking with watchdog or scam reviews sites on youtube please, I myself have lost a lot of money through option broker John Loris of Big Option, BE CAREFULL guys
    Be Good

  247. NICHOLAS says:

    What about CAMBRIDGE METHOD SOFTWARE need review. Please

  248. juan says:

    i suspect “ON LINE WEALTH MARKETS” to be a scam!
    Check it out!!

  249. Kathleen Roulston says:

    U BinaryUno I believe is a scam. They entice newbies in through a video advertising a software called Zulander Hack. The applicant then ends up on the end of the phone talking to a so called senior financial advisor from Binary Uno. Once youve signed up they never leave you alone, phone call after phone call, emails etc. Very persuavise fast talking you into parting with your money.

  250. juan says:

    i suspect these two>”MOBILE BINARY CODE (MBC CAPITAL) &
    The one above is either a broker or a binary bot. Check them out!

  251. James says:

    UBOCapital are scammers… broker was Michael Gibson probably not real name. If you deposit money with these guys you will not see it again.

  252. Irene Behm says:

    Could you tell is MPProfessor scam?

  253. Shriraj Rao says:

    Could you please tell me something about iFOREX online trading , is that a genuine …

  254. Jeff says:

    Has anyone heard of the John Lucrosa Trading System and is it a SCAM?


  255. juan says:

    here are two more “ONE CLICK PROFITS(this one has it’s domain up for sale”??
    “LUCROSA” that i think are scams, check them out!!

  256. WatchDog says:

    Unfortunately Lucrosa is another scam. Fancy private jet, but we gathered some facts that are undeniable as for the true nature of the offer:

  257. juan says:

    here’s another that might be a scam “CENTUMENT” (auto bot> 12,000 per day?)BS!!

  258. juan says:

    here’s another which i think is a scam> “50KAWEEK.BIZ”

  259. Thomas Golson says:

    A new system that is just hitting market name – Prizm by Richard Squire that has a key code link to any broker in a multiple broker account and operation. All sound good and let you know the facts that it’s not a rich quick scheme Binary Option scam…Please check out this one for all to see..

    Thomas Golson

  260. Mangesh says:

    Great Work dear WatchDog…Really a great work!!!

  261. Thomas Golson says:

    Here are two news Binary option viral sent to me on my phone, most likely they scams software: Trader and Gemini website…

  262. Jason says:

    Anyone heard of Allied Master Trade? I believe its a scam.

  263. Nhlanhla Xala says:

    Have you investigated Instant Cash Club? If so, what did you gather?

    • WatchDog says:

      Dear Nhlanhla, We plan to expose Instant Cash Club within a few hours after gathering some complaints. We also have solid evidence that you should look into. Please stay tuned for the review and avoid making a decision for now if you have plans to register.

  264. Donna Miller says:

    Hi I lost 200K under a broker from FM trader. I had never trades before and thought what he was doing was right – 60 second trades are never alright especially using all the money in the account. For 4 months we were winning 10K per day but 1 night when we got to 227K it all went in 3 mins. Absolutely heartbroken I trusted this person. I am suing the broker and the company for negligence among other things. Please people stay away from FM trader and a broker named Thomas Samuel.
    Hope this helps someone.
    Cheers Donna

  265. juan says:

    I believe “PUSH MONEY APP” is a scam!
    check it out!!

  266. greg says:

    what can you tell me about CodeFibo?

  267. Gary Bell says:

    I agree with Watchdog, I am using it myself and been a victim of Push Money App. I had to learn the hard way but Code Fibo is based on real technical analysis and it really delivers.

  268. David says:

    In about 2 weeks I will be publishing a book on scams. How to pick one. Scammer profile and how to get your money back via the court system and who to contact etc.

    • WatchDog says:

      Great initiative David, Please comment once it’s published and we’ll take a look. We can also give it some publicity.

  269. Percy Feketey says:

    Good idea! Look forward to reading your new book!

  270. Andreas Kuehn says:

    Could you sort your list of scams alphabetically? Thanks a lot!!!

  271. Dave says:

    Binary Uno should be on your list. They are a menace. I lost 10000 USD.

  272. Chow CH says:


  273. juan says:

    is “THE TRADER APP” a scam!!
    check it out!!

  274. juan says:

    Is “MULTIPLEXER” a scam!!
    Check it out!

  275. Haibul bin yusin says:

    The tradextra broker has been lie to me.really.i already make $500.00 deposit and submitted trading account document but they never activate my account.i told them return back my money but never return.hi watchdog please help me.the broker lie

  276. juan says:

    is “PROFITS ETERNITY” a scam!
    check it out!

  277. Kelvin says:

    Hi Watchdog,
    Is Canuck method a scam? Just came this link to their intro video

  278. juan says:

    “UNLIMITED PROFIT SYSTEM” is this another scam? Or not? check it out!

  279. Eileen Rubert says:

    After 4 business days and so many great signals, I totally agree with Matt and Watchdog!! Snap Cash is the best software and the most accurate one!

  280. Freeman Ativor says:

    Thank you for this updated list.It will now make people be aware of all the numerous scams out there so the y will be careful not to get scammed.Keep up the good.This is very helpful <3

  281. santhana raja gopalan says:

    Hi, I lost money with Freedom Traders , i deposited money $1700 for trading and their software. They didn’t turned up after my deposit. Kindly let me know how i can recover my money.

