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82 comments on “
  1. Juan says:

    is www. a good company

    • WatchDog says:

      No… stay away.

      • Sana says:

        Zeus option is reliable broker on option robot?

        • WatchDog says:

          I don’t recommend signing up with non-regulated brokers.

          • joy says:

            I have been scammed by stern options. There is a guy with an American accent who coned me of a lot of money. I am trying to get my money back. I followed up some of the advice that has been posted here but not getting much back from Stern options!! they are on face book and I threatened them to post on face book !! we need to fight these people together because they will do the same to others and are getting away with it !! can we do more? anyone willing to join forces !!

    • Megatron7 says:

      They are believed to be involved in a big scam with Pack Options, Skye Option, Marketsworldop, Optsure & Smartoptionsin. Smartoptionsin is a white label operation attached to Smart Options. A company named Holiway Investments in Cyprus who runs 10Trade has all these sites under CySec 248/14. I have contacted them regarding this and I got threatening emails from their lawyers. This was months ago and they were going to investigate but still no change.

      • Lisa Jones says:

        I also wanted to add to this that Pack Options owes me $6000. I’ve been going after Holiway Investments, ltd for the money because they operate under their CySec license. They claim it’s not their responsibility. BS I say. I sent them another email yesterday asking for my $6000. We’ll see

    • SickOfTheseBrokers says:

      NO Smartoptions. They’re in a 4 way scam with other sites, Skyeoption, Optsure, marketsworldin, Pack Options.

  2. ross woodroffe says:

    thank you fore your advice ,I have been taken in aswell last year & thin 2015 I lost about 15000 in Australian dollars I only wish I new you before all that I am still paying off as still a bit in debt

    • WatchDog says:

      If you’re in Australia, I recommend going with HighLow (if you’re into binary options) or VantageFX (in case you’re also interested in Forex trading.) Both are regulated by ASIC.

      • ross woodroffe says:

        thank you so mutch fore this advice ,I carnt trade right now but as soon as I can will have another go ,I am reading your reviews & just watching ,am still getting a lot off fake advidtiesing it still comes up even when I unsubscribe from them,this is in the binary options trading & auto trading soft ware I would say 99 .5 %seem to be fake what I am getting anyway

    • Johan Oosthuizen says:

      I am a Kiwi. Lost $18000,00 via VXMarkets and other Binary Options Brokers. Stay away from Binary Options. You will looses your hard earned money

      • WatchDog says:

        Stay away from fraudulent, non-regulated brokers like VXMarkets… not all binary options is a scam. Visit our Trusted brokers page to learn which brokers are legit. And Johan, if you need help retrieving your lost money, see:

        • Lisa Jones says:

          The unregulated brokers will call you “Dear” “Honey” “Bro” don’t worry we’ll make up for what you’ve lost elsewhere.” They’ll act like your best friend. “Just deposit more because that way we’ll make more money.” ALWAYS, ALWAYS check out a broker on 20 different blog sites. If your gut tells you no, go with it. Binary Options is a scam and you’ll never get back what you lost. I have lost over $70,000 in the past year and 1/2. I’m owed over $30.000 from sites I trusted. Expensive lesson. I got greedy. GREED WILL BREAK YOUR SPIRIT, YOUR RELATIONSHIPS, YOUR JOB and people have committed suicide over losing at this crap shoot. I’d hate to see any of you people that have worked hard for your money fall to these pieces of ^%&.
          Stay wise and follow your gut and get a 2nd job.
          ~God Bless All of You,

  3. Sana A says:

    Hi, I am in Canada so which one do you recommend for me that is legit and withdrawals is possible, please let me know.


    Sana A

  4. Ian says:

    Great advise watcgdog has saved me much heart ache, thanks for Aussie brokers, will give this a try.

    Have you heard of “Gates Way” binary trading by Bill Gates of microsoft fame, just read an email from CNN supposedly interviewing Bill Gates. what is the truth. Ian

  5. Macjilt Moses Mwanamusiya says:

    How is Binomo trading?

  6. Bill Wilson says:

    Marketsworld is quick on the withdrawals. Good alternative to Nadex.

    • WatchDog says:

      Stay away… they terminated our account without even giving us a notice. And when we contacted the support, they never replied. Also, they are illegally soliciting US traders.

      • Bill Wilson says:

        My experience has been just the opposite. Never had an account closed. In fact got a $10 bonus after so may trades had been placed. I got response from customer support about 1 day after I had submitted request. They have been in business since 2011. They are subject to the UK courts of law, under the Isle of Man GSC. My withdrawals are in my account 3 business days after applying for the withdrawal.Only fault I have with them is the limited number of currency pairs they offer for trading.

        • WatchDog says:

          It’s illegal to solicit US and Canadian persons to trade binary options. Just a matter of time till the FBI closes them down…

          • Holla says:

            I received a substantial refund from a broker who illegally solicited binary options in the United States. Contact them and state your case. You can report them to multiple agencies. Some won’t care, some will.

          • Bill Wilson says:

            What do you mean by :solicit” I have never been “solicited” by Marketsworld. They have never sent me an email trying to get me to trade BO options with them. If by solicit you mean they accept US/Can clinets, yes they do. But to accept US/Can clients is not soliciting. There is not a BO broker out there that someone is not claiming they got Scammed. Even Nadex has unhappy traders who are crying they were scammed. So I am not active with Marketsworld currently but still have my account with them. At times I deposit money, do some trading. Like any other trader, I have had good days and not so good days. FBI shutting them down LOL. Highly unlikely as BO investigations are not a top priority with all the terrorism going on.