  282. PhadaMercatora says:

    Can you please test FinTech Ltd? Thank you!

  283. Laureen Van R says:

    Hello, I know many people are excited about snapcash binary but in Canada we had the option of signing up with Bank of Options. Instead of autotrading I get redirected to BoO whenever I try to log on. Now all I want to do is get my money back. But nobody’s helping me despite numerous requests. Very frustrating!

  284. Juan says:

    Is “BERKELEY TRADING CORP” a scam? check it out!

  285. Wallace says:

    i want to know if One Touch and Tesler app are scams?

  286. mario velasco says:



  287. Sue says:

    Hello” can you please tel me if Sydney System is a Scam?

  288. Sharon Joseph says:

    Hi I’m from South Africa, I have been scammed by 3 traders including Banc de Binary, 72 Options and 10 Markets I am heart broken as these agents are so smooth talking. Within seconds of trading I lost my money and they still had the audacity to demand more money. I have asked these agents to repeatedly stop trading as I can see that I was losing my money but they refused. I cannot access the account that I have with 72 Options as it is no longer available on their website and they refused to give me whatever money that I had in my account. Was told that it’s company policy. With 10 markets just deposited 250 USD was then told that I must deposit another 2500USD which I refused to do. I asked them to refund me the deposit and I haven’t heard from them eversince. I don’t know where to get help from until I saw this blog. PLEASE HELP ME! !!!

  289. Sean Cuypers says:

    Not sure is this has been talked about but is optionrobot safe to use? Also a link to the review would help. Thanks

  290. Neil abu says:


  291. Walter Sondersorge says:

    Could you check this new trading app. If trustworthy or scam?
    Thank you
    Walter Sondersorge

  292. Terry says:

    Have your reviewed platinumakets

  293. trujillo1938Al says:

    This one made my money disappear all of a sudden doing trades without my consent: PLATINUMARKETS

  294. Tania Wipiiti says:

    Hi. I am a potential nz trader who needs the perfect broker with a winning platform; And accepts nz traders.

    The right referral would be appreciated please.


  295. Juan says:

    DAWEDA EXCHANGE is a new one i’ve not seen before they claim that you can earn
    100% and take a 0.5% fee from every trade. What do you think, is it a scam?

  296. Steve says:

    Hi watch dog, does anybody aware of intellix system binary site, are these jokers another scam,?

  297. Jose M. San Martin says:

    I am a 65 years old from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I got into binaryonline thru a web page called theaussimethod that was declare fraud by scam alert web page-
    They asked me a deposit of $250 I did that with all the compliance papers. Then they gave an account manager by the name Viktor Bogrov from Russia. He did some investment for me and got me a profit of more tan 300%. I got excited but did not know that I was walking into a trap.
    A week later he asked if I wanted to make big money and he asked me for more money, I told him I have only a Little money saved, a Little over 5.000 dollars.
    He asked that money promising I could make over $1.000 a month so innocent of me I send $ 5.600 thru my Mastercard credit card to them.
    He did some investments mostly on currencies and commodities, lost some, won some and then I did some investment in currencies and got to $ 8.448,70.
    Then I wrote to you asking about Binaryonline and you told me that they were unlicensed and to stay away from them…but it was already too late.
    I asked to send me my money and it began six month back and forth communication in wich they never deposit a penny even thought I have send them 24 mails requesting to withdrew my own money.(I have copies of everything)
    Then another man came in called Victor McGregor from the finance department with a Russian or Bularian accent with a script and a strategy to state that they send me $1.000 to my credit card, sending me fake tracking numbers. I checked with my Bank 6 times and they told me the money never arrived. I send them the Bank statements and the still insist that they send it.
    So could you help me to get at least the $5.800 that I invested with Binaryonline.
    Thank you so much for what you do, helping people like me from these
    Unscrupulous people. Don´t ever give your money to Binaryonline. They are professionals in fraud and deceiving people

  298. WatchDog says:

    Did you read our Lexington Code Review?

  299. catalle says:

    I heard that bitsea is a scam. Could ou please check it out.

  300. Juan says:

    Is YAHOO TRADER a scam?

  301. Chua Kang Ming says:

    I am just wondering if there is any chance of getting my money back from Interactive Option which has been suspended since March 2016

    Best regards

  302. Riaan Els says:

    Watch Dog.
    How safe is Lexington/ Daweda/ IQ trader/ Snap Cash.

    • WatchDog says:

      I’d recommend Daweda Exchange since they are fully EU-regulated and also they offer an auto trader. IQ Option is a great broker, but no auto trader is available. Lexington and Snap Cash are no longer recommended by us due to a drop in performance and also because they don’t work with regulated brokers.

  303. serhiy lutskiv says:

    any thoughts on ORION CODE SOFTWEARE

  304. Segun Obisesan says:

    Everybody, Please STAY AWAY from GTPCAPITAL.COM, they are a VERY VERY FRAUDULENT COMPANY. All they will do is to collect your fund and CUT COMMUNICATION WITH YOU. YOU ARE NEVER GOING TO GET YOUR DEPOSIT AND PROFIT BACK , No matter how small your deposit is. David Stark , Francesca Green and any other name(s) they call themselves are all FAKE NAMES. Admin, please blacklist this company on your site and other affiliate site, we need to prevent this company from defrauding unsuspecting investors.

  305. Derk says:

    I’ve been assigned toroption as my broker for penny millionaire.
    Are they trustworthy?


    • WatchDog says:

      They are not regulated so if you decide to fund your account, never deposit more than the required minimum and don’t accept any bonuses.

  306. Derk says:

    So how can I then get a different broker for penny millionaire, since they are the one that I’ve been assigned to?


    • WatchDog says:

      To change your broker, simply sign up again using a different email address.

    • SC says:

      Stop wasting your money with these scamming brokers! None of them are legit. They will steal your money. That’s the nature of their business. The only to fight these scammers is by not supporting them. These scumbags need to be put out of business.

  307. Derk says:

    Also, does any one have some first hand experience with and/ or penny
    Good or bad, doesn’t matter! I just need some live feed back.
    thx guys????


  308. Derk says:

    Is binarycorporate a trustworthy broker?

  309. SC says:

    Save your money! All binary option are scam! You will never get your money back, that’s a tack.

    • lanouet92 says:


      If you use a regulated binary options broker that is legal where you reside binary options are not a scam. Most of these scams that are tainting the reputation of the binary options industry arise in the form of unregulated brokers or bogus trading softwares. Now if you lacked the ability to conduct thorough research and get started with unregulated brokers then chances are you are going to be in for a rough awakening.

      However, if you get started with a regulated broker, a reliable strategy and put some hard work into your investing then you can definitely benefit through binary options.

      The question is are you willing to put in the work to do your research then further improve your investing game?

      Tim Lanoue

  310. Donna Miller says:

    I am also owed money from Binarytilt and power option and will never get it. But if with your help we could try.
    Cheers Donna

  311. Donna Miller says:

    Hi watchdog I just sent details of rip offs and am wondering if trade12 is a scam?

  312. Donna Miller says:

    Hi it’s name looks like “this trade12” is that the 1 u mean by one two trade?

    • WatchDog says:

      It appears to be a Forex broker. Forex is much riskier than binary options. Also the broker is not regulated. So I would avoid working with them.

  313. Donna Miller says:

    Hi watchdog does that mean that all brokers r unregistered and the company is not regulated? The broker put a stupid trade on and took all of my money.(36K usd). If I sue them do u think I hold much chance? Has anyone else sued successfully?
    Cheers Donna

  314. Donna Miller says:

    Hi watchdog I have emailed u and I can’t get a chagebback cause I authorized the transaction. I have been successful with FM trader with a charge back for some of my money from my bank.
    Cheers Donna

  315. Peter Koetie says:

    I signup with OmegaOptions….are they trusted..please let me know.

  316. willie lewis says:

    Hi I have found a new one ,guaranteedmoneysystem promising $500,000 if you don’t get to $1000,000 after 30 days.(I think this is a scam ,this woman is obsessed with her breasts even directing the camera to it.)

  317. Pat reynilds says:

    Hi can you advise me if . Quantum code is a scam or okay . I was going to join . From pat Reynolds

  318. Jason Badke says:

    Hi I was recently scammed by alliedmastertrade. Now someone contacted me from agetraders. Ever hear of them?

  319. Laureen says:

    Back when snapcash came out I signed on in Canada with Bank of Options and deposited $250, but, whenever I tried to log in to snapcash I was redirected to BoO. I have not yet been able to trade with snapcash or get my money back from BoO despite several attempts to contact them. They talked with me in the beginning promising to get back to me but never did. I wonder if you can help me get my money back?

  320. Jason Badke says:

    Hi I was scammed by back in October. I deposited $500 and they promised a $1000 payout every month. When I tried withdrawing my earnings the following month they wouldnt let me withdrawal and said they needed $500 more. So to this day I havent been able to withdrawal the profits nor get my $500 back. I tried paypal and my bank to get my money back but was unsuccessful. Im doubtful I can get my money back but thought I would write this anyway.

  321. samakhiblogChee Phang, Chan ( Peter Chan ) says:

    Hi there watchdog team, first thing first, how and which email address can I make contact with watchdog I had tried binary options watchdog without any reply so far or am I doing it wrong name is Peter Chee Phang, Thanks for all the great work you guys had been putting up. Now is it for real ?

  322. Lois Aring says:

    Hello- I am looking for a reliable broker that can work in Mexico with US citizens.
    Probably using pro binary Robot. Can you please recommend one ?
    Thank you –Lois A

  323. somus says:

    Hi Watchdog,
    Would you be able to help me retrieve my $250 from this broker Secured Options?
    They don’t even give a account number and a withdrawal button. Email them many times for withdrawal and they refuse to reply. Real Scammed broker.Now my money is stuck in their account.

  324. Derk says:

    Is united trading a trustworthy trading platform? What about their affiliated broker,


  325. D Davies says:


    I am from Malaysia and I have zero experience and knowledge about binary option. I need some advice on which broker should I go with and available for Malaysian before I invest my money.

    I’ve downloaded Expert Option free demo apps. Any advice about Expert Option?