          • WatchDog says:

            We got scammed by them… We hope you won’t. Cheers!

  7. Benedetta says:

    hi, today I am trading on Option Robot with broker BdSwiss and it gives me the minimum trade at 10€ and not anymore at 1€ as at first? Why, can you give me a reason? I do not think is normal a similar behaviour.

  8. Odd W Ryden says:

    I had an account with UKOPTIONS. Without my permission they auto traded my account loosing $ 15,000.00. After long negotiations they agreed to repay the loss. So far I have received $ 3,000.00 and have now given up hope and closed the file.

  9. Gaurav says:

    Hiiii WatchDog
    Is Top-option, Binary Robot 365 and IQ options are regulated in Australia ??

    • WatchDog says:

      Nope, they are not.

      • Lisa says:

        Binary Robot 365 will take your deposit in 1/2 hour. I had that problem and the robot site takes no responsibility. The broker takes no responsibility. Robots are a lose lose situation. I’ve been so stupid and not paying much attention to reviews. NADEX is the only way to go

      • Lisa says:

        Hello everybody, what’s the word on the street about DineroLibre ?
        Good bad ?

        • WatchDog says:

          I was expecting to get more complaints about them… they are not regulated, but don’t seem to be a scam.

        • Lois Hoefert Aring says:

          I have 2 $250 deposits with 24option. They only admit one, because the other was made through I have been unable to withdraw any money from them. I think they should go on your fraud list, if they are not already. I am at a loss as to how to get my funds withdrawn. Any Ideas ?

          • SickOfTheseBrokers says:

            Please read up, this is serious business. If you are looking for a get rich plan, binary options are not the answer. You will go broke before you know it. DON’T put depsits on credit cards. Don’t borrow from family and friends lying why you need the money like I did. I have collectors on my A$$ and I am in a very tough situation using stall tactics. If you’ve borrowed money for trading tell the person you borrowed from why. It will make you feel a lot better. Not the greatest advice for some on you I understand. I was addicted to binary options trading. I was doing it on my phone while sitting at my desk at work. Driving while placing buys or sells on sites. DRIVING!
            I could have killed somebody. It’s not worth it. Get a paper route, McDonalds or a part time job. YOU’LL NEVER WIN AT BINARY OPTIONS TRADING. Don’t risk your financial future, your kids college funds, retirement or that day when unfortunately someone in your family gets seriously ill and needs that money. And All you can think of are these bottom feeding brokers. You make your choices, you live with them.

          • SickOfTheseBrokers says:

            Hi Lois, go with the chargeback option. The robot will say its the brokers responsibility and the broker will say it’s the robot. You deposited with the broker. Can you take pictures with your cell phone? I always take pics of my deposit history and balances.

  10. Gaurav says:

    Is Top-option, Binary option 365 and high low regulated ??
    and right to trade in Australia

  11. livhu says:

    Is Plus Option good broker to go with? Or just another scam to avoid

  12. Okoye ThankGod says:

    Plz can you suggest a robot and brocker we in Nigeria can trade

  13. Okoye ThankGod says:

    plz is www binary option auto trading . com good for nigeria… tell me about finrally. com

  14. greg says:

    I just reviewed ‘Market Filter 3.1’. It is a binary scam.

    • Roeks Griessel says:

      The whole of Binary Options is a scam, it should be stopped because it is nothing more than gambling and should be illegal.

  15. saqib says:

    What about tesla 2 binry option

  16. Dan says:

    Is GatesWay real or scam?

  17. Koos says:

    Which Option Robot you recoment and which Broker that are Legit you suggest to trade with .Please reply to me ScamWatchdog

  18. Paul Vella says:


  19. Niculae Marius says:

    Hello Michael, i saw somewhere that you offer signals to newbies on facebook…
    Can you please please send me an e-mail with your id on facebook and how to join to receive signals?
    I uploaded 250 $ in the tairobotic software and until now i lost 75$ (only in 1 day)….so i am desperate to regain my money back.

    I wait a sign from your side….i bag you….

  20. Gus S says:

    what do you think of binary mate, finpari, finrally, binbotpro, centobot and binary cent? They seem to be owned by the same people.

    • WatchDog says:

      Finrally is our favorite broker at the moment. Especially now that they’ve added cryptocurrencies and CFDs to their platform. Just two small warnings. 1. They are not regulated so they do offer bonuses. We don’t recommend accepting those! 2. They advertise 1 hour withdrawals when in fact, withdrawals may take a few days.

  21. Odd W Ryden says:

    I have not used Finrally, but I must be good since it originates from Finland, my home country where I was born too many years ago.

  22. Gregory Paul Snowden says:

    The wolves of Tel Aviv: Israel’s vast, amoral binary options scam exposed.

  23. GJ says:

    Is Signalsmax a scam. They say they are based in London and can help me trade?

    • WatchDog says:

      What’s their website?

      • GJ says:

        Hi, it is

        • WatchDog says:

          What do they require in order to help you trade? Did they refer you to a broker?

          • GJ says:

            No, they ask for a membership fee, then provide signals each day on which to trade.

          • WatchDog says:

            We don’t have enough information to be able to tell whether it’s scam. So to be on the safe side, I’ll recommend to avoid this service until we get some evidence that it’s legit.

          • GJ says:

            Ok thanks, I’ve had my fill of binary options now. I have been trying for weeks for someone from Ivory Option to call me. They won’t give me my money back and my bank won’t pursue a chargeback. I’m so sad.

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