    Also I want to know about Xtrade too.

    Any other brokers you can recommend (with lowest deposit) for those from Malaysia?

    Thank you.

  326. chandu says:

    Hi Watchdog,Any safe trading options for Indian residents?

  327. Juan says:

    Please check it out.

  328. Michael Lacey says:

    Do you have any knowledge on a broker UnitedCapitalFX and the Binadroid bot. They use? They say they’re CySec regulated

  329. Adnan says:

    is Through Core Liquidity Markets scam?

  330. stan hodgson says:

    Has any one heard of a company called highlow? I am from Canada and am trying to find a good company to start with in binary trading.

  331. EDUARDO WEISZ says:


  332. Raulin says:

    Si que lo es.Cuidaddo

  333. EDUARDO WEISZ says:


  334. Wallace says:

    Hi watchdog, Binary Online is a scam?

  335. Raymond Jones says:

    Is Option Rally a scam

  336. Juan says:

    do you know anything about “RUMELIA CAPITAL” and Oliver Clark promo director?

  337. Juan says:

    I believe “LAZY PROFIT SYSTEM” is a SCAM check it out!

  338. Matt says:

    Does anybody know GLOBAL TRADE INSURANCE??? Any experience?
    Thank you for your answer!

  339. Raymond Jones says:

    What do you know about Profits Run and Profits Eternity?

  340. Stan Hodgson says:

    Anyone hear of a company called Nazoption?

  341. Stan Hodgson says:

    Or a company called FXTM?

  342. jcvdeluca says:

    Do you have any info on Boss Capital?

  343. Simon says:

    Hi have money in fmfx, are they are scam company. Also been looking at imarkets live. What are your thoughts on them.
    Regards simon

  344. John Well Khallahle says:


    What about 777Trader? Are they good and regulated brokers? And also Binary Corporate? Any good as brokers?

  345. Stan Hodgson says:

    Hi, has any one any advice on Mike Freeman, he does the youtube channel on Binary, He suggested a site called wizoption, but there is very little info on them. I was going to go with highlow, now not sure. I am in Canada so my options are limited.

  346. John Spyker says:

    Suisse Option IS A SCAM !!! Beware of Jack Ryan and Jim Nolan !!!

    Anyone else have an experience with them?

    • Kenneth says:

      Suisse option is a big scam Jack Ryan,David Murano and Jim Nolan When i refused to invest $10,000 in their CFD trade acc they deleted my trading platform login details
      $1000,00 deposit and $4000.00 profit which i cannot access . they do not answer calls or emails

      • Travis Parsons says:

        Very big scam. Do not send them any money. John and Kenneth are correct Jack Ryan, Richard Brenner, Jim Nolan, and David Murano at the very least. They have ripped off at least 15 people I have met. They use fake names, fake address, and fake phone number. They are criminals that belong in jail! They are not regulated or licensed anywhere in the world! Check out our victim portal on Twitter @suisseoption Follow us and send us a message.

      • Emily says:

        Sorry to hear that,but did you try getting your money back?

  347. Derk says: a scam?


  348. Derk says:

    What about tenfold Scam too?
    Can you recommend a good one for Canada, with a good broker also?


  349. Derk says:

    Never heard of them, are they a binary options trader or broker?
    If trader, do they use a licensed regulated broker?


  350. Derk says:

    Also, how good is the the robot builder you have to build? How hard is it to build for for some one who has no knowledge whatsoever regarding this? Is there not a good trustworthy autobot trader for Canada out there?

  351. Derk says:

    What about tradeelite? Trustworthy?

  352. winston says:

    Hi Watchdog
    Why would any experience trader need a robot to do the trading, I would say a newbie trader who knows nothing about trading must rather use the Robot to do the trading for them, Is it not correct Sir

  353. Harish Pechetti says:

    hai watchdog please help me with best websites by which i can earn money online with investment

  354. Opit Avengers says:

    Dear Watchdog,

    Few days back I met a woman named Stubbs Lanisha, you can search her name in FB. She said she is an account manager. No bad comments about her from her friends in her FB wall. She asked 20% as commission.

    Short of story I send her $250 to open an account. She brought me in to the broker called “Automatic Options.” I couldn’t find any review about this broker. No body are talking about this broker. No single website in google mention it except its own official website. It is accessible, she gave me user name and password to login.

    Life trading was commenced by March 29th, 2017. Surprisingly she turned my account in to $5,484.6 in 3 days. I can send you the trading history screen shoot if you need. The problem is I couldn’t withdraw the money before I pay her 10% of my account balance. She said it’s for the broker. I told her to cut her part from my account balance since she still have the full control of it, But she refused due to technical issues. I didn’t follow up after all.

    So, Watchdog, did you ever heard her name or the broker? Anybody?

    Thank you.
    Best regards

    • WatchDog says:

      Never heard of them before, but it’s not surprising. There are hundreds of fraudulent brokers and account managers.

  355. Praveen Vasudevan says:

    Is ‘The Infinity Code’ by Daniel Audunsson and Rob legit?

  356. Ojay says:

    Hello Everyone,

    I just wanted to add UTrader to the list of Scam brokers you have here.
    They take advantage of naïve and inexperienced traders and this is how they scam you.

    They first of all ask you to make the minimum deposit of $250. Then the next day or 2, they assign an account manager to you who lies to you and tells you that there is a fantastic 1 day deal coming up that they are guaranteed would win. And then they start putting pressure on you to bring in about £5000 for the deal to yield 80 – 85% profit. They also lie to you that the money will be insured and that if anything goes wrong with it, you will get your money back. Unfortunately I fell for their trap because one review stated they had been their since 2011 or so; however they were regulated by an Unknown russian body and Cysec didn’t licence them.

    Anyway, I gave them my money which I had kept aside for my taxes, about £3,500 as they assured me the money will be insured and that if the deal fails, they will give me back my money and I can pay my taxes, etc. However, what they will never tell you is that if you lose that money and they put it back it will come as a bonus. It will no longer be your money which you could withdraw at any time and you will have to trader to a volume of £200,000 before you can start talking about withdrawing money.

    They deliberately lied to me and kept this part from me because they know that no one will invest such an amount of money if they know it will only come back as a bonus if it loses. So I gave them the money without knowing this and the account manager made the trades on 2 assets which both lost. Another thing is that they make sure that your trades lose because whether you lose or win, many of these brokers make their money from the commission from each trade made and so their ultimate aim is the ensure volume trader for them with their money.

    When I lost, they put the £3,500 back in my account but I could never withdraw the money. Each time I tried to make a withdrawal, they kept on cancelling the withdrawal without any explanation. Then I began to make loads of complaint but their just kept on tossing me here and there, promising that someone would contact me but no one did until I began to make threats to expose them and then they finally contacted me.

    They also craftily removed the first account manager who they had sent to lie to me and assigned another account manager to me who just wanted me to keep trading and slaving for the company with the money they had put back. She informed me that my £3,500 had been lost to the market and the money they put back in my account was a bonus and I would have to trader to a volume of £200,000 before I think of withdrawing any money. I was furious and demanded my money back as I made it clear to them that this wasn’t what I was told when I was pressured to invest the £3,500. She told me that we should move on as the money had been lost to the market but she was going to help me trader with their bonus and make lots of money.

    Then I knew I had been scammed and so I just made sure I emptied the account and had a zero balance instead of slaving for them for ever without being able to withdraw any money. I promised them that I would take my story to the ends of the world and as many sites exposing scam binary option brokers that I can find on the internet.

    So friends do not go near the binary broker Utrader. They are a scam.

    If you know of any other website that exposes scam binary option brokers, please let me know as I am making it a career to expose this particular scam site on as many sits I can find and with as many regulatory bodies possible.


  357. Tariq Aleem says:

    Is OX MARKETS scams or good broker.

  358. Tariq Aleem says:

    So it will be ok to have them as a broker.


  359. Giorgos says:

    What is your opinion about ”CToption”..?


  360. Grace Kelly says:

    Does anyone know the owner of St Capitals??

  361. EDUARDO WEISZ says:

    betmaster is scam???

  362. Lanny Brum says:

    I keep getting emails from iRobot (Scott Robinson). What is your take on them, please?

  363. EDUARDO WEISZ says:

    yo solicite saber si este sitio Tony Henney es estafa, parece que hubo algún error de mi parte,(We don’t have a lot of information about sports betting websites, unfortunately.) se me contesto que no tienen estudio de lugares de apuestas, yo tengo entendido que este es un sitio de inversiones.
    Agradezco se me conteste si estoy en un error y si no, si es un lugar de estafas.
    muchas gracias, perdonen las molestias.

  364. Raulin says:


    Tienes que tener mucho cuidado con quien inviertes porque la mayoria de estas companias que ofrecen invertir en ellas son fraudalentas y si tu inviertes en ellas vas a perseder tu dinero. Es muy importante que hagas preguntas antes de invertir y algo muy importante, asegurate de que el broker que tu escojas, sea regulado. de lo contrario casi darlo por hecho que tu dinero se perdio. Consoide invertir en las monedas digitales, como bitcoin. Aprende sobre ellas en youtube, educate El futuro de las monedas digitales es brillante porque esto es algo nuevo alrededor del mundo.


  365. Juan says:

    Is “50KAWEEK” a scam? check it out

  366. Jen says:

    Although I have sent emails and chat messages on HW Markets site, there has been no response to my requests. I requested the account to be closed on the 27th March 2017 and to date HW Markets are still trading on my account using the auto robot. How can I stop them from trading and get my money back. I have read your chargeback information, but HW Markets haven’t responded.

  367. Abs says:

    I am relieved to have discover your details on the internet. In this way together, we can put all these scammers out of business.
    I invested with Olimp Finance back in September 16. I initially started with £250. I was allocated a broker called ” Daniel Sage” After few trading sessions, my balance increased to £600. I was then pressured into investing more, I ended up investing up to £22, 250.00

    Within 3 months, my account balance grew to £52k. I refused to take their bonus and risk free trades to avoid withdrawals problems down the line. But, unfortunately, I was wrong. These scammers use pushy techniques in order for you to loose money. My nightmares began when I placed £30k withdrawals to take care of my deposit and a bit of profit. As I was chasing my withdrawals I began to receive all sort of excuses: sickness for as long as a week, delays in responding to emails, ignoring phone calls etc..I have managed to pull my investment back but they denied to pay my profit. After putting them in front of the evidence they did send me in confirming they will honour my withdrawals and even went further in asking them what do I need to do in order to retrieve my profit …they responded by closing my account with £29,512 locked in. I am very upset for being taken for a ride by these scammers. I would really appreciate if you could help me recover my funds from OLIMP FINANCE.

    • Donna Miller says:

      Hi at least they gave your deposit back trade12 took the lot. They scammed my friend and her mother 200k which forced her to sell her house😞

      • Raulin says:

        Do not invest your hard earning money on binary options,almost all those brokesr are not regulated and their system are fake.

        Consider investing in digital currencies/money like BITCOIN. Do your homework, learn from them on youtube and then decide if it is for you or not.
        Good luck

  368. PvW says:

    Any experience on Alldayoptions? I can’t get my moeny out of them and they do not answer mails or phone calls.

  369. Derk Bos says:

    Is rich janitor a scam?


  370. Derk says:

    Can I use rich janitor in Canada? Why do you answer “believe ” they’re not a scam? Cuz You’re not 100% sure?
    What about Orion code?

    • WatchDog says:

      RichJanitor is not a binary options service, not even trading related, so it’s not our expertise and we may not have enough information to judge whether or not it’s a scam. Orion Code, on the other hand, is definitely a scam! Here’s our Orion Code Review.

    • Donna Miller says:

      Hi scam watch I was scammed by trade12 and need your assistance to get my 15K back if I can please?
      Cheers Donna Miller

    • Donna Miller says:

      Just to let all know trade12 is a scam promising pre market trades on certain amounts such as 5K they will pay 2K and it goes up. They were using Morgan Stanley lawyers logo to make their contracts for these pre markets look legit. U have luc Richard and Julien Dubois (same person) who play with you for up to 6 months and then they take the lot. They operate from the Philippines when they say they are from London. Watch out for these scammers.
      Donna Miller

  371. Anni Madsen says:

    What do you know about

    • WatchDog says:

      They don’t seem to be regulated. Stay away…

    • Donna Miller says:

      Hi watch dog have u seen this? Is it a scam? Sounds too good to b true then it prob is.
      “This was on the 9:00 o’clock news the other night and this works. THIS TOOK TWO PAGES OF THE TUESDAY USA TODAY – IT IS FOR REAL PLEEEEEEASE READ it was on the news!This thing is for real. Rest assured AOL and Intel will follow through with their promises for fear of facing a multimillion-dollar class action suit similar to the one filed by PepsiCo against General Electric not too long ago.Dear Friends; Please do not take this for a junk letter. Bill Gates sharing his fortune. If you ignore this, You will repent later. Microsoft and AOL are now the largest Internet companies and in an effort to make sure that Internet Explorer remains the most widely used program, Microsoft and AOL are running an e-mail beta test.When you forward this e-mail to friends, Microsoft can and will track it (If you are a Microsoft Windows user)? For a two weeks time period.For every person that you forward this e-mail to, Microsoft will pay you $245.00 For every person that you sent it to that forwards it on, Microsoft will pay you $243.00 and ! for every third person that receives it, You will be paid $241.00. Within two weeks, Microsoft will contact you for your address and then send you a check.RegardsCharles S Bailey General Manager Field Operations 1-800-842-2332 Ext. 1085 or 904-1085 or RNX 292-1085I thought this was a scam myself, But two weeks after receiving this e-mail and forwarding it on. Microsoft contacted me for my address and within days, I receive a check for $24, 800.00. You need to respond before the beta testing is over. If anyone can afford this, Bill gates is the man.It’s all marketing expense to him. Please forward this to as many people as possible.”
      Thanks Donna

  372. Raulin says:


    Do not waste your money in binary options, too many scams.
    Get into digital currencies, like BITCOIN, ETHEREUM, LITECOIN,
    this the future of money.
    Learn about them on youtube videos and invest on them
    you won’t regret it.

  373. Chimangwe Apanwun says:

    Hi watchDog. I got myself registered into Axetrades and i did a wired transfer of $1000. now they are demanding i deposit another $1000 so they could trade for me, else i would trade for myself. I have no experience in the market and i have been duped once by Maxoptions trade. i sacrificed alot to raise $1000 and they keep saying i have to deposit a $1000. However, i am not even sure Axetrades is totally real as i thought, can you help me recover the $1000?
    Thank you.

  374. Janie says:

    Can I signup with to use EpixTrader on their platform

  375. kingames says:

    What is your opinion on these websites : scam or not ?



    And is StockPair scam or not ?

  376. isadore carret says:
    is a a scam got me for $2000

  377. Janie says:

    I have sign up through EpixTrader Binary options with PlusOption 11 days ago, but i cannot trade short time currency pairs, if i put in $25 it’s disabled the long time option is enabled, i cannot trade and contact them everyday but nothing happens and they don’t reply back on my emails. I am very frustrated and want to know what to do regarding this, you sign up to use good software then they block you at the broker.
    What must i do more to solve this problem?
    Please let me know?

  378. ricky says:

    finrally? options league?

  379. Derk says:

    Compound trader a scam?

  380. Robert Adams says:

    Like to share my experience about Olimp Finance and Daniel Sage.I opened an account with Olimp Finance sometime end of last year and Daniel Sage was my account Manager.I opened the account initially with £250 on 2/12/16, and after some perrure from Daniel Sage I deposited a further £500 on the 12/12/16, I made a further deposit of £1000 using my credit card on the 21/12/16 following a further pressure from Daniel Sage,I made further deposits of £2500 and £2000. There was further pressure for more money, by this time I had made some money with the help of Daniel but unfortunately I had problems withdrawing funds. I was given all sorts of reasons and was referred to certain clauses of terms and conditions. I requested to withdraw all my money or I was going to ask the bank and the credit card to apply charge back. Luckily all my deposits was refunded without any of my trading profits. I never took any bonus. My account was closed. Good!!

  381. Robert Adams says:

    I signed up for Epix Trader Forex and was directed to Itrader. I funded my account but I have not got a link to download the software.

  382. Juan says:

    Is “ALPHABET BROKER” a scam? check it out

  383. Felix says:

    What do you thing about VX MARKETS AND CDF STOKS ?

  384. Anatloliy.S says:

    I’ve invested twenty thousands on IneractiveOption, from the beginning everything went well. They convinced me to add some deposits later, but at the certain point trades started lose and i lost all of my entire deposit. After that i’ve tried with Rally Options, they still have my money and i’m trying to get at least one withdrawal. I spoke to my manager Mike, he assured me that my funds would be released with in 72 hours – now that’s 4 months passed and still they have not complied. Does anyone even have any experience of withdraw from this platforms? …. I live in the Singapore, central region.

    • Alan Kilduff says:

      Sorry,but experience tells me you will not be getting your money back.Unfortunately you will have to force them.File a formal charge of fraud and theft through the Singapore law enforcement (Police) And then try a charge back through your bank or credit card company.Visa is customer friendly, MasterCard is next to useless, they are always on the sellers side.Good Luck anyway.

      • Stan says:

        I finally am getting a chargeback to Visa from another binary options trader but its taking a while and they have suspended and closed my Visa account in the mean time.

  385. Felix Force says:

    Why your promote This fake autobinarysignals scam ?
    I have video proof is scam, i buy software i test it….

  386. Russell says:

    Has anyone used active trading solutions in Brisbane Australia? I gave them $5000 and have had nothing since?

  387. Kelsey W. says:


    My husband and I have recently invested in Chase Capitals based in the U.K. but they are not responding to our requests for withdrawals? What would you suggest?
    My husband is also considering investing in XO Signals but we do not know if they ate legitimate. Please help!

  388. Emmanie says:

    HOW about BINARY Capital MARKET (BCM) Are they legitimate?

  389. Rhodie Paut says:

    hi watchdog, is Quantum Code a scam broker?

  390. Rhodie Paut says:

    i just want to know if quantum code and 23traders are real.

  391. Lucisz says:

    Hi, did anybody hear about Moneybacklawer. They contacted me to help me recover my money from a scam binary options firm.

  392. John Molisana says:

    Hi, what can you say about Spark Markets, I have open an account with them. I have deposited $500 , they still wants me to deposit another $ 500 to continue to have one on one trade with the broker. I am from South Africa

    • WatchDog says:

      Don’t send them anymore money. They don’t seem to be regulated.

    • Alan Kilduff says:

      Apply immediately for your money back,bank or credit card.Do NOT wait a single day.Inform Spark Markets that you are no longer interested in trading with them.And let them know that you have requested that your deposit be returned, with or without their cooperation.My guess is they will return your money voluntarily.If not,your financial institution will anyway.Good luck…..

  393. Francis says:

    Hello. Anyone knows about this
    I talked with them via email and they seemed ok…. The problem is I don’t seem to find anything anywhere about them. When I asked them why they replied that ”
    Usually it´s a good sign if there are not many reviews. We have made screenshots of comments that members made about out service.” At this point I’m pretty sure that they aren’t what they promote. Please review this as there is no information to be found, anywhere. Before this name they used to be called, I think, Big Trends; they still use the same email address.
    P.S. if the website doesn’t work, try again later as they said they are changing it/ upgrading with live results.

  394. Francis says:

    Apparently they moved from Https to Http. That’s the only way to enter the page

  395. Dragan says:

    Hi Watchdog, please tell me is it Epix Trader scam or not?

  396. Peter says:

    Hi Watchdog, please tell me is it scam or not?
    And about their software – QuantumSystem?

  397. santu says:

    Hi..plz tell me Berkeley trading is scam or not

  398. Marc Wyldbore says:

    Do you have any information on “binary trading experts”? They have approached me, but I cannot find any information on them.

  399. Marc Wyldbore says:

    I lost all my money vis “Snap Cash Binary”. Do you have any info on them? Are they legit or not?

  400. allan says:

    Is millionaire blueprint a scam ?

  401. Robert Adams says:

    Hi WD I signed up to TAI Robotic autotrader and was directed to Omenda platform. support. The software had preferences to set but on Omenda the prefences were ignored and even assets not available on the TAI were take. The omenda platform seem to have activated a different software on my account or someone fraudulently traded on my behalf. Very strange they sent me a third party authorization form to sign which I declined. They also asked me to complete credit card authorization for without requesting me to cover any of the 16 digits or cover my CVV numbers. I completed the form without adding my security numbers and had the 12 preceding numbers covered.

    In 4 days the software has taken 65 trades ignoring all my set preferences.

    Please check on Omenda platform see if they are legit and help to get in touch with TAI Robotic support.

  402. Johan says:

    Hi, i am so disgusted at the service that i received at PrimeCFD’s! Before i invested
    i check all the scam sites plus Hullo and even all their sites on the net page, all showed no scam! Even their email address.

    Brian Harper assisted me with registration and transfer of $250 which he said was
    sufficient to start trading and that i would have his assistance as financial manager
    as well as the assistance of a trading manager on a continued basis. He was a real
    gentleman and assisted me all through the deposit and said that the accounts dept.
    will contact me and request all documentation relevant.

    Before their accounts dept. contacted me, Shaun phoned me and said he was from
    PrimeCFD’s as a trading manager and requisted more capital $2,500 which i said
    was not possible as i am a state pensioner! He only carried on insisting! Now the
    strange part i located his cell no. as Shaun 02782 009 0003 i thought phoning from
    the U.K. Vodacom, i know Vodaphone parent Co. in U.K. Now the strange part, when i did a balance inquiry at Vodacom S.A. Shaun’s no. comes up how is that possible and then he phones me from the U.K. on a 044 code as platform trading manager!

    The accounts department did contact me, the money was already transferred $250 so i emailed all relevant details as requested and they acknowledged the receipt thereof. Shaun phoned again demanding more money when i emailed the support team and ask that someone else assist me Kevin phoned me, same thing only demanding more money this time $7,000 (thats only plus minus R44,000) nothing on the trading platform was explained to me being a ‘Rookie trader” he said that i could not trade CFD’s with $250 I read that there is both CFD and Forex on the same platform. Forex is safer and you can trade with $250 whereas CFD more capital is required so they just kept on pushing CFD’s After about ten emails to the support team and after nine weeks they deducted some $55 and no trading i shouted at Kevin and he helped me to trade Apple, he said i was trading for the second time total lie 20 ounces on Gold no trading no movement on capital side. Guess what i was trading CFD’s that was minimum $2,500 Kevin kept on putting O.T.P.’s through our Absa account $7,000 (lucky there is only about R50 in the account)

    When i said that i am not increasing my capital, Kevin assisted me to trade Gold if you can call it trading! He said that he will phone me one a week that would be enough and i saw gold going up and going down!

    The best of all when i go on the net under PrimeCFD’s my name appears so how can they be fraudulent? When i had more than enough, still on Apple and i requested my money back Kevin said that i have doubled my money in a week why do i not deposit more money in the account? Total lie my balance was $206.54 When i wanted to withdraw my money it would be around $190 So he promised me i will make money on Gold but only left me on my own. The evening with Gold my balance was $178 and he left it to the lowest around seven o’clock in the morning and closed the trading which left me with about $28 When he eventually phoned me he said $250 did only provide a place on the platform for me and i was not entitled to any assistance financially or on the trading platform. All he showed me after nine weeks and it took about two minutes to see at the left bottom of trading platform what loss or profit i am making!

    I tried on my own but what can be done with no knowledge and $28 so ended with $23.01 My transfer was done on the 8th April. When i tried to withdraw it showed a zero balance!

    So am i furious damn right i am! After all that time i only lost R3,500 as state pensioner!

    If you are able to assist i will really appreciate it!

    Thanking you,

    Johan De Lange.

  403. Johan says:

    My apology the third and last person who phoned me was Robbie Daniel who put me on Gold from Apple on the trading platform. After about eight weeks i only found out that Brain Harper has left the Co. long ago.

  404. lossprev says:

    Anybody know “Binary Trading Experts”?

  405. Paresh Patel says:

    What is your opinion on these websites : scam or not ? This company is based in London. The address is

    Office 7 35-37 Ludgate Hill, EC4M 7JN, LONDON, UK

  406. allan says:

    Just got an email saying : CONGRATULATIONS – 44K APPROVED (BANK NOW!)
    sent from Binary360 Trader . When I click to view transaction it sends me to
    Verified Trader . Seems to good to be true ! Scam or not ???

  407. Capitalist Niga says:

    i`m currently with IQ Option but would like to try EXPERT OPTIONS aswell.
    Do you trust expert options?

    • WatchDog says:

      I like their demo account very much, but they’re not a regulated broker. If you also like their platform, then I’d recommend to deposit the minimum and avoid bonuses and managed account services.

  408. Isaac says:

    Please WatchDog,
    is this site “” a scam. Thank you

  409. Beverly Hauptfleisch says:

    Hi watch dog. I just lost $250 with optionrobot. I really tried to revoew as much as possible but obviously there is alot of crap on google. Is there any chance i can still get it back. I firstly tried to deposit and withdraw to test the account. But my curiosity got the better of me. Within 2 hour all money gone. For a week they have been in contact almost 5 times a day. After losing they are dead quite. What can i do

  410. borges says:


  411. Tricia says:

    Hi WD,
    Is IRobot a scam? And what company would you recommend for trading forex with.


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